Mid November to mid December, and January^_^

Mid November to mid December, and January

November energy report: conscious co creation and listening to the language of the soul

Original invested in Qianjiang 9dsounds yesterday in January

Note that from mid November to mid December, this is a very special period of high energy pouring into the earth. So if you are very sensitive at that time, you may need to choose what you want to do very carefully. As always, pay attention – electromagnetism is powerful for us. This is very intoxicating. It can be incredibly energetic, but it can also explode emotionally and burn our nervous system.

Especially from mid November to mid December, make sure you are natural, rooted in divinity and with your body. This is the first important thing for you to devote your energy and time.

The language of the soul will rise in the next month or two. So if you have any questions, listen, take some notes, sit down and check again in a week. Some of you will notice that if you receive this information, your nervous system will become very active and you want to act or jump immediately. At that time, it is good to exercise your patience and tune the energy of your nervous system. Sit down, breathe, meditate, and do whatever you have learned to soothe and calm your body. Because these high doses of soul energy and dream and intuitive information can really change you.


Athena: everything happened according to the divine plan and the divine time.

Original AnAngel AnAngel Today

How happy I am when you wait for my news. I am Pallas Athena, and I greet you from the etheric Kingdom above Crete. When you listen to me or read my words, you are connected with me, and you can clearly feel the strong connection between us. You realize the energy of love I give you. You will also feel how exciting this information is for you and all of you. It is a great joy for me to bring these messages to you, because we have told you in many messages that we are with you in the final stage of ascension that is about to manifest.

We see your impatience, we feel with you, and we feel how important it is for you to see things now. But you sensitive people know very well how much has been manifest. So review the last video recorded four weeks ago and pay attention to what happened to you, in your environment and yourself.

Great energy is pouring out of the primitive sun through the sun god and Vesta. This is your sun star in the universe. It has done a lot of things to you, each of you and of course to mother earth, so you are in your news, in the video being made, and even in the real-time camera, You can experience the activity of mother earth.

All this will continue to increase in the future. We have told you that mother earth will completely change her appearance. The time is getting closer and closer. If you are sensitive, it is obvious to you.

Therefore, at this point, we want to warn you to observe yourself, go inside, and listen to your inner voice and intuition. It will guide you. At the right moment, if you listen to it, you will be in the right place according to your soul plan, because it will show you itself. This is an important message for you, as changes in the earth will take place now. As I said before, no one will stop them. And you are part of this change. Therefore, please trust the guidance from within you.

You should spend some time in the future to see what kind of impulse you receive. Are you in the right place? If you change your position, you will feel an inner impulse. Listen carefully to your inner thoughts! As we said, connect with the higher self through you. It knows your divine plan, and now it will come true. Therefore, please pay attention to what you can perceive that may be said in the form of internal sound, show you yourself in the form of dream, or only through the impulse you receive. Then check what you perceive. If that is not your intention, please ask for clarification and you will be guided. You can adjust yourself in silent awareness, in meditation or in nature. We already told you. It is more important than ever to do so. You will receive guidance. It’s important for you to follow these impending impulses. When you receive a clear impulse, follow that impulse. That is our proposal today.

Everything happened according to the divine plan and the divine time. Time is right there, At any time, ascension can manifest itself through one or more events.
We are not the people who send the signal to start this activity. It is in the hand of God. Therefore, I believe that everything will appear in a sacred way. So my advice to you again is to seek contact with the source. At this moment, nothing is more important than seeking a connection with the source. It won’t lead you astray. The divine source is the decision maker that sustains the entire ascension process. The plan already exists and is happening. Believe it’s true. If you believe me, you can prove it by listening to them and reading these words. No matter what language they reach you, no matter where they are on earth. When you hear or read my words, I always keep in touch with you, with each and every one of you. Believe that. You can also ask for my help at any time. I am very happy to complete this task now. In this process, I have an important task, as I have told you, as some people have realized. So please trust what I said.

When you find me, when you resonate with me, the joy in my heart is so great. This is a great task for me, so I am full of joy and love for you. Now I can accompany you in the last meter. I also want to remind you that as I said,   When the karmic Committee meets again in December, things will become clear to all of you.

