During recent solar flares and magnetic storms, if one begins to consciously accept changes, summarize and make decisions, his path will become easier^_^

During recent solar flares and magnetic storms, if one begins to consciously accept changes, summarize and make decisions, his path will become easier.

He’ll get help.

Lev: new 5D crystal grid activated; Large number of sub transitions
Original source RA holy love 777 new earth today

An example is the argorian action at 10:24 a.m. Central European time on November 4, 2021 to guide the quantum flow sent to the earth.

On that day, their spacecraft launched in orbit along the equator of the planet. After the spiritual reunion, all the staff sent three pulses of Libro energy and three pulses of Gremo energy to the earth’s epidermis at the same time.

It can be seen how the energy waves from near earth space and the energy waves from the earth’s interior meet above the clouds on the equatorial line. Everything blends into a rainbow.

At the equator, the argorians gather the energy of Libra into a huge sphere and turn it on with a powerful pulse. The streams flowing out of it span latitude and converge on the back of the earth. This was done three times.

Then the argorians repeated the same operation with Gremo energy. It extends to different sides of the equator. Therefore, the near earth space is covered by a protective cover.

Then repeat the operation in the meridian direction. From the outside, it seems that there is a silver energy ring on the top of the earth. Behind it stretched thin silver feathers.

The ring has reached the equator and begins to roll and ring at a 360 degree angle. Then the thin energy went to the south pole, so three times.

Then they are replaced by Gremo energy. Similarly, after reaching the equator, the streams are fixed for a while. Around the equator, they also flow to the pole three times. In this energy, the earth rotates around its axis like a cylinder.

How quantum waves change space. They removed old 3D holograms that distorted reality with low-frequency energy. The new start is embedded in each fractal. It will take some time.

On the subtle plane, galacom has replaced the earth’s old life support system with a new 5D system. The Argos are carefully monitoring the process of the planetary interstellar world.

Important events are happening in the Arctic. A black one-dimensional energy flow, like a thick layer of material, is being squeezed out of the inner space of the planet. (RA: praise!)

The Argos introduced it into a quantum converter. After that, the experience accumulated by the earth will be guided to other planets in the universe to develop 1D / 2D / 3D energy.

These are the energies of the earth and mankind as a whole, which were laid earlier for their development. Now, as waste materials that have completed their functions, they have left the planet forever.

Space is being released to further change the balance of power towards light. Soon, the high-frequency energies of 5D and 6D will begin to dominate the earth. For them, the stage is to clear the way for further upgrading. (RA: great!)

Earth can no longer maintain the low vibration that humans are sending out. (RA: key)

Souls that create and amplify these vibrations will be sent (and have been sent) to other worlds.

Gaia has ascended to a new stage of transformation.

It no longer supports the old human model.

All her systems are running at full speed, like a machine engine that has been adjusted to maximum speed.

A man will not be able to move forward by the inertia of his habitual lifestyle. Everyone will face the urgent need for change – work, residence, interpersonal relationships, thoughts, feelings, perception. No one else will continue to live in the old comfortable reality. This can be seen everywhere.

✔ If a person begins to consciously accept change, summarize and make decisions, his path will become easier. He’ll get help.

During the recent solar flares and magnetic storms, many of us felt the symptoms of transformation very strongly. Fever up to 38 degrees in one day; Nausea; Floating gait; Memory decline; deja vu; Anxiety; Fear of illness and looking for symptoms; Dry mouth; Itchy skin; Severe pain in the back, forearm and neck when rotating the body; Whole body vibration (especially feet and palms); Vague reality; Thirst; Torn sleep

Unusual phenomena become more frequent. Things disappear or appear. Strangers greet in the street, friends don’t notice, or people suddenly appear or disappear. Time will accelerate, or vice versa, will hardly last. From time to time, small light spots and large flashes appear.

Many things are shot repeatedly: details, emotions, cases, plots. This is a stagnant cycle.

