About aging^_^

About aging^_^

During the interaction between the spiritual high vibration and the body cycle, there will be a period of accelerated aging, just as radiation will accelerate the body metabolism. However, after this accelerated aging, because the original cycle of the body has ended and ended ahead of schedule, the body intelligence will start a higher-order transition in DNA and provide the body with a template for the next stage of body development, That is, many photoworkers feel that they are dying or even that their bodies are weak, which is a natural reaction before rebuilding the high vibration of atoms

A few years or more, or even decades later, depending on your plan, you will embark on a new life cycle of new human beings who are over 100 years old and impact 200 years old. At this stage, due to the overall reorganization, your appearance will begin to change, and your body will also be younger (does not mean that you will be smaller ^ ^ ^ ^) and rejuvenate

The age of 200 is a cycle. Many people will feel bored and don’t know how to spend their days. The age of 100 is the old programming limit. The age of 200 is the choice of a new direction of life. Then, before the age of 500 or 1000, the human will face more transitions and upgrades. Relax. Don’t pay too much attention to whether he is young or not. Similarly, let physical intelligence manage. Just live your high vibration life


Dear: let me give you something to think about: Light workers are called workers because what they do is anchor energy.

They sometimes do it where there may be danger. My partner [Ricardo] lives not only by the water, but also at an active earthquake point. This is his sweet spot and where he anchors energy. There are others around him doing the same thing! [refers to depak Chopra, Louise Hay and many other photoworkers living at earthquake sites in Southern California].


When the magnetic poles flip, there will be no physical changes in the planet. It is the change of the electrode. Some people misunderstand this and think that somehow the actual earth will turn upside down. This will certainly end all humans, but it is not the way of the gods. (Corleone smiles).

Kryon answers questions – no doomsday, pole shift, geomagnetic reversal, comets, pollution problems, earth kundanini
Original becomequantum melodious today
Q: Kryon’s prediction of war has been avoided. So why are the current events related to what we call biblical prophecy? Can biblical prophecy be changed by human will?

A: we said that the end of the world had been avoided, and it was already. The vision depicted by the main prophecies given in your Bible is now unfulfilled in its timeline and participants. Those who tell you that you are still connected want you to continue to react and remain in fear. The disintegration of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and China’s repositioning avoided the main doomsday scene. The time when these predictions were predicted has long passed.

There will always be people trying to relate biblical metaphors to their own needs. You can choose to tremble in fear again any time you want, or go in and create a peaceful earth. Those who shut their doors and wait for the end of terror will one day be relieved and realize that they have wasted many years in worry, and they could have been full of happiness and achievement.

Imagine a solution. Imagine that the planet is entering wisdom. There’s still a lot to do here!

Q: Dear Kryon: I just learned about your conduction recently and got a lot of peace when reading them. I began to know about the changes in the earth and the many fears and anxieties that followed. I live in Biloxi, Mississippi, with my USAF husband and 3-year-old son. I am no longer as frightened as before and give permission to shipment on a higher vibration. However, I don’t know if I should get my husband out of the air force so that we can move away from the water to avoid floods and waves. Maybe I should stay here and try to help the earth in this particular place?

My intuition now is to move away from the water, but this is partly due to fear of the death of my family. I have read a lot recently and really want to thank you for my peace in my soul. I really want to live on earth with my husband and son for many years after 2012. When I write this, I feel that I have somehow achieved great peace through your conduction of conflict, but I still fear the earth changes I realize will inevitably happen.

A: Honey: let me give you something to think about: Light workers are called workers because what they do is anchor energy. They sometimes do it where there may be danger. My partner [Ricardo] lives not only by the water, but also at an active earthquake point. This is his sweet spot and where he anchors energy. There are others around him doing the same thing! [refers to depak Chopra, Louise Hay and many other photoworkers living at earthquake sites in Southern California].

These people I’m talking about can live anywhere they like, but they chose the place in this country where the earth will change and earthquake one day. It is because they are there that the earth will be milder in an earthquake, but they are not afraid.

Celebrate where you are! When the time is right, move because of the simultaneous situation, not because of fear. You are in the right place, maintaining energy and sending light where you need it most. We encourage all Lightworkers to look around them and celebrate where they are… Even those who are in places that seem dangerous because of possible Earth changes.

