“Doubt” is breeding, to feel the feeling you want, or to be satisfied with the process, or to be satisfied with the result, no matter how you don’t escape^_^

“Doubt” is breeding, to feel the feeling you want, or to be satisfied with the process, or to be satisfied with the result, no matter how you don’t escape^_^

Where does doubt come from, source, where do you want to come from, source

It’s a question, a consciousness, and a feeling

Unity is thus synchronic. In the vibration of birth, pairing and system balance, consciousness is born, the universe is born, and life, mind, spirit and body are born

Therefore, don’t underestimate and avoid any feeling you have, or doubt, or fear, or pressure, or want, all related to the source

You are the source of separation and division, and the source is the energy gathering place of your unity

This is the fountain of freedom, consciousness, vibration and feeling, synchronic feeling in “separation and unity”

If we must label “freedom” with “sweets” and “ten thousand years”, is it still freedom^_^

If we must give “freedom” a reason and a result, is it still freedom

If there must be material support and realistic satisfaction to be “free”, is that still freedom

This is the higher vibration and larger picture of freedom. No matter what feeling and situation, you are committed to accepting and letting go

This is living freedom, not just feeling

Free from finance, family, lover, family affection, friendship and love

If not, then you will want to escape life and the earth

Free from current tasks, responsibilities and requirements

If not, you will want to escape from study, work and the earth

Free from religion, faith, faith, light and love, color and flame, crystal and magic

If not, you will only want to go to the country that can be realized

Free to live on the earth you want
If you don’t, you will naturally start again when you are on an alien planet, because you will only live a life matching your consciousness and vibration, which has nothing to do with dimensions, matrices, heaven and hell, and the higher self

It’s only about you. Will you accept life in positivity, rest, healing, freedom and balance, or are you constantly resisting and opposing

Therefore, there is never a planet to escape, only a planet that you constantly open and accept, just like the earth, a planet that you have taken root and put into life and life

A planet that is already one with you

Look again at the pressures and wants that come from your idea of escaping and being free

Then release the pressure and get what you want

Freedom is a downward compatible process of higher vibration. Without higher vibration, more satisfaction, more perfection, more rest and healing, freedom will be impossible to talk about the unity and unity in the source

Because you will always be in a state of war, projection, deliberate love and lack

Extraterrestrials and aliens are just another manifestation of lack, which can make you not pay attention to current and earth missions

Committed to living a life of concentration, satisfaction, rest, healing and balance, and committed to living a life with the higher self

Then come back to your life again, just like a man from an alien ball

Learn to be born, walk, eat, sleep, study and work again

If you are tired of daily mountain and sea homework and overdrawn physical strength, have you arranged your own rest, breathing time and let your children arrange their own rest time

If not, you will only yearn for the stress-free country that others have gone or have since they were born. That is not your mission and task. What is in front of you is to learn to accept, rest, meet and be more responsible for your own life and life step by step, rather than spreading in continuous support

If you are tired of the work and debt mode of nine to five in the morning and early and late at night, do you arrange your own rest, breathing time and satisfaction time, letting go time and your own rest time

If not, you will also yearn for that country, another country without pressure and burden, which is also not your life and mission

Do you know why

For experience and life course, there is no pressure and only blindly rest

Life always creates pressure and rest between individual and individual, collective and collective, Galaxy and galaxy, universe and universe

All this also comes from the source. What does it mean? Without dynamic and static lists, pairing, systems and rebalancing, the universe will disintegrate

Therefore, there will never be a country without pressure, burden and relaxation and rest all the time. Only the consciousness of continuous freedom from burden, pressure and relaxation and leisure is compatible with the continuous high vibration in one

High vibration intuition is your guidance. First, there must be continuous connection with higher self intuition

seek contentment

Seek to be your own higher vibration anchor

Seek rest and healing, both children and adults

Make the earth an alien home you want to change

Start with a balanced life


What did you come to earth to master

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
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Daniel Scranton

Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have the ability to feel happiness, love, freedom and power. We see that more and more people are finding that they have the ability to feel what they want.

This is an exciting moment because you are developing the ability to decide what energy you put into the world.

