Five dimensional soul ascension steps 22-24^_^

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 22-24

22 Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael guides us to create the best vision of five-dimensional unity and abundance. He cares for the rich consciousness of mankind and for a long time, we have relied on external sources, such as nature and God, to provide our life needs. But now Archangel Raphael is teaching us that the source of our abundance is infinite and depends entirely on our personal beliefs.

When our frequency is consistent with the vibration frequency of our desire and consistent with our higher self, our dream will naturally come true.
The faster our frequency vibrates, the faster these dreams will come true. Because the frequency of earth is accelerating, our manifestation process is at least ten times faster than at the beginning of this century.
Archangel Raphael is bringing our attention to a speed that allows us to create a new reality. If we send out ideas with enough driving force, whether positive or negative, all will be reflected back in the form of material. Fragile thoughts exist in our Qi field and energy field, which may affect our health. Angelic thoughts will create a beautiful aura and energetic health.
Archangel Raphael and the third eye
Archangel Raphael is also responsible for managing a lot of work related to people’s third eye.
At the lower level of the fifth dimension, this energy center emits the light of dark green crystal. As we move towards a higher frequency, it will become a clear light enlightenment crystal ball.
The clearer and more open this chakra is, the more our intuitive insight will be restored. This is a channel. When it is clear, we can also see our own nobility and solemnity, and it is easier to connect with the angel frequency.
The third eye is a powerful tool that can be used to manifest in all dimensions. Here we see our vision, send out ideas, and make the vibration manifest in life. It is one of the most important tools in our ascension process and must always be used for the best purpose.
When our third eye is at the fifth dimensional level, we can send a connection to Jupiter and its ascended face, kimbe. We launch the vision we want to create up to Jinbei, which will be blessed by this powerful planetary consciousness. Then, the moment we are ready, it will bounce back to our etheric field and be embodied. When we focus our clear, trained mind on our vision, miracles happen immediately.
When we enjoy the abundant consciousness of the universe, it will be reflected in our personal abundance. Archangel Raphael is teaching the principles of abundance and manifestation so that we can stand here as masters. When our consciousness is consistent with higher feasibility, we can provide ourselves with everything we need.
The fifth dimensional third eye of the earth is located in Afghanistan, and when we have enough people to make their third eye clear and enlightened, that country will naturally restore peace and reflect this state. In the new golden century, Afghanistan will be a solemn five dimensional region.
Health and happiness
Archangel Raphael and Maria are twin flames. They keep the sacred blueprint of human perfect health and happiness. Archangel Raphael takes care of all healing methods in this universe and supports all those who provide healing, whether hand therapy, teletherapy, counseling, massage, or other physical or etheric therapies. He also supports the healed.
You can call Archangel Raphael to assist in the healing process of your own or others’ body or etheric structure. However, as stated in the law of non intervention, you should not interfere with other people’s learning topics. When you ask Archangel Raphael to give or send healing, he will only do it in the law of grace. That is, this healing will occur only with the consent of the higher self of the person concerned and in the greatest benefit to all.
This powerful Archangel also works with many karmic lords, so he can surround us and heal it as they present our karma.
In the five dimensional blue chart, all chakras are clear and flowing, so the body reveals a healthy cellular structure. There is a belief in the current collective consciousness that the ability of the body will be limited after some damage in order to revitalize. Really, the only thing that can limit the body is the individual’s belief structure. Every cell of our body responds directly to our mental power, so the five dimensional blueprint supports the perfect physical sheath (body). In the five dimensional blueprint, I believe that the body is perfect.
In order to balance karma, some souls choose to incarnate into the damaged body, but most of those who do this now are to give others topics related to unconditional love and acceptance, or to challenge and expand the beliefs in group consciousness.
Any seventh dimensional (or higher) entity in the angelic world can do healing work. You can invite Archangel Raphael or Maria to adjust the five dimensional blueprint to a state of harmony.
Archangel Raphael also works with unicorns to help individuals or all mankind reach the realm of enlightenment. He uses emerald light, and his existence on earth takes emerald as a material manifestation. He helped make Emerald tablets, which tut brought to the world in ancient Egypt.
At the three-dimensional level, “Emerald slate” is about the wisdom and process of human beings trying to seek light in the dark. One aspect of these tablets has not been translated until our consciousness reaches a unified level. Then we will be able to understand the language of unconditional love, the perfect light of Christ in the golden age of Atlantis. This light is placed between the interlayer of the emerald stone slab by Tut and the archangels Raphael, Michael and Metatron, and it will be made public when earth ascends to a new peak.
Archangel Raphael’s energy center is located in Fatima, Portugal. We can visit him here and receive healing, plenty of abundance and enlightenment. We can also be with him in the following visualizations:
Create prosperity with Archangel Raphael

