The relationship between the source of the silver Legion and the universe^_^

The relationship between the source of the silver Legion and the universe

Original author a Liang UFO mystery today

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On June 19, 2014, Tana described the origin of the universe and the origin of evil in the video, and explained why the earth in our universe plays a vital role in the fight against this evil.

In the first part of the interview, Tana talked about how to protect herself from subtle energy. Halfway through the interview, Tana began to talk about Fractal virus, the origin of evil, the essence of origin and the essence of the universe.

This article is extremely secret.

“You don’t have to look so far to realize that there are serious problems on this planet. Millions of people live in varying degrees of oppression, slavery and suffering, and a small number call themselves” elites ” Human beings have taken the wealth that belongs to everyone. Nature is beautiful, but cruel; deadly and cruel. It is impossible to live without harming another creature. Even vegetarians kill plants, insects and microorganisms in order to survive. This is annoying and not limited to this planet. “

“Many people will argue that other planets and dimensions are better. Yes, some places may be better than the earth, because the earth is a very extreme situation, but potential problems run through the whole universe,” Tana said.

In a series of articles, Tana explained how the universe was formed, what happened to the creation source of the universe, and its consequences. Therefore, she is different from many new era sports myths. Her explanation of creation also runs counter to the creation story and other religious beliefs, but it is similar to the observation of some people, such as the fractal structure of origin.

Her explanation can explain a lot and look at what is happening on earth from a larger perspective. The following is her summary on this topic.
What is the universe?

Tana explained: “the universe is a fractal holographic projection. Holographic projection is usually depicted as an illusory image of something essentially unreal, but the cosmic hologram is very” real “in any sense.” Just because something is a hologram doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not real. A hologram is essentially a projection of light to create things, and in the case of the universe, the projection of light is used to create a very complex but very real and vivid fractal. “

(fractals and holograms).

I have every reason to encourage everyone to understand at least these two phenomena. They can greatly help us understand the creative process.
Holographic projection is an object that can provide a three-dimensional picture. If you break the holographic projection into many small pieces, each small piece will show the same three-dimensional picture again. You are. Every being contains everything.

As for fractal, it means that when you find a point of interest, you can zoom in and look into the fractal from that point. You will never see the end. It is an endless recursion or self replication in any direction. You are like that. If you look inside, you will continue to look endlessly. No matter which direction you look in

Find, there is always more waiting for you to dig.)

The beauty of fractal is that when repeated design, it will form a pattern that looks like things in real life; Plants, animals, geological features, cosmological features, etc… this is no coincidence. All life is based on fractal, because the universe is a huge, multidimensional and complex fractal.

“Fractal is an infinite repetition of self similarity; that is, it is composed of parts whose shapes are more or less similar to the graphics themselves. All life is based on fractal, and so is the universe, because it is a huge, multidimensional and complex fractal.

The universe is also alive. As long as the universe is alive, it will continue to grow. According to Tana, new substances are being made, new energy is being added, and new souls are being born.

“As long as the universe is connected to the ‘tree of life’, the universe will continue to grow.”

Different dimensions and non physical world

In this universe, there are different dimensions. Tana calls physical space D space. This space exists in 1 to 12 dimensions, because our universe has 12 dimensions, either material density or consciousness density. What’s more complicated is that planets in another dimension, such as earth or Jupiter, may have different appearances and may or may not be habitable.

In addition, there are nonphysical fields, such as astral, etheric and dream. Astral is an intermediate layer between the physical and nonphysical worlds.

Creation of the universe

Tana: “The universe is both a creator and a creator. A universe is alive and a universe is conscious. A universe is composed of a source that creates itself; all space, matter, possibility and potential are part of creation and a part of the source. The source is the consciousness, matter and energy of the universe. What is in the universe Matter is projected from the source of the universe. All creatures in the universe project consciousness from this source. “

However, once the universe is no longer connected with the consciousness that created the source of the universe, and the connection with the “tree of life” is cut off, then a universe will no longer exist indefinitely and eventually die or destroy itself.