We can say that in terms of feeling, human beings are largely reverse. When good things happen, you will have a good feeling. When bad things happen, you will have a bad feeling.

Humans have lived on the earth for millions of years. The most positive way for you to deal with your feelings is to put yourself in monasteries, caves and temples, or anywhere that can avoid the earth. Humans often try to surpass their feelings on the spiritual Road, as if this is the answer. Others will deny their emotions, become numb to them, or try to get rid of them They. We don’t recommend these methods. These methods are showing their essence.

Emotions cannot be avoided or ignored. They should be welcomed. You should activate good feelings to create a reality that matches these feelings. You can’t do this if you close yourself to any emotions.

Any emotion you don’t allow will kill other emotions.

So if you say you don’t feel anything anymore, you must start with what you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourself to experience what has been under the surface of consciousness for a long time. In doing so, you’ll open the gate.
You will experience more love, more joy, more peace, more everything you want to feel. This is the real spiritual mastery.

It is not to let you hide in a spiritual shelter and not experience the world. It is not to make your life smaller, avoid mistakes, affect you and trigger unnecessary emotions. Consciously participating in this spiritual evolution is to feel everything about it and make choices from what you come into contact with internally.

This is the way you create reality, not let reality always dominate your feelings. This is what you have to master when you come to the earth and the solar system.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

◼   Translated from: danielscraton.com
Original address:
https://danielscranton.com/what-you-came-to-earth-to-master-∞the -9d-arcturian-council-2/

Mother God message: about self satisfaction

Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe!

Message receiving: Ruohe
Children, today I want to talk to you about self satisfaction. Self satisfaction is part of self responsibility and self love.

So, when you don’t know what it means to love yourself and be responsible for yourself, you can see whether you meet your needs or wait for others to meet your needs. Of course, this refers to a lot of things you can do but don’t do to yourself.

There are some needs that others can meet, but there are still many needs, such as your health, your food and clothing, and your emotional state, which you can do for yourself.

Whether you know to add clothes to yourself when you are cold, give yourself the food you need when you are hungry, and allow yourself to stop and have a rest when you are tired. You can see how many times you have met your needs in your life.

Loving yourself and being responsible for yourself are inseparable from meeting your own needs. You can also understand that love has different ways to meet their needs. Different people and different existence will have different needs, and you and others will also have different needs.

So, do you consider your own needs, or do you really start from his needs when you love someone.

In your world, many people are talking about love, but few know what real love is. People will learn about the presentation of love according to their own experience.

When a child lives in a family full of control, he may feel that love is to let the other party do according to his own requirements. Because his parents always say that it’s all for your own good when they let themselves do things they don’t want to do. We ask you this because we love you.

At this time, love and control are tied together. When children grow up, if they do not reflect and rebuild a new cognitive system, they will repeat the mistakes of their parents and treat their children or their partners in the same way.

Children, you must first learn to meet your own needs before you can know how to really meet the needs of others.
Everyone’s needs are special, and self satisfaction is also an important prerequisite for happiness. Self satisfaction is not selfish, but responsible for yourself. When everyone can be responsible for himself, the world will become different.

At that time, people give their love not to get the same return and let others meet their needs, but just because they want to give, love and serve.


Father’s message: adaptation and submission

Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe!

Message receiving: Ruohe
Children, today I want to talk to you about adaptation and submission. Adaptation and submission can also be called following the flow of energy, following the process, not grasping or resisting.

At present, in your world, no matter Gaia’s physical body, your physical body and consciousness body are changing. This change is planned and must be carried out.

Gaia can’t stand more harm, control and slavery to her children. Gaia needs to change and wants to change. She wants to be lighter, more beautiful and more balanced.

And you, the children who experience on earth, also want to change to a new world and live in a world without disease, injury, oppression and control.

How can you reach the world you want and complete the transformation of yourself and Gaia? This requires your compliance and submission, the energy you follow to Gaia and the energy you receive.

When your emotions fluctuate, when the former people and things reappear, accept your current state, do not escape, judge, blame and regret. Just see these experiences, experiences and emotions stirred, melted, transformed and released.

These emotional energies will reappear into light particles and return to the state of original love. These dense energies are not your own essence, they are just your experience.

