Your ordinary world is really going to collapse because it is numbered.

Your ordinary world is really going to collapse because it is numbered.

Heavenly Father: peacemaker
10-26 11:15

Message from beloved heavenly Father!

Greetings, my dear children!

I want to ask you something today.
This is related to the fact that this time, on the material level, the struggle between the light forces and the dark forces will reach a climax.

I know that all of you are waiting for this moment, and it seems to you that you are ready to accept disclosure calmly and happily.

However, I want to remind you once again that for many people, you will become followers of a new world. They do not understand what is happening in the world, may lose their mind, or give way to panic or fear.

As you already know, such low vibrational energy does not allow people to ascend to a new stage of their spiritual development, let alone change.

However, in your world, it has become a rule that a person’s first reaction to any unexpected situation is usually negative.

They are seized by such feelings and emotions, such as fear, confusion, despair of the unknown, and the feeling that the usual world is crumbling before their eyes.

But this is what all of you are about to experience.

Your ordinary world is really going to collapse because it is numbered.

Fortunately for you, however, the new world will not follow the shadow government plan they designed a long time ago. Their dream is to build a digital concentration camp with a population completely under their control.

The scene didn’t come true, which is mainly due to you, honey.

Your pure intention and sincere desire to move to the fifth dimension with the earth has broken the balance of the “balance”. Now the opportunity is beneficial to mankind, so soon your “ship”, the path of the dark forces trying to lead the destiny of mankind, will completely turn and change its direction, turn in the opposite direction.

But this transformation will be quite painful for most people on your planet, as many people they know, love and respect will find themselves “abandoned”.

Many influential celebrities are worshipped by millions of people. They are their idols and they will show their true colors.

Their criminal activities will be shocking – they will refuse to believe their eyes.

As it will gain the cosmic level, the energy of fear and despair of millions of people will envelop your planet, which will lead to a sharp decline in her vibration.

What do I ask of you?

In addition to the population interpretation we have talked about a lot, I ask you to do firm and cautious energy work to resolve the energy of panic, fear, disappointment, hatred and aggression – in short, all kinds of negative energy inadvertently generated by the residents of your planet, They will not be able to take full advantage of the information that will be provided to them by the upcoming comprehensive and comprehensive disclosure.

It is you, the power of light, who place their hopes on helping humans on earth.

Anchor the high vibrational energy they are generously sharing with the residents of your planet to help the unprepared parts of mankind pay with the most basic morality and help them through the difficult period of transition from one dimension to another.

At this critical and difficult time on the earth, it has become a reliable support and example for these people’s spiritual strength.

I bless you and love you very much!
Teaching from the beloved heavenly Father!

