Learn to communicate with children^_^

Learn to communicate with children

Predicting the great transformation of life

from fear to love

The second chapter(including readers’ questions and answers at the end of the article)

Cheryl: Oh, I love this chapter, really. I’ll tell you why. The journey from fear to love is the experience of great transformation itself, because most of what you do on the earth level is done because of fear.

Don’t most of you pay taxes because you’re afraid of tax inspectors? Aren’t the vast majority of people trying to perform at work because they are afraid of being fired? Don’t most people have children because they are afraid of having nothing in the future? This is a journey, my friend, from fear to love.

If you have succumbed to fear more than once, celebrate the fact. You would say, “master Cheryl, should I go to celebrate my surrender under fear?” yes, you should do so, because you see, when you surrender, don’t you know, this is when you begin to pray. Prayer is not a prayer for a religious experience, it is a clear prayer, a prayer communicated for the completion of this journey.

Oh, yeah. When you begin to make this transformation one day, you will only say, “enough. Don’t be afraid anymore.” and you will say, “master Cheryl, is it really that simple?” I never said publicly that something is simple. I will ask you: do you think this journey is worth it. Because, you see, if it’s worth it, that’s what this whole chapter is about. It’s about the journey from fear to love.

This means that one day you will wake up and say to yourself, “I have nothing to be afraid of, because the creator loves me.” one day you will wake up and say, “do you know what I think of?” the creator never makes mistakes.

Therefore, everything in this life is like what they said before:

“Everything is perfect.”

Some of you are reading here. Don’t you know that you haven’t surrendered yet, and you are still doing your best to fight everything and become the prey of fear. But one day, when your time comes, you will wake up. I promise you will wake up in a good sleep in the middle of the night and say, “Oh, my God, this is the great transformation of consciousness.”

I say to every reader: This is the time to let go of your fears, this is the time to open your heart to the love that surrounds you. Oh, don’t look for it from your life partners. They are trying as hard as you.

On the contrary, after reading the book today, find yourself a beautiful tree, a flower and a gurgling stream. You will know who loves you most and your Creator loves you because you put all this over there.

But you drive by quickly every day, ignoring all this. You only see the road in front of you, because you make yourself too late to arrive at your destination on time. When the traffic signal turns to a red light and your fingers keep knocking on the steering wheel, you also feel the frustration gradually formed in your chest. Please remember these words at this time:

“The creator never makes mistakes. So do you.”

Take a deep breath, take a closer look at the appearance of handsome men or beautiful women in a corner, take a closer look at the women selling flowers, and take a closer look at the texture of the surrounding buildings.
You say, “master zerell, what if they are dirty?” that’s fear at work. Imagine that they are clean, fresh and new, and imagine what you want the world to look like, so you have completed the journey from fear to love, do you understand?

Cheryl: most people on earth live in fear of loss. My friends, they learn fear from somewhere and drift away from love, and the real essence is that they fear that they may never find their way back to the creator. In this fear, they have established many belief systems to make them stop thinking about their own growth. Healing will enable them to stay at their core, let go of fear, and the ability to bring into the essence of love again.

We are trying to help people understand that such healing lies in clarity, in maintaining their inner core, and in exploring inward to make sure that the heart is beating in purity and clarity. My friend, this is to overcome all the fears that have a place in their own life. This is to understand that fear is what you think, but in fact, the distance of love is only “one press of the switch”.

You might say, “master Cheryl, I don’t want to take that responsibility. I hope I have to think positively all the time.” what I want to tell you is, my friends, you’d better be honest with yourself. If you want the good things in life, you have to think about them from now on.
If you don’t buy negative accounts, you will be happier. At some point in this evolutionary journey, you will no longer be manipulated by fear. You will love yourself enough not to let this happen. The key to your entire evolutionary journey, my friend, is love. In love, there is an opportunity to find the inner peace you seek.

This journey is full of exciting aspects called “experience”. This makes evolution a natural part of every moment.