Tree of life

There are many other life universes, which are connected with a great “tree of life”. This tree of life is an infinite fractal of existence, and every point of fractal expression is the universe. Every universe connected with the tree of life used to be a living existence, a person and a soul. In that universe, they embarked on the path of spiritual evolution and became the world The tree itself has life and awareness, but it is not a unified consciousness – the source of the tree without life.

According to Tana, the structure of the tree of life is similar to that of a tree; the leaves are on the branches, the branches are on the thicker branches, and the thicker branches are on the trunk.

We often call this structure the cosmic tree (or she later called it the tree of life in her blog). An effective metaphor, because if you look at the structure, you will find that it is like a tree. It is also like a flower, and our universe is actually more like a lotus than a tree.

Creation and birth of the universe
Before an entity becomes the universe, it first learns to become an “experience provider” and become a planetary consciousness, solar consciousness or galactic consciousness just to get used to it. Then, when the entity is ready to become the source, it may be in the “tree of life” When they become new leaves on the tree of life, the universe is born, they get a copy of the basic fractal of being, and they become the universe of experience providers. Each universe is unique and each universe is different.

Conditions for becoming an infinite universe

One of the demands that can be made on the source / universe is that it agrees to respect the free will experienced by creatures, because the source must respect the free will in their “playground” The free will of creatures playing in the world does not allow the source itself to be another single consciousness, independent of others and itself as the source. It cannot rule itself like a king. All sentient beings created by the source must be free and equal. “

As long as these requirements are met, the source can communicate with the tree of life, and it can survive and grow forever.

Tyranny means the end of the universe
“The source cannot position itself as the ‘ruler’ of its creation. Nor can it assign all sentient beings to maintain an arbitrary will and restrict the free will of other sentient beings only for their own self-interest. When tyranny occurs, the tree of life will not be nourished by it. Then the source will disconnect from the tree of life. Then the source becomes limited because of the energy used to maintain itself Quantity is no longer provided by the tree of life. The universe will eventually die, and all creatures imprisoned by it in its terrible tyranny system will be released and returned to the tree of life. In this way, sentient beings who do not want to live in the bondage of the will of others have the opportunity to return to the state of existence with their own free will. “

Life on this planet is terrible

Many people believe that the tyranny we know on earth is some unfortunate exception. It is the people’s own fault. They have created this tyranny with limited consciousness. The view of the new era is that with the increase of dimensions, the problem is solved. According to Tana, this is a misunderstanding, and everything is more subtle. In her view (unfortunately) There are also many selfish, manipulative and evil lives in ultra-high space.

“They often tell you that evil and suffering are lower dimensions (usually the first to sixth dimensions) And completely disappear after the 7th and higher dimensions. They will insist that the higher the dimension of an existence, the better it will be, and the more selfless it will become, service-oriented, wise, beneficial, and beautiful around it. In a functioning universe, this should be the case. However, this is not the case in this case. I know , when I first woke up, I believed so. Until I began to personally encounter many exceptions to this particular “rule” and had to investigate why there were so many selfish, conceited, manipulative, agenda evil from a very high dimension. “

Under this reasoning, assuming that the laws of nature work well, everything in the universe will be “designed” Operation. However, if there is no well functioning natural law, this will lead to death, destruction, disaster and failure in most cases. The common reason is that the adjustment of the basic fractal is unsustainable. The tree of life provides the source code with the opportunity to solve problems and modify the source code, but sometimes it will make mistakes.

Errors in creation

When our source created the universe, the basic fractal received was not good at first. Facts have proved that this was purposefully implemented before our source started. Tana called it a disease and “Fractal virus” infection. “Fractal virus is by no means a physical virus that organisms can spread to each other. Some people will be infected and some people won’t. It’s not like a virus from the physical world. It’s more like a computer virus; it may have an impact on program users and make them unable to work as expected, but it fully meets the requirements of virus programmers. Our source is Since the creation of the universe, a small bad code was used, which was placed in his basic program without his knowledge or consent.
“The process of troubleshooting serious errors involves creating a small number of timelines that run as a synchronous simulation to accurately identify the problem. Our source encountered serious errors and failure states, which seem to involve the planet in some way. Then a large number of timelines were generated to see the cause of the problem and whether there is a way out. At first glance, it seems There is almost no way out. All roads lead to tyranny, oppression, slavery, and eventually lead to universal destruction. It can be delayed, but it cannot be stopped. Therefore, the source requests the help of some experienced troubleshooting personnel to help find out the root cause of the problem. “

“People think that some qualities of the lower dimensions are infecting the higher dimensions – people think that the creatures of the higher dimensions are somehow polluted by lower levels of consciousness.”