Therefore, time is short. You have known for a long, long time that the era will come irreversibly. Change is happening. Mother earth is with you and you are receiving these energies, which will enable you to participate in ascension. You didn’t come here for nothing. Before you were born, you decided to be here now. So I want to remind you that the coming moment is the time for you to work hard for it, not just in this life. For many lifetimes, you have been preparing to come here and experience all this, as it will take you into freedom. It will take you into a new dimension. It will take you into perfect love and unity.

You will find guidance throughout the process, and when things appear in a way that is visible to all, you will get the guidance you need. Everything is all set. You’re not alone. You have a teacher, you have a guide. You can always find the answer you want. This is the good news today! Look forward to what’s coming every day.

The new earth will unfold itself, and it will make you happy in a way that you as a soul never expected or experienced. So, in the days before you, please rejoice until what I announced to you shows that our karmic committee is assessing the state of mother earth and all residents, including the universe.

Today, I want to use this message to encourage you to have confidence in what is about to happen. Observe what you want to show inside and follow it after you examine it. Believe what you see, believe how you feel, and you will always be in the right place at the right time.

Today, my media has been tested for a long time. We had a foggy day this morning and couldn’t shoot a video in the garden. And that’s what you often see outside. Your situation is ambiguous and you sometimes lack foresight. Outside, everything is to stop you from seeing through. But suddenly, within a few minutes, everything changed. The fog disappears and you are clear. What you realize is important to you. Today I want to remind you of that.

As usual, I’m glad you’re listening to me or you’re reading them. I’m glad to be here for you. This existence makes me full of love for you. Thank you for paying attention to me. I will talk to you again as I told you in every video. thank you.


Highest possible ascension result
Original AnAngel AnAngel Today

Greetings, dear ones!

At this moment of our conversation, from heart to heart, I am kejraj. The information expressed here is only my personal point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart and attunes to the light within you.

Few or no one in the spiritual community has talked about the details of ascension. Why? They don’t know? Don’t want to instill fear? Can’t predict the future? This has nothing to do with it. This experience is unique to everyone, yes, but overall, the most likely outcome will be an interesting discussion.

We have received the same question many times from people asking how many people are expected to ascend?

Some people say that 100% of the earth’s population will ascend, others say that 90% or 75% of the earth’s existing population will ascend, and so on. This is not the case. We would even say that this is just wishful thinking. We are talking about all life ascending to 5D earth. For all, eventually 100% will leave the current 3D, but not all will ascend to the new earth of 5D.

As we have said many times, it is very difficult to ascend with a lot of fear. Unfortunately, more than half of the earth’s population is still at a low frequency. Many people have such low energy to be transformed that they don’t even realize it.

Others say that this event, solar flash or galactic pulse will help everyone ascend. This is also absurd, because everyone has their own sense of freedom. The flash of the sun will not only help some people to ascend, but also help the earth get rid of the remaining lower energy, most of which also exists in the human body and the toxic waste roaming in her body.

When the solar flash occurs, a large number of people will leave in the next few days and weeks because they do not match the frequency of the new reality. They will experience “circuit burn out”. For those who stay, many people will know, but many people will be confused. This is where light workers can get involved and ask for help. Lightworkers will be fully aware of what has just happened.

This is not only a material improvement, but also a spiritual improvement. The reason why we say this is because at this time, based on the current energy of the earth and the human collective, 60 to 80 million initiates are going through the process of ascension, and enter 5D with their material containers in a witty state to fully integrate with their light body. You agreed to this before you incarnated. Your physical container is undergoing a great transformation at this time, which is beyond your imagination.

We also have those, that is, most ascending ones, who will experience spiritual ascension. This will be 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion people. Yes, this means that they will leave their current physical container and enter 5D with their light body fully activated. This is not easy to express in words.

Your light body also has a blueprint for your new material container, which is ready for you in 5D, and you will fuse in an instant. It’s certainly not that dense, but it will reflect your current body appearance at its best. So you’re not just a white ball of light moving in 5D.

Mother earth will also maintain her physical container and merge with her 5D light body. This means that from earth, you can see Venus at present, can’t you? What they didn’t tell you is that the Venus you see now is a 2D / 3D version of Venus. It no longer exists because of the spirit and light matrix of Venus. The real Venus is now 6D / 7d. You or your scientists can’t see with any of their instruments.

