“my husband is a Martian agent ”

“my husband is a Martian agent ”

If you don’t finish the release and clean-up meeting, do you think you will recall your memory?

Michael: No.

Eve Logan reveals the secret: my husband is a Martian agent, portal remote viewing time travel secret space program

Original author a Liang UFO mystery today


Mars records, another participant in the secret space program similar to coregood, was consciously guided into the secret program of the U.S. Army as early as the 1970s. After 20 years of service on Mars through the portal (the United States cooperates with the gray man and reptilian), he jumped back to 1976 to continue his life. Michael’s training and service are conducted through complex alien military mind control technology. It has strong remote viewing, mental defense and even mental assassination capabilities.

Eve lorgen grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Because she and her family witnessed UFOs many times, her interest in UFO began very early. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from San Francisco State University. Her insatiable pursuit of truth led her to study a wide range of subjects, such as Oriental Medicine, supernatural phenomena and mystics, Bible and Gnostic doctrine, hypnosis, mythology and dreams.

She has written and published several articles since she began her pioneering work on abductees and abnormal trauma survivors in 1989. Eve is currently co host of nightsearch radio show, a supernatural talk show in Tuscan, Arizona.

Eve Logan’s disclosure is extremely deep and valuable.

Eve Logan interviewed Michael and Stephanie Ralph of Mars records.
Mars records was published in 2000. After more than 250 hours of biofeedback cleaning activities, therapist Stephanie Ralph dug out the hidden memory of the man (her husband) who served in the U.S. Navy.
Michael was surprised to find that he participated in a secret black project during his work. As a secret agent of the Mars defense force, he lived a dual life. Some of his tasks are covert operations, flying spacecraft, remote viewing, mental defense and even mental assassination.

Michael’s recruitment, training and service are carried out through complex alien and military mind control technologies. This includes implantation, hypnotic programming, personality separation, advanced psi training, accelerated learning, psi enhancement drugs and time travel. Michael’s case is unique and very important because he is one of the few people who can recall and solve the complex alien and military thinking process.

His success in memory retrieval and de programming is due to the excellent therapeutic skills of his wife Stephanie Ralph. She used a combination of biofeedback clearance and kinesiology to heal.

Michael’s successful treatment in release, clearance and motor function makes him have a stronger sense of personal control and consciousness, and is not vulnerable to the mental control that the kidnappers continue to try to use on him.

Sir: Michael
Wife: Stephanie Ralph
Interviewer: Eve Logan

Eve Logan: Michael, did you see any signs of UFO or alien abduction when you were a child?

Michael: I don’t have any memory of UFO sightings, alien abductions or missed time except for the events described in the records of Mars record. That one thing (childhood UFO dream) has been “left” in my mind because it is so real. In the process of growing up, I asked my parents many times. They just said I must be dreaming.

Eve Logan: do you think the emergence of your Mars defense operation is related to this early UFO “dream”?

Michael: Yes, I think the emotional “charge” or energy associated with that event finally made me accept Stephanie’s cleaning up to see if I could find anything. We hardly know what we’ll find.

Eve Logan: Stephanie, can you tell us briefly how you cleaned up?

Stephanie Ralph: clean up uses (1) a biofeedback instrument, which measures a level of consciousness under the table consciousness, and (2) specific communication rules and techniques, so that a person’s mind can reveal the truth of their uneasiness and the causes of problems.

The brain interacts with the body through the body’s small and harmless current. The electricity meter measures the change of body resistance and the change of people’s thought.

Emotional unrest comes from what happened to us in the past. Upset is stored in the mind in the form of energy “charge”. It is stored in a mind called the “unconscious mind”, which is why we can’t normally access hidden memories. With the help of cleaners and instruments, a person can consciously find out what is in his subconscious mind.

Two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time. With the help of biometrics and scavengers, hidden memories appear. Once the person creates a perfect copy, the original charge disappears. This makes their thoughts “relaxed”. This is shown on the meter as a momentary change in their bodies. The man finally realized what had happened.

Mars records is very different from any other book published before, because the kinematic muscle test supports the truth of this incredible story under parameters.