Finally, know this: the earth change we talked about 12 years ago is going on. Have you seen the weather change recently? Volcanic activity? Ocean warming? Does the magnetic grid change? These things will indeed change your environment, but none of them is a “planned” disaster. It is true that the results of some of these changes will take away many people, but there will also be enough warnings and light workers where they are most needed.

Respect the process. Don’t live in fear because of what the gods are doing. Celebrate your family and know you’re in your sweet spot.

Q: Dear Cleon, you once said that comet Hale BOPP was a star to “deliver spirituality” to us. I’m a little confused. I think we, as free choice beings, have the right to choose spirituality. I also believe that this (spiritual) choice is within each of us. Can you elaborate on the concept of delivering spirituality to us and the comet?

A: the 24-year window of opportunity since 1987 requires more energy to be brought to the planet in many ways. It is the energy bank that humans will need in the process of high vibration and graduation. What may surprise many people is that three-dimensional physics is also related to spirituality, and the energy required for human evolution must also be provided. The planet itself has not yet accommodated this new energy quotient. It needs more energy to allow humans to improve themselves, just as racing cars need fuel.

Your scientists have just discovered one of the delivery systems. They now know where gamma rays come from, and they are still confused by this new discovery. They have discovered the most powerful energy source in the universe so far – and it is also the most distant! They are looking at the creation center! Not long ago, a very large meteorite passed you, just outside your lunar orbit, after we gave you this comet. They are all real three-dimensional transmission systems of spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy is stored in the grid of the planet (where else?), where all Earth changes are taking place. This energy is waiting for humanity to give its will. Therefore, it is a new spiritual energy bank for any human who will give it a will. Along with the personal will from within comes the new gift of vibrational ascension from planetary attributes. This is a free human choice! Now you begin to understand how this planet is related to your personal growth? It’s actually your energy warehouse! Those who do not intend for this energy will not receive it (their choice), and they will not know its existence.

Q: what can you tell us about the reversal cycle of the earth’s magnetic field and why the magnetic poles are reversed?

A: geomagnetic reversal is common. It occurs on Gaia every 500000 to 1 million years. They are slow and sometimes take thousands of years to complete the actual flipping process.

Its cause is not a mystery. The magnetic pole of your planet is produced by the molten core in the planet, and its speed is different from that of the planet. This leads to an electric current, or the earth’s magnetic field. It’s like an electric engine that creates a huge magnetic field. However, the molten core is unstable and vulnerable to anomalies and disturbances (such as constant interaction with the solar magnetic field). The result is an occasional “magnetic chaos” and pole reversal.

You are thousands of years away from the next complete reversal, but this process has begun. The last time was about 750000 years ago. This process is why I am here, because the beginning of turnover will help the readjustment of consciousness. All of this is controlled by Gaia, so it is arranged in conjunction with the 26000 year earth precession cycle.

By the way, when the magnetic poles flip, there will be no physical changes in the planet. It is the change of the electrode. Some people misunderstand this and think that somehow the actual earth will turn upside down. This will certainly end all humans, but it is not the way of the gods. (Corleone smiles).

Q: Gaia has many wonderful ways to deal with pollution. For example, after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the recovery of the ocean and its organisms was much faster than expected. However, how should Gaia deal with all the non biodegradable waste buried underground or dumped into the sea? Every year, thousands of marine organisms die directly from garbage such as plastic products that pollute the environment and floating fishing nets. How can we help Gaia solve this problem?

A: This is simple, because Gaia has compassion for humans and their way. Remember when you stopped making certain bags? Because it may cause your child to suffocate. How long did it take? Now it’s time to do this for Gaia.

To develop degradable fishing nets that will dissolve when soaked in water for more than 30 days; Waste must pass Gaia test before landfill; Plastics can also degrade over time after exposure to salt water… And so on. Your technology can do this, and a higher consciousness on the planet will see the significance, even if it takes a lot of research and development. There will be a day when selfless ideas can be practiced on a larger scale on earth. It will be “known” at the intuitive level… A return to the indigenous way of seeing the earth as the “mother of all sentient beings”.

At present, there is still the motivation of old energy profit. Finally, there will be a real motivation to pay as much attention to environmental issues as personal safety. This is the meaning of what we call the transformation of consciousness. If you pollute your planet, you won’t live long.

