Awakens the consciousness of Christ, Predicting the great transformation of life^_^

Predicting the great transformation of life

Chapter three: awakens the consciousness of Christ

My ears have been buzzing in a quiet place these two days

At 10:30 last night, a group of crows chirped. It was rare to hear a loud noise
I dreamed of the school scene. After a thunderclap, the sky showed all kinds of pictures similar to the forest like a movie screen. The students flocked to me, and I was still holding an old book that was about to lose pages^_^

Dream of the interplanetary seeds incarnated on earth, their families also poured in, just for company, not ready

Explain # ascension log: “many civilizations in the galaxy are your ancestors.
This is a historic moment for all of you. Your ancestors have been home for a long time. Time travel has been going on for a long time.

You live in the last cycle of earth. You are great, great, great. These ancestors come from other planets and carry your human DNA, memory and history. There will be no time. You will recognize your lost brothers and sisters, and you will gather together as a human. This spectacular reunion will happen sooner or later.

These light creatures are right next to you now. They are stationed in the stratosphere. They are stationed around the earth.

Not all the beautiful stars you see in the night sky are what you think. Many of them are light ships sent by your family to guide your journey on earth.
You can see them. You can see them with your own eyes. These wonderful lights exist.
They want to contact you. They are the masters of ascension and they want to lend you a helping hand! Ascension to the fifth dimension is not only your destiny, but also your right. You were born on earth because you have the right genes for this transformation.
This is the God code in your DNA.

There is an upcoming wave that you now need to maintain your light, as it is needed in these times of great change. In the final stage of ascension, with the influx of new energy, these energy will consume and surpass everything previously done in this field.
This is a long journey. It’s time to light up your inner light!


You should not only enjoy the true face of life, but also enjoy everything provided by the material Kingdom, but also not be attached to any environment or material things you like.

New energy networks and new allies around the earth

Daniel Scranton

Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We continue to look for new allies in consciousness. We search the whole universe, not just the Milky way, but the whole universe, looking for those who want to raise consciousness in all physical densities and all low dimensional levels. We have found many new allies who are helping us build a new energy network with more love, more light and more support To surround people like you.

We know that your challenges are very arduous, and that you are struggling in such a binary and polarized world. In this world, you know that if you put happiness in a basket, the basket will one day be broken, or full of holes, or stolen.

But you are destined to enjoy the world. You are destined to enjoy a flower, a sunset, a hug, a wealth, and all the things you like.

Therefore, you should not only enjoy the true face of life, but also enjoy everything provided by the material Kingdom, but also not be attached to any environment or materialized things you like.
You must be flexible to move back and forth between the inner and outer fields. The inner knows that you are infinite, and everything outside is infinite. In fact, you need to create more things you like, rather than oppose those things that destroy what you like. This is really a high requirement.

We are working with our new friends and allies. Part of our work is to alleviate the pain of failure you have experienced and help you understand the facts of duality and polarity of the universe, so that you can live in it and enjoy good things, and believe in yourself and the infinite nature of the universe, especially that you are a part of the source.

You must realize your infinite and eternal nature in order to enjoy everything you have, not to be attached to any one, and you will not lament that everything you love has an opposite. You must allow the opposite to coexist.

If you want to continue to enjoy the real experience, you just need to continue to move towards the light, continue to obtain inner love, and continue to believe in the infinite and eternal nature of yourself, the universe and the source, so that you will not be disappointed and will not embark on the road of despair. You should know that every negative experience will produce a positive experience. While maintaining balance, you are also choosing to create more things you want to experience Love, you are helping others realize that they also have this ability, not only the ability to create, but also the ability to focus something on their experience. No matter how you inhibit or deny, this power will never disappear. Relax, know that more help is on the way, know that you have been evolving and ascending on earth, and understand this fact is very important to you We will have great comfort.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Galactic Federation: the ascended master wants to connect with you

Passing: Aurora ray

We, the Galactic Federation, stationed on the earth’s astral plane, are currently involved in a series of projects related to the large-scale ascension and evolution of your racial consciousness, hoping to convey our continued support for the ongoing process.

This is a very exciting moment. We are all happy to welcome you to the new earth. We know that you have brought us peace and love.
On the new earth, human beings will wake up from their eternal sleep, where they remember their true identity, abandon all chaos and darkness, and replace it with light, love and knowledge. There, human beings as a whole will once again become what they were destined to be in the garden of Eden a thousand years ago.

This is a place of peace, joy and abundance. Here, existence from all star systems, galaxies, universe and dimensions will jointly create a space of love and harmony.

Your ascension is getting closer and closer every day, and light beings are preparing for this change. At the personal level, this change in frequency will help catalyze your soul level ascension, and your fifth chakra will be able to connect more effectively with your sixth chakra. This will make it easier for you to communicate with higher areas.

Your awakening started the chain reaction of the whole galaxy to some extent. You have got a chance, a gift from the universe, to make this earth a paradise again.

Many civilizations throughout the galaxy are paying attention to your transformation. For them, it is a miracle. But you know, it is not a miracle at all. It is the result of continuous efforts and perseverance, just as you have done on earth. You have created your ripples in the whole galaxy, and you have tried to change your world for a long time. Many people don’t take your efforts seriously, but you do.


