Two versions of human 3.0^_^

Original feather legend wing maker today

Humans are evolving into version 3.0, but according to the wing maker, there are two versions of 3.0. One is the human version 3.0 of the wing maker of organic evolution, and the other is the human version 3.0 of the cradle.

Some of these technologies were described in the Ancient Arrow project, such as intelligence acceleration technology and memory reset technology. At that time, I felt advanced and incredible. Now, compared with the real version, it is pediatrics. What is happening now is even beyond people’s imagination.

In the fifth interview, it was mentioned that the Atlanteans became slaves of the anunachi because the angle of the anunachi attack was so strange that the Atlanteans could not guard against it. The same is true for us now. Most people don’t even realize what happened. The cultural drug of postualism provided by the three in one of power is the only thing many people know.

Human wing maker 3.0

Cera: “this is the first time you mentioned human 3.0. What’s that?”

Dr. nerud: “If human beings are trapped in the prison of illusion, just like human 2.0, and their interface with the Holographic Universe is the reason why they are trapped, then a new model needs to appear. Human 3.0 is this new model. It is the equation of self understanding. It is walking out of the constructed universe or reality and living as the self-expression of I am us. Human 3.0 is the Lord I call it human 3.0 Si.

“You see, the great entrance is a way to synchronize mankind to a new starting point and live in the expression of unity and equality, sovereignty and integrity, I am and we are. This is a way for mankind to get rid of separation. Separation is its previous starting point, which has produced human 1.0 and 2.0. Human 3.0 Si will have a new starting point, and the reason for discovering the great entrance is In order to be able to synchronize, this is because if life is not synchronized, how can there be an equal and integrated network? “

Cera: so what is the soul

Dr. nerud: “the soul is an idea or paradigm that has become part of the human reality process. The soul is the part of you that contains all the memories of your existence as a human 1.0 and 2.0. For most of us, these memories are a huge repository of information – far beyond the processing of consciousness. So the soul keeps this information for each individual life.

“The soul is an example of infinite expression in a finite reality. But if that reality is a programmed reality, you cannot be infinite in a finite reality. Therefore, the soul is not the vitality that powers human consciousness. It is the sovereign whole. It is each of us when we strip away all illusions, deceptions, restrictions, veils and functional implants – including the soul What it is.

“This is a redefinition of the human identity and expression as I am we are. From the human perspective, the wing maker does not think that human beings are low-level entities, but only life with the starting point of slavery. This is not to judge that human beings are worthless, bad, guilty, weak or poor. There is no such thing. Human beings need a new beginning. He We can synchronize in the common understanding, and this common understanding is that I am the expression of our yes, that is, to embody words in actions. “

Serra: “Anu’s Creator… Where is the real God? Why does it allow this to happen and let us live and operate in this deception?”

Dr. nerud: “the wing makers talked about the transformation / autonomy mode… Wait a minute. (Dr. nerud turned a page in his folder). They said this:” it’s time to integrate the dominant mode of hierarchy (evolution / savior) with the source wisdom (transformation / autonomy) The dominant modes of human beings are combined. This combination can only be realized at the entity level. It cannot occur in the context of one aspect of human instruments or hierarchy. Only the entity – the whole of cross-dimensional sovereignty poured into the source wisdom, can promote and fully experience the integration of the two modes of existence. “

Cera: so, what does this have to do with my question

Dr. nerud: “every individual is responsible for this. God or the wisdom of the source will not fall from heaven to correct human shortcomings or obstacles. Human beings need to take this responsibility themselves -“

Cera: “but seriously, how can we do this? We are wrapped in so many deceptions -“

Dr. nerud: “it’s not easy. The wing maker wrote about the virtue of the heart as the behavioral structure of this era. And how to use these words of the virtue of the heart in behavior and practice, rather than just storing them in the mind as valuable concepts.”

Cera: you haven’t mentioned these before. What are they

Dr. nerud: “appreciation or gratitude, compassion, humility, forgiveness, understanding, and courage or courage. It is a combination of the present – living in the present – and applying these words to our actions. This practice is impeccable.”

Cera: what if you do it

Dr. nerud: “The unconscious mind is an entrance to all existence. These behaviors will be sent to everyone through the unconscious. They support the establishment of a sovereign overall network, human 3.0, which is an alternative to human 2.0 separation consciousness. So this is the application of insertion behaviors, that is, I will insert these behaviors into my present. They will become the palette of my behavior choices.

“The other half of this equation is resistance, which is to withdraw and stop supporting separation and deception. This is a positive resistance. Say” no “to your own and others’ actions without judgment.

“Similarly, whether you operate in the mode of insertion or resistance, you are influencing the whole. You either support unity and equality, ‘I am we are’, or support separation and deception, which is also called the status quo in our reality.

“The starting point of behavior or expression is the present. This is the nerve center of creativity. Every present is full of potential, supports the unity and equality of the world, and assists in the birth of human 3.0 and the overall network of sovereignty.