Conducted light: Marta

When you judge and doubt because of fear and choose not to explore the unknown, “the first thing is to make a choice and let yourself face the unknown.” WKIQ
It is time for you to be inclusive in your creation.
A better timeline and a better future for all
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.
Daniel Scranton
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are raising our level of consciousness all the time and preparing to transfer our consciousness to the tenth dimension. This means that we and all our companions in the ninth dimension will transmit more and more energy to everyone, because we are all moving forward in this universal transformation of consciousness. As we watch everyone closely, we know that you can handle higher and higher frequencies of energy.
You awakened ones are at the forefront of accepting the energy provided by us and other beings, because you are naturally very open and receptive. You have always tuned your channel to us, so you are the perfect candidate to accept and anchor those energies for human use. You have done very well. The reason why we always send you so many hopeful messages is that you are a member of the awakening collective, which is growing every day.
More and more people are having their own unique awakening experiences, which, like you, are carefully planned by their higher self. Everything your higher self passes to you is exactly the same, and your guide constantly provides you with all support day and night to help you face anything set by your higher self for you. We and other high-dimensional beings just constantly bombard you with higher frequency energy, so that you have all the raw materials to create the world you want to experience.
Therefore, changing the world must be easier than you think. It’s not just about voting for the right candidate. And not just for the right cause. It is to make you more like yourself. If you allow it, all this can be achieved effortlessly. Then, it can be said that all you do to spread love and light to the rest of your community and the world is the cherry on the top of the cake.
We like to work with you to create a beautiful and magical 5D earth. We also like to work with you to create special moments in the journey, let you enjoy your journey and help others do the same thing. You need more happiness and more people to focus on the highest vibration in life. We see more such people in your world every day. That’s why we know you will succeed. You have to make a change in consciousness and unite the whole galaxy in the process.
We have been exploring all kinds of timelines in front of you and the timelines you have created for yourself, and we want you to know that you have done very well in deciding which timeline to put yourself in. You have also done an excellent job in using the energy given to you to create new timelines for yourself and others. It is time for you to be inclusive in your creation. When you accommodate as many people as possible and are willing to let them benefit from these creations, you will have more power to summon an experience or event.
The best thing about you as a member of the awakening group is that you consider others when you want to create a better reality. As we just said, this makes your call to energy more powerful, which means that when you let these energies in, there will be more co creators of physical and nonphysical forms around you. You will be exposed to the higher self of all human compatriots, especially those in your family and friends.
You will let everyone know that you see them as higher-level selves and creators, because they are such people. Where you delegate power to them. You are there to influence and help everyone in the group. That’s why you signed up here. This is why you are awakened and why these more inclusive timelines light up so many people at this time.
Many of you have heard that in the ascension event, some people will be left in the old timeline, and these timelines will die out, because more and more people realize that everyone is the source energy life, so the change of consciousness must include everyone, and a change is to bring you closer and closer to the source.
This transformation is not just to create a better earth for valuable and kind people. It is to create a better earth for all, which is what you have been doing. That is why we will be so happy when we give you this progress report, tell you the timeline you are creating, and strengthen them by paying attention to these timelines. Keep working hard and know that better things are coming and more energy will flow to you. You are the creator of a better future for everyone.
We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
Translated from:
Original address:∞the -9d-arcturian-council/
Queen Allah, Andromeda Galactic Alliance message: stay united and work together to achieve 5D
Original sdbetty mind and consciousness ascension today
I’m queen Allah. I’m from the Andromeda galaxy, one of her many planets. I am here today to illuminate and guide what you are going through in your civilization. I come from ancient Egyptian civilization. We built pyramids in your world a long time ago. On our planet, pyramids have different shapes: square, oval, triangular, round, very high, 10 times higher than the tallest building in Dubai. Egyptians have been on earth for some time. More than 10000 years ago, we were those who helped human progress. We are your teachers. Unfortunately, for us and mankind, we had to leave mankind because they were moving in a negative direction and affected by the dark forces.