Predicting the great transformation of life

Chapter three awakens the consciousness of Christ

Cheryl: my friend, this one will test your nerve strength, because you see, your old belief system (I’m not here to fight them), they’re not bad, because that’s what you’re taught. But in the old belief system, you’re asked to wait for Christ to come again.

I am here to tell you, my friend, that the beauty of Christ will never abandon you because of you, because you see, the beauty of Christ is the projection of the love of the creator God, which expands itself in everything you do.

This is what we call Christ. If you want, you can distinguish it into Jesus in the human body and Jesus in Christ. However, I want to ask you this: “Why should we look at Christ through people? Why should we look at untrue things through politicians? Why should we look through teachers and see that they themselves are afraid of not being able to teach or don’t know how to teach? Why don’t we look into the teacher’s eyes and say,” it doesn’t matter, we can help you. “Why don’t we look into the politician’s eyes and say,” why don’t you choose to stand on the side of our people? ” And let him know that he will no longer be alone. “

Why not open your heart to this beautiful person who lived on the earth a long time ago? There are so many words about him. Why look back at what you said in the past? Why look at what you read now and love what you like and just put down what you don’t like? Maybe you don’t like reading the part where he walked into the hall and drove out the usurer. If this is true What if he said to those in the synagogue that day, “you should not go beyond the boundaries and make the house of the Lord and the house of the creator a place for money transactions”?

My friend, what if you were there the day he healed people’s bad diseases? What if you were there the day he raised someone from death? Well, you would be as shocked as the people there at that time. However, you see, it’s like the previous chapter “from fear to love” Then you should be afraid. If you have read my book, you will know that he is the greatest being and can bring the most active light of Christ consciousness on your earth level. You will know that he is much more beautiful than generally believed.

However, one thing he wants you to know is that it doesn’t matter which way you go to find the love of the creator, as long as you decide. It doesn’t matter who is calling you on that road, whether it’s religion, spirituality or others. It doesn’t matter who is calling you. The reason is that if you have the love to get there, you won’t be lost Lost. And when you think that the power of the creator is the most unparalleled art exhibition of love, how can you have that love?

Therefore, when we mention the light of the master called Jesus Christ, I want to tell you to read with your heart. Read your Bible again and don’t let those people try to dissuade you. Tell you that if this book is not read in the way it is written, it will be bad. Just read it in the way it is written for you, because if you do, you will find that you really like it This is too much; and after reading some parts, you may decide “I don’t need to read any more”. I already understand, and I will say that it’s no problem. No matter how you choose, whether there are many branches or not, as long as you know that there is a way to take you to the Creator! That’s the way of love.

Cheryl: I would like to announce to you that one of the greatest masters who has lived on earth invites you to be complete again with courage, faith and willingness. Some of you call him “Jesus Christ”. Others just call him “Christ”. If you don’t mind, I will call him Jesus master

The energy of Master Jesus from Virgin Mary and Joseph on Mount Bethlehem was brought into the earth to make changes. He is an absolutely beautiful energy. Your history records that he began to perform miracles in his thirties. In fact, he started much earlier, but those miracles were not recognized because he didn’t want to attract attention.

Around the age of 30, Master Jesus began his own re-entry transformation. Some people will argue that Master Jesus’ life energy has been refocused so that he can begin to enter a new or even more meaningful state of existence. This is known as “the transformation of life energy” and “Christ Consciousness” It was accepted willingly. One day, it was waiting in the line of people for John to be baptized for her in the name of the heavenly father. The people in the church were surprised to witness the transformation. It seemed that the whole existence began to move into a new reality, and the creator’s energy suddenly entered Master Jesus like a thundering wave. Now, the master began to have the energy that came to him again, and he entered Serve as a human therapist in the world.

For those who remember the mission of Master Jesus, it is a controversial fact that he has come to spread the message of “healing through love” everywhere. These words can be finished in less than two seconds. However, until now, mankind has really understood its declaration: “healing through love”

You can do whatever I do. “
What he really wants the world to understand is that once you remember that love can withstand all changes, heal everything (including the mother of the earth) The reality of will become the happy opportunity it should be. Those who are powerful can no longer deceive the public with the threat of judgment and the fear of hiding self deception. Because the great transformation is to raise the frequency to know that love is the winner of all.

Long ago, in the Pharaoh’s time, history was passed on orally. The books that made up the Bible were dictated for thousands of years from generation to generation. Finally, these stories were written and translated into many of the same languages. However, due to many factors, the words were changed. Through Akasha’s records, I hope to try to bring some information back to consistency The Akasha record is a document that records everything that happened and will happen. Everyone can access these materials, but please let me interpret them before you practice enough.

You know, I’m not here to offend anyone, especially those with religious beliefs. I won’t prove myself right, because I don’t need to prove anything. What I do is try to provide an alternative way to see things, because what I do is to state some facts that I recognize to be true.

Zongdun is only part of the teachings of Master Jesus. He really aligns his body energy with the earth level, so everyone will begin to realize that each individual can be proficient in his own four body system, which is composed of four seemingly separate frequencies. Body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. When you look at the Bible, you will find those who mention that he heals all four bodies When the consistency of these four energy bodies occurs, miracles will explode into the universe.

The Bible mentions many stories of Jesus master and their great ministry. However, interpreters rarely explore the true understanding of the strong energy on which Jesus master can focus. Those who travel with him form a vast, fearless and unified ideological energy of the will to strengthen the real healing of the four body system.