The basis of Kinesiology is that the body is an electronic instrument, and the brain is a very powerful computer. The computer is sending signals to all muscles before returning. Muscle tests separate specific muscles by placing the arm in a specific position. The therapist can then “talk” directly to the brain and ask different questions. According to the answer, the people tested can either raise their arms or can’t raise their arms, which is the way the brain communicates with us.
Eve Logan: Stephanie, why do you think this special combination is better than hypnosis in restoring repressed memories?

Stephanie Ralph: the problem with hypnosis is that it works by closing the conscious mind. This does not contribute to the growth of human spiritual power and understanding. It’s the opposite. Once the person is hypnotized, more “things” will be put into the subconscious.

We want all memories to become conscious and clear their burdens. This will lead to an increase in people’s spiritual strength.

Eve Logan: have you ever cleaned up other abductees or mind control victims with suppressed memories?

Stephanie Ralph: very few. In terms of motor function, only about 10 of hundreds of people have had this experience. People’s findings are surprising. For example, I’m studying a woman with incredible sleep problems. She is very “blocked” and can hardly be tested, which is the most unusual. I began to suspect it was kidnapping. It turned out that her problem began when she woke up at 2 a.m. and found her little daughter at the cold door. This was “impossible” because the little girl was too small to reach the door handle.

Another woman did not hesitate to accept the fact that she was kidnapped. She is very spiritual. She told me that she missed 24 hours when she and her boyfriend drove north along the desolate road in Queensland, Australia. It was all over when they went to the New Year party they were going to. It’s been a day! Using clean-up, she revisited an event when a man in black came to them and took them to the spacecraft. Mantis, which looks like the size of a human, treated them before returning them to their original location.

Eve Logan: Michael, you mentioned that you used the prayer of salvation before you met Stephanie. What made you decide to try this method?

Michael: Salvation prayer is to “expel” evil spirits. Christians do not want evil spirits, because evil spirits will hinder and prevent spiritual growth and progress. Prayer of salvation is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ to his people. It is not suitable for the unbelieving public. In 1983, when I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I believed in God, but I didn’t live a Christian life. A missionary named winwally provided several tapes of a collective rescue service at a small Baptist Church near Chicago. While listening to this tape, I was unprepared for what happened. The preacher began to call the names of Demons (lust, jealousy, hatred, etc., many of them) and ordered them to leave the crowd. I immediately felt very strange, “things” began to leave me. Hiccups, hiccups, tears, coughs, dry coughs, etc. I just keep participating and praying in my mind that any “bad things” leave me. This lasted about an hour. When the tape ended, I felt very different.

Eve Logan: if you don’t complete the release first, do you think your Mars mind control and kidnapping memory will surface in the clean-up?

Michael: No. When I was released in 1983, I was bound and enslaved by programming provided by the Navy and never considered that I actually needed help. You must remember that not all people involved in TRV (Tactical remote view) are selected as targets. To be an effective assassin, you need a certain personality. I am cold, strong and arrogant.

Eve Logan: why do you think you were recruited to the Mars defense force when you were in the navy in 1976?
Michael: now it seems that I have been a “laboratory mouse” all my life. They genetically modified my father, which gave birth to me. I was genetically modified when I was young and growing up. Along the way, I was encouraged to join the Navy. The government knows my mental state. My father abused and drank too much (probably because of what they did to him). When I joined the Navy, I was very dedicated and “hard work pays off”. I replaced the lack of father image in my life with government, discipline and order.

I attended the nuclear power school in the Great Lakes, Illinois. While waiting at school, I was assigned as a “teaching assistant”. It was during this time that I was awakened one night and taken to another room to ask if I wanted to volunteer for a top secret project. I accepted it (they knew I would accept it because of my “special patriotism”).

I was recruited because I am a genetically based remote viewing talent, and the government wants to use it to achieve its own goals.

Translator: This is similar to the plot of “I am responsible for communicating with aliens at the U.S. National Security Agency”. Dan Sherman’s mother has also been genetically modified and encouraged to join the army in her youth.

Eve Logan: Michael, can you describe some of the training you have received to improve your psychic ability? In Mars album, you also described a quick learning method for recruits from other Mars bases. What’s this like?

