The largest wave of resignations in the history of the United States, with more than 4 million resignations per month. Employee: nothing, just don’t want to do it!

“When people encounter major changes such as death and disease, we all know that people will begin to think about life and how to live next,” Cruz said.

“Experiencing the epidemic is a major change. Many people may be infected with the virus or witness others infected. In this case, it is unlikely to ask them to work as usual.”

Cruz believes that the current wave of resignation is a long-term trend. After experiencing telecommuting during the epidemic, people will like this feeling of freedom and are reluctant to go back. When enterprises refuse to provide telecommuting, they will resign.


Your happiness is very important^_^

The left waist eye and right knee ache. The old injury, bone, undersea wheel and sex wheel rest and heal together
“During the recent solar flares and magnetic storms, many of us felt the symptoms of transformation very strongly. Fever up to 38 degrees in one day; nausea; floating gait; memory decline; deja vu; anxiety; fear of illness and looking for symptoms; dry mouth; itchy skin; severe pain in the back, forearm and neck when turning the body; whole body vibration (especially feet and palms) ; vague reality; thirst; torn sleep… “
(Lev: new 5D crystal grid activated; large number of sub transitions)
Original source RA holy love 777 new earth
Explanation: “when your body has pain or some symptoms that attract your attention, we hope you are happy.
Our goal is to make you happy with our language and energy. We just want you to know that your happiness is very important.
Your happiness will affect the way you ascend. But it will not affect when you ascend.
You can be happy throughout the process, or you can attach great importance to your entire ascension process.
But we will continue to convince you to relax and not to belittle you or your problems, because they are a unique way to help you make choices as you grow and expand.
We are glad to have the opportunity to share with you, grow together, and do our best to help you. So, reach out to us again, and we have been listening, because we have the ability to listen to everyone on earth at the same time, or even more.
What you have experienced on earth makes us full of compassion and makes us want to help you more. Since helping you and others is all we have, everything you live is serving us and helping us achieve our current purpose in life.
You are a part of us. You talk to us like you talk to an organ or cell in your body. You don’t think they are less important than you.
No matter what you are doing, no matter what kind of world you live in, your life is meaningful. Don’t be embarrassed when you contact us, Archangel Michael, Joshua, or the person you want.
When you seek the help of beings and groups like us, don’t apologize for the questions you asked us. Don’t think your life is insignificant. You want to be consistent with our perception of reality. Our perception of reality is that you are all important aspects of the source, where you help yourself grow and evolve through energy navigation. What are these energies It doesn’t matter. The result is the same. The experience you are experiencing has the same intention.
Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are happy to discuss any personal matters with each of you. When you need our help, please don’t hesitate to know that we can’t see the trivial or unimportant things in your life in the higher ninth dimension. We can see the things you think are important.
But we don’t think that some aspects of the illusion of material reality are more important than others, because we know that everything in your life will affect your emotions, whether you notice it or not. We also know that your emotions will also have a very important impact on everything.
Message from a higher field: kindness
Primary energy and mass particle source
Message from a higher field: kindness—lxWPk261_98Dw
Be kind, this is the way of life. No matter what happens around you, there are always opportunities for kindness.
Be gentle to yourself and others. In this way, the world will become better.
Become a source of kindness in your daily life. You will feel happy and be able to share your happiness with others.
When you are on your spiritual journey, seize the opportunity to experience and show all the human qualities of love that reside in your heart. Share with the world.
Be kind whenever you have a chance, because kindness is a renewable resource and must be regenerated from everyone.
Kindness brings more kindness, then more. It makes you feel better. It makes others feel better. It creates healing energy and positive vibration.
Kindness will bring you to a higher spiritual world, a place where the highest ruler who once walked on the earth lived.
When you live in the vibration of kindness, you are in walking meditation. When you try to show a caring and loving nature, you are respecting yourself and others.
When you live in the vibration of kindness, you are in walking meditation. When you try to show a caring and loving nature, you are respecting yourself and others.
Kindness can be expressed in some small ways, a smile, a comment, helping others, letting them walk in front of you, and so on.
When you decide to be kind, it becomes easier and easier to integrate kindness into everything you do.
Remember the golden rule.
Treat yourself the way you want to be treated, then go to the world and treat others the way you want others to treat you.
Even if they don’t accept the sense of kindness, show it and let them know. By doing so, you give them the opportunity to learn kindness.
Everyone knows how to be kind in his heart. It’s not something to learn. It’s a state of nature, a state that brings joy to all who experience it.
When you practice kindness, you will like the feeling it brings you. This is not an effort, but a joy.
Say good things to yourself and others. The kindness in those words creates a beautiful feeling. It makes you want to do more and more.
Kindness is the simplest thing you can do. It requires no effort, only exciting energy. After all, isn’t this the meaning of spiritual existence?
Respect others, listen to them and accept that they are on the same spiritual path as you. This is kindness.
When others say things that don’t resonate with you, walking away is respect and kindness to yourself.
When you are kind, you will never regret what you have done or said. On the contrary, you will be full of happiness, accompanied by the creation of a good thing, such as kindness.
*Holy light transmission: receiving; Wendy Ann zelia
Master Thoth’s conduction: where does the energy come from?
Original Ruoxi teacher Ruoxi today
Conductor: Yuxuan
All energy in the universe comes from the great spirit.
The great spirit is not a central source, but distributed and dispersed in every existing life.
