Living in the present is not suffering from the present work and life^_^

Living in the present is not suffering from the present work and life^_^

“Hello, master! Today I saw the content you sent in the circle of friends. I thought of several questions. First, my own way of cultivation, and second, where am I going (tracing back to the source).
In the first aspect, I have been working normally. When I encounter great joy and sorrow, I usually use meditation to explore the root of emotion, and hope to understand the emotion itself from the root. At the same time, I read the enlightenment Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra, Tao Te Ching or some other books.
Second, I don’t know where my life will eventually go. Driven by curiosity, I have read a lot of stories about aliens, Freemasons, Feng Shui, etc. I really want to explore and understand the fundamental laws of the universe. Therefore, recently, I have focused on learning Feng Shui, I Ching, Hetu Luo Shu, and even psychic (two links) At present, I seem to be stuck in information. There is no information or way to understand more essential things.
I’d like to consult you here

  1. What do you think of the first way of practice I mentioned, or do you have a better way to recommend it (the way you taught me to link to the Buddha last time, I use a lot now, and the effect is also very good)
  2. Take up the first question, about links. It seems that they can link some high-dimensional channels in meditation, and they can give some guidance. However, I also find that there have never been any specific concepts, just like they won’t tell me a concept I didn’t have (they can’t achieve daily meaningful communication)
  3. What is my way to know the truth behind those things? What do you think I should do? Or you have other views on this, and I look forward to your guidance.
    Thank you! “

All practices are for one purpose only, connecting the higher self, the heavenly soul plan and the higher life wisdom. Therefore, the first thing is to connect with the higher self. What is the purpose? Connecting the heavenly soul plan, that is, living in the present, focusing on the present, maintaining a higher vibration, joy, relaxation, rest, inner perception and emotion, learning to accept, let go and empathy, compassion and empathy, Learn to love yourself, then love others, and play, concentrate and meditate in the moment. Understand? It doesn’t lie in what you do, say, think and hope, but in whether you no longer add a burden to yourself, and are full of enthusiasm, excitement, impulse and blood resurrection in constantly exploring and maintaining freshness and mystery^_^

All the sources of high vibration come from putting down the mask in front of you. That mask is burden, fear and pressure. You no longer live in motivation, but in the teaching of others, seek endless knowledge and try to clarify everything. In fact, you should love yourself, learn to love life and be full of vitality to live your higher vibration, associate with fear, feel and intuition, This is the beginning of inner wisdom and more guidance

“Senior, I saw that the linked article mentioned that we should really relax at the moment. That is to say, we have no requirements and no coercion. At present, I feel that there are many requirements and rules in my work. I try to open up a lot of knots in my past experience, but when I encounter these things, I still have pressure. Just like what I experienced today, this thing is now I was asked to do it, but I thought it was boring and mechanical. So I refused in my heart. It seems that I am not ready to completely put down these things in front of me. What do you think of this? “

This process is constantly sharpening your interest until you are no longer interested and have the motivation to do what you want to do more. Therefore, instead of resisting, it is better to play and act according to your own creativity and fun. This is also sharpening your mind. Whether to maintain the balance between your creativity and completing the work is also beating the door of your heart that wants to be closed to let you understand, What is more important, mechanical work or creativity + rest or start more fresh work when there is no creativity + or have more aspirations, such as greater abundance and greater internal satisfaction

You should understand that if you don’t pay attention to your internal motivation and what you want to do for a long time, you will only deviate from the heavenly soul plan, and life will be less and less passionate and fun. This is the source of vitality and vitality. Therefore, it depends on when you will get tired of the existing mechanical games and start a new change and game world. What you want and want to balance your life

Practice will only take you away from your troubles until you understand that your real life and life come from living in the present and no longer inputting energy into the unwanted world

Living in the present is not a hard work. The present is a situation and state of mind, dynamic, surging, vivid, energetic and enthusiastic. Of course, this will not happen every day. Therefore, a peaceful and clean life has become the main color and tone, taking a vacation, leaving a job, changing a job, seeking more fun and no longer living by survival, Or seeking new pleasures in life is your way out. Focus on work, put aside practice first, and focus on finding fun in work

Such fun has a community, whether there is work, whether the work is good or bad, whether it is mechanical, whether there is fun, you are happy, positive, motivated and balanced
Reactivate your flow, no longer cling to and associate with fear. For what? With or without fear and pressure, focus only on your high vibration and peace

Connect with the higher self^_^

How to connect with the higher self^_^

How to connect with the Higher Self

Do you have your favorite higher self
Lao Tzu, Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, Ninth dimensional Arcturian, archangel and ascended master, beings of light, higher dimensional beings, related to you, collectively referred to as the higher self


Focus on yourself. You need to know where you come from, you need to know how you react to what’s happening. You need to have your own feelings and put down almost everything.