After we left, we focused on our development and creation of incredible advanced technology. We are a very powerful and daunting country. Everyone knows who we are. No one dares to attack us. We are a peaceful civilization. We love peace, but don’t try to invade us. Once you do, you will regret it. Our image is very terrible. As anubis mentioned earlier, our height is between 20 and 25 feet (6.5 / 8 meters). When we introduce ourselves, we have a solemn and great existence.
I am the queen of Allah (RA means the sun). I have participated in the Grand Council for more than 12000 years and am part of the Galactic Federation of light. Through Andromeda, I receive daily reports of all obstacles that continue to appear in his ascension. We plan to come to Mother Earth at any time to teach them and guide them again, as we have done in the past, how to manage new technologies, how to prosper and guide them to a new life.
At the same time, I just want to tell you that now you need to look at your own life and start focusing on what’s happening around you. Your freedom has disappeared from the virus; This is a very mild virus. Your government announced you with the media and almost scared you to say how dangerous this coronavirus is. Your body can handle it and you can recover without a doctor taking you to the hospital. Please understand that on your planet, we are easily deceived and guided in the wrong direction; This has been done for thousands of years. We have observed the earth for a long time, which is nothing new to us. The main reason why human civilization still exists after so many years is that the Galactic Federation of light, including us, are involved in saving the earth from so many catastrophic events, because we have been involved in the process of helping your planet ascend.
One thing I want to draw your attention to is that many light workers and light warriors volunteered to come to Gaia’s mother to help her transition to 5D. In addition, anubis has told you that we have some future generations on earth. My daughter was reincarnated here as a person, and now she is trying to complete her mission in this prison. The task should be completed by a photoworker registered a long time ago. We look forward to your completion so that we can start working with you to help restore the freedom of your world.
As I said earlier, our technology is beyond your imagination, and most of it comes from our consciousness; We come from the 16th dimension, so we have no restrictions. We can create anything we want in a second, which is not complicated for us because we are connected to cosmic consciousness. You are still in the process of ascension, and your 12 strands of DNA have not been fully activated.
I am Queen Allah, and I would like to suggest that you remain united as a unit of consciousness and work together to achieve 5D. Many lives have passed here and have not developed into a galactic human as a civilization, because the negative forces that control the planet have lasted for a long time. I want to give you an update on the great battle that took place recently, which was one of the biggest battles between light and darkness last year. The dark, desperate side gathered all its power to try to win and regain control of the planet: it didn’t work for them, we won. My Egyptian fleet participated in the command of anubi, where pleyadian fleet commanded Ashtar, and the first creator and his own fleet supervised the whole operation.
Sometimes you wonder why it takes so long, because the three-dimensional density on the planet is much slower in terrachrista. We have no time where, time does not exist in ourselves, we are always in the present; Here, it’s always hard for you to live in the present. Every master of ascension has said to them, please connect to your heart through meditation, which is an essential part of your ascension. You have a lot to learn. You are still in your childhood. You let your emotions control everything. Your emotions can make you play your best. Please live through your spirit rather than your mind. It’s hard to break the behavior pattern. The best way is to connect with your soul. After you contact, you will want to continue to strengthen your connection with daily meditation, which will eventually become part of your daily habits.
In the reality of my life, nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. We live in love and mutual respect. We love our great appearance. Our way of life is the way we show ourselves to the world, planets, galaxies and the universe, because we are such people. We are a strong civilization, unique and ancient. We live a long life without disease or poverty. We don’t use money. We like to wear gold, white and black. Black represents a high authority in our society, the highest level you can achieve. We love our animals. They are our friends and colleagues.
We communicate with them telepathically. They are much higher and much larger than they are on their planet. You may want to know what’s going on with them, which will shock you a little. Personally, there are many animals in my building. I would like to mention two of them: a 10 foot (3,3 meter) tall Cobra and 15 cats with black feet (5 meters) with gold necklaces. They are our families and play an important role in our society. They were treated as kings.
Andromeda galaxy, merging with the Milky way
Original mysterious old a Tiantong 3 days ago 6WEA