It won’t be like before. Matter loses its density every time. Furniture cracking, lamps burning out, electrical failure, the Internet is almost unsustainable. Space becomes gelatinous.

These are persistent hints that make us believe in ourselves and stop playing old games that don’t exist. And those who desperately hold them are almost gone

✔ The sign of rapid change is the energy emitted by the pyramid of Giza. On the subtle plane, they look like white milk flow, composed of tubes one by one. They form a single field that is very bright and glows from the inside.

Some energy channels are higher, others are lower, and all are moving continuously. Groups of tubes rise and fall as if they were breathing.

✔ At the top of each tube, in a small depression, there is a “Pearl” ball. This is the life energy of the soul on the new 5D earth. A pipe is a soul. When the energy matures, it will spread all over the planet. Now it is maturing in Giza.

✔ All the “pearls” store the memory of the earth. They initially contained all the information about human and earth history, its process, and all the creatures on earth.

✔ This energy is pure energy. Many people are now involved in its accumulation and development, emitting the radiation of purity, sincere love, kindness, tenderness, care and happiness full of thought and soul.

✔ This is the spiritual foundation of the future 5D earth.

The speed of 5D energy maturation depends on the spiritual and emotional flow generated by people.

This in turn affects the changes in social life that everyone is waiting for.

✔ That’s why maintaining inner balance and harmony is so important today. It will accelerate long-awaited events.

The energy performance of human cognitive disorder is different. Its yellow and green waves move disorderly and obey people’s thoughts and feelings.

Panic erupts and bounces back and forth, sometimes reaching a peak of 8 meters above the ground. This energy is more concentrated in cities, where men are most concentrated.

Its fluctuation is determined by the difference of people receiving information. What should I believe? One thing is today, the other is tomorrow. Listen to who? Where is the truth? This energy cannot be calmed from the outside.

Those who are calm will not interact with this energy. It only synchronizes with the vibration of fear, forms a karmic knot and becomes a transmitter of two kinds of energy.

These knots can only be untied through internal work and self-control.

The new 4D / 5D space is full of high vibrational quantum energy. They burn evil three-dimensional matter and convert the subtle energy field into high-frequency matter, which can receive and maintain the optical flow of the light source in their force field.

As our consciousness becomes more enlightened and our hearts become more open, the 4D and 5D world will be more open in front of us. Therefore, those who are now alive and consciously close to their inner work are in the favorable conditions of accelerating physical transformation and spiritual development.

People who are far away from the source are unwilling to wake up and drown in their comfortable perception and habits, and will not be able to survive in the high-frequency reality of 4D / 5D. The world will return their fantasies and unprocessed passions to them in the form of karmic boomerangs.

The degree of change in the space around us depends on ourselves. If our consciousness and soul become pure and spiritual, nature will not give back our negativity in the form of violent elements.

✔ On November 7, 2021, at 9:53 a.m. Central European time, the argorian space fleet that sent the earth into 5D vibration orbit transmitted the following information:

“We have entered the seventh (nine – Lev) cascade filter between dimensions. This is the space for scanning pulses of ultrasonic and planetary analysis information. The analysis team of the squadron is investigating the reaction data of standing waves entering resonance.

The earth is experiencing global changes in the entire infrastructure. The impact of incident pulses from the galios galaxy on the planetary complex is increasing.

Magnetic anomalies and solar activity mean that the generators running on the moon Ji ground are injecting higher and higher high-frequency energy into the earth’s atmosphere at the speed that the earth is ready to receive and convert them.

Human civilization will have to adapt to the increasing cosmic radiation. The cleaning of the earth intensifies, and all unprepared bodies begin the process of self-cleaning.

✔ Their environment began to change dramatically. The intense rays of quantum radiation would bring mutations to all organisms, but everything happened according to dose and controlled by the highest intelligence.

The decline of immunity and new diseases depend entirely on a person’s ability to transform and input energy.

✔ Only people with pure soul can purgatory through the quantum filter between dimensions, because under the influence of blazing energy, all darkness and gray in human heart begin to burn out.