The experience in the material world is like this. Everything is more limited, dense and difficult than the experience in the spiritual world. However, there are still many brave children who are willing to choose to go to the material world, feel the different aspects of love and experience the illusion of separation.

But now, the stage of physical earth for experience is coming to an end, and the performance of you and many children is coming to an end.

Imagine that you have played many roles. Each role has its own joys and sorrows and has its own role setting. When you perform immersively, you will regard this role as yourself. In your words, it is called too deep into the play.

Now, you have to get rid of these roles, not only take off the clothes you wear, but also release the emotional energy you once immersed in each role.

These emotional energies are needed when playing a specific role, but when you come out of the role, when you want to play a new game and start a new role experience, the roles you have played can let them exit.


Kryon: the characteristics of the soul – Part II (recording)

Original, why did you stop me, Kryon Cleon today

Characteristics of the soul — Part II (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on September 8, 2021

sound recording: https://www.menus.kryon.com/hw-09-21-audios

         Dear ones, I’m Kryon of the magnetic service. I say hello to you. This is indeed our private conversation with you. Some people think that channeling is not private. They think it’s a global message. This planet, dear, is composed of each and every one of you. Therefore, from my point of view, all “I am” They are your messengers, loving human beings. They are personal to personal. This is my feeling and the way information is composed. Over the years, you may hear me say “dear” or “Dear everyone”, rarely referring to specific groups. But the following is personal information.

         I have selected a topic this month and talked about it last week. The theme is soul. This is a big topic. I also tell you that in 2014, I gave my partner a series of information about human soul, nine characteristics. This is a program for more than two years, which has been translated into five languages, called the nine characteristics of human soul There are some things that we may talk about again. But this month, I will discuss the four extraordinary characteristics of the soul. The soul itself is unusual. Last week we gave the vastness of the soul and how big the soul is. This week’s content is the most complex, and we reserve it for members. Because those who watch this special program are considered to have intention through their own intentions People who do these things, not those who click in at random, will be completely confused.

         This extraordinary feature of the soul has been channeled and discussed many times this week. However, people still don’t understand it. For the sake of simplicity, we have labeled it several times. However, people still don’t understand. The reason why it is difficult to understand is that the feature I will tell you is sometimes disappointing. It is disappointing because you live in a linear world , you want things to go some way. When you know it’s not like this on the other side of the curtain, you’re disappointed.

         When I was a child, others told me the story of heaven. I heard that there were golden trees there. After entering heaven, I could do nothing but happiness. If I was old, I would sit in a rocking chair. And so on. As a child, I was given a linear description of something that does not exist. But this kind of thing is great on the other side of the curtain and exists with God. Really The truth has nothing to do with the golden tree, and there is no rocking chair. When I found the truth, I was disappointed; or did I want to see the golden tree?

         This is my metaphor. Because when I tell you the characteristics of the extraordinary human soul, you are likely to say, “what?!” because you won’t like it. Unless you really and truly understand the beauty, majesty and grandeur of the characteristics I say.

         It started with the soul split in 2013. We said that every time you go back, part of your God will stay on earth with the people you love. This raises a very important question: “do you mean that part of my divinity will be torn apart and given to others?” It’s too linear. It’s too direct. It’s not like that. So we rename it to make you feel comfortable. We call it “soul sharing”.

         That’s better. Now, you have a concept. You have a soul and just share it with others for a while. Although it’s not so, it sounds much better.

         The truth is much more than you think. Your soul, if you want to imagine, is a bubble containing you. It is a vast and sacred bubble. It is a part of God. You are eternal. These are what we have told you before. Many people also tell you that your soul is a part of the source of creation. You are a part of God. Therefore, you will not be punished after leaving the earth You are part of the creator and will not punish yourself.

         So, I want to tell you that this soul sharing, or soul splitting, is a wonderful concept. It implies that your soul is not just a bubble pattern, it seems to float everywhere beyond the curtain, with you in some kind of skin. In other words, you are included. Not so.

         If you understand multidimensional things, you will understand that there is no container. There are no bubbles, there is no skin. Nothing can draw how big your soul is. How big God is? Do you want to draw an outline of God and add skin? The answer is no, you can’t. You can’t do that to your soul.