Billions of years later, the earth’s night sky will change because the Andromeda Galaxy Nebula will gradually merge with the Milky way.

Start a picture
The actual size of the Andromeda galaxy? yes. This photo truly depicts what the night sky would look like if the Andromeda Galaxy Nebula next door were brighter. Original background photography of the moon: Stephen Rahn. Pictures of Andromeda Galaxy provided by NASA. Composite photo: Tom Buckley Houston. This composite photo appeared on reddit a few years ago.
The image above shows that the nearby Andromeda Galaxy Nebula occupies a width of about six moon diameters on our sky dome.
In order to appear as bright as above, Andromeda Galaxy needs to be closer. But if it is close enough to us and looks bright enough, it will look bigger on our sky dome.
And this day will happen. Andromeda galaxy is currently running towards our Milky way at a speed of 110 kilometers per second.
Eventually, the two galaxies will collide and merge.
Usually, the news that the Milky way and Andromeda galaxy will collide will not make the headlines because it will happen in about 5 billion years.
However, a new study published in August shows that the timeline has been modified: the collision has begun!
“If you don’t believe the picture above, here’s another picture from APOD.”
Andromeda spiral galaxy (M31) is only 2.5 million light-years away from us. It is the nearest large spiral galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy. The surface brightness of Andromeda galaxy is very low, so it is only a small and dim diffuse light spot in the naked eye of ordinary stargazers, which makes it difficult for people to detect that this galaxy has an amazing span in the earth’s sky. This entertaining composite image compares the angle of the neighboring galaxy with the brighter common objects; Among them, in the long exposure image of the Andromeda galaxy, we can see the beautiful blue star cluster on the spiral arm extending far from the bright yellow core, on which there is a common bright moon. On the same angle scale, the span of the moon in the sky is about half a degree, while the size of the galaxy behind it is several times as large. The long exposure image also shows two bright satellite galaxies M32 and M110 (below).
Research source
In a project called Amiga (absorption map of ionized gas in Andromeda Galaxy), scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to map the silver halo of Andromeda galaxy.
Amiga plans to study the light emitted by 43 quasars, which are very distant active galactic nuclei. The researchers used the Hubble cosmic origin spectrometer (COS) to detect the ultraviolet light emitted by quasars. Because these quasars are scattered behind the silver halo of Andromeda galaxy, the team can observe how the Andromeda silver halo absorbs the light of quasars and changes in different regions. Because the ionized gas of galactic silver halo is very thin, it can not emit detectable radiation. Therefore, the study of absorbing background light source is a good method to detect the gas.
Scientists were surprised to find that this dispersed plasma gas extends 1.3 million light-years from Andromeda galaxy to half the distance from our Milky Way galaxy, and even 2 million light-years in some directions.
In fact, because we are inside the Milky way, we cannot easily measure the characteristics of our silver halo. However, because the two galaxies are so similar in size and appearance, scientists believe that the silver halos of the Milky way are also similar.
“This means that the silver halo of Andromeda galaxy has touched the silver halo of our own Milky Way galaxy.”
This picture depicts what the silver halo of Andromeda Galaxy might look like if humans on earth could see it. According to NASA, the halo is three times as big as the Big Dipper. If it is visible, it can easily become the biggest focus in the night sky. Recent measurements of the silver halo show that the collision between the Milky way and Andromeda galaxy has begun.
Previous studies
If we do not consider the silver halo, the main body of Andromeda galaxy is now about 2.5 million light-years away from us and has been approaching.
As mentioned above, as Andromeda Galaxy approaches, it will appear larger in our sky.
Based on the measurement of the motion of Andromeda galaxy by Hubble Space Telescope and computer simulation of the inevitable collision between the two galaxies in the future.
A series of studies published in 2012 show that our Milky way and Andromeda galaxies will actually merge into a large elliptical or football shaped galaxy, rather than passing by.
This series of images shows the predicted merger between our Milky way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. First line, left: now. The first row, right: two billion years later, the disk of the upcoming Andromeda Galaxy nebula is significantly larger. Second line, left: 3.75 billion years later, Andromeda Galaxy fills the whole field of vision. Second row, right: 3.85 billion years later, the sky is full of new stars. Third line, left: in 3.9 billion years, the increase of stars continues. The third line, right: after 4 billion years, the Andromeda galaxy was tidal elongated and the Milky way became distorted. Line 4, left: 5.1 billion years later, the core of the Milky way and Andromeda galaxies looks like a pair of bright lobes. Row 4, right: seven billion years later, the merging galaxies formed a huge elliptical galaxy with its bright core dominating the night sky.
By the way, the Milky way and Andromeda galaxies are not the only participants in this merger. As shown in the video below, another large galaxy in our local Galaxy Group, M33, also known as the triangle galaxy, will also play a role.
In the following video, you will recognize the triangle galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy and the smaller objects near the Milky way. Although the triangle galaxy may not join this merger, it may hit our Milky way at some time and have a great cosmic dance with two larger galaxies.
Video simulation collision
Solar system and earth
Astronomers use powerful telescopes to observe Galaxy collisions and their consequences. When a galaxy merges, the two galaxies act like ghosts. They simply pass through each other. This is because stars in galaxies are far away. Therefore, when galaxies merge, the stars themselves usually do not collide.
However, the stars of Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy will be affected by this merger. The Andromeda Galaxy nebula contains about one trillion stars. There are about 300 billion stars in the Milky way. Stars from the two galaxies will be thrown into a new orbit around the center of the newly merged galaxy.
Previously, researchers said:

It is likely that the sun will be thrown into a new area of our galaxy, but our earth and solar system are not in danger of destruction.

