The essence of cosmic law — let go^_^

The essence of cosmic law — let go

“When I went to bed last night, I suddenly wanted to practice the relaxation and stretching of cells in bed, and wanted to experience a feeling of integration with all things. When my body was completely relaxed, suddenly two strong energies focused on my throat and abdomen, and there was a buzzing in my ears. When the energy disappeared, when I opened my eyes, I saw a cake box suspended about 80cm above my bed It looked at each other for a few minutes, and then it became bright and disappeared. This is the third time that this box has come to me so far (one of them was heart-shaped). I got up this morning and felt upset because of confusion. I wondered if it could be a UFO? But it seems that there is no such a small cake box like UFO? [terror] “

The flying saucer also has the name of “light body spaceship”, which is also the result of your self manifestation. It is endowed with form by concentration and assisted by preset higher self programming, that is, the principle of the realization of your desire, the degree of your desire, the alignment with the frequency of your desire, and of course, whether you accidentally broke into the field of creation within the higher self heavenly soul plan, Or objects or life, all energy and all things in one supply the required materials, you cooperate with all things in one to give spear form, you focus on creation or disappearance, and finally send your thanks [strong] [strong] [jump] [turn]


“Good morning, Mr. LAN min. I’d like to ask you if it’s possible to wake up. It takes relevant steps and rules. Isn’t it difficult for ordinary people to wake up through meditation?”

Awakening depends on the alarm clock. It is impossible to awaken by arranging and agreeing on matters and practices in advance

In fact, the alarm clock rings, and most of those who should wake up do not wake up. Fortunately, there is an ethnic variation plan, so whether there is awakening or not, the gods, Buddhas and immortals with good foundation will cooperate to complete the ethnic transition, enjoy life and have nothing to do with awakening. If they wake up, they can pretend to be authentic humans. They will change due to the change of the general environment

“Thank you for LAN min’s answer. I have a strong desire to wake up, because I feel like I’ve been at a loss to find the truth. I’ve had this sense of uncertainty to find and explore since I was very young, but it’s clear that religion is not my faith. Therefore, since I contacted and learned about dialogue with God and the Voyager After so many articles and information about spirituality, it is impossible to pretend to sleep. If awakening needs an alarm clock, I look forward to being awakened as soon as possible! Thank you again! / “Boxing”

You have awakened. There is no need to tangle, but the awakening does not stop, so keep relaxed. The awakening is only a task arrangement, just as the non awakening is also a task. More importantly, the awakened people pay more attention to their own life state, so keep high vibration joy. As for enlightenment and greater expansion understanding, you just need to do one thing well, put down the burden and move forward with joy


The essence of cosmic law — let go

Original sdbetty   New life on earth   Today

Sanat Kumara: the essence of cosmic law – let go

By: Linda Dillon    Council of love 2020
We have told you that this is a time to let go. Let go of patterns, behaviors, people and environment, what doesn’t serve you, what doesn’t feel like love or happiness, and what doesn’t feel like the truth of your life.

“” greetings. I am Sanat Kumara, planet sign, guardian of the laws of the universe. Today I am carrying the golden radiance, the message of love, the message of encouragement, the message of beauty, the gift of truth and the gift of purity. I welcome you to the new earth, the existence of new stars, and even the creators and colleagues of the new star era.

I stand up today because I hope you can once again understand the essence of the law of the universe and how it works. You are very familiar with the law of attraction, and you are also very familiar with the laws above and below, inside and outside. Some of you dance around elimination, although it’s useful for you. As you grow and change in this expansion, you are given every day. It is important that you think and feel and activate this gift. It is important to eliminate those forces that do not serve you or the collective.