In life 2, Tao and virtue are born from the great spirit. When the great spirit enters the consciousness of life beings, it becomes Tao and virtue. With our tuning with Tao and virtue, the Tao energy generated from the great spirit is guided by virtue into the world through our material body.
Energy enters the world through various channels and frequencies.
We introduce energy from our etheric body into the dimension of ether, we introduce energy from our element body into the dimension of element, we introduce energy from our emotional body into the dimension of emotion, and finally, we introduce energy from our soul body into the dimension of existence / soul.
Every moment, you are introducing energy into every dimension of existence, which is the ability of virtue.
In your consciousness, you can be aware of and experience these things.
Your instincts are the natural flow of energy into the elemental dimension. These instincts guide your body to interact properly with the material world, and then you have intuition.
Intuition is an existence that guides consciousness to appropriately introduce energy into the emotional dimension. Finally, you have inspiration, which is an existence that guides your consciousness to appropriately introduce energy into the soul dimension.
Instinct, intuition and inspiration are the three treasures of virtue. The principle of inaction is to know how to correctly and easily guide these energies, so that you can use the energy of Tao to benefit Gaia and the world.
Because our world is obsessed with hoarding and accumulating energy, people only focus on intelligence, which makes the accumulation of knowledge slow.
When you focus only on intelligence, you will be isolated from the source of knowledge.
The consciousness community (earth full consciousness grid) contains all existing knowledge, which means that you can obtain knowledge at any time.
When you stop trying to maintain and control energy and focus only on trying to increase your frequency, you will gain infinite wisdom and cosmic energy.
Your consciousness receives energy from two sources, one from your own spirit and the other from your interaction with other spirits.
When multiple spirits are combined to form a group consciousness, they can combine their spiritual energy to create more energy.
Together with the energy from your spirit and the energy from group consciousness, you will be able to expand the universe with unlimited potential.
In order to understand energy, you must understand how energy flows.
You should not stagnate or accumulate energy, otherwise there will be problems and diseases. Like all vitality, energy needs to flow. You just need to focus on improving the ability to guide energy flow, not accumulating energy.
This is the importance of wisdom. The only way to increase energy flow is to understand energy.
For humans, the most difficult thing is to let go and stop clinging to energy. Just like breathing, when the air exhales out of the body, new air will come automatically, but if you hold your breath, you will die.
Humans are now obsessed with controlling energy.
They grab, control and hoard any energy that can be found. Like holding their breath, they cut off the flow of energy around the world.
The matrix is created by the accumulation of energy.
Humans have accumulated energy and stored it in many places. Humans will be excited when storing energy and believe that they have done a good thing, but this concentration of energy is killing yourself and the planet.
Taking nuclear power plants as an example, humans enrich uranium together to produce an incredible amount of explosive energy. This energy is unstable, but we use this destructive energy to heat water, turn turbines, and finally generate electricity.
Human beings do not understand why uranium was originally created. It exists in the earth for special functions and reasons.
Uranium is dispersed and dispersed on the earth and can be used as a kind of life energy beneficial to life.  
Humans should not be afraid of radiation, because radiation occurs in any natural living environment. This radiation can be understood as the energy of the Phoenix. When something is killed or destroyed, the energy is transferred from one life to another.
If you want to understand energy, you must understand the earth.
The more you know about the earth, the more you can live in harmony with it. The more you can live in harmony with the earth, the more trust you will have, the more your frequency will increase, and you will become more sensitive to spiritual things.
You must learn to trust and increase frequency for each layer of your body.
The more you know about the elemental body, the more sensitive it will become. The more you know about the emotional body, the more sensitive it will become. When the body becomes more sensitive, this is an obvious signal that your frequency is getting higher and higher.
Sometimes people think that being more sensitive means being weaker, but the opposite is true. When you become more sensitive, you just begin to realize the energy that always exists.
Therefore, in order to guide more energy, you must increase your wisdom.
Pleiadian: unveiling
Primary energy and mass particle source yesterday
Dear people, we greet you!
As you approach the end of the year, a series of veils will begin to lift, and they will begin to reveal the truth to you on another level. This is part of your destiny movement, as revelation and blessings are returning to you, taking you into a higher understanding and calibrating your own unique divine components. Going out is to speed up the entry into these divine moments, your destiny Incarnate and reclaim your legacy. Everything is in hand, because you have taken another step forward in your heart and created multidimensional building blocks.
As you approach the completion of this year’s cycle, there is a flowing energy wave that carries powerful light energy into the earth. These light forces are designed to expand and build up during October, November and December. There is a shift in the magnetic frequency of the earth’s magnetic core and a higher light resonance, sending pulses from the magnetic core outward through the earth’s plane. The extended fluid energy pattern is expanded in order to expand The form of optical helix is generated from the magnetic core.
In the earth’s magnetic core, an electrical transformation is being activated, creating openings and forming a series of new vortices on the whole planet. This is not a new environment being created, and these multidimensional structures have always existed. These events are the resurrection of pure light frequency consciousness on earth. They create openings in the form of sacred geometric patterns for the specified purpose to bring your life Consciousness is connected to the divine elements of truth. These forms interact in your energy field, heart cells and brain, causing some disorientation in your daily reality experience. Open your heart at the moment of consciousness and support you to adjust physically, energetically and emotionally through the multidimensional changing earth view.