When you focus more on others, you are more likely to give others more sympathy. This is the way you evolve and ascend.

Compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love are the three elements of your spiritual evolution, which is why we have been guiding you back to a state of simplicity, simplicity and universality.

When you fall into what has happened, or what will happen, and what happens behind the scenes and in the dark, you must consider that it is constantly jumping the timeline. You are always changing the reality. When you change the reality, you will have different past and future in these different realities.

So what’s the point when you’re going to move to another reality at the next moment and you figure out the reality of the present moment? It is important that you are paying attention to your vibration, which determines which reality you turn to. So we always guide you back to simple, real and universal experiences on earth. Many of you will also be troubled by tasks, goals and things you should do but don’t know how to do. We say that if you don’t know what to do, then relax, take a deep breath, focus, what you need to do and what’s good for you will automatically come to you.

It naturally and easily appears in front of you. There is no struggle, no hindsight speculation, and there is no need to support the current correct conspiracy theory. You don’t need to be right. You just need to be more aware of the changes in your heart than the changes in the outside world.

Nevertheless, we will still tell you when energy, upgrading, and activation will appear in front of you, because it actually helps you understand these things, and even help you consciously open your heart to them and feel them.
If you feel what is good, what is higher dimension and what is higher vibration, it shows that you are consciously, easily and happily ascending.

On the other hand, if you focus on things that frustrate you and cause you to focus on what to beat, or who is doing the worst, it will make it more difficult for you to grow, evolve and ascend. But we are not saying that you are hindering your ascension, as we do not see this in anyone you receive this information.

You are already on your own path. You can relax, you can let go, and you can tune more into the high vibrations in and around you to give yourself the best ascension experience.

The best way to improve

Daniel Scranton
2021.10.28∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We hope to convey the information to you concisely through this channel. We know that in the process of transmitting these messages, we can do them in more detail, but we also know what is useful to you. Inputting what is happening into your brain will only lead to more confusion, more hindsight speculation and more paranoia, which may already exist in your mind. Therefore, we ask you to learn a simple way to deal with daily life on earth.

You don’t have to know everything, and you don’t have to know every detail of what’s happening or what’s happening. In fact, focusing on the past, the future, and things you can’t control is not good for you. It’s far better to focus on yourself. You need to know where you come from, you need to know how you react to what’s happening. You need to have your own feelings and put down almost everything.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you


Solar flares are rising and Schumann resonance is reacting

Original AnAngel AnAngel Today
Included in the topic

In the past 12 hours,
We experienced eight class C flares that erupted from the sun overnight.
What an exciting energy it is!
Because of the interruption of the radio, we are in a slight R1 storm. In addition, we will experience more solar winds and more flares. You may feel a little empty and floating. Your body doesn’t seem to be here or there. Look forward to this day, because there will be bigger flares tonight.
Magnetospheric tools are falling from midnight to 8 a.m. UTC. Because the energy is too strong, they enter protection mode!

We did have a perfect storm,
Now we have a little peace in these huge energies.

You may have a chance to take a break before the next wave begins.

Or you can use this time to catch up with the upgrades you still need in the past.

As we go through the last week of October, we can clearly notice that the veil becomes very thin. Schumann looks like it’s raining. During this time, use this solar energy activity to promote your personal growth and expansion. All the energy you experienced, especially last month.

All this brings the real you,
Let you remember the real you.
Feeling tired is one of the common symptoms of ascension. Because you have so much energy flowing in your body, you either feel excited and happy, or you have deep sadness and depression in your life. You are constantly dealing with many ascension symptoms and your daily work and your lifestyle, and now you realize that none of this is suitable for you anymore. With all these thoughts and processes going on in your body at the same time, you now feel very tired. You don’t even have the energy to do what you once did.

The energy of fatigue comes from Kundalini energy. When your soul tries to integrate with your body, everything is being processed, and what no longer serves you will be released, allowing you to grow into a spiritual person and your true self.

This process has dealt a heavy blow to your body, and you can imagine this higher vibrational spiritual energy entering your third dimensional body. The symptoms of ascension will recover from feeling tired, your body will heal and repair itself, and the spiritual energy will begin to stabilize gradually. Unfortunately, our world is not built to help us through difficulties. We can only spend it alone and overcome these symptoms of fatigue. After all your processing and adjustment, this energy will slowly dissipate. How long it takes depends on how much work you need to do to figure out what you need to do mentally, mentally and physically, and how quickly you want everything to return to normal.

