2021.10.30 Washed by high-frequency energy, sleepy but unable to sleep^_^

Washed by high-frequency energy, sleepy but unable to sleep

For two consecutive days, I slept at nine o’clock and woke up at about two o’clock. I was in a state of high excitement and high sleepiness. I couldn’t get down all the time

Wrap with a thicker weight and let the fresh self break out of the shell, become a high-energy processing method for more people, or more serious wine and meat, or greater contact with spirituality and return to the inside, and expand the new life you want

On the radio, the popular golden song “control” by German girl Zoe wees, https://b23.tv/M1RFRs )It resonates because people feel that after two years, everything seems to be out of control, life is no longer, work is no longer, faith is no longer, family, friendship and love are no longer, everything has changed, and control comes from controlling inertia and grasping the old life for fear of loss, Unwilling to let go and accept, the consciousness purification, expansion, entanglement of returning to the essence, dark night, struggle, letting go, rest, healing and connection with the higher self before collapse and reorganization become the upper line of the higher self and enter a unified and balanced life

It seems that nothing has changed, and it seems that everything needs to be done again

The critical moment of the quantum leap of consciousness has come. When human beings all over the world are wrapped in a timeless wall and high vibration frequency and need to break out of their shells, and the Phoenix that burns to ashes needs to rise again

People’s bodies, emotions, minds and higher self souls are waiting, or stay in place, drag hard, or take the initiative to integrate, learn to accept, put down, flow and balance, which are the preparation methods before the transition

The time is just right. The broken shell, dark night and thick hard shell fall down and are caught by the global rest wrapped in high vibration. The time is just right. It seems that the experiment is wrong, but it has been walking in the life track of 200 years after brewing, because it will not destroy and return to the irreparable mutual mutilation, mutual enemy and conflict before the quantum timeless transition, because the global rest is caught, Landed

See, everything is just right. This is the realization condition of quantum transition. It has never been realized in history. It only goes down all the way or ends in destruction when it is critical

Tell yourself that destruction will not come again, and a new life has come. Whether you accept it or not, or accept the baking and radiation of the great sun nuclear power plant, every atom from your body has no time center, high-speed vibration and frequency conversion, because the soul wants to wake up and continue with rest and therapy

With more active rest and treatment

Balance life and work with higher vibrations

Catch your flying thoughts and uncontrollable emotions with higher vibration joy, and express them with art and play

Everything is loosening for the new high-dimensional life

Explanation: “Sananda – rises like a Phoenix

Phoenix from ashes

Dear people

You’ve been tested like never before these days

Where are you and how firmly do you stand in the world? Are you anchored to yourself? Or are temporary events (plural) storms sometimes blowing you there and here? What happens to you when the whole world changes and the result seems uncertain?

Where will the pendulum swing – will everything be bright, beautiful, or will the power that has always been in control prevail again? These are questions that occupy you and can trigger fear and despair

It is time to rise like a phoenix and stop believing and valuing the prophecy of darkness

What matters now is your positive affirmation and compassionate tendency to life

All the processes that herald the end of an era and a world are making it brighter, more beautiful and more peaceful, so that people can meet each other again

These days have brought events (plural) and enlightenment that destroy the whole world view, which few people can foresee or imagine. The decomposition of this matrix contains many surprises, which are carried out and accompanied by the power of light wrapping the earth, that is, the Galactic gang

Many things avoid you, just let you stay grounded, move forward and be your part. Relying on the power of heaven, putting your hand on your thigh is completely counterproductive

The protagonist in this upheaval is you! And your brothers and sisters in heaven come to help you. It’s you. Your daily decisions and abilities are the most important

Your ability

What do you think of yourself? What do you think of yourself and your surroundings? What do you want to see, what do you voluntarily dissolve and release? Do you know yourself? If so, know more

Now this needs the greatest attention, because the spiritual light of the central sun shines on everyone
Not only will your heart and kidneys be tested, but your compassion, responsibility, dedication and love will also be tested

When the horrors of the puzzling old days reveal themselves to you, do you desire revenge? When you think about justice, when those who have caused great harm to mankind and the earth are held accountable, what sprouts within you?

Do you maintain in your heart a source of peace, a rock of forgiveness, a sun that shines equally on all?

Everything is in balance

Ask yourself how far you are willing to go with your love and give yourself an honest and true answer. If you lack unconditional love, expand your spectrum and become capable

The new earth needs new human beings – there is no hatred in the heart, there is a lot of love, and there is no fear in the soul, but full of light

Do you lack anything? Then seek light, God, and keep seeking until you find it

The coming day will bring everything into balance! Everyone will be put on God’s balance. The too light people will stay in the game, and the people who focus on love will return home, God, the creator of all life, and the mother of all existence

Dear son of man

Immerse yourself in your soul, spend time with yourself and grow a little more every day. You will see your true greatness when you are ready for your light, once your heart can receive God’s love

I am with you all the time. All the time, forever.

Jesus Sananda
Date: October 29, 2021
From: jahnjkassl “



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