The story of commander Tran^_^

The story of commander Tran^_^

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The story of commander Tran
By: erena Velazquez

Greetings to mankind, my name is tran, one of the commanders of the Galactic Federation of light during the ASTA period. I am here today to tell my story about what happened in my battle with dark entities near Jupiter.

I was captured in this encounter and my ship was destroyed. After that, endless anxiety and torture began. I’m interrogated every day. Those negative entities cut off my body parts, brainwashed, killed and brought me back to life. I’ve been tortured by Reptilians. They don’t have any gratitude to you. Their task is to find out the location of the main forces of the Galactic Federation of light and where Ashtar’s headquarters are stationed.

We have all received training on how to deal with such problems, and I didn’t disclose any sensitive information. Instead of killing me, the dark ones completely erased my memory. They were very vicious towards the light, so they trained me how to drive one of their ships, and even gave me a position as a commander in their fleet, because I learned military strategy and military exercises very quickly.

I have been very successful in covert operations. No matter what my ability, I am always reserved. After seeing that I was better than their own militants, they decided to send my etheric body to destroy the two light warriors, who will play an important role in the process of ascension in the near future.

Finally, I was in a woman’s body, which had been possessed by Queen Draco. She couldn’t destroy these two people, so they thought it would be very interesting to attack the light with my mind control technology. I listened to their orders and tried to break these two souls without knowing that I had been on the side of the light.

This is not the only etheric mission I was sent by the dark ones. After the reptilians took me away from the military operation, they locked me in one of the rooms. I’m basically a body with a head. The reptile completely cut off my arms and legs. They also erased all my memories, so I know nothing about my life. The dark ones put me in this state and forced me to use their technology to perform etheric tasks for them.

At the same time, the two have telepathic communication with Ashtar and many other beings who support these precious souls. The Galactic people tried to use their telepathy to stop these abusive attacks, and Ashtar noticed my presence in the woman’s body. I was rescued by being transported from the ship where my body was.

Queen Draco fled her planet, hid in a human body on earth and avoided her own civilization, because she did many negative things to her people during her rule. For some of you, they are thinking that if this is your most famous Queen in the world, this is a completely different person. The Draco people recently rescued her from her hiding place. Now, she is facing the punishment of ending her whole life forever.

My memory is restored, my happy body is completely healed, and my arms and legs have a back. I recovered myself. I am very grateful and happy to be saved from the darkness. My expertise in negative technology and my understanding of its operation are very helpful for Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of light. We captured many dark forces and destroyed their facilities and bases.

Nothing in the universe is coincidental. We are all connected, we are all one, we are light and love. Light is winning the battle, no matter what others say. Remember, we fight for the right cause to give freedom and save lives. I am very grateful to global channel for letting me share my story. Thank you.

We are all a cosmic family.
Commander Dylan.


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