Most people in the third dimension are more concerned with achieving a specific goal than what is really needed before the goal is achieved. I seldom say things in absolute terms, but this is an exception. Focusing on the results will slow down your growth, because in most cases, the results are not what you originally thought. The best way to start this journey is to focus entirely on what you want first. After you know it, you just start this journey. Your time on earth is limited, so it makes perfect use of every second. Enjoy your journey!

Heal the inner spirit, soul and consciousness. As the healing progresses to enable you to understand and love fear because of what fear will provide, you will get closer and closer to fearlessness. The more healing you have, the less you will tolerate the fear in your life. The faster you heal, the faster you will understand this journey, which is to love anyway.

From the perspective of the nature of the creator, this journey is nothing else, just love, pure love. Creation is based on love, but in order for you to experience the third dimension, the creator allows fear. All you have to do is decide to heal your fears. My friend, so you are in love.

Truth, trust, passion

This Trinity implements the healing of love in the individual. If you integrate this Trinity into all aspects of your life, the choices you make will bring you into and perfection. This is the basis of love. You can regard it as a three legged stool. If one foot is short, the stool will not stand very stable. If one foot is too short, the stool will overturn. This is why we place great emphasis on the Trinity.


Truth is the essence by which all reality extends outward. It is not only a word, but also a complete understanding of how life works. There is no so-called half truth, watered truth, or one of the best truths. I would say this because you don’t like to hear untrue things when you begin to have the experience of always being true. How many times do you have to think of more lies to cover it up after you tell a lie? When you begin to embark on that complete and true road, please believe me, you will not turn back.

One of the most important truths is to love yourself, that is, to be true to yourself. You are usually true to yourself, because your essence is the essence of the creator, that is, unconditional love. In your society, you are taught to help your lover, but not to love yourself.

If you water yourself with love, your love will overflow to be able to share with others. Everyone needs love.
If you don’t love yourself, you will look elsewhere, usually replaced by external things, such as alcohol and drugs, and more commonly self abuse or abuse. When you accept the whole in your own life

True, you will clearly see that true is to love yourself.

In order to fully understand trust, you must understand the power of knowing, which comes from being in your own reality. In order to work closely with trust, you must understand that it takes place at a deeper level than you may be willing to experience. Trust is not just a word, it is a resonance. The same principle applies to personal intimacy or business dealings.

Once the feeling of trust is established, normally it will never be affected by other affairs. Once the essence of trust is ensured, a new reality will be formed, as you begin to make your own decisions from a state of love relative to fear. When you find that trust is a part of your daily life, you can say that you begin to move to a higher level. When you accept trust from your intuition, growth itself will become the art of trusting your intuition,


Passion is the feeling, pleasure and flavor of life. In order to have passion and to feel love fully, you must connect your emotions. Now, I’m not unreasonable. You are absolutely perfect anyway, but what you really want to devote yourself to is the balance of mind and emotion.

Babies are enthusiastic. They have the purest feeling of the moment. They don’t judge because most of them live in a perfect world. When the world is not perfect, babies do not hesitate to let everyone know that their world is mainly composed of feelings. When their trust or truth is tested, they will not hesitate to adjust their feelings. Only after years of indoctrination of foreign old ideas can we give up the innocence of childhood and make decisions according to the eyes of others.

Usually you block your feelings because of past pain. Trust everything that happens as like as two peas, and all the pain, perfect. The higher self who trusts you wants you to experience the so-called “pain”, so as to go through it and learn trust, forgiveness and love. Then you will understand these concepts at a deeper level. You can then release some of your inner anger and allow yourself to re experience your feelings.

Usually you don’t express your true feelings because you are afraid of what others will think. Maybe you will be judged by others. Please allow yourself to express all good or bad feelings without judgment. If you feel depressed, allow yourself to feel that state, because this is a part of life.
Let go of the judgment that “I shouldn’t feel like this.”.