Q: the ancient aborigines would offer to Gaia regularly, and there was a very strong connection between them and Gaia’s consciousness. Should we do as the natives do, or is it enough that we have the will to connect with Gaia?

A: willingness is enough, because in this newly developed energy, you are becoming united with the planets in ways you can’t imagine. Therefore, physical dedication is a good ritual memory, but the real dedication to Gaia is to think about God’s love every day and know that Gaia’s mother is the link between you and a greater source. Back to all the “knowledge” of the indigenous people, Gaia has a face and a beautiful system, which will enhance everyone who sees this. This is what Gaia wants from a higher human race.

Q: some indigenous groups are worried that the Panama Canal will block the movement of kundanini energy. What can you tell us about this?

A: we have conducted to you that your perception of kundanini movement is limited to what you can see. So think of kundanini’s movement of the human body as an important example. When your personal kundanini is moving, your whole body is involved. If you have a scratch on your chest, it will not hinder the transformation and movement of kundanini in your body.

The earth is like this, in which it is an energy movement of “the whole earth” and is in the interior of the earth. So in fact, kundanini’s movement from north to South actually passes through the earth, not on the surface. The whole Gaia was involved, and the canal was just a small ditch on the surface of the earth.

The Panama Canal has no effect on the planet’s energy movement.

Q: kundanini has lived in the northern hemisphere for many years. There are many spiritual leaders in India and Tibet, such as Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi. As kundanini moves to South America, will we see some spiritual leaders emerge from this continent?

A: Yes, you will. It is a very important idea to think that the warehouse of spiritual wisdom has always been in the north, but it is true. In Tibet, there are some libraries full of wisdom that have not yet been found, which contain predictions of what you are experiencing now.

It is not a mistake for the north to acquire this attribute, because most humans live in this place called the “Continental hemisphere”. But now, as the earth and all human consciousness become more united in a quantum (multidimensional) way, it doesn’t matter how many humans live in the north or south. So the earth can balance itself and help readjust human consciousness to a level it must reach in order to continue to the next step.

The great change that was predicted is now taking place, and those wise men in Tibet and India will feel it. It will not lose anything from their wisdom warehouse, but will enhance it with beautiful and soft southern energy. The South has always had this. In the southern hemisphere, there has always been a balance between the wisdom warehouse and the perceptual “mother”, and it is like a time capsule. It is now releasing its beauty.

It is time for mother’s energy to become part of planetary wisdom, because the spiritual theory that used to focus on masculinity will no longer serve an ascended earth.

Q: can you explain more about what you said about those in kundanini energy who can’t stay still?

A: kundanini is a moving energy. When it unfolds itself (as we discussed earlier in a water conduction – three and a half circles around the seabed), it will disperse and generate male and female energy, so that it can readjust and recombine. This is difficult to describe to you because it is not a process of being seen, but a process of being felt. The readjustment of male and female energy is a rebalancing.

When this happens, some people are more attuned to it than others. Those who don’t know the sport at all may feel nothing. Those immersed in the planet’s heavy male energy attributes will be stressed because they are losing their comfort zone. Those who attune to this and look forward to it may actually feel the vibration that makes them awake and uncomfortable.

Therefore, according to the different spiritual path of each human and their Akashic age (whether they are old souls or not), they will feel it at different levels. Some people are just anxious and impatient and don’t know why. It will be frustrating because it is uncomfortable to be anxious all the time, and many people will not know why they feel so.