The rotation of the earth is changing and leading to a more direct alignment and alliance with the sun. This situation also causes further disorientation in your system. It is time to let go and create a moment of concentration in your heart to offset this confusion in your self-consciousness. You are navigating into a field that is not unfamiliar, but it will trap your human mind Into the feeling of chaos and out of control.
The covenant ribbon helps you throughout the transition. This ribbon interacts directly within the magnetic core, creating a spiral flow of light that moves outward from the core and through the earth. As the spiral light flows, it expands its shape and deepens its multidimensional potential when it interacts within your heart cells.
These spirochetes enter a transmitter, which exists in each heart cell. These helical light particles are designed to emit you into a rapid transformation process. The light particles enter the transmitter in the heart cell, exposing you to the focusing potential of the higher self. These interactions allow you to enter the expanded vibrational framework of the heart cells. The covenant ribbon has made this possible The manifestation in your heart becomes possible.
At the same time, the activation in your heart transmitter is upgrading and rearranging your energy system, entering a broader and higher energy resonance in your energy field and your physical body system. This transformation process is to prepare you for this complete energy reset, which will take place on your planet when you enter 2022.
The collective destiny of those of you who are actively on the conscious path will contribute to the development of the earth. You will play an important role in this transition period on the earth. This is a critical moment for all of you. We hope to recognize the power and existence of your collective and individual path in the plan.
When you actively choose to participate more deeply in your multidimensional mind, your unique light frequencies can expand and interact naturally within the energy framework of the earth. Each of you supports the balance of light on the earth. This process of transcending illusion and returning to reality is a major aspect of your destiny in your movement. Enlightenment is about to be given to you, allowing you to enter a higher understanding and your self An alliance of unique divine components.
Now it is time to prepare for these upcoming changes. You are asked to initiate a deep focused attention, allowing a deeper combination in your inner space. When you enter your heart, a natural multidimensional recalibration begins to occur. All that is required for this change is that you choose the time to align your consciousness with your inner space.
By bringing a conscious focus into your heart, a higher energy arena will naturally open, just like a door, allowing you to enter another element of your higher self, which always exists in your heart. This opening will enable you to be placed and anchored in your multidimensional heart structure. You will enter your inner self realization process. You will Align with the frequency of going home.
In fact, you have never been separated from God’s divine consciousness. The divine side of self always exists in your life. When you consciously enter your heart, you will return to this higher self-expression. You have the potential to anchor and activate the higher part of your higher self in your daily life. You can change your experience at any time, as long as you turn your attention away from you It’s time for you to change your consciousness and create a rapid transformation of light in your heart. Every time you choose to go beyond illusion through your heart, every cell in your body accelerates in a transformation process.
The illusion of the third-dimensional drama being performed on your planet is constantly amplifying. The light of the covenant is expanding and the spiral of light is accelerating on earth. We hope to guide you to consciously witness the performance of this drama in your lives and communities. You do not need to be part of this drama. Then consciously surpass this illusion and enter a world A higher space of consciousness. You achieve this by transferring your consciousness to your body chest, which is the center of your vibrant heart. Your heart is your stable way to bring you into an alliance of peace and cognition through communication with your higher self essence.
When you develop a connection through communication with other humans, many things are about to be revealed. Each of you carries a sacred and unique aspect of God’s light, one no more than the other. Your personal light helps to complete the whole. At this juncture, you are asked to manifest this communication between you and others through spiritual connection.
This communion is destiny, a divine vision that shows your collective unity by adjusting your personal heart frequency. You need to accept how your personal divine frequency affects the earth. Overall, your heart maintains the working balance of light for the earth. When this communion action is carried out, you form a communion of energy, a communion of light, and it The significance of the complete transformation and transformation of earth consciousness is unparalleled.
This process of adjustment involves two or more people coming together with their collective heart energy. The divine fusion forms a high degree of synergy of light through the elements of communication. Through this communication, you create profound changes in earth consciousness, because a pure frequency is born from the action of conscious communication. This connecting action is the rebalance of light consciousness on earth At the same time, when the communication process unfolds in your body, the telepathic center in your brain undergoes a deformation process. When the cells are recalibrated in dimension, the telepathic center becomes “open”. It enables you to form an expanded consciousness and align with your higher domain consciousness.
You need to activate your telepathic center to receive and contact other members of the cosmic community. Telepathic communication is the only way for the rest of our universe to communicate. This is the time for you to complete your task and develop relationships with other life force groups in the universe you live in.
As you re develop your telepathic skills, you will notice how your relationship in the spiritual field will flourish. You enable yourself to receive deeper light transmission from your spiritual group in telepathic communication, and you can play a more complete role in your God consciousness group.
There are a series of sacred words that we will now provide to you to support the rapid arrangement that takes place in your own heart space. When you put these words into your heart space, you bring your unique frequency into your heart cells. Like the key to a door, these words open a multidimensional channel to your heart cells. When you put these words in your heart space In your heart arena, your heart cells recognize the unique frequencies you create.