If you don’t stop your feelings, you will feel the depths of depression. Emotions flow through you in their own form and are released. If you get stuck in your emotions with self pity or “why?” it will form an obstacle. If you suppress a specific emotion, it will stay with you because it can’t flow and be released in its own way.

If you experience an emotion, please know that whatever you experience is perfect. Trust is what your higher self chooses to experience for your growth, and the emotion will eventually flow and be released in your own way. You will feel refreshed because the emotion flows in your own way and is not blocked. And when you allow yourself to feel negative Emotion, there will be more vitality to feel the positive Sui Xu. This is the way to feel enthusiasm, the way to open your heart.

Enthusiasm is about doing everything for a real purpose.

If you can’t put your passion and your feelings into something, don’t do it.
“I can’t have enthusiasm all the time.” you might say so. Of course you can! The point of “seeing light in everything” is enthusiasm.

Raise the next generation

As beings of light, you enter the earth plane and learn to function in the density of your physical body. Your life journey begins with the interaction established between yourself and your original caregivers, usually your parents. Many lessons are in the development of this parent-child relationship on your healing journey.

Children born after 1987 are called “shift babies” The reason for this is that they actually choose to come to earth at this time to experience this transformation. Most of them have the previous life when Jesus was alive. They feel that they did not really experience the focus of transformation at that time, so they have to wait patiently for this time. Carefully observe these children to see how they are different from previous generations. Do they look better Are children good at using their intuition and often behave more mature than before?

In any close relationship, especially when raising the next generation, please live in the trinity of truth, trust and enthusiasm. Sometimes you forget these principles in the process of raising, perhaps because this is not the way your parents do it. Today’s parents have to do it in a slightly different way.

Learn to communicate with heart
In order to talk to children, you must learn how to communicate with them. They should begin to communicate when they are in the womb. I say this because the fetus has two advantages. First, he will have all the pure love and the newborn calf will not fear the tiger. Second, they have not established their own “curtain” , they have not yet covered up their knowledge and have all the knowledge of where they came from, that is, the knowledge of their essence. Therefore, the child enters the earth plane through the birth canal and arrives here on the earth plane with the possibility of presenting pure reality. The only factor that prevents the presentation of this energy is the lack of understanding of their parents, and their fear may be greater than love.

Now, this situation may lead to misunderstanding. A two month old baby lies naively and is exploring many amazing things around him. However, when some adults put their face in front of him, touch his stomach with their fingers and say “purr, purr” He was immediately brought back to the third dimension. You would think why the child began to laugh because you looked funny. The child searched for the corresponding thing in his memory, but could not remember what the sound was. However, when the child smiled, the adult naturally smiled, and a low-level expression pattern came into being. Another way is to make eye contact, Send a message like this through your third eye (the inner eye in the center of your forehead):

“Welcome to earth. I know this place is a little strange, and I know you are a little uneasy about us. After all, you have this body now. Nevertheless, you are welcome to come here. We hope you will stay here at the time you want, and we will try to make things easier for you.”

You may ask, “do you think this child can understand his mother tongue?” maybe he knows a lot better than you. Besides, he may not be listening in his mother tongue, maybe he is really listening to your ideas, maybe he already knows.

Have you ever heard a group of dolphins talk to each other? Do they say something like “how are you today”? They obviously have different ways of communication. You have the same communication advantages with this little man, and if you use higher-level skills, the results will be amazing.
Children communicate at a special level. If you can start silent communication, the connection will last a lifetime. For those of you who have just come into contact with this way of communication, the results will push you to a new peak. You see, no age is impossible, and children can communicate silently all the time.
It’s a shame, but the flow of sound energy (if only words) can often lead to the beginning of fear. Your books on parenting rules don’t say that in order to make children obedient, they should be afraid? This is an outdated and old idea.