Most old souls will feel it and know something is happening. As they understand the true meaning of “readjustment”, they will relax, welcome it, and be more tolerant of the changes that are taking place. But at some level, everyone is involved.
Sacred project 🌏 Five dimensional new earth
🚩 January 1, 2022
Earth ascension race 33
5D new humans on earth
😃 Millennium waiting
😂 Ten thousand years of waiting
We only take part in the ascension test of the Galactic cycle every 26000 years. We are ready to empty our body in advance, accept the resonance and anti resonance impact of solar flares, use 168 fasting to stimulate cell awakening and 16 hour fasting, and receive high-frequency energy.
Because there was no hunger, the amount of food decreased.
High frequency energy itself nourishes the body and keeps it running well.
The body no longer accepts heavy (low vibration) food.
The body became light, and there was a feeling of wings growing on his back.
🚩 The unity of our true self desire and source.
There is a feeling that this is what we have been looking for, this is what we have been waiting for, and this is a journey we will never stop.
🚩😁 1. Congratulations on passing the vaccine. The virus is the test of ascension
🚩😃 2. Congratulations on passing the test of solar flare resonance law on November 21 and December 21. The five poisons of the earth – flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption and human heart.
🚩 this 😃 Earth human will be the 33rd race with the fastest evolution in our whole universe.
🚩 “Human engineering space planter”
😀 Thousands of years ago, when the earth radiated more light than any other planet in our solar system, the 32 most advanced civilizations in the local universe decided to create a new cosmic race, which had the essence of the three universes and their respective essence. This essence, the divine substance, is called love or Christian energy.
The Pleiadians are called “space planters”.
The taijita began to “sow”, along with these sacred molds and representatives of all 32 civilizations on earth in the Mesozoic era, when all continents were unified.
😂 In the history of that time, life already existed in the sphere and in the life of the earth below the earth’s crust; Because every life form in the universe appears in the sphere and never on the surface, except in some special cases, such as the formation of cosmic race.
1 – Pleiadians,
2 – Orion conveyor belt,
Orion Nebula,
5-apunianos (alpha Centaurus,
6 – Swan constellation,
7-sirio a (Sirius a)
8-Sirio B,
9-Sirio C,
10 – Lyra,
11 Vega,
12 Andromeda,
13 – King Arthur,
14 alpha Centaurus A,
15 – Antares,
16 Cassiopeia,
17 – Altair,
18 Procyon, (Nanhe III)
19 nuraios (son of the sun),
20 Caribbean (Galaxia Caribbean),
21 – Pegasus,
22 mayor of oza,
23 Eagle hunting,
24 constellation (adhara),
25 – present existence,
26 the throne of SEFI,
27 herculanos,
28 the presence of Argo,
29 delta galaxy,
30 Australian Pisces,
31 representatives of Hydra,
32 cat’s Eye Nebula.
🚩 1. Congratulations on passing the vaccine and virus test. Promotion is your homework
We are here to learn and experience love. Whether you have learned to love and appreciate it or not, it is not what you want. You will attract, repeat or become until you have learned this lesson. Thank you for raising the vibration frequency. Those who have learned this lesson can “go home”. We sometimes call them “angels” or “higher evolutionary creatures”
Sacred Project 🌏 Five-dimensional New Earth
🚩 January 1, 2022
Earth Ascension Race 33
New Humans on 5D Earth
😃 Millennium waiting
😂 Ten thousand years waiting
We participated in the galactic cycle only once in 26,000 years to have a test of ascension.We prepared to empty our body beforehand to accept solar flare resonance and anti-resonance shock, use 168 fasting to stimulate cell awakening and 16-hour fast, and receive high-frequency energy.
The amount of food is reduced because there is no hunger.
The high-frequency energy itself nourishes the body and keeps it running well.
The body no longer accepts heavy (low vibration) food.
The body became light, and there was a feeling of wings growing on his back.
🚩 Our true selves desire the unity with the source.
There is a feeling that this is what we have been looking for, this is what we have been waiting for, this is the journey we will never stop.
🚩😁 1. Congratulations on passing the vaccine and the virus is the test of ascension
🚩😃 2. Congratulations on passing the test of the solar flare resonance law on 11/21 and 12/21, the earth’s five poisons flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and the five poisons of the human heart.
🚩 This 😃 Earth human race will be the most evolved race in our entire universe, the 33rd race.
🚩 Human engineering space seeder”
😀 Thousands of years ago, when the earth radiated more light than any other planet in our solar system, the 32 most advanced civilizations in the local universe decided to create a new cosmic race, which possessed the essence of the three universes and their respective essences . This essence, sacred matter, is called love or Christ energy.
The Pleiadians are called “space seeders”.
The beings of Taygeta began to “sow seeds”, accompanied by these sacred molds and representatives of each of all 32 civilizations in the Mesozoic era on Earth, when all continents were unified.
😂 At that time in history, life already existed in the sphere, and in-earth life under the earth’s crust; because every form of life in the universe appeared in the sphere and never appeared on the surface, except in certain exceptional circumstances, such as The formation of the universe race.