Michael: as far as I know, this is a structured program divided into different stages. Even after being transferred to active service, training is still a constant requirement. At first it started very slowly and easily. There are many different medical tests and data collection to understand my health, strength, etc. The preliminary test has been completed, and I received some drugs to enhance my ability. These drugs can kill and cause permanent damage, so they work slowly for weeks. I believe these drugs have permanently changed the brain and “opened” some energy channels and circuits. After the drug survived, more tests were performed to see the results of the drug. Then, different accelerated learning techniques are used to program a large amount of information in a short time. The training is then transferred to the “machine”. These machines are amplifiers of PSI (telepathy) capability. Some type of surgery was performed in my “third eye” area to insert “interface” devices to allow connection to these machines. Continuous machine training and calibration, practice and testing.
Eve Logan: do you know any of your other personalities?

Michael: after cleaning and motor function test, four “compartments” were found, and each compartment was isolated from other compartments that had received various training and responsibilities. We call the “real” me Michael #1. The others are Michael #2, Michael #3 and Michael #4. These compartments are sealed with various codes and passwords.

Eve Logan: do you think these different personalities are created through trauma, as described by other MC victims such as Andy Perot (Superman montak boy project) and Bryce Taylor (thanks to memory monarch project)?
Michael: No. I believe that the PSI capability of these procedures is rare and can be impaired by any trauma. Trauma is an ancient technology. These people have been ahead of machines and technology for hundreds of years. Please remember, I volunteered to participate in this program. I am a willing candidate and do my best to serve my country.

Eve Logan: Michael, your case is interesting because there are symptoms related to alien kidnapping and signs of MK super mind control. I think it is important for others to know that these “experiences” are not isolated, but a combination of aliens, the army and human participation. Can you describe some “traps” you encountered before recovering your memory? What matters is, who installed these booby traps?

Michael: the outer layer of the booby trap is the command of forgetting, forgetting, etc. Then there are distracting commands that try to lead us off track. The next level is the trap that will hurt me, namely heart attack, stroke, organ failure, etc. These traps were installed by people who did initial thinking programming many years ago.
Translator: Wernicke command entrapment, I introduced before: how does the mind controller control humans through Wernicke command

Eve Logan: Stephanie, how did you help Michael overcome these “traps”?
Stephanie Ralph: first we know where to find them (that makes sense), and then I do a muscle test to see if there are any “traps”. The body told me there were at least ten. Then we use “Wernicke fix” to delete them. As we all know, research shows that words are stored in specific areas of the brain. Less well known is that there is also a language related equivalent region in the right half of the brain. Both areas are called Wernicke district.
Experiments show that if the Wernicke area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated when talking, it will interfere with the ability of normal speaking and almost stop talking. However, the same type of stimulation to the Wernicke area of the right brain causes people to hear “sound” or “command”. These are usually autocratic or authoritarian in nature and can be regarded as the voices of people who are frightened, admired or admired by the stimulated people. The “authority” to give orders is anyone we may look up to sometimes. These people may include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, doctors and aliens.
“Shut up”, “you’re crazy”, “you’re bad”, “you’re too fat”, “you’ll never change”, “you’ll forget”, “don’t trust anyone”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’ll go to hell” and so on. A series of commands implanted in the venix region on the right side of your brain still affect you today!

For people who have experienced kidnapping, these orders are usually deliberately implanted with force or drugs to lock them up more safely. Commands such as “you will forget”, “this never happened” and “you dreamed of all this” are the reasons why the victim has no conscious memory of the event. Booby traps are commands such as “if you remember, you’ll have a heart attack”.

In 1996, David Bridgeman, an Australian kinesiologist, made an amazing discovery. He realized how to remove negative beliefs and commands from his brain! To delete the command, you must find the exact wording of the command, which in this case is “you won’t remember”.

Eve Logan: I’ve learned that when they try to access their alien “programming” and kidnapping memories, there are a lot of distractions and even revenge. How did you two get around these obstacles? Have you ever experienced any major retaliation?

Michael: since the release of Mars album, we have often been mentally attacked. These attacks take the form of monitoring, monitoring and preventing cleaning. The energy “output” is connected to each of us. They are offensive attacks intended to harm us using radio, psychoelectronics and various “death signal” devices, as well as remote vision and spiritual attacks while sleeping.

In addition, in the monthly “physical examination” kidnapping, various technologies are used to try to stop us. For example, multi-level mind control commands, multi-level drugs, and a new thing, put equivalent drugs directly into the “etheric” body. This is especially bad because most people don’t even know they have energy bodies!