  1. Relax, enter the state of meditation and be ready for visualization.
  2. Visualize or feel yourself wrapped in a huge emerald.
  3. Imagine that your third eye is a crystal ball and blow on it.
  4. What do you want to accomplish for the best interests?
  5. Send this picture to kimbe and imagine that it is blessed by the unconditional light of creation.
  6. Imagine that this beautiful vision becomes very specific.
  7. Fully expect it to come true in life.

    Carry out enlightenment with Archangel Raphael
  8. Be prepared for visualization.
  9. Realize or feel Archangel Raphael’s hand on your third eye. It lights up the crystal ball in your third eye.
  10. Imagine a situation in your personal life or on earth.
  11. Form a picture of the situation with a higher view in your crystal ball.
  12. Ask Archangel Raphael to keep this image in his angel frequency.
  13. You know that each time you do so, you are developing your enlightenment level and practicing high-level manifestation.

    Healing with Archangel Raphael
  14. Be prepared for visualization.
  15. Feel every cell of the body vibrating in the emerald light.
  16. Know that it is showing the perfect five dimensional health state in your body.
  17. See yourself shining because of health and vitality.
  18. Ask Archangel Raphael to send healing blessings to your loved ones, and then to all those in need.
  19. Visualize his emerald healing light flowing to a person or animal who needs it for the best interests.
  20. Send Archangel Raphael’s light to all parts of the earth to heal this beautiful planet.
    23 Archangel joffel
    Archangel joffel helps us connect our wisdom and cosmic knowledge and spread it to others. His twin flame is Archangel Christine, who is the “divine feminine” face and contains the light of Christ.
    Archangel yoffel and the top wheel
    In the process of ascension, Archangel yoffel is responsible for developing the five dimensional top chakra of each being in the universe.
    Archangel Metatron sent them a light download according to the spiritual progress of each soul on earth, which contains the code of their ascension process. Light contains spiritual information and knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to use that knowledge for the best interests of all. In this process, when the optical code is received, the archangel yoffel takes care of the opening of the data in the optical code. He will help each soul interpret this information through the top chakra so that we can use this source of energy in our daily life.
    In the frequency of the third dimension, the top chakra is light yellow, but in the fifth dimension, it will become a bright, clear crystal with golden (golden light of Christ).
    The top wheel has a thousand petals, which is the origin of the name “thousand petal lotus”. Each petal contains a code of our personal wisdom on the path of ascension. In addition, each has a line directly connected to other parts of the universe, such as a planet or great energy (body). When we are ready, Archangel yoffel will start them. He does this work with other archangels or unicorns. When our top chakra is fully opened, we can connect with the whole universe and origin.
    When the petals open, two things happen. First, the connecting line from the universe through our monad to our top wheel forms a geometric form. They will emit light, so the powers that be in the spiritual world will see us as masters in the universe. The angel team responsible for taking care of us will never tire of monitoring our progress.
    Second, these open petals form a bowl, receive the light of cosmic knowledge and wisdom from the great chakras, and then transfer it down to the other chakras of our body in the amount we can bear.
    All cosmic input information enters the body from the top chakra, and then is filtered by the third eye and transmitted out. Archangel Raphael helps us improve the degree of enlightenment, so that our cognition of information is inseparable from the original intention.
    This start is carried out in the parietal Lun and spread to the third eye. It is a common phenomenon to produce some symptoms related to the head in this process. It may be tension headache, parietal wheel pain, blurred vision, or tinnitus. As the high-frequency energy begins to decline and smoothly flows down through other chakras into the earth star, these physical energy responses related to spiritual changes will subside.