  1. Place your palms on your entire chest.
  2. Bring your consciousness to the place where you feel warm or your hands are pressed on your chest. Consciously breathe, this is breathing in your mouth, release in your mouth, and put this breath in space like a soft wind.
  3. When you feel or feel an opening in your heart, your heart will respond to your breathing. Use conscious breathing as much as possible.
  4. Now, when you put these words in this space, put your consciousness in your inner space:
    written words:
    ENTAE ESTE   (entay estay)
    Ntaaeste (enteestai)
    ENTAH ANAE (entar anay)
    Ntaha anei (ntar anei)
    TAEN NAE ESTE (ta yen nay estay)
    Tyennian Esther (tarenne estay)
    ANAE, ANAE, ANAE   (anay, anay, anay)
    Anei, anei, AnaI (anei, anei, anei)
  5. When you place these words completely, open your consciousness in the spiritual space you see, feel or feel, breathe consciously, and then let go. Feel yourself going deeper.
    You can perform this process one or more times as often as you feel.
    Know how many people love you. We witness you and support you here. Feel free to call us for support in your process.
    **Holy light transmission: reception; Christina day

“When people encounter major changes such as death and disease, we all know that people will begin to think about life and how to live next,” Cruz said.

“Experiencing the epidemic is a major change. Many people may be infected with the virus or witness others infected. In this case, it is unlikely to ask them to work as usual.”

Cruz believes that the current wave of resignation is a long-term trend. After experiencing telecommuting during the epidemic, people will like this feeling of freedom and are reluctant to go back. When enterprises refuse to provide telecommuting, they will resign.

The largest wave of resignations in the history of the United States, with more than 4 million resignations per month. Employee: nothing, just don’t want to do it!


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