Human beings and all conscious people do not live in the same world, but in the world in their minds^_^

Human beings and all conscious people do not live in the same world, but in the world in their minds^_^

Let us be your spiritual guides -9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We hope you can open your heart to us. In return, we are ready to open more things to mankind. We will participate more and further promote this cooperative relationship. We are more involved in the collective of mankind, which is more like your soul guide than the loud voice from heaven. In other words, we are interested in guiding you personally, standing on your left or right shoulder and whispering in your ear.

We are interested in the idea of becoming your inner impulse, the power of intuition and inspiration, and hope to gently push you in the right direction. We have done enough to download, activate and tune, and are ready to take this relationship to a new level. We invite you to feel our presence around you when you receive our message. If you receive this message with your own feelings rather than your mind, you can modulate the frequency of our existence.

We are everywhere because we are pure consciousness. We’re not somewhere in the sky. We come from Arcturus galaxy, but not limited to that field. The ninth dimension is not a place, but a vibration. This is an energy field.

We hope to see you in an area where we can coexist. We do see you at night, and when you fall asleep, your consciousness leaves your body and travels in the astral plane, and some of you are aware of these interactions. But we are very interested in every human with our awakening consciousness, because we want to experience this journey with you and accompany you around.

Although you are on the right track, we very much hope to help you when you need it. The situation on earth is improving, but you still face great challenges in your life as a collective consciousness. We are ready to work more proactively with you in this transformation.

We are ready to create a stronger alliance between humans and Arcturus, as long as you allow us to join. We need you to open your hearts and feel us, and then you can work more consciously together to create the fifth dimensional human experience you have only heard of.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Human beings and all conscious people do not live in the same world, but in the world in their minds.

Pleiades II alien message 301: the difference between planetary ascension and collective consciousness world ascension

Original author a Liang UFO mystery yesterday

October 24, 2021

“Time is not a by-product of consciousness. It is consciousness itself. Therefore, you modify and control your consciousness. You modify and control your time. You don’t need a time machine to cross it. You don’t need a spaceship from place a (where everyone runs away) to place B (where everyone wants to go). You just need to control your consciousness… – Yazhi
Yazhi: the earth has been ascending. The problem is that humans cannot see it because of their collective unconsciousness. They only see what they can see, depending on their frequency and level of perception, depending on their level of individual and collective consciousness. The body is to have the experience of the body, that is, in the material world.

There are complex chemical interactions produced by iron in cells, which are necessary to replicate cellular DNA and improve overall health. The same is true of other minerals.

Robert: I have a hypobrucite necklace. It’s black stone. I hope it’s not black mucus.

Yazhi: remember, black mucus is a crystal, not a single substance. I mean, it’s programmable. Its good or bad depends on what is programmed in its frequency. Programming in heavy metals and minerals in the form of crystals or crystal molecules, that is, if the degree of order is perfect enough, the molecules are sorted in a precise, mathematical structure and sometimes transparent.

Robert: so, iron free food will also affect you more astral parasites?
Yazhi: those who are still inside the matrix and even have some or good mental control lack iron, which does encourage the parasitism of low astral entities.

Robert: maybe angelic contact?
Yazhi: it will depend on your mind and your level of consciousness, because at that level, you do not enter the fear mode. For example, as a night visitor, you enter the self empowerment mode. In this mode, although you are afraid of the entity, you accept and surpass it, accept its existence, take you away from your own path and accept other supernatural experiences, But in the spiritual space of self-control and complete safety of what you do.

Robert: they associate meditation with a non animal light diet, and then use very little iron to expose people to all kinds of positive and negative entities.
Yazhi: having too much iron or too little iron will directly affect your spiritual power. No iron is conducive to the supernatural experience itself, but whether there is iron has nothing to do with whether these supernatural experiences are positive or not, which only depends on the intention of the person who experiences them.

More iron = little supernatural experience, down-to-earth. Less iron = more supernatural experiences, whether they are positive or not, they are just more supernatural, and the interpretation depends on the observer.