1- The Pleiadians,
2- Orion belt,
3- The Orion Nebula,
4- scorpion,
5-Apunianos (Alpha Centauri,
6-Swan constellation,
7-Sirio A,
8-Sirio B,
9-Sirio C,
10- Lyra,
13- King Arthur,
14- Alpha Centauri A,
15- Antares,
17- Altair,
19-Nuraios (Children of the Sun),
20-Carianos (Galaxia Carina),
21- Pegasus,
22-Mayor of Osa,
23-Eagle Constalation,
24 constellations (Adhara),
25- present existence,
26-Cephei Throne,
28-Algol’s beings,
29-Triangular Galaxy,
30-Piscis Australis,
The 31 representatives of Hydra,
32-Cat’s Eye Nebula.
🚩 1. Congratulations on passing the vaccine and the virus is the test of ascension is your homework
We are here to learn and experience love. Whether you have not learned to love and appreciate it, it is not as you wish, you will attract, repeat or become, until you learn the lesson. Grateful for raising the frequency of vibration. Those who have learned the lesson can “go home.” We sometimes call them “angels” or “higher-evolved beings.”
Q: What is the Aquarius era, or the new era?
B: From a physical or mechanical point of view, it means that you accelerate from the vibration rate of the third density to the awareness of the fourth density.
Another way is to consciously be aware of more parts of yourself. In your society, you will become more “clairvoyant”, that is, to “clearly see” the fact that “you create your own reality in every moment”.
Then you can experience your life as a continuous ecstatic exploration of coincidence, easily creating your reality without struggle or struggle. Is this definition OK?
Q: Yes. Is famine in some countries also a manifestation of Aquarius energy?
B: Oh, that’s right. You know, as we said before, that’s an opportunity for two things – very basic, very simple: when you allow yourself to open what you call the heart chakra and help those individuals who created the situation for themselves – don’t be wrong. Oh, they created the situation for a purpose, the famine of the body. They created the famine of the body by creating the famine of the body As a symbol, it will help you and your civilization, your culture, and bring an opportunity for you to fill your spiritual famine. Can you keep up?
Q: Yes, I can keep up.
B: It’s totally mutual. They don’t need pity, sympathy or being looked down upon. In the reality of creating themselves, they are as rich and powerful as you. It’s just that they are serving a specific purpose to enable you to do something; you are also serving a specific purpose to enable them to do something Together, you can bring integration and integration in your multiple consciousness, so that every civilization on your planet can be integrated into total abundance, both spiritually and materially.
Q: You mentioned physical hunger and spiritual hunger for a purpose – where do these purposes come from?
B: you. You always create your own purpose. You always create your current purpose in life. “You has the final say.” similarly, you create your own karma. All of them are created by yourself. Can you keep up with them?
Q: Yes.
B: Karma is not judgment – neither from you nor from the outside. There is no outside. You are it. You are the universe; you are the Creator – alone, in a sense, also collective.
Understand that although the creator knows that he is self aware, it never judges. It is just creation. It supports the integrity of your free will with unconditional love. Therefore, what you call karma is only an opportunity to balance one concept with another – although in another world. Karma is not a judgment, but an opportunity to balance. Is that the answer Your question?
Q: Yes, thank you.
B: Thank you!
Basha: what will it be like to make UFO contact public for the first time?
Original smile Bashar 2017-09-02
What will be the first UFO contact?
Bashar has explained that
Basha explained to us
contact will happen in stages over time
Human contact with alien civilization will occur stage by stage over time
so that we’re better prepared,
In this way, we can make better preparations
and that one day, when we’re ready,
And when the day we’re ready comes
open contact may look something like this.
“Public contact” may look like this:
Whether or not you believe ETs are already communicating with Earth through channels
Whether you believe it or not, aliens have communicated with us through “channeling”
or via other types of encounters,
Or contact us in other forms
we are nevertheless at the dawn of a new era of exploration
We are still at the dawn of a “new era of exploration”
not only of the vast outer universe,
Not just external exploration in the vast universe
but also of our deep inner consciousness.
It also includes the exploration of our inner consciousness
If Bashar and other ETs are in fact real,
If Basha and other aliens actually exist
two questions remain.
Well, there are two more questions:
When is open physical contact likely to occur,
When might open physical contact occur?
and will we be ready when that day comes?
And are we ready when that day comes?
You are going to make a discovery whereby your people will know that it is a fact that extraterrestrial life exists in some way, shape, or form.
Your future discovery will let your people know the fact that “aliens do exist in some way and form”
But no matter what that form may be,
But whatever the form
that will change the mindset
Will change your ideas