What about life on earth?
Astronomers say that the brightness of our sun will increase steadily in the next 4 billion years. With the increase of solar luminosity, the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth will also increase.
It is possible that in 4 billion years, the rise of the earth’s surface temperature will lead to a runaway greenhouse effect, perhaps similar to what is happening now on neighbor Venus, whose surface temperature is high enough to melt lead.
I’m afraid the environment at that time was not suitable for the current life on earth.
More importantly, our sun is also changing. It is expected to eventually become a red giant. The outer layer of the sun will expand and the earth itself will be swallowed up by the outer layer of the sun. This is expected to happen in 7.5 billion years.
Maybe then, some people on earth will become space travelers.
Maybe we have left the earth, even our solar system.
reference resources pages/hubble/science/milky-way-collide.html title
The mysterious episode in Chapter 9 of the book of ascension
“It’s OK to fear the unknown, but as a result of fear or judgment of fear, when you choose not to explore the unknown, you will fall into a difficult situation. In this way, you can’t find the answer to your doubt. You turn off your creativity. So you stay in a state of doubt and can’t get rid of it. You will
Find it exhausting. “
“The first is to make a choice and let yourself face the unknown.”
Imagine sitting by a campfire on a dark moonlit night. You can’t look beyond the campfire. You don’t have any other light source.
What would you do? Will you move closer to the campfire and tremble with fear in the shadow of each jump? Or will you respond curiously to the dark and unknown scenery?
If you feel fear, then you stay where you are. You won’t even look into the dark because it makes you feel uneasy.
If there is no fear, you will feel curious and eager to try, and then stand up without hesitation and explore in the dark. Your eyes gradually adapt to the darkness, start searching around, and open yourself to new discoveries. And by doing so, you expand your understanding of the environment. In addition, when you learn new things, you actually expand yourself!
Obviously, this is just a hypothetical situation. I’m not saying that people should stumble foolishly in the dark night. I’m just making a point about how you respond to the unknown. If you respond with joy, you will experience self expansion. If you respond with fear, you will experience self contraction.
You must understand that there will always be a lot of “unknowns” in your life experience. There will always be a lot of uncertainty.
There will only be more and more things! No matter how fast you grow, learn, experience and understand, “unknown” will always develop faster than you. Because the faster you “expand”, the faster you expand one and help other aspects of one develop faster. This is incomparable beauty. Mystery only deepens and expands.
8: Do you understand what this means? This means that one is infinite and expanding at an infinitely fast speed! Even if you just try to understand it, your mind has been turned upside down. This of course means that there are a huge number of “there” things outside anyone’s perception field. So yes, indeed, there will always be more and more incomprehensible, unknown and undeveloped fields. There is always something new. There is always a sense of mystery. From a personal point of view, mystery is uncertain. The simple question is: how will you choose to respond? Do you choose to shrink from fear or explore with joy? It’s entirely up to you. And, as always, you will accurately get what you create and experience the results you create.
You stand up from the comfortable and safe campfire. You turned to face the unknown darkness, and you took a bold step for the first time. There is no precedent, there is no reason to believe that it will work, no one shows you the way, in the face of uncertainty, you choose joy rather than fear. That is the moment in your life that I will always cherish.
I had no intention of having such a conversation with you in your life. This is not part of any plan I realize – to reveal myself to you and talk the way I am now. But how can I resist your courage, a willingness to open yourself, expand yourself, and dare to explore the unknown? I can’t! You let
My heart shines. I’m proud to be part of what you want to do. So I can’t help but cooperate with you.
Now, as the conversation goes on, you continue to expand your search. You continue to expand yourself in the dark. In fact, through the act of exploration, you turn the dark areas you encounter into areas of light. You bring your light to them.
That’s what you do with uncertainty.
Didn’t you find out? The book of ascension is entirely the product of your uncertainty. And you don’t know that the book of ascension is just the beginning. This is actually your first record of stepping into the dark of uncertainty. Eternal discovery and creation are spreading under your feet. You can’t even imagine now, as you bring light into the dark, before you
What unspeakable beauty and joy will happen in your creation – as you expand into uncertainty.
Now, I ask you, do you still want us to eliminate your uncertainty? Do you want to stop experiencing it?
Z: My God, 8, that’s a very surprising view. wow No, I don’t want to stop having uncertainty.
But how can I not be persistent; How can I not fall into “exhaustion doubt”?
8: Let’s review. This conversation began when you told me your doubts. You admit that you even doubt my independent existence. Nevertheless, you still came to me to talk about it. You still keep asking and exploring possible answers. You are still open to the possibility of growth. You still go into the deeper darkness to explore the unknown. And that’s what I said to you before – you have done enough work with fear and doubt to make the book of ascension a book. I mean, you’ve overcome a lot before you become exhausted. Didn’t stop you. Because when you feel uncertain, this is likely to happen. You will respond with fear and judge yourself for fear. That’s what I want to tell you when I talk about exhaustion doubt.