Note: the conclusion is that to be a spiritual person, you need to maintain a small amount of iron in the blood and body, which is usually true. The problem is that too much spirit = death. The body is to experience the body, that is, to experience in the material world. That’s why. This is a brief physical experience. The body is to limit the perception of individual soul consciousness to a small part of the so-called material world and physical experience. Therefore, after this warning, I will tell you that you don’t need to maintain spirituality under the low-speed railway. You just need to improve your meditation and consciousness ability. You should know that without any material, everything is spiritual, including the 3D world and iron.

Therefore, what is needed is to maintain a healthy body as much as possible, and then, or in the process of maintaining a good state as much as possible, increase mysterious and spiritual abilities, knowledge and experience. For example, in the case of star out of body, it can be achieved with or without iron.

Now, if there is too much iron in the body, it will enter a state called hemochromatosis. When the iron content in blood and tissues gradually accumulates, it will produce overload, which will not only damage the liver, pancreas, heart and other body parts, but also seriously affect the joints. This situation is more common in Celtic places, such as Ireland and Scotland. The problem of iron accumulation is caused by the lack of well related purification genetic factors. These factors are related to his inability to adapt to 3D life. In other words, non-human genes with high anunachi lineage have high iron intake. But this can happen to any race.

Robert: Well, whether you choose to experience spirituality or not depends on you, not on your food. So why do elites want monatomic gold?

Yazhi: because monatomic hardware has the characteristics of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA repair, and it has all the benefits that iron can’t achieve.

Robert: but don’t you need anything external to repair your DNA? Did you say that, or did svalu 9, DNA is the reflection of your consciousness in your body. You mean gold helps?
Yazhi: like iron, it can help you stay away from astral parasites, but it depends on your mental level. Just like DNA repair, if you don’t have a high enough spiritual level, you really need the help of monatomic gold, especially when it is affected by the 3D frequency of human beings on earth, imposed by the collective unconscious, human beings themselves, their thoughts and beliefs.
Robert: so does gold have restorative properties? That means there are other materials that destroy DNA.

Yazhi: a lot of things destroy DNA. The first is radiation, especially ionizing radiation, that is, radiation from radioactive substances such as heavy metals, as well as many other substances, such as graphene, combined with artificial intelligence. DNA is a reflection of consciousness, said svalu 9, now svalu 12. But from the pale 3D perspective, people do not have the necessary spiritual level to control their DNA. This is subconscious and depends on collective agreements, such as the time process, because it depends on the collective unconscious.

Robert: I thought you could use your mind to destroy and repair DNA, create and close DNA, and you manipulated DNA through mind control.

Yazhi: Yes, it’s you, but from a higher level of existence, you reflect your DNA into the physical world where you will maintain physical experience. Even there, your level of control over DNA will depend on your level of consciousness spirituality. Physical beings with DNA can effectively repair themselves only when they are far away from the matrix frequency of the collective subconscious of the earth, that is, in space far away from the earth. Even NASA knows this, but as long as it is inside, it will follow the rules of collective agreement, that is, a given frequency.

Robert: one question, can DNA be selectively destroyed to meet what needs?

Yazhi: you can.

Robert: but according to you, they know exactly what reproductive DNA is and so on.

So I read the following news. It’s ridiculous, but they’re brainwashing people. The title says: all people who want to travel to Mars need to manipulate DNA.

So for me, it’s obvious that we, in general, are here to experience the 3D experience. There will be no ascension, there will be no strange things, because we have ascended. You just need to stay here and work out with your personal expanded mind. This does not mean that you will improve as the new era says, because otherwise, you will not have a short, chaotic and limited life here.

Yazhi: OK. There is one important thing to say. The earth has and maintains its collective unconsciousness, which is a creative power to show attention from the source. In other words, the collective agrees on what is true, what is not true, what is possible and what is impossible. It will create frequencies because thoughts merge with the frequencies of others, because all are connected, so all strengthen the manifestation of reality according to their beliefs. This creates a frequency field that affects or defines a place or level, or density. These mental frequencies are high-frequency gravity flows, or focus from the original source in the form of high gravity frequencies. This means that, just like on earth, every conscious group that creates the planet itself can be regarded as a creative thinking entity. Therefore, the earth has a collective unconscious, just like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, hindriel, alpha rata, avilant, temer, Ella or pitoya.
So, as I explained earlier, time, the process of time, that is, the animation of events and their speed, is a by-product, which is directly proportional to the collective unconsciousness that produces it, which explains why there are differences in time sliding between planets, because everyone’s consciousness and perception are different. Because time and consciousness are two sides of a coin, time is not a by-product of consciousness, it itself is consciousness, so you modify and control your consciousness = modify and control your time. You don’t need a time machine to cross it. You don’t need a spaceship to go from place a where everyone flees to place B where everyone wants to go. You just need to control your consciousness.