Here’s a simple way to feel good again:

  1. Do something that can bring you happiness;
  2. Do something that will make you healthy;
  3. Do what you need to do to bring you closer to your spiritual goals and mission.
    As you go through this,
    You will realize that you have more energy.

This energy is trying to wake you up,
You should be healthier, you need to take better care of yourself and so on.
In the process of spiritual awakening, you must let go of all the past things you have been devoting yourself to. When you start working for yourself, do more things that make you happy. When you are happy, down-to-earth and calm, the person you love will take care of you. Your energy level will rise, you will no longer feel tired, and then you can help others, of course, if you want to do so.

When you are experiencing the process of spiritual awakening, it can be very difficult and tired. No matter what you experience today, every symptom is a gift. Within you, you know what you need to do to feel better. Every visit will dig up more trust. This is the only way you can support yourself through it. I hope you know how great you are. You can complete everything you present at every moment and meet yourself again and again until you find the resonance of your true self and become the best version of yourself.

Solar activity increases and intensifies only as we pass through this solar cycle. As our body and energy get rid of the old frequency, it will change and we will become more coordinated, so that we can use these beautiful cosmic rays to improve ourselves and reveal more light in dancing with the divine.
Upgrade your system to the first part of your crystalline body. All your aspects will return to your body. You know it’s not easy when you perform this task. No matter how many times you get lost, the story will start from where you left and call you forward endlessly. Stop at this moment and see how you change. It’s not just about discovering who you are, it’s about remembering who you’ve always been.
You have experienced the most colorful mosaic road so far,
Through inspiration and richness
Your heart expands in love, pain, loss and sadness.

Honey, look up.
At this moment, I invite you to pay more sensitive and loving attention to your value, so that no one other than you can define your value and the beauty and magic of your existence.


Many parents and teachers feel that their children are becoming more and more vulnerable, but they don’t think about what they bear. I don’t reflect on what is really important to a child and a person’s growth except for achievements.

Father message: About Education

Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe!
Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, today I want to talk to you about education. What is education? Education should be a kind of awakening, not a kind of control, restraint and separation. In your world, especially in some countries, special emphasis is placed on test scores, ranking and key schools.

But such education is like putting a tree in an iron cage. How can it grow normally, open branches and leaves, and stand upright.

Many parents and teachers feel that their children are becoming more and more vulnerable, but they don’t think about what they bear. I don’t reflect on what is really important to a child and a person’s growth except for achievements.

In many of your schools, you will not teach your children how to be themselves, how to live a happy life, how to express their love, how to develop their interests and hobbies, and take the initiative to choose their own life path.

But tell children that if they want to succeed, they must study hard, and if they want to stand out, they must study hard.

There is nothing wrong with learning, and there is nothing wrong with mastering the knowledge and skills needed for life, but education should not only reproduce knowledge, so that children can become a machine that can only test and answer questions.

The growth process of children should be gradual and natural. If you give them too much pressure from childhood, it’s like tying a big stone to a small tree seedling, they can only become distorted.

If you want children to grow up healthily, you should give them space to grow and bloom, rather than limiting them to the cage of self expectation.
What’s more, they should not erase their interests, their own desires and pursuits. When they grow up, they feel that they have no opinions and don’t know what they really want.

Thanksgiving with frequency, deep blessing!


All your life on earth at present is to help you decide what kind of real world you want to enter next, both individually and collectively.

You are entering an era in which everyone can determine their feelings and reality. You will also understand that no matter what others are doing, thinking, saying, feeling or what life is like, they are contributing to the whole. You will understand that all consciousness, all existence and all life are interrelated, which will help you decide what to do next. You will not doubt whether what you do is right or whether you do enough to serve others, because you will know that everything you choose and what you do will serve someone, somewhere, and all mankind at the same time.

You will also benefit from reaching what we call the beautiful key point in consciousness, whether it comes from us or other beings. But if you feel close to us and like our vibrations, opening your heart to us will certainly help you accept these activations. These activations will give you more internal reminders that you are ascending, you are becoming a higher self, and you are reaching a higher level of consciousness. Whether you realize it or not, you are doing these things. If you focus on it instead of complaining about today’s world or world leaders, you will spend this period of ascension more easily and happily.

Because everything you harvest will be well used, which is good for anyone anywhere. When we give you these activated energies, we are also listening to you. We know what your requirements are. We just want you to know that they will never be listened to by your inner body or by us. We love you. We like you. We want to create this fifth dimension with you.∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have examined the overall vibration of human consciousness and are very satisfied with your progress. We are closely monitoring you to determine what needs to be included in the next batch of energy to activate more humans into the level of consciousness you are working on. The fifth dimension is a level of consciousness, not where you go. It is good for you to know that you are jointly creating your fifth dimensional earth, reality and society. You should realize that this is not a pre-existing thing, or something tailored for you. This is what you are working on as a group.


