To jump to this new higher timeline and enter this new 5D reality, the secret key and password are as follows:

To jump to this new higher timeline and enter this new 5D reality, the secret key and password are as follows:

You must show strong faith and courage, subdue and put down the old, and jump to the next level or dimension!

The level of faith and courage you need now exceeds the level you have exercised before!

To enter the fifth dimension through the crown entrance, you must be convinced, try to grasp the lower things that have disappeared, believe that the universe will quickly create an awesome path for you, have the courage to embrace this change, simply jump up and take a quantum leap!

There is no key to a higher field. You see, advanced spiritual concepts are always presented to you in a down-to-earth way. However, you must see the words on the wall and take appropriate actions when it seems to find the door to freedom, joy, peace and all abundance!

What does the universe tell you to do now?
Do you need to move to a new place?
Do you need to change your relationship?
Do you need to change your job or career?

What major life changes have you been called upon to make this time?

The fear of entering this sacred door is understandable, and everyone will experience it!

If you can see what’s going on inside you and what’s going on around you, you’ll find there’s nothing to fear. It’s the right choice to let go and fully embrace change before you!

You have a timeline that you resonate with, however, you must adjust everything to make vibration correction quickly!

The sacred energy of sahaslala chakra comes from the ancient Hindu mystical master. It teaches: “sahaslala means’ thousand sharp or ‘infinite chakra. Sahaslala is located at the top of the head, also known as coronachakra. It is called the entrance of the soul and connected to the realm of heaven!

This is the way for ascending masters to travel!

This crown chakra opens only when all other chakras are fully open!

The awakening of the crown chakra means the universal flow of energy and spiritual enlightenment.

When the sahasra chakra gate is activated, a delayed but very proud experience occurs in consciousness. It is a real feeling of moving from one world to another!

It brings a strong feeling of releasing the old and the joy of change. There is a profound understanding of change. It is said that when the era of sahasla’s opening comes, an existence moves from the mortal kingdom to occupy their legal position with the archangels!

The chakra energy entrance located in your light body vehicle is a multi-dimensional door and a way to travel to the 12 dimensions of the universe. Of course, maintaining the opening and rotation of all light body chakra doors in the right direction requires a high level of spiritual practice and ritual.

All things with high vibration can be used to keep the chakras at their best, including:

In nature, practice meditation every day, take a deep breath in the holy prana, listen to high pitched music, create art, observe and understand the sacred geometry, obtain higher and older knowledge, only absorb raw light, natural energy, food and purified water, expose your gold field to monatomic scalar crystal energy practice, healthy self love and self-esteem, and from this moment on, all this I will support you!

Take some time and think about it, and you’ll become balanced!
At this time, you must be brave and believe in the universe!

Shen Fu, let go, follow the path it guides you! This is the message!
Great one, when the light force continues to carry out the benevolent mission of the project free earth, when billions of earth’s crown chakras open great changes, and when everyone is consistent with their resonant timeline, great changes are taking place all over the earth!

What you’re coming is much bigger than you know, so look for those signs, they’re around you! Just go that way!
As we get closer to the fifth dimension and heaven on earth, it’s time to sail higher!

Let us know if there are any new opportunities in your world and share your feelings about them freely!

Also let us know what you have done in your great journey of ascension. Thank you for all you have done and for coming to earth to help mankind at this time!

Speed, Michael and the Pleiadians!

Special thanks to the Earth Alliance, the great white brotherhood and the white dragon Association.


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