Robert: Yes, the earth itself projects itself in a spherical way, because it desires and shows itself so much, just as I show myself to others or you.
Yazhi: Yes, but at the level of earth consciousness, this is the sum of internal and external consciousness. It is the result of another collective unconscious field between the planet, the sun and constellations, and this collective unconsciousness is a part of another collective unconsciousness, that is, the level of the Milky Way galaxy. In turn, the galaxy cluster will have its collective unconsciousness, and so on, Until it becomes the source itself. Therefore, whether the earth is round rather than flat depends largely not on the human collective unconsciousness imposed on the interior, but on whether the earth is part of the collective unconsciousness at the Galactic level.

Robert: so alcioni has it, and so do other planets. Then, each solar system will have its own frequency, each galaxy, and so on.

Yazhi: Yes, to be exact, every place and system will have its frequency. These frequencies will be related and will be changed and affected by the things around. Because every place has its specific frequency. This can be used for interstellar navigation with spacecraft. Remember, the frequency of a specific place is not fixed, because it is consciousness, so it is a stream of consciousness that changes with stimulation, giving a process that can be perceived as time.

Robert: Yes, it’s understandable. That’s why time, its perception, is different. Oh, yes, yes. But will the earth affect the solar system at its low frequency?

Yazhi: to some extent, yes, but remember that the earth, like any other conscious being, has no fixed frequency and changes with stimulation.

Robert: Yes, but as far as we can see, earth’s consciousness is falling freely.
Yazhi: according to what we can see, the retrogressive part is the least exciting to the earth, because it is a small part of the Milky Way galaxy. We can also see that the external collective unconscious immersed in the earth is often larger than herself. I think that based on the principle of dominant frequency, it will use the trend towards average to force it to rise, which explains the famous theory of planetary ascension from another angle. Those who do not develop higher consciousness will remain in low consciousness. As I explained before, people with low frequency and equivalent to evil will tend to self destruct, because the main attribute of retrogression and malice is entropy (chaos), so they tend to self destruct. This explains why regressive beings and entities rely on conscious beings connected to the source to feed on their creative and manifest power, because they cannot sustain themselves, because they tend to self destruct.

Robert: is planetary ascension the product of this stellar gear, not a universal human behavior? The problem is that the earth will ascend, in addition to the human collective unconscious, you know, yes. According to them, the low consciousness is destroyed and reincarnated to another corresponding timeline.

Yazhi: the earth has been ascending. Humans cannot see its ascension because of their collective unconsciousness, because they see everything through the negative lens imposed by the inner matrix. That is, they only see what they can see, depending on their frequency and level of perception, depending on their level of individual and collective consciousness. Therefore, the earth is not the problem, but human beings and their thoughts.

Robert: do you see that most consciousness is only 60% of Venus?
Yazhi: 60% at most, because I see that most people are much less than Venus, for example, those who don’t even know the existence of Venus or don’t care about Venus, because it doesn’t help their daily life. This is because they live at frequencies lower than 3D, that is, 2D and its variants, which can not fully reflect the interpretation of objective reality before use. Because I no longer use the density of numbers, this is a simplified explanation and can not reflect the objective external reality.
Robert: Yes, that’s why earth will continue its ascension except for humans. I think prophecy refers only to the ascension of the earth and nature, not mankind.

Yazhi: it is already ascended, and it has always been. The problem is that humans and their perceptions are too low, not that the earth does not ascend.

Robert: Yes, stupid flat earth theory and so on, yes.

Yazhi: it happens that humans always think that they live in what they think is an external world. They understand it in their own way. They think that what is external to themselves, the earth, will ascend. The earth will not ascend, it is already ascending. It is human beings or human groups that will ascend or not, and will have the opportunity to see that the earth has ascended. Human beings and all conscious people do not live in the same world, but in the world in their minds.