There is a positive “white hat” (power of light) on earth, which is aligned and supported with the enhanced energy of light

Australia is under the control of the “white hat”. There is no point in continuing to tangle with the so-called dark headquarters still booming in Australia. Australia has a huge and very strong group of light workers, promoting the awakening of others. Because of the power inherent in many Australians, foreign entities are not easy to empty them. There are millions of light workers in Australia and will continue to increase, as planned

The recent resignation, plus others, was carefully choreographed by white hat. In fact, most of them have signed contracts to work a period of time as an opportunity to redeem themselves. The contract is ending and the case will be tried in court. Most resignations come from actual black hat entities, meaning they are not doubles or clones. If they stick to the agreement made with white hat during the contract period, it will be considered in subsequent trials. The people who will replace them are usually those who follow similar contracts for a period of time. All those who resign or are about to resign have more or less fulfilled the contract, accompanied by some mistakes, which will be reviewed and evaluated

The power of light has banned hundreds of underground tunnels, and there are still six that need to be completely demolished. After removing the remaining things, it includes some unwanted life and all the equipment used to support life
Australia still has three to deal with. They are the key three. There are two more in New Zealand and elsewhere
Children and adults have been removed from all bases. Many people have not lived in the outside world, but have been given every healing assistance to help them change. Some humans have irreparable deformities. They usually prepare for organ transplantation

Most, not all, are under the control of the white hat, and none are making the last great attempt to survive. They refuse to believe that their days are over, but they are. Only a few smaller species remain, usually in tunnels that have been disposed of by floods or explosions

New Zealand’s problem is relatively light, but it still needs some further treatment, which began two days ago as a huge clean-up

Most people in the world do what they agree to do. Many people were surprised that they were allowed to continue their plans, but because they were not at an understandable level of consciousness, higher pictures could not be seen by them. In any case, they know who is vacant and what they have to do. Except for a little rebellion when the ego is involved, everything is under control. Different countries have some rebellious groups that will be rounded up whenever they have the opportunity

There are actions taking place beyond the visible plane. The fourth dimension is also being cleaned up. When you are involved in the processing that takes place around you, there is little time to notice and understand what is happening at a higher level as part of the earth’s evolutionary plan. There is no need to know these other events (plural). I just want to say that what happens here has a broader essence when other areas are taken into account. There are many great forces of light, composed of many planetary systems and galaxies, and everyone comes to help. Some existence, coming from other galaxies, does not have to be part of the earth’s transformation. Some kind of neighbor gesture. There is indeed a dazzling light on, around and inside the earth
We understand that you don’t see what we see. We know it makes it hard for you to believe that everything is all right. Especially when a seemingly dark situation is agreed by all places – now more people are awakened. Many white hat operations are carried out secretly in order not to interfere with the awakening process. Understand that even if things sometimes seem to go downhill, maintain your incredible power and the level of light you need to bring the earth into a new era of light

We know that pride is not a higher evolutionary characteristic, but if I can use this word, because everything else seems inappropriate, you, the light worker on earth, are proud to keep the earth at the grand level of light, and the old phantom reality is being cleaned up. What a feat! Yes, during sleep, you all receive instructions about what will happen, but when you are in emotional human form, you are subject to normal 3D interaction, leading to doubt and covering your deeper conscious awareness. But the power of rainbow soldiers has emerged. In the face of adversity, they push doubt aside and stand strong

Millions of people are actively holding light, and a lot of light is held in your field and blueprint. Code is brought to the world through a huge storm, which maintains the energy and power of higher-level code and mathematical structure. In this way, they are safely and undamaged to all parts of the earth, assigned to the destined place, as an anchor of great frequency transformation, and maintain the stability of everything

The intention at this time is to allow the light forces on earth to maintain the required frequency for the residual effects to occur. This means acting in the way you think is right, being honest, being silent, speaking loudly when necessary, when needed to ensure correct behavior, and always being loyal to yourself, which is enough to get you out of the lower vibration. As the residue of blessing on earth leaves this plane, it becomes a higher particle of light and integrates with the whole universe, Become a part of everything

You are destined to be a huge part of the future of the galaxy. What is happening is not limited to the earth. Light will fill the whole galaxy. The world becomes light. For the first time in the history of some worlds, we watch it unfold and know that this event will be recorded in the annals of the universe. You will align with this event and always know where you enter the earth to pick up, just as there are special groups on earth that are considered heroes because of their behavior in special events. For you, this is just a great act of love, a challenge you are sure you can overcome

