Seven sister stars: COVID-19 source + life important material + immune system operation mechanism + vaccination of new crown vaccine

Seven sister stars: COVID-19 source + life important material + immune system operation mechanism + vaccination of new crown vaccine

The truth of the universe – the meaning of life today

So far (May 5, 2021), according to the precise statistics of our (seven sisters), COVID-19 has taken 9 million 650 thousand lives. However, official statistics on the planet show that 3 million 400 thousand people (6 million 250 thousand people) are missing. In other words, the estimates of scientists on earth are nearly 3 million less than the 9.65 million dead we accurately calculated.
According to the statistics on the English page of Wikipedia’s number of coronavirus disease cases in 2019: even on July 14, 2021, the global official death toll was 4.048124, far from reaching 6.25 million! The error remains to be clarified…]
The reason for these wrong estimates is that statisticians do not accurately clarify all coronavirus deaths and coronavirus events and calculate all possible cases. However, due to the lack of possibility to investigate these effective facts, inconsistent figures and assumptions are put forward and presented to human beings on earth as facts. However, this is equivalent to a kind of deception and lying. In this regard, who will also have new deception and lie work – as we know  —— As a result of further work, the fake research on the origin of the so-called coronavirus epidemic has started again. Therefore, a new so-called scientific investigation has been carried out in China to prove the origin of the coronavirus epidemic.
Through observation, clarification and monitoring of secret conversations, we know that bats have been identified as the initiator of the so-called coronavirus epidemic by several specific participants of the research committee, although the so-called research will not provide any corresponding evidence for this, because people infected with the virus from the secret laboratory have died of the epidemic a few weeks after the virus was transported away. Moreover, I have explained that the spread of this virus also exposed bats and other mammals. In addition, this situation has also occurred in individual cases in other countries.

The virus was bred in a secret laboratory and then released accidentally. Therefore, in a very short period of time, if the formal investigation on the origin of the coronavirus epidemic is carried out again, who will release a new lie and deception to the world and show the people of all countries that bats are the origin of the epidemic. However, as I said, this has been considered for some time, because they are also mammalian bats, Is infected with coronavirus. This happened when the staff of a secret laboratory were careless and infected with the virus. They spread the virus to the outside world. Not only humans are infected with coronavirus, but also all kinds of bats are infected. Moreover, since bats are the only mammals on earth that can fly freely, the virus will also be transmitted to some other mammals and organisms, but this has not had any extensive impact and made the whole thing known to the public.

However, this is not limited to China, because the whole process of spreading this disease to the rest of the world is carried out by infected humans. They act everywhere regardless of coronavirus disease and spread the virus to other countries. Therefore, individual bats and other mammalian species are also infected by coronavirus in other countries. Although so far, this situation has rarely occurred in the wild, it has occurred several times in private animal farms and animal performance venues.

As we have known through observation and investigation since ancient times, the people of the earth are misled by government authorities, statisticians, secret agencies and politicians with deceptive data and lies – which are presented as so-called scientific facts. In this case, the real data and important enlightenment information are covered up and hidden from the people. Like many secret political negotiations, high-level arbitrary decisions and secret resolutions, they often violate the interests of the people and the country and worsen to the detriment of the people and the constitution of the country. However, due to this way, this conspiracy also leads to wars and terrorist acts against other countries and people – which is absolutely impossible for us plejaran. These facts have nothing to do with the morbid and crazy delusions of the so-called “conspiracy theories” widely spread on the earth since ancient times.

Your virologists, doctors, epidemiologists and health institutions have concealed a lot of information that is very important to the people. For example, the protein of coronavirus attacks the signal of the immune system very strongly and manipulates it in this way to make it ineffective.
Therefore, it is necessary to do all the necessary work for the immune system to maintain its extremely important systemic organic function, especially by the conscious rational form of human beings, so as to provide the immune system with additional and strengthened life materials as needed.

Vital substances required for life refer to various nutrients required for the function of the body organism, but it cannot be produced by the body itself; Therefore, these nutrients must be provided through food. However, if the important substances contained in food are not enough to maintain the health of the body, these nutrients must be supplied additionally. This can be done by purchasing adequate food supplements available on the market and using them as – as the name implies – food supplements to supplement the body. There is no need to listen to those stupid and talkative opponents and intellectuals, including some doctors, who deny the fact that this important material required for life (hereinafter referred to as life material) is very important to many people and their immune system function and health.

Doctors and others often deny the fact that they need to use additional life substances. They often explain that this is unnecessary on the grounds of stupidity and ignorance that food already contains enough of these substances. However, no one mentioned the fact that the private purchase and use of life substances and food supplements by patients makes people in this industry such as doctors unprofitable, because they are restricted from selling their chemicals and expensive life substances to patients. On the one hand, on the other hand, “good patients” become healthier or maintain health, so they no longer need doctors or can ask for lower fees. However, this fact is strongly denied – but it should be logical.

In order to strengthen the immune system, especially vitamins, minerals and trace elements are indispensable, which can be bought on the market. However, special attention should be paid to the purchase of high-quality, clean and high-quality products. These products are usually products with national certification. Therefore, they are available only in special stores, such as pharmacies, pharmacies and legally binding professional stores with national certification.
In particular, the following vitamins, minerals and trace elements are important for the development, correct operation and maintenance of the immune system:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. B vitamins / vitamin B group
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Zinc / zinc
  6. Copper / copper
  7. Selenium and iron

The immune system is inherent in human beings and an organic protective element against harmful bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, pollutants and viruses. When the body is attacked by such invaders, it will immediately respond and take defensive action against them. This means that no disease can be caused by an intruder, so the immune system repels it and makes the invading pathogen harmless. The permanent vigilance defense capability of the immune system is fundamentally and comprehensively oriented to maintaining the health of the whole human body. It constantly ensures that all pathogens and pathogenic factors that continuously affect the human body from the environment not only attack them when they invade the body, but also protect the human body from being invaded by frequently contacted pathogens.