that will make open contact from an extraterrestrial civilization with your world most probable between your years of 2025 to 2033.
Thus, an alien civilization can take the initiative to initiate public contact with your world between 2025 and 2033
There have been from time to time certain encounters.
There have been contact events on your planet from time to time
Not everything that you may see is a ship,
But every object you see is not a spaceship
not every experience that may seem to be otherworldly is necessarily representative of us or those like us.
Nor does it mean that every experience you seem to have in other worlds necessarily means contact with us or those who represent similar lives
As far as UFO sightings go,
As for UFO sightings
the primary ones that you need to recognize
You need to recognize and acknowledge the following:
are the sightings that you have called the “Phoenix Lights” over your Arizona area.
What you call the “Phoenix light spot” over Arizona
Similar craft were spotted in the area you call your Hudson Valley on the East Coast of your United States,
Similar ships have been found in the Hudson Valley on the east coast of the United States
and waves of triangular craft were spotted in the area you call Belgium.
You also see waves of triangular spaceships appearing over your Belgium
They have showed you their craft
They showed you their ship
and they have gauged the reaction.
Also measured your response
So far, the official reaction has been mostly one of denying it ever happened.
So far, most of the official response has been to deny the occurrence of such incidents
As the relationship between your world and other worlds grows,
With your world, your relationship with other worlds continues to develop
you will venture out to the stars yourselves,
You will also embark on your own galaxy exploration journey
and you will visit other worlds,
You will also visit other worlds
and you will become their UFOs.
And you will become their “UFOs”
Excerpt from: first contact
Director: Darryl Anka
Translator: Xiaoxiao ^ ^ learning progress
Committed to transmitting alien information and energy
Arcturus: light body, inner earth beings and aliens
Transferred from: Wu Junjie
Source: Daniel Scranton
Hello, we are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to contact you.
We have been studying several timelines in front of you. Now, you have been in this calendar year for some time, and we have seen some good beginnings of mankind. We have seen a lot of energy impact your world and change some of your possibilities at the cellular level. We see this transformation as an acceleration of your gradual movement into a fully activated light body 。
Now, having a fully activated light body is something that many people in the new era community have been talking about for quite a long time. A large number of people have requested this special energy transmission, these requests have been heard, and you are gradually drifting towards that timeline. This is exciting for all of you, all of us pay close attention to you and support you It is also exciting for you to enter the fifth dimension and higher self beings.
We are also looking for a timeline in which the beings inside the earth will be found and voluntarily come out from under the surface of your planet. The question is, which of the beings inside the earth is the most suitable to appear, because there are many great candidates who can stand up and come out from under the surface. We also see a possible timeline, in that timeline In fact, scientists will find many indisputable evidence that aliens have been to the earth. It will occupy the traditional news media and daily broadcasting for a long time.
There are many other exciting possibilities in this calendar year, and we want you to know that you awakened people have jointly created these timelines and invited as many human friends as possible to join them. You are choosing your timeline, which is something all of you can consciously do. We strongly recommend that you not just look for something that absolutely will A prediction of what will happen.
These predictions can encourage you to resonate with the timeline, which is the way they serve you, but we prefer you to see the new timeline you have created. On this timeline, the possibility of how far you can go in the rest of 2020 is endless.
You must now know how powerful you are, but we will remind you from time to time. This message is a reminder. Do your best to get together with your spiritually awakened human companions to discuss what timelines you want to create together, because the present and eternity have a number of influences.
We are the Arcturus Council. We are glad to communicate with you.
◼ Translated from: danielscraton.com
Original address: https://danielscranton.com/paral … -arcturian-council/
Compiled | mark rabbit
What is predicted is time, the energy vibration without time, in order to activate the internal DNA information
Large scale contact with inner earth people in two years
From 2021 to 2022, a geocentric person took the initiative to initiate public contact
In 2025, the first wave of ascension will appear
From 2025 to 2033, an alien civilization will take the initiative to initiate public contact
2030, Galaxy alignment
The new dome will be completed in 2038.
Christ incarnation energy “third coming”, 2038.
Unconditional love serves mankind, 2068.
Complete the mission of incarnation energy of Christ, 2075.


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