Cera: how long will it take? I mean, how long will it take to get there
Dr. nerud: “the great entrance enables the emergence of the overall network of sovereignty. The wing makers believe that around 2080 should be an ideal time for mankind to reveal itself in 3.0. But they are also sure that the time may be advanced or delayed.”

Cradle human version 3.0

Later, Dr. nerud mentioned the cradle superhuman plan. But in fact, the description in it should be different from the real superhuman plan. This is the writing method of myth. Now we probably know how this superhuman version is carried out. Because it is in progress.

Cera: “I guess the cradle and the Illuminati also have some views on the whole human 3.0 plan. Am I right?”

Dr. nerud: “Yes. The trinity of power, no matter how you define it, is programmed to create their own human 3.0. This version will focus on the technical integration of biological enhancement to make the environment of human containers more friendly to functional implants. The purpose is to create infinite human beings on the plane of the earth… Reach infinity by virtue of the efficacy of immortality. Their goal is It is the integration of human and technology, or superhumanism. Therefore, the human 3.0 with power in one is very different from the human 3.0 Si envisaged by the wing maker.
“You see, superhumanism is separation. It says that we are fragile, weak, limited, savage, sick… Incomplete. All these ideas of biological implantation and cognitive enhancement are part of the agenda of pre intelligence organizations.”

Cera: “is Xianzhi making human 3.0?”

Dr. nerud: “Yes, some key aspects of the superhuman model. But not the Si version. You see, the whole idea of transcendence is connected with the starting point of separation. This is the highest model of ‘I am’. It means that the human container can and should be strengthened in this way so that the functional implant can exist forever. However, according to the wing maker, A few things are missing. First, the unconscious mind cannot contain the data flow of a sustainable species. Second, the exploration and search of “who we are”, which is the real source of life, will only be further obscured by the enhancement of technology. The realization of “I am we are” is not a technical realization, and its performance at the individual level will not be due to technology or through technology It is a process of self-learning and behavior practice. That’s all. “

Cera: “so superhumanism wants to surpass human suffering, ignorance and death through science and technology, and Advanced wisdom Organization (Note 6: Advanced wisdom organization is the abbreviation of advanced wisdom contact organization) provides some technologies to do this, but who can obtain these technologies?”

Dr. nerud: “of course, it is the elite. This will only accelerate and exacerbate separation. It gives power and deprives power at the same time. The economic model of superhuman diffusion, as it is called in the maze group, has not been widely considered. The cradle is the only exception.”

Cera: you mean they really want to build a plan so that everyone can get superhuman technology

Dr. nerud: “They look at it from two perspectives: first, if this technology can be introduced at birth, it will reduce the cost of health care and education and offset the cost of proliferation. But it must be a service implemented by the government. No private company can gain enough trust. Therefore, a key element is to make the United Nations a credible world organization in order to bring Superman to the world Introduction to the global stage.

“The second angle is to allow superhuman technology to have hierarchical differences and free market, so as to make this technology irresistible to everyone, and then allow government subsidies to reduce costs and enable it to spread.

“All this sounds selfless, but the quality of these technologies will be different. The elite will be able to obtain higher quality implants combined with more sensitive genes. This will only be a human civilization trying to eliminate discontent and resistance and conducive to the government ruling system in which the elite and superhuman participate.

“This technology will develop from external non individual to external individual, then to integrated individual, and then to internal individual. And superhumanism is the last stage, the stage of elite transformation. Internal individual technology is based on the paradigm completely identical with the current human situation, that is, human beings have a quilt combined with their bodies Programming interfaces, and powered by their true selves – unlimited sources.

“Human beings unknowingly try to turn themselves into Anu. According to the wing maker, this is part of the process. Human beings will play their own God. It will strive to create better human beings and better civilization.
“It does this because it cannot imagine that humans can save themselves through simple actions and the insights they bring. They do this because they are programmed to integrate with technology. This is the path that wing makers try to avoid. They write that if humans can go out of their conscious framework and realize what is actually for them Human beings will be complete if their systems, their artificial reality and their programmed existence provide power. Internal technological integration will only make this understanding more difficult. “

Cera: “I remember you said on Saturday that there was a prophecy that a synthetic race would replace mankind… It sounds like what the prophets saw.”

Dr. nerud: “the 15th has the same feeling. He never thought they were aliens from outside the earth. These prophets may have seen human 3.0 superhumans on a distant timeline and thought they were aliens.

 (Note 7: the 15th is the leader of the pre intelligence organization and maze group)

Cera: what about military forces
Dr. nerud: “It is conceivable that this technology was first tested there. There is a whole field of psychological science and technology, which lays the foundation for the real internal technology to flow into the army. It will be released there first to provide appropriate protection for testing purposes. Once it is confirmed there, it will be integrated with the ‘personal integration’ technology project of enterprise elites.

Cera: “what exactly do you mean by ‘personal integration’?”

Dr. nerud: “the miniaturization of this technology will enable it to decorate the body. However, it has not been internalized, but it is a part of the human body, like clothes, glasses, watches and jewelry.”


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