How to accurately manifest and express intelligence^_^

How to accurately manifest and express intelligence^_^

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Energy language

How to accurately manifest and express intelligence

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Focus on joy and inner

This is the precision mentioned by Arcturus in the previous article
No focus, no consistency with the higher self, no higher focus, no return to internal joy, no expression of intelligence without judgment

Yes, imprecision comes from judgment. Due to judgment, we can’t concentrate and integrate, swing left and right and deviate from the core with outsiders and objects, and we can’t return to autonomy and automatic balance

First of all, it comes from concentration, not focusing on doing things and work, but focusing on the inner and joy of not doing things and not working

Because the inner joy has a higher perspective and a larger picture, it will naturally make you stand high and see far, take fewer detours, and be more relaxed and happy

We already know that as long as you “do” and “do more”, you are deep into the matrix, and you will not have joy and balance, because the principle of the matrix is to experience peace through conflict and happiness through pain, and the experience is to reach an agreement through doing things and going deep into interpersonal relationships

This is the principle. How to realize it

No work, no work

Minimize work, work, speech and expression

For what

Work with a higher mind, follow the work of a higher kinetic energy, and express the higher self more accurately

Where do you come from? Your sharing, relay station of higher self news, return to the inner, return to the higher self in non judgment

Intelligent expression needs to be accurate, not only in speaking, but also in connecting with higher minds, in getting along with people, and in helping others. Therefore, expression is manifested from the inside out. It can not only express your emotions and concerns, but also express the inner joy, carefree and happiness of higher self

This is what many Lightworkers are experiencing

Precise instruments come from the pineal navigation and the inner joy connection of the higher self, so that you can constantly balance pride and humility, criticism and forgiveness, which is the return balance point mentioned by the Buddha below

Only when we return to the balance point can we have accurate content and intelligence, and such a premise is the connection of concentration, relaxation, joy and the higher self in non judgment

Let your mouth run the train, and let others and foreign objects lead you to complain and be a commentator. From a higher mental point of view, the so-called iron mouth and eloquence in the media are untenable, which will make you less and less confident. You only know to imitate and catch up without knowing “I” and “I am”. Where is the supreme sovereignty of higher self, So don’t imitate them

Accuracy is the intelligent expression and manifesting creation in working with the higher self and returning to the inner, and working with the higher self

It is not driven by your insight and knowledge, nor by your emotions and heart, but balanced by the non judgmental connection of the higher self and inner silence

It needs training, first from sharing, sharing and spiritual communication in connection with the higher self, and then focus on no longer judging. Through the guidance and guidance of the higher self, it will be stable in the return of the balance point of the higher self

There is a way to only express your highest kinetic energy. You can hold back all hearsay, smooth talk, casual talk, straightforward feeling and curious quotation, and only express your highest kinetic energy, good wishes and what you want

This is the manifestation of your world, which requires focus and accuracy, and allowing your mouth to move will only constantly deviate from the theme and cannot truly manifest your wants and dreams

This is the focus and precise manifestation of the person who speaks of love, which also comes from your love, but to serve your inner, real want and higher mental expression, not to express your higher mind, but because it is your joy and higher pursuit

Similarly, those who don’t like to talk should be trained to speak. Start with sharing. For example, if I don’t like to talk, start with sharing others. Because your speaking training is not to say more, but to express what you want to express more accurately and clearly. This needs training. Start with sharing
There is no higher self that does not love expression, because the source is to express itself, so it splits from unity and has the thought vibration of cosmic mind and cosmic thought

Or talking, or singing, or painting, or embroidery, or meditation and Tianma starry sky, just need more accuracy and focus

We recommend focusing on the inner and higher kinetic energy



Meditation experience on October 14, 2020: Buddha’s teaching – spiritual practice and balance

Original Luying from heaven to earth today

Master Buddha said:

“Spiritual practice is a process of balancing yourself.

“Your spiritual practice in the three-dimensional world is to integrate the opposite elements in the three-dimensional world to achieve balance. For example, you should integrate humility and pride to achieve balance, and love (* Note: refers to the three-dimensional human love) And hate to achieve balance, good and evil to achieve balance… In the end, you have to integrate binary opposition and non binary opposition to achieve balance.

