Everything in your life is infused with energy^_^

Everything in your life is infused with energy.

You can choose whether to participate or accept the reality you are given according to your feelings.

When you work at the mental level, you often find yourself confused, uncertain, and prone to doubt yourself. So when another person appears, who is also thought-oriented, he definitely tells you that he knows what is true, he knows the only truth, and you can easily listen to him. It’s easy for you to pay attention to him, because that person is avoiding his feelings, but he has more confidence in his own ideas than you.

So when you want your thoughts to be influenced by your feelings, your thoughts will also be influenced by the certainty of others. That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with your feelings, the energy around you and the energy emitted by others. If you use someone’s beliefs, there may be anger, fear or sadness in what he says, which belong to him and have not been solved. However, his feelings were cut off, so he would not realize that he was spreading not the truth, but fear. Again, because listeners are isolated from their feelings and uncertain about their ideas, they will soon choose the loudest teacher or someone on the YouTube channel.

This is not the lifestyle you want, nor the reality you want to create. You should guide yourself with your feelings and let your feelings tell you whether you need more. So listen to the love that Arcturus is transmitting to you at this time, and allow it to deal with your own fear, sadness and anger. Usually, you can do something, eat, watch TV, listen to music, or read to avoid these emotions, but in fact, these activities you participate in are only taking detours, and you are just delaying their resolution. However, your task there is not a spiritual detour, but to make yourself more sensitive to energy, so that you can more wisely choose what you want to play, feel and create, and move forward in your life.

This is also your instant creation in the fifth dimension, so it’s a good practice. Start now.

Avoid spiritual detours & accept Arcturus’s love
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
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Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are transmitting our love to you through this message. Please feel it. If you can feel the love we convey, you will have more feelings about all aspects of life. If you let yourself feel more and think less, the more harmonious your relationship with the universe will be and the easier it will be to integrate into the current energy flow. When something happens in life, you won’t be so caught off guard, because you will feel them coming. More importantly, you can sense these energies and change your direction.
We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Source message: let nature take its course

Original Ruohe life Ruohe yesterday
Welcome to life Ruohe!


Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, let’s talk to you today and let it go. Letting it go means not grasping or forcing, allowing and accepting everything that is coming, but also adapting and letting go of everything that is leaving.

At present, everything is accelerating change, whether at the energy level or the physical level. First of all, you should let the energy come naturally. Secondly, you should also let the physical changes, all kinds of chaos and turbulence show naturally.

Let it be, it doesn’t mean to stand idly by, or don’t care, or don’t love the world. I know you are all concerned about Gaia and the process of human transformation.

You can think of the current process as a process of demolition. Old houses and buildings are demolished, while new ones can be built.

If you resist this process, the demolition will not proceed smoothly, and the transformation of the world will be slower. But if you follow this process, everything will go faster, and you can change to the new world faster.

The new world already exists, and the five-dimensional Gaia and the five-dimensional you already exist, so you don’t have to worry that you’re going backwards and won’t arrive. Just like the TV series or movies you watch, when the TV series or movies are broadcast, they have actually been completely filmed.

Some of you have accessed the five-dimensional frequency in your life, when you love unconditionally, when you talk to other lives, when you feel infinite peace and joy.

Therefore, one of your feet has stepped into the five-dimensional door, but there are still some parts in this dense three-dimensional material world, which is a necessary process of transformation. Your body, your emotional body, and your energy body are changing rapidly.

Letting it go also means seeing the needs of your body, seeing the release of your emotions, and maintaining energy balance through grounding and being in nature.

Children, you are all on the right path. Today, you have made great progress compared with you who just woke up. Don’t always see your own shortcomings. What you do is far more than you think.

More honor yourself and treat you correctly. You will become a guide, an example and a person needed by other brothers and sisters.

All the old things are collapsing and gradually disappearing, but not everyone knows what it means. More people will feel panic, need to be appeased, and need to be told what is happening in the world.

Thanksgiving with frequency, deep blessing!


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