The question often arises: “if Master Jesus has such healing ability, why only choose a few people instead of bringing all humans into complete enlightenment?” the fact is that there are people who do not want to be healed.
There are many reasons, although many people will not admit it. Even in today’s world, some people also suffer from a disease, some may be cured, others will not. And master always glorifies individual free will, and never gives a miracle without a warm request.

Master Jesus’ teachings are so vast that even his simplest actions need many books to describe. Many stories are interpreted as Master Jesus sitting there judging right and wrong. In fact, he is not based on fear or judgment, because he cannot resonate with its teachings. His real message is true and based on love and healing.

Master Jesus once described that love is like the accumulation of pure light ideas from the source, nurturing the essence of the recipient. How can anyone doubt that such energy will sit there to judge its brothers and sisters?

How many people who are reading this book will realize that money or lack of money is the main focus of their lives? How many people know that Jesus master also experienced the lack in his reality?

It is said that when Master Jesus was about 14 years old, his father Joseph left the earth by accident. Before that, his family life was comfortable because Joseph fully provided them with their needs. When Joseph died, his employer promised to give the family a generous compensation to tide them over. When Master Jesus was with his mother and brother James When they went to the employer, they were told that there was no such agreement, so they refused to give money. They went back to the other members of the family exhausted. At this time, Master Jesus took the responsibility of supporting the family alone. Therefore, he lacked experience with his family and found the true meaning.

Therefore, my friend, if the situation you encounter is not what you want, please recall this message and understand that if Master Jesus can find his truth in this situation, of course you can. Many stories about master have been recorded, but mankind has not learned how to contact these records. One day, these records will be shared with all people Open, then many mysteries will become clearer. Truth, as most people hope, will become a treasure.

Learning Self

The third dimension is the illusion of the belief system. You are here for experience, and what you really want to do is experience. If you have decided to experience hardship and heartache, that’s what happens. However, when you are ready, you can change that situation. This is when you enter the “100% magic” When you live your life, stop taking shortcuts. When you go straight ahead, until you receive what you know you deserve.

Every bit of energy you spend on this earth level is used to learn more about the Self, so that you can become enlightened and become one with your Creator Energy again. This is what Master Jesus did. He came to the earth level to experience everything he can experience. He learned what poverty, illness, how to heal and how to Perform miracles. He learned the suffering of death on this earth level, but his subsequent reincarnation is to prove the immortality of life, and death is only to ascend to another level of awareness. He was born on this world level to fulfill his commitment to mother earth and mankind. The creator God created a space in which master can not only experience, but also strengthen his consciousness Words: “no matter what I do, you can do it.”

All experiences are allowed, because in the energy of Christ, if you are not allowed to experience suffering and heartache, how can you connect them and make yourself pass through? Suppose the great creator God said to Master Jesus, “We will send you completely to earth, where you will only receive the highest things, and you will have no difficulty. Just go down to heal and heal mankind, and do all you want to do on earth. Then we will lift you to heaven and return to the creator’s energy. “Then how can master Jesus know? Will he understand it by looking at the pain in people’s eyes, or would it be better for him to have the opportunity to experience it himself?

Now he is in a position associated with the power of God. Not only does it have the knowledge of pain and suffering, but also its human essence has been truly experienced. He knows the internal work in your experience and why everyone must begin to receive the answers necessary for forward evolution.

Trial and life review
Judgment seems to be an inherent part of the earth journey. Many religious beliefs refer to higher individuals standing there to judge these evolving souls. Perhaps you were also told in your childhood that if you do something bad, God will punish you or hold you responsible. Most of this situation is just to scare you and make you abide by and meet the required behavior Can you imagine the creator looking at all creations and judging whether each action is good or bad?

In the process of coming to this earth to experience everything, the so-called “doing wrong” is inevitable. But what if those mistakes are not right? If they are only a way to experience the essence of this journey, and this is the only way, because the real judgment lies in the way back to the source? When a person leaves this reality (death) After that, he or she will review the life he or she has just experienced. This review process is in the Christian energy, the higher self, and usually a guardian (such as an angel being) From the perspective of learning, you review how you go through each experience. You look at every aspect of this life in great detail. If there is any judgment in the process, it will be your own. You decide whether you can do it in different ways. If you evaluate some lessons that have not been completed, you will record them so that you can do it next time I repeat them.

For example, this review may focus on the greed of previous generations and the accumulation of huge wealth. The purpose of your soul may be to find the meaning of comfortable existence by obtaining moderate wealth. On the contrary, you indulge in the accumulation of huge wealth and don’t care who is in your way. One day, the shrewdness of accumulating wealth will be replaced by living It’s like a government loves itself with its own appearance, not with what it has. Therefore, you see, my friend, it’s meaningless to judge the wealth of others.

The way back

On the same subject, someone once asked me, “if God, as we know God, is such a true God, such a fair and loving God, why would he allow his only son to come to the earth to live such a life, and finally be crucified and die gradually?”

My explanation is that if you want to look at things in this way, if you look at the creator God, and you think he does not have the highest wisdom, then you may not see the things you want to see. What God has done to Master Jesus is not the focus, but that God can allow master Jesus to experience things. Just like your own life, my friend, when You call on it and say, “why did God do such a thing to me?” God did not do such a thing to you. You structured your own plan, and you implemented your own many lives. God has always been there with the love he wants to give you, but you have to extend a connection to God. You have to open your heart and say, “my God, let your son Master Jesus enter my heart.” After that, see what happens.