Many of you are afraid to throw things out. What’s going on? We have told you, all of us, this is a time to let go of patterns, behaviors, people, environment, internal and external, what does not serve you, what does not feel like love, what does not feel like joy, and what does not feel like the truth of your life. This also includes giving up pollution, war, hatred and radiation. Because in the process of letting go, all you do is clean up. You are creating a bright and shining space for the new. You said ‘SK’ to me, what should I do? How can I get rid of pollution and so on? How can I put it in the trash can and take it to the roadside according to your suggestion? I have cleaned my house, so it is not polluted, but I hope to clean it for the group. I want to clean Gaia.
Many years ago, your beloved Saint Germain said, “no, don’t take on things that don’t belong to you.” well, this doesn’t apply anymore. When you think of your beloved Gaia’s work, it certainly doesn’t apply. So I allow you today, I encourage you to see that you represent the whole and Gaia, take out what is not suitable for her, wrap it up, put it in the trash can and take it to the roadside of ether. We will turn it into pure light and return to pure love, because it is the only energy in the universe.

I don’t think you fully understand what I said to you, Einstein, Raphael, Serapis bey, El Moria, St. Germain, mother Mary. You didn’t fully hear what we said to you. The structure, energy, matter, essence and subatomic matter of the universe are love. Has it been changed? Sometimes, yes, we want to emphasize that from the strong human collective, yes, believe in the wrong grid, the wrong paradigm, transformation and transformation into something less desirable.

But the good news is, my friends, you have proved how powerful you are. But we all know that some energy you don’t want to touch anymore, which is good. That’s why we say throw it into the trash can, give it to us, and we will return it to you as bright love. If you are most afraid of being polluted, don’t worry, give it to us. We’ll erase it and let it shine. return to you. This is our sacred partnership. When we ask you to help us, write love in the air, love in the water, love in your heart, you are doing your duty. So let’s do our, let’s help you, let’s help Gaia. Let’s help every human, hybrid soul on earth. Let’s strengthen you, because when we talk about “above, so below”, it also means that if we are strong, if we all bow to Michael, then you, my lovely angel, are also strong. If we are humble and docile, then you are humble and docile. When we love, you love.

Look in the mirror, look in the mirror, look in the mirror of your friends, family and partners, and see the beautiful truth of who you are. Declare yourself and stand in love, because every fiber, every strand of hair, your eyes, your face, your skin and your body are love. It is love that takes a form, a form you decide, an absolutely perfect form; Just as Gaia’s form is absolutely perfect. So at this time of change, at the time of shift change, remember that you are perfect. Let the perfect side shine. If you decide, if you choose something you want to give up, give it to me, give it to any of us. We’ll be ecstatic. We won’t take it from you; We have too much respect for you. We see your holiness, we don’t interfere, but we want to be partners. Come and join us, join us, my loved ones. bye. “


The burden on your shoulders should be removed and more responsibilities should be handed over to your guides, assistants, galactic team and your interstellar family.


We are choosing the precise energy for November, ready to be sent to your world by us and our colleagues working with us.

We know that you need considerable support at this time because the energy continues to increase and you are constantly bombarded by the energy of various regions of the galaxy. Therefore, we know that any energy we provide you will be supportive. They will take root and stabilize and help deal with everything you release at this time.

The more energy bombardment you bear, the more you will release. You will release more heavy and traumatic things that are no longer suitable for you. After releasing these energies, make room for more high-frequency energy. These high-frequency energy will enter naturally according to your position in ascension, just like the position of the solar system in the Milky way. You can look forward to November, from more general Inspired by the cosmic energy, get a lot of downloads of what you should do next. You will have all kinds of ideas, be inspired by these ideas and move in a specific direction.

Of course, your guides and your higher self will carefully coordinate these energies, these thoughts, these impulses and other transmissions, because they know what you need and when you need it. They are very good at deciding these things, and we will continue to track your performance and how you deal with the transition to the fifth dimensional frequency range. According to your situation, in order to be able to To help you better, we will have a lot of meetings and dialogues.
So, we just want you to know that you don’t need to do all this yourself.

It’s not necessary and useless.
This will not help you achieve your goal faster. Taking on more responsibilities will only make it harder for you to enjoy the journey.

So take the burden off your shoulders and put more responsibility on your mentors, assistants, galactic team and your interstellar family.