However, as we said, the earth will retain her container of matter. There will be no 3D physical earth perceived by other creatures. The rest will be a simple 3D Earth hologram for the few people who are still in 3D. This will also be completely closed by the end of the 1930s, as all remaining old frequencies will be transferred to other planets.

We can accurately say that it is those who now think of themselves as interstellar seeds or light workers who will experience the ascension of the physical body. The most important thing now is to take care of your body carrier. You are moving at the speed of light. You even amaze the Galactic people at the speed at which you integrate new energy. The frequency will continue to increase. Take care of yourself and your body. Have a good rest, eat light food, drink plenty of water and meditate.

All the light is for you! From heart to heart, kejraj.


Sananda: your doubts and the Internet

Primary energy particle source

Dear children on earth! I’m Sananda!

For you, this seems to be repeated. It may be boring for some people, but I will never be tired of gratitude. Every time I am here, every time I can give my information to so many people at once. Technology has not only brought the awareness of evil, violence and many bad things, which you can see. Technology is necessary for this moment. It is created for this purpose, so that our world can be extended to the whole earth quickly and in real time.
Only what light creates is polluted by non light; The medium that would have been love, teaching and expanding consciousness has also become an abusive medium, completely out of control and often causing a lot of harm to many people. But I must tell you that everything is a choice. You make choices about what to look for, what to see and what to listen to. You have free will to know what you want. I can assure each of you that what you attract is the vibration within your range.

Many times, when you start looking for a specific topic, you see something strange, something that doesn’t belong to this background. Stop and ask yourself, “what were you vibrating about?” realize this: how long does it take for each idea? A millionth of a second, but this little thought reverberates, it emits an energy, and this medium, it is very eager, very fast, very bold; What I want to say is that it comes back to you, worsened by many things, which is what you are looking for. It’s just that your own ideas bring additional pressure.

Another point is eternal exploration. Why can’t you be satisfied with a little? You need a lot. You always need to stand in front, show off and say, “no, I know this; Oh, this one is also, oh, this one is also, oh, this other is also” to improve your self, show that you are a diligent student, or show that you like to show off? So why is there such a demand? Why don’t you listen to your heart? We have said it many times here: is there a problem? Ask us, we will answer, but you don’t trust us; Neither you nor we are.

Then I asked myself, is it because you don’t want to hear what we want to hear? Is it because we don’t agree with your expectations most of the time? Or, by asking the other person, you always have a way to refute what he or she says and enforce what you want to hear? So you will never be satisfied. You always need to hear here, hear there, hear there; Then you can decide where the answer is closest to what you want to hear. This is also a strategy.
You look for something with doubt because you don’t believe what others say. Therefore, this doubt is enough to reverberate in the network, and the network gives you more doubt, because the more you doubt, the farther you are from us, because you will never believe what we say in your heart, because you have too many problems and too many views to think, so that it is difficult to believe, faithfully and blindly, what we say. That’s the point.

Technology is not bad, you make it bad. Because if you want to broaden your knowledge, you must understand what I say: broaden your knowledge; You are not seeking affirmation of what you already know. You want to broaden your horizons, you want to know more, but not without doubt; You want to broaden your consciousness, and you don’t want to show off to anyone there. You just want to learn for yourself. Perfect you will put a feeling into the network, give knowledge, and it will undoubtedly return it to you, because you have no doubt.

So realize that everything happens according to your requirements and ideas. Don’t blame the Internet for all the polluted things you see. No, don’t blame it, because if you attract the video, the audio, the contaminated text, you will shake it. Somehow, doubt, doubt, a complete lack of confidence in what you hear leads you to look for something else, which is enough to make you doubt more.

So don’t blame the Internet. The net is made of it. If it goes astray, if it is polluted, if it rots, you feed it. Who put the shit there? It’s you. Then many people will answer: “No, it’s not me. It’s really not you, but someone put it there, someone saw it, liked it and spread it. So why did this hat bother you when I said you? You polluted it, everything was polluted, and things became more and more serious; but it was everyone’s first decision. Thank you.

When you spread untrue news, you don’t even want to know whether it is true and who spread it? “Oh, but I didn’t start it. I received it. Why did you spread it? You are also guilty because you spread fear and lies to other brothers. Therefore, don’t blame the network for all the bad things that happened to you. You get your echo and you send it. It will only return your thoughts, what you send, and nothing else.