         The star mother (*) of Lemurians gives their children an example: how happy is it? Please draw it. What can’t be done. The children get the impression and understand: some things are so beautiful that they decompress themselves and have no skin! They have no container.

         So, how does soul sharing go? I can tell you the process, but you understand that the factor is more important. That is, you are never and never alone. You share this huge thing called “soul” with so many people, and they share it with you. You can say, “I don’t understand. To what extent, many ‘I’ share it with others?” I said, how linear you are. You know, this is not dumping containers and dividing things.

         Is it difficult to imagine God appearing in hundreds of millions of places at the same time? If you pray, do you have to line up? When you pray, you will say, “I feel uncomfortable because God is listening to other people’s prayers.” of course, your answer is No. you will never think so.

         I hope you get used to the fact that you think the characteristics of God also apply to your soul. You are a part of all that. Therefore, everything is also in your soul. Can you imagine a very, very beautiful scene: when you leave the earth, some of your fragments stay with the people who love you. I didn’t say that the people who love you are your parents or your children, I mean, “the one who loves you” . it’s very different. There’s a reason. The reason, the design and the system are for kindness, beauty and kindness. Many people know what I’m talking about. It alleviates the sadness of leaving because of your loved ones. If you really follow this program, you will understand why you can feel the people you love until you leave. Then you leave part of yourself to the loved ones.

         What kind of system! But in order for this system to work, soul sharing should be carried out. It’s like you attach their souls for a while. In this process, kindness, beauty and compassion are given to them and you. This is the real purpose of the soul, for sharing.

         Some people say I still don’t understand. I’ll give a linear example. Because many people want to.

         Suppose you put your soul into a bowl and add some water. You look at the people you love. They have bowls and water. Then you decide to scoop some water from your bowl into their bowl and some of their water into your bowl. When you look at your bowl, can you tell which water is whose? Or is it just water? The answer is: the water of your soul just contains their water. Do you understand?

         This has nothing to do with accommodation. This is a linear idea. Instead, you say: how big is happiness? How big is love? Your soul, now when you sit, with your amazing Akash, is full of lovely entities of death. This is very big. The people you love but lose, the people they love but lose, including you, are there. Then this drives the Akash family, some people With you, some people attract you to rekindle love. Mother, father, sibling, spouse. This is a system far beyond your imagination. It is extraordinary. You are brilliant, and your soul echoes all that.

         I’m Kryon. I love human beings. That’s it.



Serapis bey: you are at a very critical moment on earth

Original sdbetty earth new life today

I am Serapis bey, greeting all soul beings on earth. I am kohan of the fourth ray, commonly known as the lion. I am a member of the ameystine order, as are all other cohans.

At this time, I am very important to your teaching, because I clearly talked about reality. What is the direct reality and what is the teaching learned on the “holographic deck”. Yes, holographic deck! Oh, yes! I tell you the truth and be straightforward. Although I think it may sound harsh, I need to do it at this time.

Why? This is because you are at a very critical moment on earth. She is 3 years old. She has dimensional life for 4.5 billion years. Many of you, if not all of your souls, have thousands of lifestyles on this beautiful planet. Yes, I said beautiful! She was created as the most beautiful planet in the universe to make it the most beautiful planet This is why Satan and his dark angel chose her as his last planet or imprisoned planet, because he was ordered not to let the universe destroy one planet after another.

Do you know that you have experienced a way of life on this planet and have graduated from a higher field? The creator, the God of light, saw the pain of the earth and wanted her to graduate to a higher dimension. How? She has failed twice before! It is with the great knowledge of the creator God that he asked his best graduate in the bright field to answer one Great question.

The question is whether they are willing to reincarnate voluntarily, help her graduate and complete another great and great mission of soul growth. You all sit there and raise your hands eagerly! God has not chosen anyone who is willing! If you don’t wake up and don’t know why to return to earth, you will all agree to reincarnate.

I am very glad that many people have awakened at this time. Some people are even more willing than others to help mother earth clear the dark satanic empire that has ruled the planet for thousands of years.