It is OK to fear the unknown, but as a result of fear or judgment of fear, when you choose not to explore the unknown, you will fall into a difficult situation. In this way, you can’t find an answer to your doubts. You shut down your creativity. So you stay in doubt and can’t get rid of it. You will
Find it exhausting.
Therefore, you have passed the first obstacle. Although you still feel the pain of doubt, you will no longer allow it to hinder your growth and progress. This is the result of your choice to move on – no matter what doubt.
Now you want to cross the next obstacle. You want to stop suffering from your uncertainty.
Let’s take a step back and see what is a healthy way to deal with uncertainty:
The first is to make a choice and face the unknown.
If you feel fear, doubt or doubt, don’t be shy or timid; Go face it. The decision tried to replace this uncertainty with its own insight, understanding, answers and wisdom. As long as you do so, you will find that the “blockage” of doubt is replaced by the freedom of choice. When you have options, you can choose. When you can choose, you can create. When you begin to create, you will connect with your divine self again. Of course, this will immediately become healthier. Even if you still have the same uncertainty and the same problems, as long as you know the fact that you have options, you can allow the energy to flow again. Let me tell you the truth – you always have a choice. If you can’t see any choice, it’s because you choose not to see it.
If you cannot find the answer you need, you must find it within you – in your own inner reality, in your own heart, in your personal connection with the divine. This often requires considerable work.
You must learn to listen to your inner voice.
You must learn to believe in yourself. Love yourself.
But as you progress, you will find that you gradually lose your fear of the unknown. You will venture into the fields of unknown problems with greater and stronger courage. You will begin to enjoy the process of pursuing the deepest meaning of your heart, your soul and the whole universe. Gradually, your fear will turn into love. When you deal with your uncertainty with true and open love, you will find a very magical thing – Naughty curiosity.
This is when you cross the next obstacle. This is when you start playing with uncertainty without causing pain.
Naughty curiosity allows you to use your most creative self when looking for answers without connecting the ego with the results. You play. You had a good time.
You create. If you can be in a state of naughty curiosity, the most incredible and wonderful answers will appear in front of you. As long as you’re not afraid of making mistakes. Because “wrong” only means an invalid answer. So this is another chance to play again.
Do you understand?
It all starts with uncertainty and how you choose to feel it.
Z: Great 8. I really like it. Because that’s what I’ve done since I made mistakes. I just found an answer that didn’t work. It is out of harmony with the inside and cannot happen. At first I felt very difficult, but I played again, and now I find a better answer. As you said, it all begins with the willingness to explore your own uncertainty.
8: There’s more. Let’s take another look at the opposite of uncertainty, “certainty”. Certain things are fixed. We say we are convinced precisely because we think they are immutable. We use these “certainty” to build our reality and our view of them. They are our deepest truths and therefore the architectural framework we create. So they are very valuable to us. Without them, it is difficult for us to create anything meaningful or important. I mean – if there are no physical rules to follow, how can we create reality such as your universe and your planet? Without any rules, there will be chaos, and the life you know cannot exist.
If no part of you remained unchanged for any period of time, how would you know yourself?
Z: Very difficult. I agree.
8: So our truths, these “certainty”, are of great value to us, and we love them deeply. But in fact, they are temporary. If we have enough time, everything we now believe will become less true, and then eventually distorted. This is true for you as an individual, for your soul family, and for all life.
The reality you now know about yourself and reality will inevitably change and evolve. You will gain new beliefs, because the old no longer serve you, you can only release them. This is the essence of truth. Like everything else, it is always changing. The same is true for all our certainty. As time goes by, we become uncertain about this, and may even be sure that they are not what we think!
Z: Is that all, 8?
8: I try my best to understand that I will say that everything is so. Of course, except for an invariable truth, that is
Z: “First.”
8: You’re right. This is only an invariable truth, because it has the inherent ability to accommodate infinite change. Therefore, “one is”, as for the rest… “Change is the only constant.”
If there is only change, then given sufficient time experience, you will experience great changes. Given the infinite experience, you will change infinitely. It sounds like there’s hardly enough room for you to keep the little truth of your current reality, right?
Z: Yes, I don’t think so. It sounds like uncertainty has become certainty.
8: That’s right. This is very good. Because in uncertain areas, we can develop and change. For the time being, we believe that the identified areas are those we have stopped exploring and developing. So this is an important insight:
“Without uncertainty, there will be no new things and no creation. Embracing uncertainty is embracing creation.”
“Without uncertainty there is nothing new and no creation. If you embrace uncertainty, you embrace creation.”
If you open your heart to uncertainty, you can let the greatest and most sacred self play with it. You have actually entered the “spirit” state. Uncertainty is the greatest source of creation!
(zingdad note: the etymology of genius refers to a state of consciousness in which a greater soul, an elf, is created through the hands of “mortals”)
Cherish it. Look for it. Explore it. Love it. Most importantly, have fun with it!
Article 293 ⻚ tap1_ zingdad.pdf#page280


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