They are all waiting to provide you with any help without interference. So let November be a month of letting go and letting help in. Give yourself enough time to rest, relax and open up, because there are still many things in December. We just hope you are physically, mentally and mentally ready. We will do our duty.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Seize every day to create and realize the reality you want

Concentration, detached observer, sexual honesty, humility / submission are the ways to achieve a true spiritual teacher, and it is easy to fall into the trap of arrogance unconsciously. (practice is an eternal classic)

Original invested in Qianjiang 9dsounds today in January

If you become quantum:

(after reading, this is a 2008 information, which I dug up in I collected a lot of information on this website and was very impressed by this information. It can be said that the full text is full of key points, which is worth reading more than once.

Hello, beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of light. I greet all of you. I respect you and know you. I greet each of you alone at the moment you read this vivid text, in the vibrational essence of the eternal present. I embrace you in love.

   Dear ones, every moment of your current material life is precious, far more than some of you realize. Far more than most of you, time is a precious commodity and is limited in your duality. Everyone reading these words will leave the material world at some time in the future. Where you are, you will experience death and you will Passing away. As you know, this is an inevitable change of the body. But many of you act like you can live forever. It is true that the soul is immortal, but in other worlds or in other forms of your existence, you will never be the same person, the same personality or expression again.

   You are here to learn, dear ones, you are here to learn your own divine expression in duality, and duality is indeed a gift. Life is a gift. You are here to learn how to co create, because you are indeed the co creators of all things in the universe. You are here to become masters, and many of you are very close, There is only a short way to success.
Seize every day
    In your time, there was a proverb, “seize the moment, carpe diem”, which translated into “seize the day” , this sentence is very pertinent. You must seize every moment! Many of you, despite your good intentions, allow yourself to become calm and satisfied at a specific stage and situation in your selected lives. Many of you are wasting and abusing time, and your life will be wasted again and again.

     Some people will say and feel that “everything will be solved in the way it should be, and everything is in perfect order”. But masters, there is a paradox here, just like the card in poker (jqk) Similarly, no matter what you think, it is reversed. Understand? From a higher perspective, everything is in perfect order, but from the human perspective in duality, it is not so! If so, there is no need to learn, and there is no need for the reincarnation cycle you define. One only needs to look around and know that the situation of human beings on earth is far from being reached To perfection. In fact, it will not be solved in the way it should be until you solve it!

     The vast majority of human beings are still not in harmony with their own consciousness, so they are driven by their own unconsciousness and succumb to the manifestation of fear and nightmares. As we said before, there is a higher light quotient on earth now, higher than at any time after the golden age of Atlantis. In terms of pure light, there are enough human beings now There is enough light quotient to bring about sublimation. About 10% of human beings carry the minimum light quotient required for transformation. Although the number of people carrying light quotient was small in the golden age of Atlantis, the number of each person is indeed large. In fact, thousands of pure light masters walked on the earth as energy holders in the golden age, and there are many fewer people with such ability and frequency today.

     Therefore, it is your bounden duty to raise your light and become a brighter lighthouse.

     From the perspective of the larger cycle, the 2012 sublimation you define is not a completion, but a beginning. It is the completion of the dark era, and it is also a beginning stage that is easier to enter the high dimension. Your world will not end in 2012. In fact, for most humans, December 21, 2012 seems just another ordinary day, and many people will want to know all about it What is the purpose of this chaos and noise.

     At the same time, some of you will recognize and use the ability to enter the high dimension and live in the fifth dimension, and most will still choose to stay in the third dimension. Indeed, this is their privilege. In duality, it “is like this”, it is not perfect!
Create and realize the reality you want
    So today we talk about creating your world.

     It is an undeniable fact that you created your reality. But it is also an undeniable fact that 90% of people do it in a vast unconscious state Even those who can realize their dreams often seem unwise in choosing what to create. In the current era, most people develop the power of consciousness and use it to realize their ambitions of power and wealth, but they create heavier courses and burdens for themselves to complete and solve.

     Your palm scripture tells you that wealth is difficult to learn, but it is difficult for a camel to pass the eye of a needle. Most of this sentence is true. However, wealth is not evil. More specifically, it is simply a responsibility. It can be balanced only in real wisdom, which is called love.