Eve Logan: one of the most incredible aspects of your story is the age regression and time travel you experience. What’s this like?

Michael: going back in age is pure boredom. It’s very boring to be in a dreamy semi conscious state for weeks. That’s the only memory I can remember. The 20-year jump back to 1976 ended before it began. It’s plain to go through the tunnel.

Eve Logan: tell me about the jumping gate of time travel.

Michael: I’m not a jumping gate technician, so I only remember things from a layman’s point of view. The technology is the result of the Philadelphia experimental project described by Dr. al bielek. This is one of the “Oh, wow, great” things when you first see them, and then they become taken for granted. I remember they were closely guarded and every use moment was recorded.

I remember there were several jump gate stations at the Mars base. These sites are “linked” to other places, and they can resist someone or something. I remember that RV (remote viewing) technicians were obsessed with defense assisted machines. Remember, tactical remote viewing is not only used to terminate the target. Termination is a small part of all operations. It is mainly used to defend the enemy. It is used to protect very important people (VIPs), very important equipment (vies), regions and locations on earth. In addition, some weapon systems require remote viewing operators to monitor and command them. There are physical weapon systems (such as particle beam projectors), and other types of weapons are energy (PSI) systems. In addition, remote viewing operators are usually assigned to monitor attack boats during patrols.

The enemy also has psi type weapon systems, which directly resist our physical type electrostatic shielding. Electrostatic shielding will not change. Whatever you throw, it remains the same. To enhance electrostatic shielding, you need a remote operator to monitor and detect the shielding for penetration. If infiltration is found, the remote viewing operator can track the source and deal with the intruder through time and space. The operator on duty is not alone. In addition to the operator in charge, they also have backup operators who can get immediate support if needed. I see a lot of advertisements for books and courses for remote viewing. At this time, most of the time of remote viewing is the first 3 or 4 days of training at the Mars base. Unfortunately, most people involved in such things cannot survive the training.

Eve Logan: people have to wonder what would happen if your future Michael working on Mars somehow came into contact with today’s Michael (on earth) before 1996?
Michael: this will never be allowed to happen. The program works like this because when the personnel on duty (who will eventually return to their origin) are not allowed to interact with earth’s events (or people) at any time at the Mars base. This means that visitors and VIPs are prohibited. Anyone who visits Mars for a short time will “spend time” on Mars and will not be shot back to the origin of time. They used jump gates to travel to and from Mars.

To clarify: please remember, I remember two kinds of people.

  1. Temporary visitors to Mars (politicians, etc.) travel to and from Mars through the jumping gate. They visited for a few weeks and then came back. They are not going back in time. They are distinguished guests. They’re not allowed in!!
  2. Fixed staff, their working cycle is 20 years. At the end of their work cycle, they are reversed by age and return to their spatiotemporal origin. They were sent back with their memories blocked. They were sent back to fulfill their destiny on earth.

Eve Logan: did you recall any “future memories” or strange dreams of the Mars defense base (before your cleanup)? In other words, any sign that you are an agent through dreams, hunches, deja vu, etc.

Michael: only one. Before I met Stephanie, I always told a “joke”. When someone asked me about my military experience, I would say “… I haven’t worked in the Martian colony”. It always gets laughter. I believe this is one of the first and strongest mind control commands.

Eve Logan: if they suspect they’re in the same position as you, what will people look for? I mean, must someone else have had a similar experience?


  1. A memory that doesn’t seem to be “correct”. For them, it has a two-dimensional “cartoon” feeling.
  2. Interested in or able to understand things that were not exposed to technology during school.
  3. Have military records of carrying out missions where you can’t remember.
  4. Unusual anger caused by kidnapping.
  5. Kidnap or miss time. When you wake up, you will leave scars or bruises on any part of your body and be extremely tired.
  6. Muscle tests show that the body has been “taken away”.
  7. Muscle tests showed “no choice” emotions.

Eve Logan: do you think the grey people will cooperate with our own human army in the kidnapping scene?

Michael: Yes.

Eve Logan: where’s the reptilian?

Michael: Yes. They are race related (Tianlong, reptilian, grey,)

Eve Logan: are there greys and Reptilians living on the Mars base?

Michael: Yes, some people are stationed there. I remember the grey people are doctors or technicians. I believe Reptilians remain disguised (invisible) most of the time. They prefer to look like humans because they are naturally fierce.