“Everything we found shocked everyone involved. The basic fractals that our source received when we first created the universe were polluted, and after minor modifications – so small that they seem insignificant – will have a greater impact when fully expressed.”

All matter, energy and organisms in the affected universe are affected by this fractal virus (or an error in the code), but this is a deliberate error and is deliberately implemented.

“These things are considered to be a mistake of our specific source – lack of good judgment in modifying the fractal constant – but in fact they were deliberately introduced before our source even started. After great efforts, the troubleshooting team began to track how the contaminated fractal reached our source. This involves all levels of the universe It also involves the efforts of avatars and others on this planet. It is the avatars who work together with many lives in different spaces and spiritual worlds. First of all, it is found that no, this is not some kind of bottom-up pollution, but a kind of top-down pollution. And this “top” Not even in this universe, it is much earlier than this universe. After further investigation, it is found that pollution affects not only the universe born from our source, but also the universe born from that source. The problem goes deep into the three-tier universe, and there are countless universes in these three iterative levels. “

“Because we all create the expression of fractal, any change in the fractal we are expressed will affect us. Because each individual expression of fractal is unique, some creatures are less affected and can resist this influence better than others, but each creature will be affected to a certain extent. Yes, even me, even you, and even others It is “gods”, even good et… Let alone bad et. this fractal expression may vary from person to person, or even from species to species. “

The “cosmic killer” wants to be both a creator and a ruler

Fractal viruses have been placed at the source by those who intend to make this pollution happen in the future. Who are these people and why do they do so? Tanas calls them “cosmic killers”.

The cosmic killer is a person who participates in the cosmic incubation project, which has about three or four cosmic iterations before the universe. There are others involved in the project – innocent people with the best intentions. The cosmic incubation project starts as a positive effort – a place where beings receive some training on becoming the source, and then become the source themselves. Many students Life is involved in the incubation of the universe, but only a few people are running this project. It is considered a great honor to participate in it in any way. However, these corrupt lives want to create their own universe and want to live like a king and rule that universe.

When a source becomes a universe, it must agree to respect free will. “It cannot play the role of king, ruler or God over everything and everyone. However,” cosmic killer ” , they want to create their own universe, but they also want to live like a king and gain complete rule over that universe. They want to have their own domineering pie and it’s delicious. In addition, they also want to live forever as a king, stand high above their own universe, enjoy all the fruits of creation, and do all the work at the expense of producing these fruits They call themselves an ‘alternative’ group, reflecting their belief that they are a substitute for the free will universe, which is usually produced by the tree of life.

They made a plan. There is a certain degree of transfer between universes – life, materials and energy can be transferred between universes in some cases. They can access a universe generation project. They realized that they can steal from the universe in the universe generation project to power their own universe. They entrusted a curious scientist with a project Special projects to explore the modification of multidimensional fractal and hypercube. Then they further modified the scientist’s research results into a virus and adjusted it to work in a very specific way. Then they continued to infect the universe generation project with their modified universe code.

The purpose of the code is to create conditions in the nascent universe so that they are easy to attack and harvest. The initial iteration only needs to use a diversion or drainage pipe. However, further iterations of the universe creation process will be unstable and collapse under specific circumstances, and the alliance will speed up the careful operation of servants and slaves who have gained control through the previous universe And use the slaves and slaves of the victim universe. These slaves and slaves become easy to be manipulated through the expression of fractal virus. When these reach a certain range in the third universe, they are doomed to failure.

A non corrupt member of the project team found them and is suing them to prevent this from happening. Then they cleared other non corrupt members of the team and buried the evidence – they destroyed these non corrupt members, or directly forced them into the cosmic incubation project, into a degraded state, and the memory was erased.