Then I ask each and every one of you: in the future, when everything is clear, will you believe in the network, or will you continue to look for the answers to your questions? What do you think it will look like? Will you still have questions? Will you still question what we said? I keep this question in your mind. What do you think your trust in us in the fifth dimension will be? You will also ask me Do you still think we are not telling the truth, or 100% believe us?

Maybe you are seeing is believing. It will no longer be like here. You must believe instead of seeing. There you will see it happen. Then your doubts may disappear. Will you? So I will leave this idea to you. How will I trust the information in the fifth dimension? Will I close my eyes and believe it without doubt, or will I continue to look for it because I have doubts? Because As long as it is not to increase your self-esteem, it is wonderful to seek to expand your knowledge. Now, in order to prove what has been said, the source is doubt, will you still have doubt?

This is a complex problem. It doesn’t look like it, but it does. I repeat: you accept what you send out. The laws of the universe won’t fail, everything is accelerating. So what you send out will come back soon. Therefore, please pay attention to the information you send out. How do you try to solve your questions? Is this a doubt about expanding your knowledge, or what you have said Doubt what you said. Think about it. Why do you do so much research? Because what you said is not enough.

And a little bug in your brain says, “Don’t believe it. It’s all lies. Believe yourself. Search. Well, do your search, and you’ll see where your doubts will take you. I promise you there are more doubts. So at the end, I just want to say one thing: you don’t have to trust anyone, no matter what you say. You must listen to your heart, because your heart is mine.” This is your center of power. This is where your higher self acts. Say to each of you, “this is true, this is a lie.”

But what do you need to do to listen to your heart? Rarely. That’s all. Learn to listen to your heart, and you’ll know whether it’s true or false, no matter who said it.

Understand this. I want to say that the most important lesson to learn now is to listen to your heart, because this is the way we communicate with you through your heart. It will tell you whether everything you live, see or hear is true. Learn this. Focus on your spiritual heart, and I assure each of you that you will hear our voice, the most important thing Yes, you will hear the voice of your higher self.

** holy light transmission: receiving; Vania Rodriguez


November energy report: conscious co creation and listening to the language of the soul

Original invested in Qianjiang 9dsounds yesterday in January

Welcome to the energy update in November! I am Harris, a person with keen intuition. Every month, I will pay attention to some themes, which may appear in energy, emotion and psychology this month.
The themes of this month are:
The “rising energy” is now fully functional – will you follow it?   Are you going to use it to improve your life?
Let go of the burden and heal quickly – you will notice that everything is changing rapidly, including changes in relationships, changes in work direction or content, changes in yourself, etc.

Truth is emerging and will change the narrative, which has gradually emerged in the past year.

Last but not least, your soul speaks to you at a higher level than before – are you listening?
In some ways, looking at November in isolation is a tricky perspective. We must take November, December and the first half of January as a cycle we are now entering this month. Especially from the middle of November, energy will transfer again and become very electromagnetic explosive. This will continue after a child.

The first theme in November is, will you rise with the rise of energy?

This is a very clear message from my spiritual guide. The energy on the planet earth is rising, so you should also experience a rise in your life. Now, the energy rise is different for us. You know, if I go through a very difficult period, then the rise is that I need to find my balance again and let the kind and wise people enter My life can support and help me, or I will find those who can help me.
At the same time, if you already feel that you are doing well, your energy is in good condition, or your heart is strong and stable, or you have clear purpose and execution, or you are aware of the erosion of light – you will see an unusual opportunity this month. Two or three heavyweight solar storms are connecting innovation with everything you do. Consciously Create new things – not only for yourself but also for the people around you. No matter what we are or what we will become, we will be brought to this world illuminated by the strong light of the central sun. It will actively expand outward. Therefore, “will you rise with the rise of energy?” will become an important theme in the next two months.
Often, when we resist ascension, when we oppose it, it tends to make our problems worse. It tends to put more obstacles on our path or bring us more challenges. So if this is what you are experiencing now, ask yourself, “do I have anything to change?” do these obstacles send a message to me? “

When you go through all this, be kind to yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong. My spiritual guide always says: people on earth are very picky about themselves and each other:) they say: the soul doesn’t see it that way. The soul just sees resistance as a delay in progress, or something on your track indicates that you haven’t done anything for the next step or progress Ready.