Adults make all the agreements, but they will not fully abide by them, and this is everyone’s unilateral decision. At first, the children believe in the agreements you have made. However, after a while, they find that most of the agreements have not been observed. With the newly discovered clarity, they begin to shape the way they follow the example. When you make an agreement with the villain, You must be very frank with them. Their lives are all based on reality, so please only make agreements you can abide by.
When children are born on the earth, they don’t know what lies are or what pain is. When do they know how to lie? Until they learn from adults. One day, when adults teach them, they begin to lie and feel the pain that must follow.
You might say, “I don’t remember teaching my child how to lie.” well, maybe when the child was a baby, he lay in the cradle, and you say something like, “well, if you stop crying, I’ll turn you around.” The baby responded and stopped crying. You were so excited about this phenomenon that you left the room to celebrate immediately. Therefore, the child began to understand how to make an agreement and break it. Some of you would think I was exaggerating, but this is what really happened.

Where do you think you learned it? You’ll learn it when you’re going to teach. I know I’m a little picky when talking about lying; panic is a serious word, isn’t it? But in fact, when you’re teaching them how to tell a little lie or say “good lie” They’ll get used to doing this when they’re young. So what happens next? Here’s the sad part: you’ll try to “tell a lie” to (beat) them. Then it’s a competition for who tells the best lie. Even if you say and do everything, you’ll win because you’re more skilled than them. But in fact, everyone loses.

So just tell the truth from today. When you want to say anything to your children or others next time, ask yourself: “is this true?” it may take you years to tell your children a lie, but you can do it. Guess what happens when they “grow up”? You will have adults who will no longer tolerate lies. Can you imagine a world where people don’t lie? Can you imagine where you are? You will be in the fourth dimension.

Start making changes in your life today. Pick up the children, hold them gently, and stick your third eye to their third eye. With your heart, your soul and even the king, you can say things like “I love you” in your own voice. Just tell them, “I love you,” and put them down to rest. I promise you will see those little faces smiling, because they not only hear, but also feel.

Punishment is a violent means

If you look up the dictionary’s explanation of the English word discipline, it may be written as follows: “the deliberate means used when faced with a personality who uses simple reasoning and cannot respond with an adult’s keen mind, and cannot reason with it to achieve a peaceful solution.”

In other words, punishment is a means of violence with a specific purpose when you can’t get the way you expect!

Suppose you have a four or five-year-old child who keeps running around and causing a lot of trouble. He knocked the things on the table to the ground, overturned the chair, and happily chased his dog in the living room. Please realize that you probably did the same when you were young. But what did you do? When he ran past, you grabbed his hand and almost dislocated his arm. Have you ever done this? He began to cry, and you cried, “don’t cry now, or I’ll make you cry louder!” you made him cry, and then you told him not to cry. You see what this little play says. I know some parents will say this: “Hum, come and live with my four-year-old, then you will know that punishment is still used sometimes. I seriously regard punishment as a really ugly thing. I ask you, if you have to rely on this practice, doesn’t it mean the collapse of communication? Then who began to collapse communication?

“But, master Cheryl, how can I communicate with children one or two years old?” don’t use your mouth, use your heart! Okay? Speak with your heart.

Violence should only be used as a last resort when physical injury is imminent. Let’s look at it like this. Your adult is a 130 pound player and your opponent is a two-year-old who weighs only 20 pounds. Is that my imagination? Doesn’t that sound like one-sided? As long as both sides can talk, we will never solve it with fierce methods. Although most people don’t want to hear it But violence is to admit that words can no longer be used to correct mistakes. Of course, the world is not perfect, but you have to start somewhere. If everyone who is reading here is committed to improving communication, it will begin to change the world!