     Love, true love and unconditional love cannot be mastered by most people on your planet at present. It can be imagined, but it can not be really obtained, because this third dimension, which is also the dimension in which 90% of people exist, is a conditional dimension.
   True love is a high-dimensional frequency. It is not passion, romance or sex.
Why can’t expectations be realized
    There is another paragraph in your religious scripture that says, “whatever you ask for”, but how many of you can achieve what you ask? Despite following countless tricks on this issue, how many of you can really do it? How many can really and completely achieve the joy and abundance you expect?

     Let’s answer. Very, very few. So if it’s obvious, why is it so difficult?

     Since you want to realize the creation you desire, you must complete the part of your brain that goes beyond the ego level. However, in order to enter that part of your brain and into the divine mind, one must master his ego. This is the key to the lack! Dear, there is no shortcut, no bypass, no cheating! There is only one way, it includes effort! It needs to Training and investment, and these must be carried out in love! The key is concentration!
The word “impeccability” can be understood as “concentration, enlightenment, coming out of the mud without contamination”
    What is concentration? It means to go your own way and let others say? What does it mean to go your own way and let others say? It means to try your best? Of course, but what does it mean?

     Does it mean taking time to reflect on yourself? Of course. Does it mean putting your life under the microscope of critical thinking to observe what is right for you and what is not? Does it mean finding out why you are afraid and understanding the reasons?

     Dear ones, this is not to make you feel guilty. It is to let you understand why you are here and why you can’t realize your real desire! This requires you to reach the crystal vibration frequency in your daily life. So reaching the crystal frequency in your daily life is called concentration. The improvement of energy and frequency is the improvement of one’s own concentration
   But if you don’t take the time to reflect on yourself, you can’t do this! If you lie in the halo of honor, you can’t do this! If you put yourself in the position of victim, you can’t do this! If you don’t love yourself, you can’t do this. If you hide your bad habits in the blanket projected by the ego, you still can’t do it This.

     Honey, you can’t deceive yourself, you can’t deceive the creator God, and you are also a complex part of it!

     So what aspects of your life are wisdom and bad habits? Have you taken the time to reflect and list these? What about your fear, anger, comfort, victimization, guilt and doubt? What are the basic reasons for these obstacles, and they are really the fetters that prevent you from taking the last step to become a self master.

     Many people who read this text will think they are “on this road” Many of you attend seminars, exchange meetings, learn metaphysics, listen to psychic information, and desperately grow, teach, and become lighthouses. When you get together, something wonderful happens. Something called high-level consciousness is generated by the intention of collective consciousness energy. You experience an extraordinary energy and feel great We feel the energy of “high dimension” and “home”, bathe in it, and feel very happy in it! Isn’t it true?

     So we ask you, after you left the seminar and the party, how long did this extremely happy energy stay with you? When you returned to your daily work and life, how long did it fade away, and you began to experience secular, stress, depression, or indulge in bad habits?

       What happened to the energy when you left? Where did it go?

     You see, in the collective energy, in the seminar, you took out your best self. You followed the course of higher thought. You treated everyone, including yourself, with love. You gave love, you allowed yourself to accept love, you meditated in the group and created a lot of beautiful energy. You followed the pace of the higher self! You reached the crystal frequency of conscious thinking.
    But after that, one week passed and another week passed, and the magic began to dissipate. After two weeks of spiritual gathering, how much time do you devote to love, joy and meditation, practice what you have learned, and do your best? How many times do you reject the victim’s emotions or depression? 10%, 20%, or 100 Five percent?
The importance of detachment
    There is an aspect in your brain that transcends the individual ego, which we call the detached observer. This is not the inner narrator. In fact, the inner narrator is “affiliated” The inner narrator is attached to the emotional body. It is not a transcendent observer. Just as you meditate, calm down your inner narrator and let the quiet observer ascend. Do you understand? Do you understand the difference between the two? The transcendent observer is located in a different part of the brain and goes beyond personality. It goes beyond judgment. It is just simple Observe from a transcendent attitude. This is very important. Develop this energy, develop this existence and the state of existence.
    Now, for an hour twice a week, before going to bed, allow the detached observer to reflect on your behavior in the last two to three days. You objectively observed what you experienced in the days of the seminar, and how is it different from what you felt in the days after?