If we encounter many obstacles and problems, we will face a huge change, which will also make us feel uneasy. So ask yourself, “what am I going to do next?   What do I want to create in my life? “Many of you may be concerned about the whole world, because I think more than ever before, we are aware that something is happening on earth (the US is out of control, spreading COVID-19). , and many people are going through challenges. So, in the next two months, remember to be aware of this: will you rise with the rise of energy? Will you let the rise take you away and be willing to give up something you need to make it happen? This is usually our deeper thinking behind resistance. Deep in our hearts, we are afraid to become New things, because we will have to lose something or give up something.

This is the path of human spiritual evolution. We are constantly changing. We are constantly evolving. The interpersonal relationships in our lives are also changing because we are all constantly changing. Therefore, this rising energy will give you a chance to consciously reshape yourself in the next few months! If you want to cooperate with it, use it, resonate with it and build with it Vertical connection.
The next theme is: let your power pass through you. Let your power reach you. This is a very powerful message from my spiritual guide. They say: This is a moment when you are all asked to let your power pass through you. Will you let it pass through you?   So for you, your power may be to release your talent to the world. For others, their power may be to allow themselves to get a desired relationship or tell the truth to people very close to life.
Let your real power change the relationship through you, and change your experience and understanding of the relationship. Therefore, it is a very strong call to let our power penetrate us now. So when you listen to this, ask yourself, “what kind of power do I want to have next?” maybe it is the power to improve health?   Maybe that’s the power to tell the truth. Maybe it’s really focusing on what you do in the world and want to create – there may be many options. But letting your power pass through you will also have a chain reaction to a theme we talked about last month, which continues: the relationship of change.

Our relationship is changing, not necessarily disappearing, breaking up or leaving us, but when our hearts change, all our external dynamics will change accordingly. Of course, in general, we see a very large reorganization, sometimes based on conflict. Recently, there have been a lot of news of division and conflict in the world, which are the seeds of division It has been cleverly implanted into our world in the past year or two. The question is: “how do we respond?” is our response passive and fear based?   Or can we step back and see what’s going on? At the same time, will we choose to be with people who will only bring us constant conflict? No matter how many times we ask for different relationships? Or can we say, “ah, I’m not free now.” You may even hear someone say this to you. Don’t take it to heart. It’s just part of the evolution caused by many ascending changes in your inner feelings.

When we allow ourselves to hold light and power, we will find that interpersonal relationships in life have indeed changed, and often develop in a better direction. For me, when I see the power of friends and loved ones reach a new level, it will really inspire, encourage and influence me, so that I can do the same. Therefore, I don’t think we need to look at it often Doing is a bad thing. In fact, nine times out of ten it is unnecessary. You have the power to let others follow you, rather than you control others. God knows, we have seen enough interpersonal control patterns on earth now.
Throw away the old baggage – this is not my usual word, but this is a phrase given to me by the spiritual guide: delete the old baggage. The energy to restore wisdom in October has been given in the energy update last month. This month continues and happens very fast.
So, you may suddenly have very fast memories. Past events play in your mind, and even dead people connect you back to the past synchronously. Enter your conscious awareness and enter your rhythmic daily life, so that you can put down the old burden. I often think of this as a kind of letting go, but I prefer to think of it as compost or “compost energy” “So if we have a trauma emerging from the past, we can actually integrate it. It won’t haunt us forever. It doesn’t need deep or continuous trauma treatment. It’s just something in the background that will always slightly affect the way you see yourself or the way you believe you can move forward – these wounds, Small fragments are now bursting, and they begin to change and transform. When we enter an era of higher consciousness, anything we experience from lower consciousness or early life begins to realize energy upgrading and renewal in our hearts.