It was with the help of a non corrupt member who gradually recovered his memory that this part of the story was discovered. At the beginning, we didn’t want to believe this – such a thing is huge and terrible, and it is a huge thing in any sense. Our own third-party survey showed that the described situation did happen. The tree of life can’t be seen and is not directly connected to the tree This makes it difficult for a structure like our dead universe to be found, unless through its impact on the living universe.

Corrupt members of the surrogate group at the top of the structure have never directly entered the victim universe. The fractal structure used by their dead universe is pyramid shaped and separated, concentrating more and more interests, power and privileges at the top (and all the best resources and interests) , and sacrificed a lot of slaves. Every iteration of the fractal is the same – Elite cadres rule many servants and slaves, many of whom are looking for a way to rise. Usually, servants only know to do whatever their supervisors want them to do, while supervisors themselves only know to do whatever higher supervisors want them to do, only the highest level knows Our own universe contains a large number of such structures.

The impact of this fractal virus on life on earth

Fractal virus seems to be a small defect, but it will have huge consequences in the later stage. Now it becomes more and more obvious on earth:

Negative, selfishly based self serving societies become predatory and exponential, rather than self limiting, as is often the case in a healthy universe;
Serving others – society will become so peaceful, but they will no longer defend themselves or even stop others who want to defend themselves;

The spirit of freedom blinded by slavery and the suffering of others began to believe that these people “deserve” in some way;

The ultra-high dimensional life that should have guarded and served the creation, but experienced the power beyond the “small” life. They then hid and were inaccessible to those who had stood up, such as the guards and soldiers (silver Legion) who are still fighting for our freedom.

Tana elaborated on how the dark plan of the cosmic killer was formulated. What is striking is that the structure they implemented is the same as the power structure of the cabal, and all “good things” are finally at the “top” of the pyramid structure However, the earth cabal is just a group of servants who carry out their agenda. According to Tana, these false promises will never be fulfilled. The scale of the operation of the cosmic killer is on a multi-dimensional level, grabbing energy from the doomed universe for the needs of this small group of rulers.
Light and darkness need to be redefined

Light and darkness are often used as synonyms for good and evil. When Tana talks about light, if you only have light, you can’t distinguish anything, and the same principle only applies to darkness. The magic ocean of difference is also a way to explore that we can create infinitely different things and experience things. We are all one, we are part of the source, and the source is everything. But The purpose of existence is to become a single individual, experience the existence different from the environment, and experience this difference, because this is the beauty of existence. Where light and darkness meet, you will get many different possibilities: many different colors, many different forms, many forms of existence. Light and darkness are not good or evil, they are just the basis of existence.

One of the results of fractal virus is that it affects the foundation of darkness. As a result, darkness tries to erase light to dominate everything. This is the source of such a bad idea of darkness.

“It’s not easy to convey information to the universe tree through the three iterations of the broken fractal universe, but we finally did it. The creators are now aware of this problem. No more universes will be born with this virus. They will remain vigilant to prevent it from being changed to infect more universes. The universe is getting a dose of repair code.”

This flaw in fractal virus has been fixed, but it will take time to reach us.
Conquering the false light of the universe

After describing the source of evil, she explained that false light is used to conquer the universe. The so-called light life actually works for evil.

Many beings who call themselves Lightworkers are actually working for the creator, who is the false source of conquering the universe . one of the most convincing signs is when we talk about hierarchy, such as the hierarchy of the kingdom or heaven. What they ultimately want is to make you stop thinking about yourself and just obey. Tana warns that once you encounter this sentence or structure, you’d better turn around and run as soon as possible, because these creatures are not good.

As for the source, the greatest God (in terms of power) As valuable as the poorest people on earth, or any stone, rock or anything else. We are all equal. Some people may be able to do more with their actions, but it doesn’t make them better or give them the right to be ruled. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to worship them.