     How many of you can see where you need to improve? Is it easy to see? If you are solving it, is it easy to solve? Yes or no? It is really not easy, masters! It is not easy because you choose to put aside the difficult things, the things you deny, the things you don’t want to admit, and put them on the shelf Or sweep them under the carpet because they conflict with the person you want to be. You hide them in front of others and yourself. It’s very difficult to face the dark side of your shortcomings. And these bad habits are what you must face if you want to be determined.
Hidden conceit – spiritual – superior style
    Many of you are leaders or teachers and have worked hard for a long time to gain a higher level of knowledge and spiritual truth. This is admirable. However, progress requires humility. How many of you did not expect to be beaten to some extent when attending spiritual gatherings. They let you know how far they have gone in their dreams and how far they are going How many great sights and spiritual masters have been seen at the high level; the implication is that they have made great progress and want to ensure that everyone knows. This is an understandable disadvantage, but not an honest approach. Spiritual “superior style” In the spiritual promotion circle of the new era, it is very popular, and most people who hit others do not even realize that they have left such an impression of conceit and vanity. There are many hidden conceit traps in the spiritual circle. No one can fail. Leaders and teachers at the first level are particularly easy to fall into this conceit trap when they begin to contact their followers . most people who have this problem don’t realize it. Are you one of them? Almost everyone has this problem to varying degrees, dear. Humility is the way to achieve a real spiritual teacher, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of arrogance unconsciously.

     We tell you in love, dear ones, it (arrogance) happens to all of you. It happens in your lifetime, in your daily movement and change, in or out of honesty. In duality, whether you are a teacher or a student, (in fact, you are both teachers and students) You can’t go beyond it. That’s why you need to recalibrate by looking at the mirror of infinite truth. Looking at the mirror is to look back at yourself with your own transcendent observer. There is a subtle boundary between self love and conceit. The contradiction is that the former is necessary to obtain concentration, while the latter is an obstacle. You will be forced to choose many times on the road to becoming a master Choose love or power. Power is very attractive and often has a good disguise. Arrogance will degenerate. Many people who have achieved high spiritual achievements did not expect to become ignorant and degenerate because of their conceit.
Self reflection and calibration
    So let’s review some good points around the need for self reflection and how they can help you gain concentration.

     How many times in a week or month have you wanted to tell a white lie, and how many times have you said it? How many of you think that telling a harmless lie is nothing compared with telling a very serious lie? From the perspective of vibration resonance, is there a difference between the two?

     How many times have you been late and left early for work in a month? How many times have you had a chance to forgive, pity and be kind to a stranger while you turned around. How often do you participate in so-called gossip and criticize others?

     And for those who wear Christian clothes all their life and kneel down for forgiveness because they believe in the dogma of original sin, have you ever blamed yourself? It is easier to give than to accept, and it is easier to give love than to accept love, because you think you are insignificant? That is also beyond integrity. That is not determination. Self love is not a gift, but a need! It is not what you get , it is a common necessity.
Sexual integrity
    Sex is another area that is very complex and confusing for many of you. For many centuries, in various cultures on this planet, there have been many belief systems, many different ways of expression, experiments and forms. Some are very conservative and others are very open. Many people in your current society are in their sexual behavior and gender expression There are problems and conflicts on all sides. This is not an irony. Many of you will achieve the best balance only after your body stops secreting sex hormones. However, Kundalini is slow in sexual behavior That is, the release of energy is one of the most powerful energies available to mankind. It is used in good places and wasted. The key lies in intention. If both sides agree to attract, respect and take care of each other, it can be extremely satisfied, wonderful and sacred. It can transfer the soul to a higher field and form the trinity of body, spirit and soul. When this happens In life, especially among members of the same soul Union, there will be an energy brand to be branded and an enhancement effect beneficial at all levels.