Master Jesus often mentioned the journey of love from birth. Everyone is called “love” there When a child is born on earth, he has no concept of fear in his innocence until adults raise the volume in anger. This emotion creates a new and vivid feeling and is stored in the memory system for future use due to high-frequency energy. Many people are very young I learned to equate fear with excitement and bring it into adulthood. I never understood that love has the same power.

Emptiness is one of the main fears, that is, the fear of not finding a way back to the creator. Sometimes, this journey will seem full of pain because everything will become empty. I am sure that it is impossible for every soul in evolution. Every soul has chosen to return, but the time is different. The result will be the same, because the creator welcomes all to go Those on the way back. Please remember that everything is connected with this energy, and no one will be abandoned in the consciousness generated by master.

The power of love and healing
As I have said, when the earth changes into the fourth dimension, people will understand the concept of love and are willing to move towards the greatest love, unconditional love or divine love. The energy really scattered in the fifth dimension is it. When you really understand the meaning of love, you will find the ability to love yourself. This love is necessary to see other forms of love.

Therefore, it is impossible to experience the feeling of love without loving yourself first. Most people recognize that Master Jesus allowed his essence to focus on this earth, so that his teaching of love and healing will become a belief system throughout the planet. This great energy is scattered on your earth level, from your life on earth to becoming a guardian In everything such as protector, we know that those who understand light and its love will also understand that he is here to awaken our ability of healing and love.

In this awakening, you must understand that this is true, really related to some internal feeling. This is to understand that love is only a word, but the concept behind this word can take you into the whole of beauty you seek. In this, Master Jesus talks about the healing of brothers and sisters in the world and the healing from all masters who have lived on the earth level The greatest hope of Christ consciousness is to awaken every being on the earth to this understanding, that is, the Christ energy has long been a part of you. This is to understand that the Christ consciousness within yourself has been awakened, and in this awakening, all you have to do is recognize its beauty. You don’t want to attach great importance to it, but just recognize that it is already you And you are a part of the universe, because, my friend, Christ consciousness is a part of the universe.

It will take a focused effort to change the often negative planetary thought pattern into a positive one. However, those who begin to spread light will find that it is infectious and more rewarding than fear. They will find strength when truth, trust and enthusiasm reside in the state of existence of those who move into love with their peers. This is necessary It is related to the energy essence of one’s own heart and one’s own cognition of oneness.

Fully focus on strengthening your light. When you do so, you light up the light within the ID, and it will spread around you. The spread of this light is an understanding of the authenticity of unity. God has many names and many aspects, but the energy of God is only one. When this transformation is completed and we return to God’s energy, we are God.

Light. In its own essence, it becomes the reality of the Self. in that reality, it selects various forms of vibration. It will transform itself into many things, all of which will return together to the light. In that light, you will recognize that you are part of the whole, and in your understanding of the whole, you will be one with yourself. Because Here, you take everything you can touch into the possibility of illuminating yourself to enter the Self.

Many people who choose to share their learning through psychic or psychic means will one day experience what Master Jesus clearly understands. Many people who come to teach are revered and loved. That love is so strong that it becomes fear. This fear attacks the loved object, even until death, so that they can safely enjoy that love again. In short, people will love someone People or something feel out of control, and then fear the object they cherish. In fear, they will kill the object just to prove its immortality. Then they will honor it with the display of love by remembering it. This is the way Jesus master was treated at that time. In that treatment, he said these words: “Don’t seek to understand my plight. Just explore deeply in your soul to remember that you and I were one, and in that, my love is yours. In love, you can leave as you come in.”

Q & A

Q: apart from comparative evolution, are God and Jesus similar to us?

Cheryl: Well, that’s true. When you say they’re similar to you, it’s true. They’re beings of light, in a pattern of light like you. Don’t limit yourself to the third dimensional individual who is experiencing here. In fact, you’re a being or energy pattern of light that belongs to the creator or part of God’s energy. The one who came into the world as a human Jesus Christ is as like as two peas.

Q: why is Jesus the son of God?

Cheryl: for the same reason, you are also God’s son or daughter, my friend. We are all extensions of the creator God’s energy. Master Jesus came to earth to bring new light and reveal the path of love and light. The creator decided to give you a chance to find out how you see things. What Master Jesus wants to show you is that how you can see is up to you How to see the difference between.

Q: does Jesus also have karmic issues to deal with?

Cheryl: absolutely. My friend, he has created his own karmic subject in his life. Please understand that this is the first time he has carried out it as a master. He did not have many previous lives before he began his work on the earth level. He was created in the image of God and became immortal. What I mean by the image of God It means that a light being accepts the human body. He creates karma all his life, and he has to work through it just to know what it feels like.

Q: who is the guiding spirit of Jesus?

Zerill: two of its guides are archangels Gabriel and Michael. He actually works with many archangels, but remember that he has been connected to the consciousness of Christ. It is completely direct (if you want to see it like this) He also used the angel level to spread his hope to Mary Magdalene, Peter, Joseph and the rest of the twelve disciples.

Q: what had a great impact on Jesus when he was young?