    If this chakra is to be fully activated, it will be helpful to call Archangel joffel and his twin flame Archangel Christine.
    When people act without thinking, or show no respect or compassion for others, Archangel joffel and his angels will instill wisdom into them in some way. If they accept this light, they will make better choices about their attitudes and behaviors. If you think yoffel’s energy is needed somewhere, you can ask him to send his angels there. For example, if someone is speeding on the road in a residential area, which affects the safety of children, you can ask the archangel yoffel to take care of the area. Or you can send his energy to some wise people who don’t know what to do, such as leaders of banks or industries.
    Archangel joffel keeps the educational blueprint for future children and assists teachers in schools. He is introducing a new model of children’s education and further adult education. In the future, children will learn more and spend more time in nature and playing games as they did in the golden age of Atlantis. They will learn the law of the universe.
    Future education will respect and develop every child’s needs, talents and talents, so that their souls can be satisfied and their five-dimensional blueprint can be realized.
    Archangel yoffel is also assisting some teachers on earth to bring forward and impart knowledge about ascension to others. If you are attracted and want to work with him, you are on the path of a teacher and may be connected with God kutumi, who is the new “world teacher” in the inner world.
    Archangel yoffel’s energy center
    Archangel yoffel’s energy center is located in the mountains in northern China, near the Great Wall. If you want to get closer to his energy, ask his angel to take your spiritual body to his etheric energy center before going to bed. When he and his angels illuminate the petals of your top chakra, he will help you connect your wisdom with the inheritance of cosmic knowledge. He will also encourage you to spread your knowledge and wisdom to others.
    If you want to visit his energy center in meditation, you can use this visualization:
    Visit the archangel yoffel Energy Center for meditation
  21. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  22. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to visiting the archangel yoffel’s energy center.
  23. Visualize the root extending from your feet down to the earth and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  24. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue cloak for you.
  25. Visualize yourself sitting on a golden lotus blooming like a holy grail.
  26. All the petals are opened, and the sacred graphics are sprinkled on you, allowing you to bathe in their vast wisdom.
  27. There is a strong pure white unicorn above you, lighting up and activating these graphics.
  28. After your energy field absorbs each figure, wisdom expands even more.
  29. Now call on the archangel joffel’s angel to lead you to his etheric energy center.
  30. Be aware of or feel the golden light of many of his angels around you.
  31. Find yourself in a huge golden grail above the mountains in northern China.
  32. Relax and accept the light of Archangel yoffel.
    13. When you are ready, thank Archangel joffel and feel that your golden aura is full of wisdom and knowledge.
    24 Archangel christier
    The archangel christier sends his frequency to us through the universe like the hand of God. When we need him, he will pass through a cross Diamond White Star Gate in Lyra to the Pleiades, which is his frequency converter to the seventh dimension. From here he passed the energy center in Jerusalem and approached the earth. His twin flame, Archangel Mallory, has an etheric energy center above Bethlehem, from which he enters the earth. Jesus brought Christ’s energy through the earth, which is part of the divine plan. This place is already a symbol of Christ’s energy.
    The light of Christ is a nine dimensional consciousness. From the etheric point of view, if it shines on us, it will burn us at the etheric level. Therefore, christier kept our blueprint at the level of the seventh dimension.

    Archangel Christian and karmic wheel

    Archangel Christian is in charge of the pure white karmic chakra, which is located above the top chakra, and his light (which contains the pure light of Christ) is injected into this chakra at a frequency that we are capable of processing. In the process of ascension, once the karmic wheel is activated, we will always be connected with this great cosmic angel.