You have become light for many worlds
Saint Germain
Date: October 15, 2021
From: Sandy Stevenson

Everyone’s choice
Tomorrow Book Club

The main goal of what happened was to awaken mankind. From the moment a person wakes up, their consciousness begins to change and they begin to break through their limitations. They become more what they really are, and their frequency of light begins to increase to prepare for higher dimensional existence. The increase of their personal frequency will also increase the light of the human collective and everything inside and outside the earth

The process involved in the awakening of this planet is the key to everything. Most people made their choice some time ago, whether to continue 3D learning or enter 5D. These options are now obvious. People who continue 3D will need to leave the earth. There are two reasons for this. 1. The future Earth will not have the third dimension, so it is unable to provide the required courses. 2. People who choose to continue 3D tend to maintain dense energy levels in their fine bodies. Although this is perfect for 3D plane learning, it will reduce the light potential required for Earth’s ascension. Therefore, we see that the current global process consists of “providing the situation of those who have left and creating events (plural) to awaken others so that they can continue their choices”

This is an important point to understand. When you realize that those who hold dense energy will prevent earth from ascending the frequency, it is easier to understand the need to continue to provide a way for those who want to leave. Remember, everyone is choosing what they think is the right behavior for their personal evolution. Choosing to remain in 3D is not going backwards or off the road. This is an upward movement. It’s like an upward movement for people who feel ready to travel to 5D. To this end, it is helpful for us to be in the space of intuition, so that we can correctly determine who needs to provide some insight on a glance to make a more conscious choice, and when to remain silent to respect and allow that person’s choice. If you think about it carefully, once someone has decided their own path (most people have decided), if others try to convince you that you are wrong, you have no idea what you are doing, which can be annoying or even insulting. Just because people seem to be asleep doesn’t mean they’re really asleep. This can mean that they are following their own path and don’t want to hear anything trying to get them off that path. It’s like a waking person being told that it’s wrong to increase their light. If one is destined to continue the 3D life and you successfully persuade them not to go, such behavior may have a karmic rebound, because it may be classified as interfering with the evolution of others and the sacred plan of earth


Heavenly Father: the political system of the fifth dimensional earth

10-28 15:12

Message from beloved heavenly Father!

Greetings, my dear children!

Today we will discuss what the political system of the fifth dimensional earth will look like.

But first, let’s see what the word “politics” means.

It comes from the Greek word “city, country”, which originally means “urban arrangement” or “national arrangement”.

This is the significance of the politics of the higher dimensional world.
What about the Council of elders?

This is a political institution that coordinates people’s actions in all areas of urban life, national life or the life of the whole earth for the greater benefit of all.

You know what Zhengzhi has become in the third dimensional world.

In many countries, the word has become synonymous with the most evil and criminal acts against people, and the upright figures are often serious corrupt elements who use power to achieve their mercenary purposes, not for the people at all.
In other words, the right governance of the third dimensional world has changed from a national institution that protects the interests of the people to its opposite – a power institution that controls and suppresses human will.

Even the existence of different political parties, no matter what beautiful slogans they use to cover up, is actually just their power struggle.

This happens all over the world, with very few exceptions.

As you already know, all this stems from the fact that your planet was ruled by dragon reptiles a long time ago. They seized power on the earth. Their products – reptiles living according to completely different – non sacred – laws, their interests do not belong to the happy and successful life of mankind.

On the contrary, their purpose is to stimulate all kinds of negative energy of human beings, which is what they have been doing for thousands of years.

However, when the earth enters a new stage of development, these dark energies will disappear, and the concept of “politics” will gain its original meaning. Politicians will become “elders”. They will guide people’s activities in all fields of life in a wise way, only for people’s interests and for the residents of each planet.

Concepts like “corruption” will not exist, because everyone will have what they really need. These needs will come from their soul, not from their greedy self.

The political system of the earth in the fifth dimension can be compared with the commune system, because people will begin to live through the commune according to their interests.

It will not happen under compulsion, but the result of natural process – consistent with the law of universal attraction and the law of unity, which is also premised on the unity of goals.
Therefore, there will gradually begin to form agricultural, industrial, research, education, art, music, construction communes, service communes and so on.

Each of them will choose the most proficient, respected and wise members to represent their country’s Council of elders.

Therefore, a new government structure will be formed on the earth, and its main goal will be the harmonious development of society and the rational distribution of material products and services.

That’s all for today.

Love you endlessly!

Teaching from the beloved heavenly Father!

Conduction: Marta


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