The immune system protects the body and its various organs, cells and proteins from the changes of pathogens and pathogenic cells. Therefore, of course, it is not affected by all aggressive and harmful substances. However, it will not be noticed by humans, but just operate smoothly silently to control the body’s own defense ability.

However, when the immune system is weakened or can no longer produce any resistance to particularly aggressive pathogens, the immune system will fail, so the body will get sick. This is evident when the immune system is not yet aware of the pathogen.

Without this system, the internal body of the human body will be as unprepared as the external area of the whole body to be exposed to the harmful effects from the environment. Its main task is to protect it from pathogens and injuries through human body’s own defense measures and clothes.

However, basically, human beings must pay attention to this aspect and keep their immune system healthy through internal and external measures, so as to protect themselves from pain, disease, injury and damage to the body, organs and soul, and make all things that negatively damage their health system harmless.

First of all, man himself must use his intelligence, mind and reason to quickly identify all harmful things and keep them away from his body and the whole internal and external organisms, or if he is troubled by harmful factors, remove or neutralize them from his body, which may usually need professional and correct drug treatment.

When pathogens such as microorganisms, bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and toxic pollutants cause pain or disease, professional treatment is needed.

Viruses are not life in the real sense, but pure organic structures without their own metabolism, but they will invade healthy cells of the human body (just as they are in animals, organisms and other life), resulting in pain and disease.

Therefore, they are not living organisms, but composed of one or more molecules, which are wrapped in a protein shell containing the genetic information required for virus reproduction.

Many viruses are the arch criminal of many diseases, while some viruses are harmless to humans or cause only trouble cold and other health related harmless phenomena. However, some viruses may cause serious and even life-threatening diseases, such as coronavirus, AIDS, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, Human papilloma virus:HPV, etc. Hepatitis, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis (commonly known as poliomyelitis), rabies, and severe diarrhea, rubella, chickenpox and yellow fever caused by rotavirus.

Viruses reproduce from healthy cells by invading them, so without such host cells, viruses cannot reproduce. Not all viruses cause symptoms. In many cases, even the body can successfully fight invaders without causing diseases. For example, cold sores, which is very common in many people, is the case. So lip herpes is caused by viruses. These viruses exist in some nerve cells. When the immune system is too nervous, they will lead to lip herpes in some people.

Viruses are relatively difficult to prevent and treat with drugs, because they are not living organisms, but have no living organic structure and no metabolism. Therefore, they have no eating process and can not absorb and digest any medicinal substances. However, vaccination can “train” the body’s defense ability, so as to reduce the body’s sensitivity to pathogens.

But let’s go back to the immune system, because it should be said that, especially in the cold season, temperature fluctuations and dry air caused by heating will soon shake the body’s own immune defense system, which makes humans more vulnerable to colds and influenza. Therefore, an effective and healthy immune system is particularly important, because only it can protect humans from diseases. Therefore, the task of the immune system is always to:

one   Distinguish their own components from foreign invaders, and then fight against these strangers and eliminate them as harmful invaders, pollutants and toxic substances.

  1. In short, the immune system is the defense system of the body itself and the organism inside the whole body. It ensures that all kinds of harmful pathogenic microorganisms entering the body, such as bacteria and viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites, can be resisted to prevent them from causing infection. However, the immune system is not an independent organ, but consists of many parts, including skin, spleen and the whole intestine. The large intestine undertakes a very important task. Together with other internal systems, these organs protect the whole organism from pain, disease and weakness.

Life substances correspond to the continuous needs of the immune system. These substances are basically absorbed through food, digested and processed, and then reach relevant organs. These organs have an obvious role in establishing the immune system, and use the corresponding life substances to strengthen the immune system.

Living substances refer to substances and raw materials outside the body. When these substances are provided into the body, all organs involved in maintaining health and establishing the immune system are activated. These substances also include proteins on the surface of fungi and viruses. When these substances dock with special defense cells, a series of cellular processes are triggered and started. After initial contact with the pathogen, the corresponding information from the pathogen is usually stored. If there is a new kind of contact, the stored information will be called out immediately. As a result, the attacked immune system will start itself faster to defend against pathogens.
three   The immune system is the innate protective function of human beings, which can prevent the invasion of harmful viruses, bacteria and various pollutants. Therefore, it is particularly important and meaningful for human beings to always maintain the comprehensive function of the immune system, so that they can always rely on it to ensure their own health.

In order to maintain the immune system and keep it healthy and strong, we need to further consider that we must also ensure that the whole body has enough exercise and enough sleep, just as the whole respiratory system needs fresh, healthy and oxygenated air to go deep into the lungs.

What is particularly harmful is that it greatly impairs the effectiveness and strength of the immune system and makes human beings vulnerable to pain and disease, including the following factors:

Smoking should be avoided because it is well known that smoking is very harmful to health, especially to the lungs, although people know little or no that the immune system will also be damaged and weakened.

Alcohol also has adverse effects on the immune system, so if you “have to” drink, you can only stop.

Chemicals (and possibly natural drugs) can be harmful to health, even if they are prescribed by doctors and have healing effects, or are considered almost harmless – especially painkillers usually prepared for every small pain, and so on

We cannot and should not give any suggestions on whether to vaccinate against coronavirus, because whether we accept or oppose it is entirely up to everyone’s own decision and responsibility.

(Message from the Plejaran)


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