     Sex is the natural expression of the flower of love blooming between souls. It can be the most natural expression of love between people, regardless of gender. However, it can also be the source of sin, control, prejudice and judgment. It can be the source of arrogance, especially for men. It is often misunderstood and abused. Communication should be based on mutual agreement In fact, freedom of expression should be respected to best align with the upper chakras     The high-level intention in sexual behavior is very good at all levels of physics, spirit and spirituality. It can become the source of rejuvenation and regeneration. However, some people choose debauchery, manipulation, greed, conquest and undistorted physical addiction as a way to express sexual behavior. We tell you without judgment that sexual energy is an elegant energy gift when it is used in high-level intention When used, it can provide you with a glimpse of the divine climax joy in the field of heaven. It is the power of life and should be used by wisdom, including body, spirit and spirit. Dear, wrap it with high consciousness, sharing and love. It is another side of concentration.
Awesome and Strength and Focus.
   Oh, you say, it’s too complicated! Of course! That’s why you’re here. You can use strength of will and self review Do it! We didn’t let you do anything beyond your ability. I didn’t let you do anything you didn’t understand at all. You really already know the truth! We’re just revealing what your ego is trying to hide.

     So what are we revealing? It’s not mysterious at all, honey, it’s the crystal frequency. It’s the resonance of concentration. It’s the spiritual crystal resonance. Reaching it requires effort, desire, practice, time and humility! Masters, you’re at the tip of some extraordinary event! Seize every day, don’t waste precious time, don’t worry about it again Waste your life! You are close to the dream you have been pursuing for many lives.

     Everything you hide, everything you ignore, every little obstacle you put in the trunk will appear and give you another chance to solve. They won’t leave.
Unresolved energy block
    Before you enter enlightenment, all unresolved energy (unresolved karma) must be transformed. It will appear again and again until you face and solve it.

     The unresolved karma is the chaos left over by you in your life. Some of you who are on the edge of enlightenment have recognized these little chaos, put them in neat little boxes, and find various reasons to take them for granted. You consider them legitimate, hide them, hide them and turn them into unrecognized forms, To allow you to excuse yourself. This is called denial, this is called postponement, and you push them to the next life to solve them. This is a waste of time and opportunities. The unresolved energy you resist is polarized and stays outside your mental field, reminding you all the time. So you are just trying to maintain the status quo and move forward. Some of you on the edge of enlightenment think you ignore these You can also move forward, honey, that’s not the case.

     You may feel superior because you have made a lot of progress and solved a lot of problems. However, in most cases, the things you solve are solved because they are relatively easy to solve, and you haven’t dealt with the really difficult and hidden ones.
Polarity physics
    You see, masters, the closer you are to the light, the more darkness you attract. This is physics and electromagnetism in the real sense. Pure positive energy has the strongest attraction to negative energy. So you must have wisdom, humility, strength and training to deflect it. This is another physical law you must understand, that is, when you reach the crystal vibration called fixed force After moving, you go beyond the binary attraction of magnetism and enter a field called zero, which is blissful detachments.

     Now solid energy, hatred and anger are another mystery. How do you deal with it? It’s not very mysterious to you. In fact, you created them. It’s part of duality. It has two sides. Your Bible says to turn your face and let people beat (more humiliating than metaphor) What does that mean? It doesn’t mean you have to apologize when others step on your feet. One of the meanings is to stand up for your truth. But it doesn’t mean you will step on others’ feet intentionally or unintentionally. Understand
   Destructive force (aggregation) Many of you are afraid of it, but at its core, destructive power is one of the most creative forces on the planet. The power that can make a small seed rush out of the soil, sprout and bloom is pure destructive power. When human conflict occurs, destructive power in its pure form is often a way for humans to learn more about themselves. We are not It refers to war. It is more appropriate to say that both sides are standing on their own truth and looking for ways to fully express their views. Conflict is often “agreed” good plans and opportunities to educate both sides.

     Each of you has the opportunity to stay focused in conflict. You can deal with conflict without getting involved. Understand? As an observer, it’s not easy to deal with it from the attitude of emotional separation, but this is the way to become a master.