Eve Logan: one of the most fascinating and disturbing aspects of your experience is the mention that aliens or “bad mind controllers” divide the soul and personality of kidnapped people. How do you think this is done, and what do you think aliens do for us?

Michael: people pray many times and thank God for restoring their souls. I know that shock and trauma can lead to soul breakage. The souls of those involved in mystics are fragmented by their rituals and other participation. Any serious criminal acts (witchcraft, Satanism, Masonic rituals, homosexuality, violence against others, etc.) May break the souls of sinners and victims. I don’t know how this mechanism is realized. The ultimate goal of all mind control and slavery plans is worship. Lucifer wants to be God, he will deceive, persuade or control others to worship him by any means. The rest are details.

Eve Logan: do they have a way to burn our energy?

Michael: Yes. They put a psychic “hook” on people and consumed their energy. They did it slowly to avoid suspicion.

(EVE Logan: maybe that’s one of the reasons why so many kidnapped people are tired for a long time!)

Eve Logan: most importantly, how do other abductees and mind control victims protect themselves from such things?


  1. Repair the damage to your body. Only drink pure water. No fluoride toothpaste. No MSG. Don’t eat any food containing aspartame. No candy, no liquid candy (soft drinks). No alcohol. Only eat good fat and oil (olive oil and butter). No microwave oven food. Remove mercury filler from your teeth.
  2. Use kinesiology to restore balance to your body.
  3. Use colon cleaning to remove accumulated waste from the system.
  4. Perform parasite cleaning to kill parasites in the colon.
  5. Use biofeedback to eliminate, expose and eliminate the results of any kidnapping or participation in mind control procedures.

Eve Logan: Michael, in retrospect, if you didn’t finish the release and clean-up meeting, do you think you would recall your memory?

Michael: No. these people have technology thousands of years ahead of anything you can think of in the craziest nightmare. They think they are invincible and completely controllable.
Here, I am a former agent with field remote vision combat experience. I have high psi efficiency, “raw horsepower”, if you like, so that my final target termination count is 70 terminations. Some of them are reptiles. I survived these operations. I am very good at my work when operating. There is no so-called “big brand” It’s a fact that remote vision can last for a microsecond, which is bad for me.

All these “achievements” are meaningless. They control my body and “turn me off” like an old TV. They don’t worry about “power” and “ability”. If they don’t care about me, they may not care about you. It’s my fault that I volunteered to participate in this project. I’m actually not worth participating in.

Eve Logan: do you think you’re still being kidnapped? How did this happen?

Michael: Yes. The monthly “physical examination” continues. When the jump door opens in our bedroom, we will fall asleep. They wake me up and trigger my programming. They say, “come on, sir” or similar, and I follow them through the door. Most of the time, it’s a woman with short black hair (boy’s hairstyle) I used to be a soldier in a black combat suit. During the cleaning activities, I remember asking them questions and I kicked them. I kicked them to the metal table and woke up the next morning with a big piece of my toenail.

It leads to some kind of hospital, such as the waiting area, where the nurses greet me, chat and conduct preliminary tests (blood pressure, etc.). Then I get a drug and am taken to a wheeled table. I am taken to the operating room, where they give me more drugs. 1) take samples from my testicles, 2) They cut between my eyes and extracted something from the organs there. Then I was sent to the recovery area for a few hours. Then they put these goggles or helmets on my eyes to insert mind control commands. Then they asked me to recover from that program. Then they took me back to the portal, and I went back to bed and went back to sleep.

The last time (September 16, 2000), I woke up with a fever. Kinesiology shows that I have “inoculated” something. I believe I was given a strong dose to ensure that I was immune to what was about to happen. The effect is very painful.

Eve Logan: what do you think the UFO research and mind control community needs to do to help those who are experiencing military kidnapping?

Michael: These are two different communities. For most people, it’s just entertainment. They are not interested in helping anyone.

The mind control “community” is full of “victims”, who are so afraid of reading what will “trigger” that they isolate possible sources of help. They think that by talking to each other, their problems will disappear in some way. I’m here to tell you this won’t happen. These people need to be cleaned up. They need it now.

For the “UFO” community, it is to sell T-shirts and chase the light spots in the sky. UFO research is now a business, controlled and divided by intelligence agencies.


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