For those of you who are aware of this, it will be a heartfelt experience. Some may be treated with dead rattan water or other drugs. But for most people, these are not necessary. You just need to fill yourself with the light of awareness, and you can see the essence of everything. You can see that everything is based on the soul. So let go The old baggage is not just to let us get rid of what we were trapped or attached to in the past, but to release those energy so that we can become a new higher frequency energy in the future. So, you can say that we are composting old luggage. Compost:) if you like I live in America now, so I will start composting

OK. October is a good month for physical recovery. It’s a very, very good month, especially if you think of all the fears – some real and some fabricated – that have been flying around our body and health over the past few years. So, this will be a good time to heal your body and mind. A very supportive time To really understand what your body needs? What do you need? I mean the physical body. I don’t mean the mind. I don’t mean the spirit. I mean, literally the body. So, this may show some troubles to you. Your body or things that have bothered you for a period of time come to the surface so that you can face and deal with it and get appropriate healing.
At the same time, it may just be that you start to pay more attention to your body. Next November, you will start to think, “well, how do I cheer my body? How does my body look? Does my body look sleepy? Does it look energetic? What kind of energy state do I want? “Interestingly, in November, there is a very strong high-frequency light wave healing around the body. So if you resonate with this, this will be a very supportive month. Let you look at it, maybe you will put something new in it.

Chaotic narration shows inner chaos until you find clear and orderly self empowerment and self power. I have never heard of the word sovereignty in the past ten years, but it is often related to our power. We feel that sovereignty should be: know what the truth of life is. It will be difficult to feel comfortable in our truth and realize others’ cognition of the truth The same, but everyone can feel the energy of self empowerment in it. We don’t feel controlled or manipulated, we don’t feel that we are compromising or don’t say what we want to say. There are many confusing stories on this planet. You can talk to 10 different people and listen to 10 different stories. There’s nothing wrong with 10 different stories. There will be many stories on earth because we all know Look at the problem from different angles.
When a person or group wants you to believe that there is only one version of the story, the question comes, although others will ask questions or say, “Oh, it’s a little different for me.” Chaotic narration will reflect inner chaos until we know that the truth of life is to live our own higher self, and we can adhere to our own truth. I think truth is a relative word, especially after we have experienced so much.

The feeling of adhering to the truth is that it is quite logical for you to try to understand your inner confusion at this time. This is a confusing period. It is important to remember that this confusion is part of the pandemic virus taking place on earth. Therefore, if you find yourself confused, please go back and ask yourself: “What is true to me now?” what is right to me now? What do I need now? What can I do now? “

Go back to the “present” because the next theme I get is that when the truth comes out, it will change the narrative of the past. This is the same as the story that puzzles our hearts. Because you think, “what should I believe? What happened outside? I don’t… this person said this, this person said this, they are very emotional. “

I love, love, love all the people I see now. They can provide space for all this. Those people may say, “well, yes, there are some people doing this, there are some people doing that, and we are all here. Even if I know how I feel, I can still keep love and kindness to everyone.”

Those who want to fight, blame, punish and judge are based on fear. There is no doubt, This is all based on fear. The problem brought about by fear is that fear will lead us to take various actions that will not help us in the end. If there is any difference, it will make us more connected. It will potentially trap us and make our soul and spirit no longer free.

Truth will surface, and this has happened. If you focus on a lot of different information, you will see this. Of course, in the next few months, until February 2022 (there is a bit of an obvious energy climax), more truth will surface and change our cognition. Yes, maybe three months ago, Six months ago, nine months ago.

Just note that it’s normal to feel abnormal now! I say this to you because I experienced it about a week ago. I just feel that everything is accelerating. A lot of things have happened, I have done some personal communication, and they say, “yes, a lot has happened. You have done a good job.” I say, “Oh, OK. These are good.”
As human beings, they are flustered by localized events such as power failure, but they are also saying that this is a very challenging period. So I want to review these two themes to ensure that we are not confused. The confusing narration of the external world will confuse our inner world until we decide that what we need to believe is true, we know It is true that our truth can change tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Pay attention to those who argue about the “truth”, because there is no “truth” at all, only everyone chooses a different timeline. Just treat yourself and others gently and see how “off the axis” we are.
From mid November, a geomagnetic storm may start and last until mid December. The spiritual guide said that it will last about four to five weeks and will expand and improve everything. I don’t know what you think, but I thought, “I don’t know how far we need to improve.” they explained that it will have a purification effect. Whenever they told me When “lightning and thunder”, I will be surprised, shocked, happy, and really open the optimism of wisdom for individuals and many people.
If you like, the final result of this geomagnetic thunderstorm will lift us to a new and beautiful place.


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