     You have the opportunity to become determined every day. When you realize your shortcomings and the conflict between yourself and integrity, you have concentration, and this is indeed a journey. Similarly, when you stand on your own truth and are willing to agree with the truth of others, you embrace integrity. There is a saying that one person’s right to wave his fist ends in front of another person’s nose Stop. Concentration includes recognizing the rights of others without sacrificing your own rights. Take care of each other and think twice. When you make a mistake, admit it, forgive and be forgiven (yourself and others), and do it in a posture of separation.
Consciousness is a vibrational state
    When facing the conflicts and difficulties in life, there is always a very difficult feeling. Many people sometimes even think it is really too difficult. But masters, it is not difficult, and it has never been too difficult. When you accept the challenges and face them in a separate attitude, you will achieve a state of clear purpose, complete and clear mind. Therefore, the soberness and consciousness of this moment will become The powerful driving force of your life. Chaos and irregularity have been removed. In this transparent crystal separation posture, you can, and only at this time can, access the divine mind and multidimensional brain. This extraordinary state of consciousness has always been there, but it will never be accessed in a state of mind with emotional attachment.

     It is in the divine mind that the super subconscious contains the divine side of human beings, God consciousness. It is achieved through the clear thinking and clear mind with concentration in the extraordinary crystal field. At this moment, human beings are in the merkivah geometric crystal field. Human beings have become a soul with divine thoughts and reached the divine creative mind through the curtain.

     The divine mind can only be achieved through crystal vibration in the fluctuation of crystal thinking. Crystal thinking is above emotion and feeling of inferiority. It is achieved in the attitude of separation. It is like the crystal lake in Shambhala heaven, flat as a mirror, without waves distorting its reflection
   Masters, when you reach such awareness, this level of unbiased perspective, you are directly aligned with the extraordinary divine field within you. This field is crystal, clear, not disturbed by doubt, not obscured by fear, victim feeling or any other humble emotion that confuses the limited ego every day. Crystal thinking, there is no irritability and victimization in the divine mental field Anger, judgment, power, control, anger, no ego consciousness, inner narrator’s incessant nonsense.

     When we reach this state of existence, we obtain the creative divinity of life. This state of existence can achieve everything we desire in the frequency of wisdom and love.

     This short summary tells us not to be afraid of difficulties, but to face them with a transcendent attitude. After eliminating the karmic obstacles and emotional imbalance, we can reach the state of mind like water. At this time, you will become enlightened and achieve what you want
Consciousness is a necessity for the crystal creative state
    All the ways you have read and been taught how to achieve concentration and how to be happy, healthy and rich in life can only be achieved in the separation posture of the crystalline mind. We have said again and again that it will not happen in the attachment state of ego consciousness and will never happen. All you have read and learned about how you create your own world and manifest The knowledge of your reality is just an unattainable possibility and fascinating philosophy until you experience it directly, until you do it.

     You will not and cannot become a true master, a true divine being, until you decide to be able to get out of the mud without staining (with concentration), until you decide to try to reflect on life and remove obstacles until you love yourself. At this time, only at this time can you really love others in the high-dimensional unconditional love of the crystal field.

     Seize every day! If you are still hurting others, if you are falling into ego, victim role, other people’s control, depression and power desire, stop them! Change now! Until you change, otherwise you will repeat your experience!!!

     There is divine wisdom and clear consciousness to guide your master’s road. This can be achieved. Most of you are very close to success. Don’t stop and clean up the cabinet (meaning to clean up the remaining karma you ignore and don’t want to face). When the inner narrator stops and the brain drops down, the conscious mind and crystal field can reach it. 

