Be kind to your desire^_^

Be kind to your desire^_^

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We say desire is your baby

Because she / he needs feeding

Satiety and lust are the first step in a baby’s growth

From root chakra to sex chakra

There will let you constantly immerse yourself in the experience of sexy officials

We see that a large number of animals and humans linger in this space, struggling between survival and reproduction

But there are also those who enjoy it until they are satisfied and no longer interested

Thus, it began to enter the third chakra, personality, self, willpower and endurance. Human beings began to step out of the consciousness of the animal world and move forward to thought, religion, science, art and ethics

Even so, it’s still a child. It just needs to be fed and taken care of when it grows up

But others abandoned food and root chakras

Others have abandoned their sexuality and stopped feeding the sexual wheel

However, they are unwilling to let go of the games of religion, thought, teaching, conspiracy theory and knowledge concealing deceivers. Naturally, they are trapped in the grid of the solar plexus and develop willpower and endurance into a prison of thought. They are trapped not only in their babies and children, but also in their youth. They are always unable to get through the period of judgment

Understand enlightenment? It is also based on desire and needs the supply of life energy

First of all, there is the basis of eating and root chakra, otherwise you will die. Only in the leap forward, your food structure will naturally change, not from your raw breaking and hard pulling, but from the observation, care and listening to body signals in feeding

More importantly, do not judge good or bad and right or wrong. You know, the deeper the judgment, the tighter the shackles. Relax and relax, it will let your mind rest and no longer squeeze your life energy, sexual energy, personality and self energy

Why can’t humans jump from the solar plexus to the heart chakra

Suppress your personality and self, and then stick to the rules and set up your own cage

Be kind to your desires, including what you eat, what you love, what you are interested in, what hobbies you develop, and what boundaries you can’t accept

Thus, you can enter the next step, because the third chakra is about limits and boundaries. The more unrestricted, the broader your territory

Moreover, no matter how hard your reason is, it also comes from the energy supply of root chakra and sex chakra

The energy surges up, not just down, the sublimation from the root chakra and sex chakra and the higher frequency vibration of the upper chakra

Therefore, rest and healing are for this purpose

Without enough upward transpiration force and enough high-frequency to low-frequency carrying transmission force, the third chakra is difficult to leap forward. In fact, this is also suitable for any chakra

However, we can also see that there are achievements only by following our own heart and not relying on what others do, what masters say and what experts say. This is the future and hope of the new star earth

No boundaries, no boundaries, no loss of physical health of the root wheel, creativity of the sexual wheel, personality and willpower of the solar plexus

When jumping to a higher field without defense and judgment, the desire level of the next three rounds will also upgrade to intelligence, that is, what we call soul body, soul creativity and soul willpower

That is to walk on the guidance of heaven and soul after connecting with the higher self

When you relax enough, devote enough time to rest, healing and release, and no longer rely on others and see how others are, you naturally have a different next three chakras, because the overall vibration has reached a higher level, the soul matrix chakra

From interest, hobby and development of personality to enjoyment, no restrictions are set, consciousness is expanded, until returning to the interior, and only focusing on the integration of the interior and all things is driven by desire and higher-level desire

Be kind to your desires and stop oppressing yourself with other people’s standards and master practices

Be kind to your hobbies and personality. No matter what it is, don’t judge it. Just immerse yourself without limits. Listen to the higher self and the inner way to break through the limits, so as to achieve balance

Be kind to your empathy and empathy, first love your feelings and intuition, and let your relatives and children take the road of being responsible for themselves

Be kind to your views and thoughts, don’t be limited by others, be brave to speak and spread in fear, and cross the constraints of the matrix

The desire to be kind to you is your baby, and even the guidance of the higher self should serve it

If you don’t have children, keep a plant and a pet. That will be the way you feed yourself

Be kind to yourself

I am with you, our collective is with you, we are with you


Book answer yesterday

“I’m very surprised and grateful to receive your full reply. It seems that all doubts are open. It’s good to be alive for a moment“

“1 the eyes I said are the soul behind my role. Behind my role experience in every life, there is a soul observing. If every interpersonal relationship I encounter is a mirror and reflects my inner. Then do our experiences in every life reflect the existence of the soul? All my experiences serve the soul behind me?”

“Then there is an idea that without you and me, we have never been separated. You can look inward at any time, see the existence of the soul and see the real yourself. All sensations are appearances, and all material changes are appearances. The idea of whether you think it is an illusion or not is also consciousness. Thank you very much for your guidance. Practice in life and don’t cling to delusions.”

“2 at present, I don’t insist on seeking magic, but just want to put down climbing and seek enlightenment. If there is anyone else who wants to know and learn, it is said that Guanyin Bodhisattva has an expanded meditation, let it be.”

“3 at present, I can connect with the higher self and ask yes or no questions, but I have less contact. Thank you again for your reply and teaching. I will practice in practice.”
Existence only serves existence and does not serve anyone. We say that we have been on the road of soul guidance, which also refers to the incarnation of different dimensions. It refers to the projection of the cosmic body in various dimensions, including the five-dimensional and higher-dimensional time matrix body and the timeless light body. They are the projection of the cosmic body. We call it the soul. With the soul, the cosmic body, we have the following consciousness Different incarnations and souls (intermediate state) from thoughts , super spirit, avatar and immortal human body have invisible intelligent light bodies, so these are projections. You can not only follow the Tao, but also surpass it. That is, after connecting to the higher self, everything is not in your mind. At that time, it is not important whether there is soul guidance, and whether there is anyone to observe and guide behind, because you have gained greater freedom again, including Guanyin meditation And so on are all within the scope of freedom and dispensable. Only your existence, source thought and the integration of all things need to be experienced. You have been integrated with Guanyin, why care about whether you have its ability? She is already you, and why ask her. This is the meaning of the integration of all things. Slowly let yourself become a greater free existence

“Thank you very much for your sincere answer. I’ve been limiting myself. I don’t know if your mind has been transmitted through dialogue. I suddenly feel clear and open and put down a lot of persistence. I find that my existence always has a choice. I choose duality or neutrality to experience the present. As you said, I experience the feeling of everything or nothingness with awareness and slowly let myself go Become a more free existence. Thank fellow practitioners for their patience and help. Words are not enough to express gratitude. “

We are together^_^


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