    When we first enter the fifth dimension, the karmic chakra is somewhat backward of the head, but at the higher level of the fifth dimension, it will move to a position that is completely in line with other chakras. So our chakras unite to become a pure bridge of light.

    Every soul has a small part of Archangel energy from the moment it is created. It is like a magnet and translator, enabling everyone to connect to angels. When we are ready, this attraction begins to work. Because of this, the three dimensional beings can get the help of angels. All of us are in harmony with the angels on a certain level.
    Archangel Mallory is the guardian of the ancient wisdom of the universe. He is a bright dark gold. When he actively carries out some special plans, this color will turn into a strong dark red. In the golden age of Atlantis, high-ranking priests and priests, inspired by archangels Christian and Mallory, made an energy pool for human use by using the ninth dimensional golden beam of Christ. People can reduce the frequency of this Christ light energy pool, draw energy from it for love, healing, wisdom and protection, and make work plans with love.

    As the karmic wheel opens and starts, it is a gateway to the angelic world that allows us to connect with the light beings in the golden beam. However, once we reach the higher level of the brilliant fifth dimension, we can immediately maintain continuous two-way communication with them, just like the people in the golden age of Atlantis.

    People with spiritual vision can contact the spirit body of the deceased through the third eye, no matter what dimension they are in. However, when we use the karmic chakra (which is one of the purest chakras in the fifth dimension), we can only connect to the souls of those who maintain the frequency of the fifth dimension. High frequency spirits, masters, unicorns and angels connect with us through this chakra, and we also receive the pure light containing information and knowledge downloaded here.
    The karmic wheel connects the moon that has reached the state of ascension. Wisdom stored in the moon is gathered through karmic wheels.

    Karmic wheel on earth

    The karmic wheel on earth is Tibet, which holds the light of divine Yin. The etheric energy center of the Great White Brotherhood is here. “The White Brotherhood” and dajingguang brothers are the same organization. Its name refers to the purity of white light that its new entrants must have and emit.

    The Great Pyramid in Tibet was built by the high priest Zeus, who brought his people there when Atlantis collapsed. The pyramid was built with the guidance and assistance of Archangels Metatron and christier. Its physical body was destroyed many years ago, but it is still active on the etheric level.

    If you enter the Great Pyramid in Tibet in a spiritual way, you can enter a five-dimensional tunnel of pure light and go to the Great Library of porthologos in the inner space of the earth. By the time you arrive at the library, the frequency of this tunnel has risen to the seventh dimension, raising your energy so that you can meet the members of the “brothers of the great pure light” there.
    The Lord Maitreya / Maitreya is the leader of the “brothers of the great pure light”. Other masters include Lord voosloo (who was born with the highest frequency among the high priests of Atlantis), Jesus, Paul of Venice, emoya and ceropas Bay. If you wish, you can enter and accept the pure white flame of ascension, which represents the highest purity in line with Christ’s consciousness. Ceropas Bay will put it above you.
    Visit the energy center of Archangel Christian

    If you want to visit the energy center of Archangel Christian in meditation, you can do the following exercises:

    Visualize visiting the energy center of Archangel Christian
  33. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  34. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to visiting the etheric energy center of Archangel Christian above Jerusalem.
  35. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  36. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  37. Imagine yourself standing on the top of the mountain. It emits white light as pure as the moon.
  38. Make a holy grail with both hands and let the archangel christier pour pure white love.
  39. Put energy into the karmic wheel above your head with both hands.
  40. Feel the door to the angel world open.
  41. Imagine yourself passing through this door, angels with pure white light singing to greet you.
  42. Welcome the nine dimensional love with open arms and experience heaven.
  43. When you are ready, go back through the door and keep the door open.
  44. Let the light of Christ pass through you, then fill the people around you, and finally spread all over the earth.
  45. Thank Archangel Christian.


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