Everything feels colorless and tasteless. Why does it make you mixed?

Everything feels colorless and tasteless. Why does it make you mixed?

“Nice to see you updated again ~ [happy]

There are some questions I would like to ask you: Recently, I feel obviously that I am beginning to enter the stage of consciousness manifestation. My social networking is busy and the headline official account has begun to undergo a significant transformation. But the new and old alternation makes me feel a bit confused. I feel that I need to finish some work on the old things, but I can not interest or hesitate at all. More and closer communication makes me feel very energy consuming and emotional.

I don’t know when, I feel that I am very dependent on the sun. In short, as long as the sun is unhappy, my interest in the day is not high; on rainy days, I will be extremely depressed and sleepy, and when the sun is good, I will always play and forget what I want to do and what to do. The sun is like my emotional food, and I don’t seem to control this energy well, which is always attributed to laziness Or indulgence.

I want to ask, how to deal with this balance? “

Training “keep high vibration and joy all the time” and smile with bare teeth in any case. This action will make you reverse to accept all your emotions.

Everything feels colorless and tasteless. Why does it make you mixed? It comes from your views on personnel and things, so you still keep high vibration and do a good job in balance. The weather can be cloudy and sunny, and the mood can be good or bad, But you are always high vibration. Are you the higher self existence as feeling, high vibration intuition and empathy, or the lesson, how to connect with the higher self

How to connect with the higher self^_^


Call the higher self name continuously every day to prevent distractions for a moment. This is the first step to prevent distractions. Then you have the ability to observe distractions. As soon as you come out, you will immediately replace them with the higher self name. You don’t drive away distractions. You just think about the higher self. If you have distractions, it only means a little, not thinking about the higher self, This completes the first step of connecting with the higher self: always think about it and become the degree of not forgetting its left and right even when meditating every day

Next, in order for the higher self to settle down, we should act according to the guidance of the higher self. We can make mistakes, but there is one thing that is always in the heart. Therefore, the heart chakra, the third eye and the mind will launch together to help you live the life taught by the higher self. This is the second step. Listen to the words of the higher self and improve your balance in life, Because you may exert too much or insufficient force, you need to go your own way in letting go. Together with the people around you, you are free and everyone is free. Through letting go and acceptance

The third step is to constantly learn the difference and discrimination between the ego and the higher ego in the practice and practice of receiving the teaching of the higher ego, constantly give the ego the necessary nourishment, feeding, exercise and care for the inner child and the outer body, and constantly cooperate to complete the DNA upgrading and intelligent transition in a soft and continuous way, which is the necessary transformation process of the body needed by the higher ego, That is, both the ego body and the higher self intelligence can stabilize, and you need to live longer, so always let yourself be clear, awake and self-conscious in intuition and unconditional unity. This is the third step to become the higher self and have the boundaries beyond human emotion and constant freedom from religion, worship, survival, sex and free will

Next, you will go online as the higher self, eat, drink, sit, lie, behave, the higher self is everywhere, the unity of the ego and the higher self, and the source energy residence exists
Health care: high vibration diet and high vibration growth environment, such as mineral water, fresh vegetables, melons, fruits and nuts, transition from plain oil and butter, from pasta to egg, from mineral salt and sea salt, and sugar is supplemented by bananas or occasionally sweets. Main purpose: eat less gradually, try not to eat dinner, and transition with snacks and nuts, Until the supplement is completed before dinner, try not to eat more before going to bed, step by step and summarize more experience
Then try to eat only one meal and supplement your daily needs with fruits and nuts, but don’t exclude the supplementary food you want to eat occasionally

Environment: be more close to nature, pay attention to the natural healing of the body, pay attention to barefoot and river water immersion, and challenge winter clothes when you are confident, so as to awaken the self-healing ability of thymus in DNA

Expand your thinking: share your higher self transmission and try to summarize and share yourself

“You awakened people need to serve a very important goal on earth. You need to light the way there, set an example, guide, and open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do this, you are doing so, and you need to be more than ever a signpost and a messenger of light to realize that you are all on earth It’s time to show your fellow human beings what’s possible. You can do this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, leaping in faith and doing what you’ve always wanted to do. “


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