Cheryl: one of the most influential people in Master Jesus’ youth was a pottery merchant with rich travel experience and knowledge. Master Jesus would listen to his story about things far away. Master Jesus saw that the world was much bigger than he could understand, so he decided that he needed to start expanding his knowledge.

What happened before Master Jesus was 20 years old was rarely disclosed, but that period was “A life of trials and tribulations. The creator God allows him to exercise his life like you. However, some of you repeat the same experience in several reincarnations, but Master Jesus has no margin to repeat. He must complete all he can do in one life, while some of you have been poor in many lives, poor in close relationships in many lives, or in the last three years Four previous lives are in poor health. Maybe at some time, you just need to go through these things and begin to understand that, like Master Jesus, you can heal everything.

Q: has Master Jesus’ teaching been changed after he was crucified?

Cheryl: this question puts forward a theme that is usually well covered up, and its answer will inevitably destroy the beliefs of many people. Therefore, as usual, I encourage you not to regard anything in life as a deeply believed gospel truth, because everything has room for interpretation.

Peter and Paul are very powerful beings working next to master. I named them because they have made important contributions to master’s Ministry.

Peter passed on from the perfection that Master Jesus began. He began a journey along the way to set up places where the people he taught could pass on the teachings of Christ. Most of his life was devoted to spreading healing, love, and the words of wholeheartedly returning to the creator.

Although this should have been the case, when Paul’s work began to appear, many people would use force. Why? Because as Peter continued his work, it was generally believed that early Christians were persecuted at that time. At the beginning, this would not have a great impact on the power structure, because most believers were in a lower social class When this situation began to change and those with social status understood the teachings of Jesus Christ, the change of consciousness would reduce the tax revenue of the state. The donated property originally used to fill the Treasury was transferred to the church established by the believers of Master Jesus. Greece, which had cultivated art and civilization for centuries, suddenly found that in addition to fighting against the Roman Empire, The tax revenue of the state began to decrease somehow. Neither Greece nor Rome was strong enough to fight two wars at the same time: one was on the battlefield, and the other was dealing with those who found the way of Jesus, reducing the tax revenue to the state by supporting everything he supported.

Paul saw an opportunity to slow down the merciless slaughter of Christian conscious believers. He made an agreement between the Greek and Roman empires and the high-ranking people in new Christchurch. As a result, the state could play the role of the religious system according to the agreement, which would create the illusion that the state and the church were separated. After many years, the agreement had its own life and the balance of power Even with the rapid increase in the number of Christians, the church has actually become a force to guide the two governments.

The church has become so powerful that it must be divided to re-establish balanced power. Therefore, since then, many wars have been fought in the name of religion. This is a fact. Is this nonsense from the seventh dimensional energy? Your heart will come to the answer when you fully digest these possibilities and begin to piece them together. For those who will be angry about these possibilities , please remember that this is the reawakening part that resonates with it. If it is not now, it may be in the near future

Q: it seems that in the process of formalizing this religion, the Nicaea Council, which established the Bible, deleted most of the female energy. When will this male dominated situation begin to change into a more balanced male / female orientation?

Cheryl: similarly, this question has opened up a lot of controversy. Even today’s Bible makes only a slight mention of the fact that the first to recognize the incarnation of Master Jesus as a female energy. The Bible also mentions that the disciples do not want to witness this great event. You may wonder why this great master chose female beings to show himself? It’s simple, No From the perspective of pure nature or a balanced man / woman, women are always guided to clarity through intuitive understanding. Now, it’s men’s friends, please don’t feel offended.

In the past, women’s energy was mostly operated behind the scenes, because it can provide a broader vision. Because of this, the vast majority of history is recorded by men’s dominant vision. However, in fact, my friend, a large part of the history you know is woven by women’s energy.

Observe your leaders today and judge for yourself whether there is the influence of female energy there. Can you imagine that the leader of a big country has a beautiful and intelligent partner, but does not seek the intuition she can provide and apply it to his daily governance? Or is it that Greece, which has cultivated art and civilization for centuries, suddenly finds that in addition to fighting the Roman Empire, the country The tax revenue of the family began to decrease somehow. Neither Greece nor Rome was strong enough to fight two wars at the same time. One was on the battlefield, and the other was dealing with those who found the way of Jesus, reducing the tax revenue to the state by supporting everything he supported.
Paul saw the opportunity to slow down the merciless slaughter of Christian conscious believers. He made the Greek Roman Empire reach an agreement with the high-ranking people in new Christchurch. As a result, the state can play the role of the religious system according to this agreement, which will create the illusion that the state and the church are separated. After many years, this agreement has its own life and the balance of power Even with the rapid increase in the number of Christians, the church has actually become a force to guide the two governments.

The church has become so powerful that it must be divided to re-establish balanced power. Therefore, since then, many wars have been fought in the name of religion. This is a fact. Is this nonsense from the seventh dimensional energy? Your heart will come to the answer when you fully digest these possibilities and begin to piece them together. For those who will be angry about these possibilities Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that this is a reawakening part that resonates with it. If not now, maybe in the near future, the great prince will not be affected by a beautiful princess? Therefore, you can ask yourself whether such beings as the Virgin Mary, Martha or Mary Magdalene have a significant impact on the energy at that time.
Finally, please remember that in master’s teaching, if any part of such a complete truth cannot resonate with it, it will be abandoned by this (female) energy. Because of this fact, this (female) essence must be hidden behind the scenes and allow the male focus to prevail.

