Mahatma Gandhi’s cosmic symbol: light sequence^_^

Mahatma Gandhi’s cosmic symbol: light sequence

Primary energy and mass particle source

Mahatma Gandhi’s cosmic symbol: light sequence

Greetings and love, I am Mahatma, the symbol of the universe, spanning 352 levels and dimensions of the creator’s universe. I exist as the expression of all the creator, and I exist as the expression of every manifestation of the creator. That means we are the same. You and everything you create comes from Mahatma energy. Mahatma is a complex, it is a unity, a collection of energy and truth, and it is the frequency and vibration of the creator’s merger.

Today, I, Mahatma, wish to bring you an exchange focused on the sequence of light. It is important now to remember your oneness with all light vibrations. The creator has many expressions. Let us call each expression of light a sequence of light, just as it is a code or a series of numbers. Each sequence of light is the expression and manifestation of the creator.

You are a light sequence, you are a combination of light vibrations, and there are many light sequences in your existence. At present, it is important to bring the energy of unity, integrity and integrity into everything and into every light sequence. This complete, integral and integrated vibration exists in every light sequence and in every expression of light. Therefore, we are activating the memory of unity with all creators in each light sequence, which means that in your existence, in your creation, in the reality around you, in all others, those visible to you and those invisible. We want to reactivate, energize and amplify the vibration of unity. When the vibration of oneness amplifies everything and everyone, it becomes like a magnet, connecting and attracting all light sequences together, creating a large extended light sequence and creating the truth of the creator.

Let’s imagine that every existence on the earth and the inner plane is composed of light. When we activate and enlarge the light, the light becomes a magnet that attracts everyone to connect with the existence on the earth and the inner plane. As they connect, their light synthesizes and merges, so we experience the creator. As each being connects and merges their light, the creator is reborn for and through each being. This means that even for a moment, even a second, everyone on earth will have the experience and memory of the creator, a consciousness unique to them. They will experience that they are an expression of the creator, they radiate the creator’s light like everyone else, and each existence is a sequence of light expressed by the creator.

All life is the same, born from the Creator into a unique creative expression. Imagine that everyone on the earth and the inner plane has this consciousness, even for a moment or a second, and then they forget it again. The second memory will create a spark, an electric charge of light, which will run through their physical existence and through their reality. It touches everything they think, everything they create. It will touch all aspects of you, your existence and your reality, so ascend the physical body, energy body, reality, and ascend the connection with each existence.

This is similar to software upgrade, which makes it easier for everyone to contact the creator and each other’s creator. Even if they forget to upgrade after the upgrade occurs, the remnants of light will remain in their cells, in their energy system and chakras. Just like the lingering wisdom or the light that shines and will continue to heal, continue to work and continue to invite more moments to contact, activate and commemorate the creator. Those sparks, seconds and every moment of life connection, remembering that they are the creator and each other are the creator, will become more frequent. The charge of light in their existence, in your existence, will establish a light sequence, will develop and progress, more and more light will enter your existence, and your expression of light will be so strong.

You are an existence created by light frequency and light code, because these codes will transform, ascend and develop, which also encourages others. The more frequently this happens, the more each person realizes that they are a series of light vibrations from the creator, just like a series of qualities or codes from the creator. They will begin to realize more fully that they are light and can enter the space of light to discover its wisdom, its code and its influence, and realize that the moment of connection with themselves, with the creator and all beings is the moment of truth.

With this understanding, it is like the veil is lifted. Maybe gradually, you will begin to realize that everything is light, light sequence. Another explanation is that it seems that you treat everyone as a voice, as if everyone has their own voice of light or song of light. We encourage this activation to occur, which supports you in recognizing that there are light sequences everywhere outside and within you. These light sequences create matter. They create thoughts, emotions and experiences. It’s like imagining that everything has a DNA composed of light. When you realize this, you realize that the vibration of light is essential for connection. It is one, connection, completion and whole.

When you align with the light sequence and synthetic light from the one Mahatma, you will align all your light sequences with the one energy. When you focus on yourself, you know that others around the world will achieve the same. You can ask your soul to connect with these souls, share and exchange the vibration of unity, so as to energize your light frequency and light sequence, and energize the vibration of unity. Every time you experience this, you may have a moment where you are in complete bliss, fully connected with the creator, yourself and others. This may be just a glimpse, but the more you realize it, the more you experience the unity, the Mahatma energy, and the more people come together to experience it with you.