Topics in intimacy

If you want to connect to the truth in an intimate relationship, the key is communication. In order to have an excellent intimate relationship, you need excellent communication. There is no other way. When you don’t understand why your partner does something that bothers you, talk about it. If you can’t understand why your partner does something like this, you will be angry or hurt. For you, What he or she does doesn’t always make sense. Each of you has your own priorities, ways of doing things and values. Some things are unreasonable, but they make perfect sense to the other half. If he or she explains to you in reality why he or she acts like that, at least you will understand. If you understand the actions of others Opportunity, and the reason why they will be like this now, and you accept them unconditionally, then love will grow through truth and prosperity.
Suppose that two people in a close relationship are angry with each other. Their anger has nothing to do with the argument, but something is hidden under the argument. Suppose that their boyfriend is chatting with another woman at a party. Their conversation is simple and has nothing to do with seduction, but the girlfriend starts to be jealous and angry with her boyfriend. In fact, it’s not so, just for She’s afraid that she doesn’t deserve her boyfriend or that she’s doing something wrong. She’s afraid that she may not love him enough to expect a change. But she’s just afraid, my friend. How will you behave if you’re afraid? Quarrel is one. I’m afraid you’ll play a few games like this in the next 24 hours The truth is, some people are afraid!! not to lose, but not to win.

Listening is the main part of communication. Good listening is really an art. It may mean that you just stay there and let the other half express without saying anything. If you often find yourself standing in the middle and trying to solve the other half’s problems, good listening skills will change. You may want to go to the important other half and say: “Look here, read this chapter about” listening and learning! “Sorry, my friend, this lesson is not about changing others, but changing yourself. Changing those who don’t want to change won’t work. Of course, you may express what you have learned here with the people you like, but please be gentle, without judgment, and always have love.
How many people tell you that they are in love, but somehow you know in your heart that they are just trying to adapt to their family and friends? Suppose Joey and Sally go out for an appointment, they have a wonderful time, but that’s all. Then Joey’s brother says he thinks they will be a good couple. Joey’s sister says she thinks Sally is his real friend So they made an appointment for a second meeting, and the joy increased a little, and you see what happened next? The trap began to close, and someone said, “you two should get married!” then Joey said: “Well, I never thought of it, but I guess it’s a good idea. My parents like her, and my friends think we’re really a couple. Yes, why don’t we get married?” after a year, Joey thought, “how can I marry this girl? It’s hard to be with her.” then I would ask him. “Do you really love him?” And Joey might say, “well, I don’t know. I’m not sure I know what love is.” and I’d say, “let’s get divorced.” then everyone was angry with me because society thought it was wrong to get married whether you loved each other or not. It was wrong because there was no truth in it.

I have another suggestion about marriage, that is, you two sit down and tell the truth, the whole truth! You may say, “OK! I’ll give it all, only something I want to keep secret.” then, in fact, you don’t say the whole. But you will say: “Cheryl, if I hadn’t told her I had sex when I was 16, it wouldn’t hurt. She didn’t know it wouldn’t hurt her?” It will come back to you, my friend, just because you know that you haven’t finished this homework. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, any missing facts will become a thorn in your own skin until you make it clear.

You live in a real world, and some people may think that sex is completely physical. If you think it is, it will be. Real intimacy is not just physical, intimacy is to put down your cover. One way to do this is to take a step aside and put down your things, like your sense of insecurity , your fear, and then be completely with your partner. To remind you, this is just another way of saying “if you let go of your fear, love will radiate”. Taking a step aside from the mental plane is helpful to remind your subconscious to put down your fear.

Imagine yourself with your significant other, and your ego takes a step aside, leaving all insecurity behind. You are completely with your loved one, just let your love flow. Love is forced, let it flow uncontrollably. Imagine letting it flow through your hug or hand touch, and then you will know What is Tao enthusiasm.

If you have an important person and you love what he or she really looks like, not just what he or she brings into the relationship, then this is enthusiasm. When you have truth, trust and enthusiasm, you live your life with your feelings in love, and then you will live according to your own inner norms.

Finally, one more thing to know: This is not only for marriage, but also for all close relationships. Not only for your important partner, but also for all your close relationships.


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