Yes, my friend, in fact, there was a very influential female energy in the past, but his energy is not enough to convince people to think about it at least. When everything is revealed, please grasp the truth that female energy is as powerful as other energy. Let’s pray that at least the female side of those great male leaders will always be committed to this journey Cheng’s peace movement.

Q: is crucifixion one of Jesus master’s “God’s plans”?

Cheryl: all the plans belong to God. Of course, the event of Master Jesus being nailed to the cross is not just the end of master’s worldly life. In fact, it is the beginning of the public’s awakening to what you think of as “life” In fact, it is only a small part of your whole, and there will be all lives that will change to a greater consciousness and form towards the Virgin Mary, Martha or Magdalene. Does these beings have a significant impact on the energy at that time.

Finally, please remember that in master’s teaching, if any part of such a complete truth cannot resonate with it, it will be abandoned by this (female) energy. Because of this fact, this (female) essence must be hidden behind the scenes and allow the male focus to prevail.

Yes, my friend, in fact, there was a very influential female energy in the past, but his energy was not enough to convince people. At least think about it. When everything is revealed, please master the truth that female energy is as powerful as other energies. Let’s pray that at least the female side of those great male leaders can always devote themselves to this journey The peace movement.

History shows that a few powerful people control the reality of the public. However, my friends, please believe that this is not the case now. In fact, the essence of master will be scattered in worldly life, and everyone will be reminded that master is willing to sacrifice his existence in that form. Please believe that this is futile.

Q: at his resurrection, when Christ ascended to heaven and came back in incarnation, was that a spirit in real form?

Cheryl: usually the answer to one question will lead to more questions. I say completely and unreservedly that the Christ energy has never left human existence. Many people look for the Christ energy at different levels, but the fact is that this energy has always been with you.

When the creator sees that it is appropriate to send his son to the earth level, all he must do is focus enough energy to create a human incarnation. All essence, regardless of form, is the result of such concentration from many levels. For example, when Christ was first witnessed after the resurrection, it is said that he was not solid at that time. The reason is that he decided to give birth Life is only enough for those present to recognize his essential focus energy. In reality, unless Master Jesus focuses enough energy on being seen by the world, will so many people believe in a specific appearance? Again, when facing the spiritual world, please accept this statement:

Anything can become reality only through concentration.

There are many reasons why a high-level master like this will choose to reincarnate. There are different reasons, but for such a huge master of light, he has never really experienced the width of reality like ordinary people. By using the “face” of reincarnation, he can complete those beautiful things. You must understand the “face” Remember that everyone on the path of enlightenment sometimes uses this “oriented” reality to bring this reincarnation into a richer life.

Q: Did Jesus go to the American continent?

Zerill: there is a religious group based on the premise that Jesus has been to the American continent. Jesus has the ability of “astral travel” and can put himself where he needs. Please remember that he has been highly evolved like Christ’s energy. He can focus enough energy to let him appear somewhere according to the needs at that time.

Go and talk to your American Indian brothers and sisters. When they mention the son of the great light, they are talking about Jesus who travels in the astral body. Until today, they still rely very much on the guidance of the spiritual world. The elders teach that any focused reality can enter the third dimension as desired.

Q: after Master Jesus was crucified, did the world experience a few days of darkness, or only in his nearby area?

Zerill: it depends on the individual’s awareness and whether they experience this period of no light. In fact, the whole earth is shrouded in a kind of “no light” However, some people are unaware of this phenomenon because this is not the time when they wake up. There are differences between each transformation. In the one you mentioned, individuals can choose whether to participate and remember. But everyone will remember this transformation, and everyone is a part of the whole, regardless of the form.

Q: Master Jesus was once the greatest healer on earth. How did he heal? Did he introduce special energy?

Cheryl: Master Jesus connected the creator’s energy and said, “let me be the channel of the beautiful light energy in the reality of love.” this is the way to exercise the so-called “miracle”.

If you want, Call Master Jesus directly. Let him guide your hand and illuminate your essence in the healing process. When you call Master Jesus to guide your hand with light, call the creator to guide your heart, and call the Holy Spirit to bring energy, you call the so-called “Trinity” treasure.
Jesus is often depicted with etheric fibers or apertures around him because his essence is on the earth level. Although he is incarnated through the womb of the Virgin Mary, at some point he becomes a Christian energy, no longer just the Jesus master of Nazareth. When he vibrates like a Christian energy, all dimensions are opened to him, and his healing power is from many The dimension is connected. When he wants to heal, the aura will become brighter because he will connect the dimension to bring in energy. This is what he brought into the earth level, and he didn’t take it away when he left. It brings the awareness of healing with him, so that everyone can begin to understand the possibility of following his path.

Q: Jesus’ healing seems to be immediate. How can we achieve such healing?

Cheryl: when Master Jesus lives on the earth, many people will gather around him. Thousands of people’s mass consciousness join and strengthen the Christ consciousness. His hands emit so much energy, how can he not heal immediately? The mass consciousness of thousands of people focusing on creation can accumulate with its reality at its hand Get up. He will put his hand in his own Trinity reality, and with the belief of thousands of people, the sick will be healed immediately. He puts one hand on a leper, and the leper will stand up immediately. His sore is dry and his eyes are clear. All present know that the healing will be effective.
Master Jesus declared, “whatever I do, you can.” There is an awakening in these words!! this is not magic or some gift from the creator. It is just a message that all people are part of the Holy Spirit. And the degree of clarity you achieve is the way you can contribute to the healing of the world. Put down your limitations, because this dimension is about to be bathed in the essence of love.