“Each time you merge a pair of opposite elements and achieve balance between them, you are one step closer to the central point and balance point of your own existence. Finally, you will completely return to that point. There, you are fully aligned and connected with the high-dimensional self. This is ascension.

“The process of finding balance in three dimensions is a bit like the performance of walking a tightrope at high altitude. Most practitioners have to hold a long pole, constantly adjust their posture and move forward slowly. Masters can easily come to the end without a long pole, because their inner is always in a state of balance. They walk in balance. Their existence is balance.”

I asked, “how can we achieve the balance like the masters?”

The Buddha said:

“There are two methods. One is the slow method, which is to fully experience the two opposite elements and experience them to the extreme. This often takes a long time.

“The other is a faster method, which is also adopted by the awakened ones. That is, they often return to the internal balance point in meditation to get familiar with that feeling, and then constantly detect and adjust their state in daily life and constantly correct their deviation.”

I said, “I know this method. I did it myself. But yesterday, Master Lao Tzu said that the Tao should be changeable and not stick to one pattern. Isn’t this spiritual practice method of constantly detecting and correcting myself too rigid and rigid?”

The Buddha said:

“When you really reach the permanent balance of the Tao, you can naturally change and stick to one style. But before that, in order to achieve that permanent balance, you should carefully, carefully and diligently correct your thoughts, words and deeds.”

I asked, “why can you be changeable and unconventional after you get the Tao? Isn’t it easy to lose your balance?

The Buddha said:

“You imagine a circle or a sphere. It has a central point. The heart (or consciousness) of the person who gets the Tao He can project his consciousness to any point and present any state without deviating from the center. This is because when he projects from the center, he will always project two mutually balanced energies at the same time. They are in the opposite direction and have the same force; One is dominant and the other is recessive.

“For example, if a master projects an explicit ‘Pride’ from the central point, he also projects an implicit ‘humility’ to balance it. If he projects an explicit ‘criticism’, he also projects an implicit ‘forgiveness’ to balance it. Therefore, no matter what attitude he shows, he may be unbalanced in the eyes of others, but he starts from within Always keep balance. Do you understand? “

I said, “I basically understand. This is the first time I’ve heard of it.”

The Buddha said:

“When you really understand this truth, you can achieve a balance between change and invariance.”

Thank the Buddha for his teaching!


Some programming tells you that you have the responsibility to complete all the work. Only hard work can complete everything.

When you open your heart, relax and accept, you can accomplish more things, because in that state, you will get some inspiration, you will be high spirited, and you will achieve more with less action.

The current energy we put in your field

Daniel Scranton
2020.10.16∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We have given you opportunities to rest and relax again and again. When you move forward as a group, try to let us and other beings carry some heavy burdens for you. However, there are still some obstacles in most people’s hearts. Some programming tells you that you have the responsibility to complete all work, and only hard work can complete all things. Of course, sometimes you You work very hard. Sometimes you get lost in your work because you love your work too much.

We sometimes talk about here that you have taken too many responsibilities. You can only accomplish so many things through physical activities. When you open your heart, relax and accept, you can accomplish more things, because in that state, you will get some inspiration, you will be high spirited, and you will achieve more with less action. Or you can To download some energy, give yourself some upgrades and activation, they will make your work and actions more effective.

We want you to know that the power of this collective, as well as other life and collective power we know, is to make your life easier and better, rather than more and more difficult and full of more and more struggles and conflicts. We want you to know that you are not there to achieve anything in your life, you are not there to become a writer A speaker, or an architect. You are there to become a higher self. It doesn’t require you to take action, but to feel everything.
Have you noticed that you often take actions to make up for the feelings you don’t want, and you don’t even want to admit your inner feelings? Yes, we do. We would like to see you take actions in the flowing place where you step on the wave of inspiration and thought download. When we see you working hard due to despair, we will give you more energy and inspiration, and we will collect from human beings Body consciousness conveys a desire to create a better world with you. In this world, everyone can pursue their dreams and do what they really want to do.

This is a new way. This is the dawn of a new era we see. We are happy to participate with you, and we have been looking for more people to consciously share the gifts, beauty and wisdom they receive. We must put these in your field so that you can visit them at any time.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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