As you connect at the soul level, you will feel the power of each experience growing. Then you will realize that these connecting moments also occur in your reality. The more you notice them, the more obvious they are, and the more you will create them until you can spend a long time in the energy of unity and connection. You will know that changes are taking place on earth, as you will be able to spend more time in unity and connection with the creator, which is a sign that others are doing the same thing and creating the same changes. The more people gather in oneness, the greater the impact on earth and all life. This process will be very clear. It can remove the burden from your energy system very easily and quickly.

I encourage you to think about this, summon my energy Mahatma, and experience your connection with the creator and all creators and light sequences. In your own time, you may want to ask to investigate your own light sequence. You can see, perceive, recognize color or feel, code or sound. This is very insightful of your own vibration and unique expression.

My love will always be with you.
I’m Mahatma.
I thank you.
Holy light transmission: Mahatma Gandhi


It’s easy to stay interested in life if you see everyone you meet as the other side of yourself.

How to make your life more interesting
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

We are interested in your evolution of consciousness because we see you as part of ourselves. In the process of experiencing life,
If you live in a self-centered way and think that there is a very fixed boundary between yourself and everyone you meet, you will feel lonely, bored, uninspired and not interested in life.

When you experience that the success of others is your success and the failure of others is your failure, you know that you are connected and will remain interested in life.

You can be called part of the living organism of human collective consciousness. You contribute to this awareness, and you benefit from the contributions of others. Therefore, if you take the time to focus on the larger aspects of your true self, each experience can be provided to you. In this life, you always have a choice. If you are not in love, you want to have a relationship. You see two people walking in the street, obviously a pair of lovers. This is your choice. At that moment, you seem to have no choice, but you have. You bring yourself to a place where many lovers kiss and hug. Before that, you have made a choice to take the happiness of others as your own happiness.

You can let yourself accept the fact that other people and their lives are yours, and you can collect any information you want. Even fictional stories, whether in books, movies, plays, TV or puppet shows, are not important. They can also connect you to a character that looks real. You temporarily forget that these are just lines, actors, characters, music and set design. They are just to make you feel something and let you enjoy the feeling of the story. And this story is your story. Whether you are for entertainment or want to see anything, the writer or creator extracts the story from the collective consciousness, and you are also a part of it.
All of your past selves have contributed and still contribute to some aspects of human collective consciousness.

So you will find it interesting to study history books, or when you see a happy couple sharing an ice cream cone, you will imagine their feelings. You don’t have to make the choice of separation, envy, jealousy and hatred. You can become a bigger person, experience all this, make yourself full of fun and make life full of fun. That’s why we have no body, no home, can’t lie in bed and can keep fun. Because we know that we live in your world, which is exciting.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Galactic Federation: turning point approaching

Heart’s departure light and love’s paradise today

Dear Earth relatives:
We are the Galactic Federation. Peace be with you. We are pleased to announce that the time has come to show ourselves to the people of the earth.
New earth, a planet full of new opportunities, a life planet without death and pain, and a planet where everyone is a galactic citizen. We are here to tell you that these things exist. If you open your heart to everything in front of you, they can become yours.
You are on the verge of evolutionary transformation on your planet, which will lead to the ascension of the inhabitants of your planet. Soon your world will be cleared of darkness and negative energy; Resources will be released to allow people on this planet to ascend together. We are here to help you enter that moment of change and to announce that this event is coming.

We see that you, people on earth, are beginning to wake up from your deep sleep and begin to realize what happened. We see that many of you have begun to awaken and raise your vibration and consciousness levels, and are preparing for great changes.
Most of you will see these revelations as an exciting step towards uniting mankind, and some may feel fear, fear and anger. Therefore, it is important for us to show ourselves in a way that allows you to understand who we are and why we come.

You can see that we know you and understand you. We treat everyone on this planet with respect. We don’t want anything from you – we just want to help you and protect your planet – this has been our goal since the first day of contact.

The long-awaited disclosure is now portrayed as a reality rather than a difficult or even unimaginable thing. This breakthrough will completely change your understanding of yourself and the new world. This will lead to what we call “disclosure”.
Well, get ready for your life! We are here to break your bubble with this amazing disclosure.