Q: are you exposed to higher dimensions in the process of breathing Qi and pushing energy out of the body?

Cheryl: that’s true. It’s not easy to treat the third dimensional body, and when you bring a specific vibrational pattern into it, things begin to change. In the breath of Qi, you actually expand the pattern. We (guiding spirit) It will really make you bigger. You may not see the changes in the material level, but you can feel your own expansion, because the molecular structure has expanded. This is the way Master Jesus exercises his healing work. He will use his memory and immerse himself in the image of the creator, bring the energy down to the core of his incarnation, and create a direct downward connection Bottom pipe.

You can say it’s a pipe, a small opening (if you want to say so) , release your undersea chakra from your top chakra through the center of your body, and you ask it to enter and heal your body. You may still feel solid, but after doing so many times, you will begin to understand that you are not. Then you can guide the energy out of your hands and third eyes for any purpose you want. You can also focus only Do this with your third eye.

Q: I hope you can talk about those who have been healed.

Zirrell: all healers must understand that unless the person seeking treatment has entered a complete understanding of why he experienced this pain at all levels, the probability of his complete recovery is very small.

In fact, all physical discomfort experiences are to allow a specific project to be carried out. For example, a person has cancer pain, perhaps because he has been completely healthy for several lifetimes. This life may be used to find out all about “disease” Whatever the journey, the individual is allowed to learn in the way that is most suitable for him.

For example, if you refuse to accept a diagnosis that you cannot cure, you may seek an alternative healer, because what you really want is a clear belief that the pain will be cured. Then when you reach this physical evidence, the healer can start to participate. You now want to find out how to complete the topics connected with this journey. Until this point For a moment, the healer can focus energy on the cellular memory and start the process of reconstruction. Please remember that each cell in the body has a memory of perfection, and when they believe that the subject has been completed, each cell can be guided by light to remember perfection. Therefore, this healing is not only feasible, but will begin.

Most people will never deliberately block the healing process. That’s why it’s so important to remember a lot of work you can do with the four body system, recognize how deep the soul has to go, and get the experience you weave into this world.

Q: how important is it to know the root cause of the disease in order to completely heal and prevent the recurrence of the disease in the body?

The root cause of the disease, in any case, starts from the spirit and accumulates in the body. If you don’t know the truth, it will be difficult for you to bring the whole subject to an end. It is this process of bringing to the end that allows the healer to really do physical healing. And emphasize the reason why we should do meditation?

Cheryl: Yes, meditation is a hotline to Christ consciousness. Some people use meditation to have out of body experience or talk to your alien friends (it doesn’t matter to visit them) However, there are many ways that meditation can be used. Indeed, it needs to be reminded again and again that meditation is the only answer you can hear your prayer. If you ask for things in your life, there is no reason not to listen to the answer, and the only place where you can receive the truth of the words you seek is in meditation. I don’t care whether it is repeated or not It’s never too much to wake up.

Q: is Jesus the first incarnation of Christian consciousness?

Cheryl: to answer this question, I would like to remind you that all evolving life forms actually exist in different levels at the same time. The most direct answer is “no” The complexity of the fact is that Christ consciousness existed long before time could be measured, so it is meaningless to say that Master Jesus of Nazareth was the first incarnation. Masters like him will not set the principles they must follow, and this energy has been used in many forms to cross all dimensions, including yours.

Q: during Master Jesus’ last two years on earth, did the Christian consciousness take over its body?

Cheryl: Master Jesus worked closely with Christ consciousness at about the age of 16 or 7. At that time, others tried to ask him to do more clerical work, so he decided to start his journey. This is when he began to have more contact with Christ consciousness.

He began to fully resonate with the Christian consciousness about the time you said. The Virgin Mary told him from his childhood that the Archangel Gabriel sent her the word that he would be special, that he would lead people to a better life and have a complete understanding of love and healing.

Q: simply put, is Master Jesus a psychic medium of Christian consciousness?

Cheryl: Yes, it’s simpler than I thought. One of the definitions of “psychic medium” is that an individual creates a time and space to calm the physical body and make an entity (spirit) without substance , you can perform the desired function by reducing your own frequency. Of course, Christ energy is a more decisive acceptance. Once it is in place, it will not leave until the journey is completed.

Q: Christ is mentioned in books on rank. Is Christian consciousness an attainable thing, not just an energy?

Cheryl: this question can be answered in many ways. Christian consciousness is the art of understanding your frequency on earth at the moment. So the answer is: Yes, it can be achieved. And the real question is whether individuals can recognize such awakening? The fact is that energy is scattered in all aspects of evolution, but it will be the last evolutionary step before understanding] all Suddenly.

Q: does the Buddha belong to the consciousness of Christ? Does anyone else reflect this consciousness on the earth level?

Cheryl: among the masters who came to earth, the Buddha is one of them. Master Jesus and the Buddha are completely separate, but they are the same. They use different physical bodies, but they are essentially the sons of God. In fact, there are many such people. My friends, but unfortunately, they are not so famous. And not many such people have come recently Earth level. Through Christ consciousness, we are actually talking about the energy of the so-called son of God. Whether he is in the name of the Buddha or any name you feel comfortable with, the masters are among you.