  • look for the light
    *Be honest
    *Review your life and calibrate
    *Put your best effort into everything you do
    *Embrace and live your beliefs
    *Remove fear and doubt
    *Remove anger and control
    *Love yourself
    *Love all life
    *Teach others
    *Be detached
    *Create your world
    Nothing is more gratifying than the acquisition of a divine mind. That’s why you’re here. You’ll soon realize this. The faster you act, the faster you will find the elusive door to the realm of creation, the path of masters. It’s always there, waiting for you, dear.
  • I am Metatron, and you are beloved.
  • And so it is.
    In the last paragraph, Archangel Metatron emphasized that we must let go, keep the attitude of an observer, dare to face our own karma and our own bad side. We should act quickly and do it quickly. It’s no use learning but not doing. The best methods and theories are floating clouds. Now people who think they have practiced for a long time but lack of breakthrough, I think it’s archangel who said here For those who have reached the edge of success, there are two key points that these people need to do: first, dare to face the important problems they have not solved. If they are obsessed with all the mysteries, whether big problems or small problems, as long as one of them is not solved, the karma will not be eliminated and they will not be enlightened. To solve them, they need to make great determination and make great wishes, and the willing force must be greater than the karma to turn around. Second, they need to go To do it, we should insist on training, train to reflect on our abilities, train to stop, and train to look at everything from the perspective of the observer. This needs training, not just at once. Remember, we should train, train, reflect on life, and reflect on every thought of ourselves. “We are not afraid of reading, but we are afraid of being late”)
    Comparing these data with the ice sheet gravity data collected by NASA’s grace satellite, the researchers were surprised to find that the previously measured melting rate of the Antarctic ice sheet is incorrect, because the bedrock in the Antarctic is lifting at a rate of 41 mm / year, resulting in an underestimated loss of the ice sheet by 10%, which means that the melting rate of the ice sheet is faster than the measurement!
    This is really bad news, which means that the consequences of climate warming are more serious than we think.
    But scientists also realize that this may also be good news, because the fastest melting ice in Antarctica is the Songdao glacier and siweitz glacier in the southwest pole. The melting of the ice shelf starts from the bottom of the sea under the ice. The warm sea water continues to melt the bottom of the ice shelf, causing it to collapse step by step, resulting in a large amount of ice flowing into the ocean.
    The uplift of the bedrock in Antarctica will continuously lift the grounding wire of the ice shelf – where the sea water, ice shelf and rock intersect, so as to prevent the collapse of the ice shelf and stabilize the whole ice sheet.
    So what forces are responsible for the uplift of the bedrock in Antarctica? It turns out that this is due to the mysterious mantle plume. Because the mantle below Antarctica is hotter and more fluid, when the ice sheet above melts and its weight is reduced, the crust will continue to rebound and uplift upward, resulting in the uplift of the bedrock.
    Another study in 2018 predicted that climate warming could lead to the collapse of the southwest polar ice sheet in 100 years, raising the global sea level by nearly 3 meters.
    The uplift of Antarctic bedrock gives us a glimmer of hope. Scientists estimate that in the next 100 years, the uplift speed of Antarctic bedrock under the action of mantle thermal convection will be 2.5 to 3.5 times faster than that observed now. Perhaps under the strong pressure of global warming, the rise of bedrock can stabilize the southwest polar ice sheet and prevent it from collapsing completely.
    A mysterious force appears under the Antarctic ice, which is promoting the rapid growth of the continent. The consequences are unpredictable!
    Original Xu Dewen Xu Dewen Science Channel today
    Antarctica is the last air conditioner on the earth. The whole continent locks 90% of the ice and 70% of the fresh water on the earth, stabilizing the climate environment of the whole earth. If the air conditioner in Antarctica fails and all the ice and snow melt, the earth’s climate will collapse, the sea level will rise 61 meters, and most areas along Haiti will be submerged.
    In 2018, science magazine published a paper by the National Space Research Institute of the Danish University of technology, pointing out that Antarctica is rising at an unprecedented speed, about 41mm a year, far exceeding other parts of the earth. What is the matter and whether it is a disaster or a blessing for mankind?
    Researchers placed six GPS sensors on the rocks of Amundsen Sea bay in Antarctica and measured them once a year – it seems like a small effort, but you should know how difficult it is to find a solid land not covered by ice and snow in Antarctica and how difficult it is to measure it again every year. But scientists at the Danish University of technology did it and the earliest data can be traced Back five years ago.
    The earth’s indicators have set a record
    A new round of solar storm


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