The feeling of shortage is not because you have shortage, but because of judgment^_^

The feeling of shortage is not because you have exhaustion, but because of judgment^_^

Shortage has the meaning of existence, in order to understand abundance

How can there be shortage? Judge and take it seriously

Breaking up shortage is your heavenly soul plan, which makes you happy, satisfied and rich in lack and deficiency

When you really thought you were shortage, you launched a war against exhaustion, so you blocked the house (H à n Ni ú s) ā i w ū), Material, wealth, family, social and books have replaced the higher vibration energy of heavenly soul plan

This is meaningful, because first of all, we should know what is material abundance, wealth abundance, gender abundance, family abundance, and what is the abundance of work, society, knowledge, insight and theory, and then we can turn to spiritual abundance and follow the present and nature

When you are shortage, you are happy and continue to provide a smooth path for your heavenly soul plan. When you are rich, you are also happy and still live in high vibration, flow and non block
As always, I always have high vibration and clean up inside and outside

Shortage is a rich energy supply, which we call nothing. It is to reserve more rich and filled space for you, but it should be highly vibrating, positive, excited, fun, fresh, beautiful and yearning

When it can’t be achieved, regard the success of others as your success

As you maintain your high vibration, you will be more and more satisfied with the intake of subtle energy and emotions, which will make you more and more satisfied in less, thinner, thinner and lighter

As a result, your fun is easier to satisfy

Remember, don’t judge
No matter what you do, say, think, what others treat you

You are all regressive, balanced, high vibrational, intuitive, flowing and joyful

No judgment


In the process of experiencing life, if you regard everyone you meet as your other side, it will be easy to remain interested in life.

If you live in a self-centered way and think that there is a very fixed boundary between yourself and everyone you meet, you will feel lonely, bored, uninspired and not interested in life. When you experience that the success of others is your success, and the failure of others is your failure, you will know that you are connected, and you will be right Stay interested in life.
You can be called part of the living organism of human collective consciousness. You have contributed to this consciousness, and you also benefit from the contributions of others. Therefore, if you spend time focusing on the larger aspects of your true self, every experience can be provided to you. In this life, you always have a choice. Suppose you are not in love, you want to have a relationship, and you see two Walking alone in the street, you are obviously a pair of lovers. This is your choice. At that moment, you seem to have no choice, but you have. You bring yourself lonely to a place where many lovers kiss and hug. Before that, you have made a choice to take the happiness of others as your own happiness.

You can let yourself accept the fact that other people and their lives are also yours. You can collect any information you want from them. Even fictional stories, whether in books, movies, plays, TV or puppets, are not important. They can also connect you with a character who looks very real. You can temporarily Forget that these are just lines, actors, characters, music and set design. They are just to let you feel something and let you enjoy the feeling brought by the story. And the story is your story. No matter what you want to see or for entertainment, the writer or creator extracts the story from the collective consciousness, and you are one of them Part of.

All of your past selves have contributed and still contribute to some aspects of human collective consciousness. So you will find it interesting to study history books, or when you see a happy couple sharing an ice cream cone, you will imagine their feelings. You don’t have to make the choice of separation, envy, jealousy and hatred. You can become a bigger person and experience this experience Cut, make yourself full of fun and make life full of fun. That’s why we have no body, no home, can’t lie in bed and can keep fun. Because we know that it’s exciting that we live in your world.


“To experience what you desire and appreciate, you must also experience the same missing side. In this binary universe, there is always a delicate balance. When you realize that what is missing is the gap that the universe is about to fill, you can put down your entanglement with that experience. You can stop paying attention to those things that do not exist and start to understand what exists and what you want And what is right in front of you. This is the key to creating reality. This is the key to mastering the spiritual and physical fields. If you allow this mode of communication to come in, if you allow yourself to bathe in the glory of our beautiful universe, it will change everything for you. “
Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are full of curiosity about the universe we share. We like to explore all the beauty, solemnity and possibilities in the universe and feel the connection with all life in the universe, because we can always find new fun. Now, you can walk through the universe, but remember that the whole universe exists in every particle of it. So when you are sad When you are trapped in a small town and can’t go where you want to go, or even where you live, please remember that the whole universe is with you.

You just need to focus on the cosmic experience you want, and then let the universe pass on those aspects you want to experience to you. If you just complain that you can’t jump on the plane to Peru or Bali immediately, you may miss the opportunity the universe gives you to go to those places or more. If you are really enthusiastic about something, it is it in its vibration In return.

We see that many people try to create because they think that if they get what they want, they will be happy, and they will be happy only when that day comes. But if you can receive the activation of this message, you can feel our enthusiasm for every particle in this glorious universe, and you can live what you most desire anytime, anywhere At that moment.

“Remind you once again to go inside every day – even if you don’t feel or experience any positive effects – completely relax when you set that powerful intention and sit quietly with it for a while. By doing so, you are changing yourself, away from relying on the fear based ego, and constantly expressing your true essence, love. Your avatar is doing this because you know How powerful and effective it will be, I am with you as your intuition or God given guidance to constantly remind you of this, because as a person, it is easy to get involved in the drama of dreams or games, forget your intentions, and be conceited rather than engage with it lovingly

Don’t forget that you are always supported by teams in the nonphysical field, who watch, encourage and cheer for you. So call on them, when you have any doubt or anxiety, listen, so that you can hear and access their most beloved assistance, and share and expand love with all mankind as you join them. “

Your choice will be a true match between what you are and the energy at any time. This is an efficient path centered on the guidance of the heart and soul

We realize that because you are used to thinking that busyness is good, and silence is laziness or a waste of time, it will be difficult to embrace the power of your existence. We hope you understand that your existence is a continuous alignment path. This does not mean that you will never enter into action, it just means taking inspired action

Your authenticity is the greatest gift you give yourself and the world, because it is to embrace your most real essence and provide your unique energy to contribute to the whole. From this perspective, can you see that your existence is a vital aspect of your service? In fact, we will say that it is the foundation of everything

Embrace your emerging authenticity as your most real self. There is a tendency that when you put down the disguise you are used to, originally in order to conform to any model you think you must support in order to be accepted, you will quickly learn that your most real match will respond to you in the most extraordinary way, because you will emit the most clear and beautiful vibration to attract them, from There, your truest path will be activated. This is the real journey – accept yourself and give others the opportunity to do the same. In short, when you deny yourself, you not only limit the possibilities available to you, but also deny the joy of others seeing you and knowing your true nature, which is what they have been looking for. ~ Archangel Gabriel

With the transition from 3D behavior to 5D existence, it is very important to fully step into the new. We highly recommend that you explore and release any old situation that leads to the belief that your existence is not good enough. It is time to embrace the brilliant, changing and evolutionary nature that only you can provide. This is not only enough, but also your goal. ~ Archangel Gabriel
November 5, 2021

Not loving yourself is rejecting what you really are. You need to embrace what you really are in order to walk your most real and satisfying path. Therefore, self love is very important for the journey of enlightenment. Through self acceptance and self tolerance, you will finally let your existence lead the way. From there, your highest match, joy and goal will be found. ~ Archangel Gabriel
November 6, 2021

When you let yourself experience your highest self-expression, there will always be great joy. How does your soul want to express itself today? It doesn’t need to be grand, honey, just from the heart, you will find the alignment that fills you. ~ Archangel Gabriel


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