Q: how do those knowledgeable religious groups that have a system of organization and seal Jesus deal with Christian consciousness or higher self? Will they understand that they are part of Christian consciousness and begin to live that love? My purpose is to combine this understanding with an organized religious group. I don’t want to feel that I have to behave in a certain religious setting But it is another way for those who live in the consciousness of Christ.

Cheryl: many people are going through this. They want to stay in a formal religious group, but they understand that if we are all part of God’s energy, then we are all part of Christ consciousness. I can only tell you: always look inward, always look inward. Don’t try to convince anyone about the differences between words and actions, or take them The need to combine, especially in organized religious groups. Continue to connect inward and try to find the answer, because when you find it, you no longer need to explain to both sides. You will understand that they are all in their own perfection, but most importantly, you will understand the perfection of the Self. what Christ energy wholeheartedly wants to describe on the earth level is to find To the inner Christ, or to find the perfection of the light of the great creator.

I regret to say that in the past, many people in formal religious groups used fear to make you maintain a specific belief pattern. This fear has been broken by the flow of time. People like you think that life should not only live in fear, whether it is the fear of car accidents, the fear of teachers, nurses or doctors who worry that they are not good enough, etc Being in fear is not the path of Christ’s energy.

In addition, formal religious groups will continue to exist for a long time. They must undergo some changes to allow people as beautiful as you to understand that they are as close to Christ as anyone in black. In the near future, everyone will be allowed to take their own journey at their own pace and will not be pushed or urged into a belief system At that time, everyone was allowed to evolve at their own pace. Also because everyone was busy seeking truth, they would not judge others by right or wrong.

Q: some different religious groups are waiting for the coming of the Savior. Is the second coming of Christian consciousness the same for them?

Zerill: when you use the word religious community, you immediately create space for debate. If you focus on waiting for the so-called “coming again”, you are giving up the power to pursue your own truth. They call “saviors” , they have never really abandoned human evolution, but allowed each of you to move forward at your own pace. They have always been here and never abandoned anyone who wants to understand the path of life more clearly.

You just need to remember that when the whole world seemed to break apart around people, they called for the same great energy as Christ and received their own responses. You will effortlessly convince these people that Christ is here and now.

Q: I’m trying to bring more Christ to my classroom. For me, that’s more energy of love. I have a student. The more she asks for love from me, the more I give her love. Her behavior is worse now. I think I’ve let her down. I’m trying to deal with this situation.

Cheryl: the first thing to do is not to judge her or yourself. If you do your best to provide her with this energy, show her that healing love is the way to conquer everything.

Remember, not everyone can deal with large doses of love immediately. It’s like banning children from eating sugar until they are teenagers. You may think that all you have to do is give them a small square sugar, and they will think it’s the best. You may be wrong. They may find that people seem to have no desire for love at all, but if they give it in small amounts for a long time, it’s absolutely impossible Most will learn to ask for more. Don’t give up. Masters don’t give up on you.

Let’s take another step forward. If you give the little girl all the Christian energy, or love and healing, as much as you can, she will absorb it according to her ability at that time. When she absorbs the Christian energy, or another love in the name of the Christian energy, it may feel good at the beginning. Sometimes it may feel too good, and a period of adaptation will be created. If you stick to only one If you want her to come back and ask for more and continue her commitment, then my friend, your recognition that Id love can fill any sense of lack will be your reward.

Therefore, my advice to you and your child is to transfer love to her. So you don’t have to fill her all the time. This little girl (Cheryl is observing the child’s energy) She was beaten almost every week in her life. Now suddenly, her school teacher gave her a hug, looked at her kindly, and didn’t reach out to beat her. How would she react to this? It was unusual for her, and she didn’t remember what it was like, so she didn’t know whether she should accept it or not. So what did she do? She resists. She scares you away and goes back to beating. Every time you do the same thing to her, she may resist more and more. But what if she learns that love is not so bad one day? What if she decides to resist to the other side and says, “I don’t want to be beaten again”? These are just assumptions, but your hard work is worth it.

Q: how do angels know their existence in the third dimension?

Cheryl: whenever angels appear in the third dimension, there must be events that attract public attention. When this transformation begins to become stronger, you will see more statues of the virgin shed blood and tears. These are the so-called “angel appearances” The angelic hierarchy now works more closely with this reality than ever before. They are using their power to show you their existence. They have been connected to the third dimension in ways that ensure that they will not be noticed for a long time.

Now their freedom to share with you is to allow their strength to become part of your daily life experience, and their responsibilities to work in this world have been greatly expanded. They can now form an avatar and always work with you. Many angels have chosen to go to a complete reincarnation just to experience this transformation with you. And Some angels think this is an opportunity to complete one or two topics they feel they need.

No matter why they come, please be happy for their coming, because when they really start moving here, you will be in a huge space as long as you get close to them. When you read this book, don’t be surprised that you are actually with an angel. You can be sure that you will meet an angel in the next 24 hours When you meet them, please shine on them in the light, because for all those who have just recognized their essence, I want to say, “welcome, thank you for giving up the reality of your hometown to come here to assist in the greatest transformation in the process of evolution.”


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