What breaks my heart is that there are others who have chosen another path rather than the path of light. Now, I tell you, what is reality? What is real and what is on the holographic deck, just like in Star Trek.

The holographic deck depicted in the Star Trek series is the experience and lessons of those who choose to experience. This is what you are doing now! You are experiencing lessons, but many, many people choose not to listen to these lessons and “sleep” on the reality of truth.

I deeply care about each and every soul of you. What is reality? Reality is that there is no other way of life. There is a body on earth. Or living on any 3D planet of 179000000000 plants in the Milky way, which he calls “owenton”. Reality is the field of light.

You all have families in the bright country. You have spouses, husbands or wives. They are your twin lovers! You have children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. You have a home here! Some of you are single, or some of you are planning to get married.

When any soul in the kingdom of light chooses not to abide by the laws of God and creation, he / she is sent back to earth to learn, hoping that this great opportunity will make the soul right again.

Each of us, as kohan people, have family members and our children reincarnate on the earth. Some have not awakened yet!

What can we do? Some people have been away for a long time. After the end of their lifestyle, they are hopeful to wake up. Many people have woke up, but some people don’t! The sadness we feel is heartbreak!

What can we do? We pray, we pray wholeheartedly, but we abide by the great law of non-interference in the universe. Everyone has his own free will, and we can’t force anyone to wake up. This is always a personal choice, because everyone is on his way to the stars.

When a deeply loved soul chooses a dark path and may eventually lose its soul, I can’t mention the sadness we feel. This soul will return to the pool of reincarnation, become another person’s soul and accept the lessons of the body. That’s why it’s so important to care about your soul most, because this is the reality. The body dies, but your soul is eternal. Yes, eternal! Think about it.

I encourage you to take some time to read and communicate with the kingdom of light. This is all I can do to encourage and help you, but in the end, everything is your choice. The creator God and our people in the kingdom of light cannot and will not force anyone to grow spiritually. It is up to you. Time is flying in your 3D format because this civilization is over.

Don’t think that life on earth is eternal! It’s an illusion! Please listen to my wisdom. Thank you!

My great, great love for all. The lion has spoken!

Serapis bey.


Kryon: the characteristics of the soul — Part III (recording)

Original, why did you stop me, Kryon Cleon today

Characteristics of the soul — Part III (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on September 15, 2021
sound recording: https://www.menus.kryon.com/hw-09-21-audios

         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.
         We see you again in this noble and glorious healing place, because you are here. As we said before, this is how we and gods treat you, dear. The glory of mankind is the initial point of our arrival. Ironically, so many people can’t feel their own glory. Dear, I want to tell you more about what used to be called “assistants” They have something to do with your soul.

        We talked about the soul every week this month, and we will continue today. This special channeling message is a little different about the extraordinary properties of your soul. We have talked about these characteristics before, perhaps not entirely in this way. I want to talk about guiding spirits and angels.

         Question: “Kryon, where do guiding spirits and angels come from?” the answer you expect, the answer of any spiritual guru or psychic medium, “they come from the ‘heaven’ in culture. On the other side of the curtain, that is the place where guiding spirits and angels come out.” But what if it isn’t? What if it is, but not exactly what you imagine? If they are embedded in some kind of assistance process for all of you, from – are you ready – your own soul?

         When you look back at the religious history, look at the description of angels. Almost all the angel faces written down are personal. That is to say: Angels do not hold meetings. Therefore, usually, you will not see many people see angels appear. This is often a personal experience, almost no group experience. Because, dear, angels almost always appear for individuals. And what about angels Son, you can behave like any angel that that person imagines. Sometimes, your angel experience is completely different. Because it must be.

         If I tell you, angels exist in your soul? If I tell you, angels have no shape at all? There is a multi-dimensional energy that is so powerful in front of you, so your subconscious imagines some kind of carrier. What do you mean? Do you really think that angels from the source of creation, or from heaven, existed before the birth of earth or mankind, angels It’s a woman, 9 feet tall, with a halo? You said, “maybe not like that.” But people often use this image. Almost all of them are white, of course. Everything means something else. Your subconscious wants to see – mother. That is another profound proof of what we call the holy woman. When it comes to the angel field, everyone subconsciously wants to see mother. That special woman is always beautiful and always has deep wisdom, maybe And the aura – which means something else, spiritual reality. Have you ever thought about it?

