Shining light, fearless of darkness!^_^

Shining light, fearless of darkness!

Original Lumiere amour 3 days ago
Source: Sananda
Record: Louise
Don’t be afraid, child. We are all here to help you and protect you. Nothing can hurt you.
At the end of this cycle, the dark forces are indeed active and rampant. They should try their best to maintain what they have got – power, status, money, reputation… These are what they attach great importance to and will not let go easily.
However, this cycle is coming to an end, and everything they plunder from others must be returned. The laws of karma and causality are accelerating. Everything must be balanced!
When a person plunders others, he creates an energy imbalance. Now all imbalances must be corrected!
You’re here to help the universe balance the energy here. This is one of your missions. We have also been pushing you to carry out this mission. You did it, no resistance, that’s good! Although you still have a little fear
That’s your personal fear, the fear of your human nature. You can go beyond it, with your divinity, with your divine light. Yes, you feel your energy
When you shine this light, how beautiful and powerful you are! It can be said that you are invincible. Those dark things will be afraid and shrink back in front of your light.
In fact, they are very poor people. They did not find the inner light. There is a black hole inside them – a huge, bottomless black hole. They try their best to plunder all kinds of things in order to fill the black hole. However, the hole cannot be filled with external things, so they are very painful.
You should pity them, but that doesn’t mean you should let them go. no Let them pay the price, let them balance their karma. This is good for the world and for themselves.
Keep doing what you should do. don’t be afraid We are here to guide you! We are here to provide you with strength, courage, confidence and hope!
Nothing can hurt you! Nothing is invincible by the power of divine love!

The second sun in the transition period

Original Lumiere amour 4 days ago

Source: Lumiere
Communication: Monique Mathew
Time: July 2021
Everything in your solar system is changing. Your sun is also greatly evolving.
The vibrational frequencies of all solar systems and galaxies are increasing. This is a system of ascension in which everything is rising. The source refines his creation with infinite holy love, just like modifying a giant painting. He is revising his painting to make it more and more beautiful.
Your sun is indeed changing. 3、 Forty years ago, its power was far less powerful than it is now. Everything is evolving!
When you are in a transitional world, the second sun will begin to appear. It will be a less powerful sun. It exists, but hidden behind your sun. When it comes out of its hiding place, the solar system will become “normal”.
In all balanced solar systems, there are two suns – one strong and the other weak. There is no night in such a solar system.
There will be two suns in the transitional world (not at the beginning). At that time, there will be no binary opposition and no alternation of day and night.
In the middle of the transition period, binary opposition will no longer exist. The same is true within you.
It is difficult to say how long this transitional world will last, because time does not exist for us. In your time, it may last ten, twenty, thirty years, or only a short time.
You can quickly turn into the golden age in a short time in the transitional world. However, it depends on many factors – earth factors, human factors, and non earth and non-human factors.
We tell you about the transition period to let you know that you are almost no longer in this dark world. You are moving towards the world of the holy light and towards the golden age.
The timing of the great transformation depends not only on the level of human consciousness, but also on the clear plan made by the high level of the light for the planet earth.


With holy love, peace

Peace and joy
Go do your inner homework.
This will make you
Growth and understanding,
Let you
It’s getting easier
Transform the people around you.
People often
Worry about others.
This is a
Human love.
When you
When you worry about others,
It is difficult to cultivate
Your inner love!
And cultivate
Inner holy love
Is the most important!
Your holy love
Can be transformed
Everything around,
Can quell
The anger and sadness of others,
Can heal
The pain of others.
To send out this holy love,
You have to put yourself in
A state of total peace,
Must have
Total self-control
And full confidence!
You must
To learn
Respect and love God,
With the whole life
Keep loving him!
The more you love
God within himself,
The more you realize
His existence,
The more you feel
You are one with everything!
You will no longer have
Want, pain, doubt.
You will
Become your true self,
Will know
What you are!
Holy love can transform everything
Original Lumiere amour 5 days ago
Source: brothers of light
Conduction: Monique Mathew


  What is the gate of ascension?