Ancient gods and goddesses
Greek and other mythological gods, such as Athena, Apollo and Zeus, are real. They are the eldest son and the most powerful in the universe. They can move and act very effectively, thus affecting most creation. Every known God recognized by human beings as God has had direct contact with human beings on our planet. Reptilian interference will affect all Legends about gods are distorted into worship, which was not necessary and undesirable. Some people (gods) turn against the source and indulge in ruling others. These now work directly for the creator, and they have been promised to have their own kingdom in hell.

Countless gods incarnate on this planet and are lured here in various ways. After reincarnation, they are just people like you and me. That’s why these incarnations are silent, because they have lost their talents and failed to live up to people’s expectations.

Many matrices, grids and portals use God’s energy – usually those in incarnation – to use their attachment to their identity as a way to further extend the prison. Many gods have different names in different cultures. This also expands the possibility of attachment to their identity. The Greeks call it the goddess of Athena, the Romans call it Minerva, the Egyptians and The Chinese are called goddess.

Tana also warned those involved in the goddess portal, such as the Isis portal. Although it sounds good at first glance, these tend to strengthen the current prison (the imprisonment of the earth and the people) It holds the gods, slaves and victims, as well as the people. Therefore, these goddess worship is not necessarily great, but it sounds very correct and powerful.
Channeling is dangerous and harmful
In channeling, you allow others to enter your body and let them speak for you. Don’t, Tana said, because it’s a form of possession.

“Channeling is an activity that fundamentally destroys and deprives self power.”

Some people use “channeling” purely because it’s cool. You can simply ask these people what form of communication they are using. “If you let others treat you as a doll for the time being, stay away from them.”

“You really don’t know who the creature with your body is.” this may sound like a specific person, but it may be simulated to gain trust. Tana also stressed: “usually, people are not even channeling, but talking to pre programmed artificial information (AI). It’s not even a real individual.”

Unlike channeling, telepathy is a very pure form of communication.

What now?

Tana said that the energy source of cosmic killers has been cut off, which means that their days are numbered. In addition, our universe has a repair code. All kinds of creatures and dimensions are involved in the repair of all problems. They come from the “outside” or “above” At first glance, the help of seems to be science fiction – some people still resist the idea of aliens and higher dimensions – but correcting code defects is beyond human ability. Moreover, fractal viruses will affect not only the earth, but also other parts of the universe.

With the discovery of alternative groups and viruses in the tree of life, the power supply of their dead universe is now cut off, which means that their days are numbered. But they are still very powerful beings with a large number of powerful claws and teeth. They all think that if they can’t act in their own way, they would rather no one has anything, so until the alternative If we succeed in liberating the universe and the planet, the earth, especially those who participate in freedom efforts, will have to remain vigilant for a period of time to prevent the poisonous snake from still biting any part of the human body.

Why is the earth so important

Tana said that the liberation of the earth plays a vital role and determines the survival of the universe. If the earth is destroyed, the rest will disappear. She called the earth a “killer mace”. Therefore, life outside the earth and beyond our dimensions are involved in the problems caused by this fractal virus.

If we succeed here (on earth and in this galaxy), we will eliminate the virus and enable those who want to live and work in peace and contentment.
However, it is a misunderstanding to think that we will now be saved by “aliens”. Tana stressed that human beings must “clean up their own mess”.

Tana confirmed this: “This does not mean that we can now wait for the problem to solve itself. Our universe is seriously injured, and even if the disease has been cured, it may still die from the wound. Think of it as a creature seriously infected by parasites – even if the parasites have been killed, their remains and toxins still need to be removed from the host. If the infection is too serious, the elimination process May kill the host. “

In order to heal our universe, we must act by living our own healing. If you want to live in a universe in which you can become a free will person, rather than under the tyranny of others, until the universe and everything in it inevitably die, you have the responsibility to act.

“So is our universe. It must heal, and we are part of the healing process. We are the flesh and blood of the universe! In order to heal our universe, we must live a healing life.”

We see the role of ordinary people. Within your own sphere of influence, by turning unhealthy things – no matter which area – into a balanced and beneficial world full of love, it means making it healthy again in your world. Therefore, no one should feel powerless because there is still a lot of work to do. If everyone takes a small part , it should have a huge impact on 7 billion people.

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