When things happen at a higher level of 5D earth, you will feel that they are more powerful at the human level. Of course, this is not new to you. We have told you in the past, so we won’t go into detail here.
But one thing is new: this time, what happens at a higher level will be so strong and dominant that it will directly affect many key decisions in many key positions on your planet, many key fights will start, and many key positions will see people unite with each other.

In addition, everything is set as a global financial reset using new tools and methods, which means that all old methods of creating and controlling the economy will be abolished in the blink of an eye, so that many suppressed new technologies can finally appear in broad daylight!
We have prepared the plan well and smoothly, step by step, inch by inch, day by day. We are about to achieve our ultimate goal – to finally liberate the earth from the cruelest slavery in the universe.

The dark ones are binding the world. The dark forces are controlled by demon entities that interfere with your evolution in order to raise you to the next level of love, peace and unity, while they thrive in your fear, anger and sadness.
This time, the struggle with the dark ones will no longer be in the astral plane; It will be on the surface of your planet, many important key decisions will be made, many key fights will be carried out, and everything will be ready for the event.

Now the third dimensional world is really going to collapse, because it is completely numbered. We know there are many fears and anxieties, because the last part of the earth is preparing to close, because a better and more peaceful new earth is taking shape.
We urge you to go beyond fear, stop focusing your energy on this ancient story and focus on what you know about yourself and your divine nature as a powerful Creator. We believe that you, as Lightworkers and guardians of Gaia, can do this together through your thoughts and actions.
The dark archon forces will be defeated again. Now is the time to let the light rise from the flame of victory in underground bases around the world, make the energy stronger and bring wonderful surprises.
A new era is about to begin. Get ready to dance, sing, celebrate your new life, experience a new paradigm shift, and bring a new beginning to earth and everything on earth.
We love you deeply.
We’re with you.
We are your home of light.
Galactic Federation Ambassador
Conduction: Aurora ray
Galactic Fleet Command Message: we are always by your side
Original Ruohe life Ruohe today
Welcome to life Ruohe! NAaHE4sLOMJGCUMKCEaOA
Message receiving: Ruohe
Dear Messenger, we are the Galactic Fleet Command Group. Today we come to bring a message to mankind through you. We want to tell all our brothers and sisters that we are always by your side. We are the guardian force of Gaia and each of you.
In this very special period, our spacecraft has been docked very close to your atmosphere. We observe the surface at any time. We are your helpers and the behind the scenes support team for Gaia and human ascension.
But many people still don’t believe that we exist, just because we don’t show up in the way human beings expect. This is also considered, because rash appearance will only bring greater chaos and panic when mankind is not ready.
We know that there are many light workers, many people who have awakened, eager to see us, eager to have physical contact with us, and eager to visit the spacecraft. In fact, many of your multidimensional bodies are working on the spacecraft, and you will visit the spacecraft when you are asleep.
As long as you often look at the sky, you will find our existence. We will appear in a similar form to clouds, but with completely different vibration frequencies. We will change shapes frequently, appear suddenly and disappear soon.
You should know that everything is the frequency of vibration. If you feel our frequency, it is our frequency. You think you see our ship, that is our ship. Trust your intuition, and we’re really close to you.
At present, at the level of invisible energy, rapid alternation is taking place. The low-level and dense energy covered in Gaia’s collective consciousness is being transformed, and Gaia is returning to the state of lightness and purity.
As the dense energy disappears, new high-frequency energy will take over the earth. However, this overlapping of energy will lead to a considerable degree of chaos at the physical level. It seems that everything is collapsing and malfunctioning.
This is because many of your physical existence are built with the support of dense energy, such as your skyscrapers, banking system, medical system and so on. When the energy supporting these physical existence disappears, these surface things are bound to collapse.
We hope that you are adapting to this transformation process, which is a transitional period of the alternation of new and old energy, and many beings in the universe and higher levels of consciousness are providing help and support.
Gaia is giving birth, she will be reborn from herself, and you will break your cocoon into a butterfly in the near future, and exist in a new world and in a new way. Gaia is not alone, and you are not alone. The power of love and support is always around you. As long as you call, there will be a response. As long as you ask, you will get everything you need.
We are the collective headquarters of the Galactic fleet. We are very happy to come to bring this message to mankind today. We are always by your side, and we deeply love you and admire you! Now let’s go, bye! Bless you!
Thanksgiving with frequency, deep blessing!


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