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today
The gate of ascension is the name for the transition from the third dimension to the higher dimension. Arcturians, who are unknown to many three-dimensional humans, are one of the guardians of the Renaissance ascension portal.
Fortunately, more and more humans from the third dimension are beginning to awaken to the possible reality that humans can ascend. However, what does rising mean?
As someone ascends, their existence begins to shift from the third dimension to a higher and higher frequency. When humans or another person begin the process of ascension, they can see more and more the light around everything they perceive.
On the other hand, if the person, place, situation or even thing reduces the frequency of light, its aura will not project light around the person, place, situation or thing.
If someone is ready to pass through the gate of ascension, they must first be able to perceive it. The ascension portal resonates at a very high frequency, which is very high for most three-dimensional humans and / or other creatures.
It is for this reason that many seemingly ascending beings are first surrounded by strong light. Of course, not many people are ready to think, let alone know what ascension is.
Ascension is very complex, but in order to give a simpler explanation, ascension is when the vibration frequency of an existence becomes so high that those who usually have three-dimensional human vibration can’t even see ascension.
So, because they can’t see the existence of ascension, they don’t know that the process of ascension is really happening.
There are also stories of rising and disappearing. However, these creatures still exist, but now they resonate when the frequency of light is so high that only those who resonate with this frequency can understand what happened.
Of course, most people haven’t heard much about ascension, so don’t think about it. However, sometimes humans have an experience that awakens their innate ability to perceive the higher frequencies of light. These are the awakened ascending masters. You must resonate when the frequency of light is high enough, not as an ascended master, before you can see it. But there have been these masters in our human history.
In fact, ascending masters do not tend to stay in their three-dimensional form until they have completed the reason why they chose to come to planet earth to help people. Most importantly, they go through a difficult period of transformation and enter a higher frequency of love and light.
Therefore, when humans caused great harm to the planet Gaia, many ascending masters came to help Gaia.
As these ascending masters complete their reasons for having a third dimensional body, they ascend again to the creator frequency of the highest dimension within them.
Three dimensional humans generally believe that existence has disappeared, but in reality, it may just return to their home – the higher dimensional reality.
Therefore, when the beings in three-dimensional space often think they are dead, they actually finish their work for Gaia and then return to the star house to rest.
Arcturians are one of these high-density beings who come to earth when necessary and then return home. As they ascend back to their higher dimensional world in reality. It may look like they’re dead.
Dear higher dimensional beings, thank you for your help!
Author: Suzanne
Compilation: source ra


Relaxation and pleasure

Original going home tomorrow

Energy from creation


You may feel emotionally tired. The energy bombarding the earth over the past few weeks has filled your days with new information and changed your behavior and response

Even if this is what you expect during this transition, the recent energy is stronger than before. It’s time to rest and fully integrate these energies
So you are in an earth energy interval that allows you to sort out new information and behaviors

This interval may create a feeling similar to completing an important project, even though you have messy instructions when you do it. But after that, your life seems empty, without the rush you have adapted to complete the projects in the budget in time. At the same time, your body is screaming for rest

So that’s it now. You may have some fun when you enter a short rest period, but it is more likely to be a time of reorganization and regeneration. The energy will quickly accelerate and you can easily adapt – if you let your existence rest when it calls you to do so

You are determined to accomplish everything you need to accomplish by the end of this year. So maybe you feel like you can’t stop – you don’t have time to regenerate. Just the opposite. This is a new world, forcing yourself tired is no longer a rewarding effort
In 3D, many of you live according to the belief that hard work will create what you want or need. If you are fully committed to a job, your children or relationships, you will meet your 3D needs. It’s like a three legged stool. One leg is longer and stronger than the other two. The result is – obviously – that everything is out of balance
So it’s like this in 3D. Focusing on one or two problems is harmful to your 3D life and the rest of the world. As most of you have decided, the economy is the top priority, creating wealth for some people, and most people are ignored emotionally, physically and financially

In your new world, there is no bigger leg in the three legged stool. Therefore, you don’t need to force yourself to the point of unbearable to get anything

The earth is designed as some kind of cosmic resort. To experience emotions and enjoy the beauty and love provided by the earth’s environment. The earth resort is polluted by those who want to focus on other aspects – especially fear

What you are dealing with is how to turn life on earth back to the original resort, a loving environment. So you’re returning to self love. A self love that no longer makes you force yourself so violently, because otherwise you can’t enjoy the beauty of the earth

In 3D, you reward yourself for doing a good job. As you walk heavily and slowly in a working environment, it does not include walking in nature, getting along with your family and taking time to heal. All this is held back until you are a senior employee or rich enough to retire. Often, you ignore the beauty of the earth and your more than 40 years of cosmic vacation
You begin to balance your interests and time. What do you want to do? What should or must not be done? What is your body and inner voice imploring you to do? This is your only job. The earth cannot return to the originally designed resort if everyone continues to force themselves into work mode – whether for a job or interpersonal relationship

Maybe you want to know why fear was introduced to earth if vacation mode is the dominant theme. Our universe exists and can only respond. Once entities begin to explore the possibilities of growth and learning on earth, the consensus is that fear will be very interesting. Once fear is introduced, it continues to replicate and expand into the dominant 3D theme – heavy

Your role is to transform the earth from fear to love. So you are, so you are doing this by listening to your inner voice. An inner voice screaming, playing and resting until the next energy burst comes

Of course, you should continue to experience. Your new role is to ignore those who should, unless they feel fun and exciting. You’re balancing your three legged stool, for the first time in history

Listen to yourself because you are screaming from the inside, and that fear pattern is no longer valid. Fun to enter. Work, pressure, should, must go out

Enjoy your life. Most importantly, change your beliefs and thoughts from should and must terms to relaxation and pleasure. That’s it.

,Date: October 18, 2021
From: Brenda Hoffman


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