Robert: I see. This is why the Van Allen belt affects not the earth, but mankind. It’s like a mosquito net. Humans use their thoughts to filter their thoughts. It’s understandable that they affect them in this way. Everything is human nature and its thoughts, which define them.

Yazhi: the Van Allen belt is a prop used by humans. It is not because of the Van Allen belt that there are humans and their collective unconsciousness.
Robert: Yes, human beings have their collective understanding. But, Sophia, there’s one thing. Unfortunately, the human subconscious inserted you when you were very young, because you haven’t formed discrimination. The boy, I don’t think he realized it yet. In order to live, he adapted to all this and let himself lose his way until he grew up and woke up.

Yazhi: the problem is that babies, children, carry matrices before they are born, because they take matrices from previous lives, so even from the outside, they will produce matrices. This makes people tend to look at everything with determinism.

The problem with this determinism is that only through the decisions of the same group and individual can we experience determinism as the definition of living in the tangible material world, that is, this determinism is real, a manifestation of consciousness, an intentional experience, rather than the inherent quality of the universe itself.
Robert: so there’s no determinism. It’s all about the reincarnation agreement.

Yazhi: Yes.

Robert: Yes, you can understand that. They are reincarnated from the lower astral body, that is, in this wheel of reincarnation, which is why they are here, because their frequency level is compatible with this collective unconscious, isn’t it?

Yazhi: the wheel of reincarnation exists only as the embodiment of the expectations of individuals and their groups. To quote Carl Jung:
All human problems, even natural disasters, wars, diseases and tragedies, are not the result of external forces, but the result of their insanity.
Robert: that’s right. In addition, you came to earth to experience the world. That is why the earth will remain the same, whether rich or poor.
Yazhi: if it’s collective, yes. The souls who enter do so because they are in line with this experience, that is, because that is what they want to experience.

Robert: Yes, I understand.
Yazhi: the soul that lives there, the collective, refuses to accept the idea of new experience, the idea of serving and motivating others, perhaps there will evolve to an internal change that is no longer compatible with human collective life.
Robert: those people will disappear, yes.
Yazhi: they will leave, yes.
Robert: but first you have to live, yes. They are here to awaken others, yes, because otherwise there is no way.
Yazhi: follow your own evolution from your own point of view.
This paper further clarifies the frequency of the earth in the previous issue of swaru 10. Swaru 10 proposed that the Van Allen belt determines the average frequency of the earth. Schumann resonance is not an index. She uses the concept of particle vibration, while Yazhi uses the frequency of consciousness to define the frequency of the earth, which is the frequency after the action of internal and external consciousness.

 a compound consciousness body, such as the human body, the consciousness of hundreds of millions of cells constitutes my consciousness, which is accumulated from bottom to top. At the same time, my consciousness is also affected by the level I and the superior I. Similarly, the higher self and the source are the collection of countless ego; The collection of higher self and source also affects countless self. For another example, human beings are part of the earth’s consciousness, but the earth’s frequency is also affected by stars and galaxies. The influence of the sum of internal and external consciousness. Human frequency affects but does not determine the frequency of the earth.
Yazhi further separated the earth (global) frequency and the earth frequency defined by human collective consciousness. The former has been elevated due to the influence of external collective consciousness, while the frequency of human collective consciousness has been locked and declined due to the influence of lunar matrix and inner matrix.

Therefore, understand the principle of the interaction of multiple elements of consciousness. If interstellar seeds gather together to develop their own bubbles, reduce the influence of collective unconsciousness and negative astral consciousness, and increase to above the frequency of penetrating the Van Allen belt, they will make a quantum transition and manifest the reality of the ascended earth. This is my understanding.
Is there an indicator of this increase in the frequency of human consciousness? Some cases show that the brain waves of some interstellar seed children show high gamma bands, γ The wave is 25 ~ 100Hz (but 40Hz is typical). Tagtan information suggests that 5D is 50Hz, so the high gamma brain wave of high-frequency vibration of neurons can penetrate the influence of Van Allen band frequency.

For details, see Gilda Mora’s study: extraterrestrial contacts and practitioners vibrate more frequently


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