         I have said this once, and now I will say it again. At that time, my partner was sitting on the top of the mountain. The mountain was called Sinai. He had just climbed to the top in the dark and was half tired since midnight. Of course, the information I gave him was about Moses. When it came to Moses’ reluctance, he really took over the mantle. But he accepted it. Because he saw the depth of the future, although he felt uncomfortable It’s worth it. But he did his best. History has proved that he did well enough. That place should be where he saw the burning bush. As we said before, the burning bush is not wood at all. The Scripture should be like this: the Bush was not swallowed by the fire he saw. It’s an angel.

         But in his time, that was all he saw, because that was the picture he saw. There must be something to attract his attention, not just women in the dark and with their own halo. The Bush had a voice in front of him. He didn’t tell you that the voice was female. It was an angel.

         The same is true of the guiding spirit. But let’s pause and continue talking about angels. Honey, there must be a system to communicate with gods when you need them, even to those who don’t believe in God. There must be a system, because some people on the planet, especially those who walk in the dark, worship many gods at that time. There must be a system so that the soul can talk to you about greatness Sometimes, those things are frightening and terrible. Imagine some energy coming to you and talking to you. When the energy speaks, your subconscious immediately creates a human and makes that speech normal. Every angel who comes and is reported says a few words. You know? “Don’t be afraid.” It means don’t be afraid of this kind of thing. Why is someone afraid of a lovely halo woman? The answer is not only that. It is a huge energy that appears in front of you with a dignified voice, a female voice, attracts your attention and speaks profound things, which will be recorded in historical scriptures. All this must happen through a mechanism that comes from your spirit Soul.

         Your soul is a part of God. Your soul is vast. Your soul contains so many things you don’t know. “12 rings” The program is a bridge into part of your soul, inviting you to feel the vast. Where are your ancestors, your Akash, angels and God. So, this is part of the system, and everything is you. Angels come from your soul. They come for you and talk to you. Because they come from your own essence. Angels and guiding spirits are usually in the same place Use in sentences.

         Let’s talk about the guide spirit. It’s a little different from an angel, isn’t it? An angel seems to be a profound experience. If you see an angel coming, you will become very quiet and look at him. Either report it or keep it secret, because some people don’t believe it. Those records in history are great experiences, special events, almost imagination. However, the guide spirit is described Become your own entity and work with you every day. They don’t talk to you often, but through “guiding intuition” Push and pull you to the right place. We have discussed them for a long time, dear. Your intention and affirmation are extended by the guide spirit. Push and pull you to the right place at the right time, for synchronization, for your treatment, for the right partner, for the right business opportunity, that is what people think of the guide spirit.

         Question: “what are they like?” the answer is “yes”. Whatever you want. Because, indeed, they are not human. But they are guiding spirits, so you imagine them as guides. What’s interesting is how you imagine them. You ask a culture, “what are your guiding spirits like?” they will say, “ah, they are tall. They are 7 feet tall.” Then you ask another culture, and they will say, “they are actually so tall that they come around my thighs.” this shows a lot of humanistic problems. They behave according to your wishes.

         How many guides are there? Many people say: it must be three. As I said before, honey, there are no numbers of guides. Everything is a symbol. 3 is the catalyst for change. They exist to help you change. So you think it is the energy of number 3, so you say three guides. Do you understand what I’m going to say next? Oh, there are so many guides, you can’t Imagine. Where do they come from? From your soul.

         Your soul has this ability. Because it stands in the curtain next to you, it may not be integrated with you. The guided spirit and angel push and pull through intuition come from your soul. When we end channeling, I hope you pause and think about the beauty and love of this system. God loves you so much that even if you say you don’t believe in God, there is still a mechanism to assist you. There is no need to believe in religion, Intuition can take you everywhere because love exists. That’s teaching, always. As a brilliant human being, you deserve to be here. You deserve to be so deeply loved.

         I’m Kryon. I love human beings.
         be it so.

是, Kryon


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