✔ The green energy of love reaches the planet in large quantities. It not only brings the dead back to life, but also makes choices at the conscious level. A cruel, closed and aggressive person can’t stand it.

The galios galaxy is full of the high-frequency energy of love and the radiant energy of eTron’s wisdom.

For many people, space has become radioactive.

The higher the atmosphere, the more painful it is for an unprepared person.

✔ Not only must the soul have high spiritual quality, the body must also be ready for higher-level energy exchange.

Based on the judgment of people with three-dimensional consciousness, there are many false theories about quantum transition.

Everything is based on the laws of the universe.

It is not enough just to desire to go to the fifth dimension. Every soul has experienced a careful choice of all reincarnations, where its energy potential is considered and weighed. This is monitored by the special angel structure of the galios system. Everything must correspond to the harmonious development of the soul.

At this point, everyone is counted and distributed over 16 time lines. However, no matter where you find yourself, it is important to always act according to your conscience and abide by the commandments.

Every action people take is for the next life. Everything you do is for yourself and the creator. Don’t worry about what people will say. Think about what you will say to the creator about your thoughts and actions.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter 5D with old luggage. Things on earth will remain on earth and the soul will take its luggage to the source.

Remember this, help the light in your soul shine more brightly and pave the way for a more perfect world through your good deeds. Yeshuji Du said that there are many houses in the father’s house.

Channel: lev
Compilation: source ra
Lev: new 5D crystal grid activation; large number of sub transitions
Original source RA holy love 777 new earth today

On October 22, 2021, the activation of the earth’s new 5D crystal grid began the brightness of the planet. It radiated its own light like a star, dramatically increasing its overall vibration background and accelerating all transformation processes.

Because of its absolute similarity to Merkaba, the earth now receives and absorbs more high-frequency and high-energy source quantum streams.

All this has the strongest impact on the subtle and material aspects of the earth and on all its worlds – minerals, plants and organisms.

The activity of the interstellar crystal has tripled. Its state is closely monitored by the Sirian moon Ji in 23d.

The state of the planet’s cortex corresponds to a sharp increase in radiation, not only from the earth’s core, but also from the central spiritual sun – the local universe, the Milky way and the sun god.

Under their influence, planetary reorganization intensified. It moved to a new time acceleration program.

The new crystal grid, coupled with significantly enhanced external luminous flux, allows the galacomb and argorians to start a new hot sterilization, that is, to thoroughly clean the earth from the old 3D energy and introduce new 5D energy and higher energy.

This process is evident in the events of the last few days after October 22, 2021.

An x.1 flare from the earth’s sunspot ar.2.887 passed through the sun and created a huge plasma tsunami in the solar atmosphere at 15:35 EDT on October 28.

During the flash, a beam of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation ionized the earth’s upper atmosphere, resulting in a serious interruption of short wave radio communication centered on South America.

During the day on earth, pilots, sailors and amateur radio enthusiasts can notice the propagation effect of frequencies below 30 MHz.

X-class flash, the most powerful possible, emits up to 10 times a year, and then the number rises: x.10, x.20, etc. it won’t reach x.10 or even higher.

The new quantum tsunami began on November 1, when sunspot ar.2.891 completely turned to us, triggering a chain reaction of natural disasters on the earth’s subtle and physical levels.

A volcano on the island of La Palma continues to erupt. Taro volcano erupts in the southwest of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The Meteorological Bureau has declared a level 3 alarm (Level 5 is the highest level) in the area to warn people not to get close to the dangerous area.

Indonesia’s karakato volcano on Manan Island, Papua New Guinea, and kalimsky volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula have also been activated.

Tectonic movement has increased. 100 to 600 earthquakes of different magnitudes occur in different areas every day.

Heavy rains hit northern India, western Nepal, Malaysia, central Vietnam, Sicily, Asir (Saudi Arabia), Abidjan (C ô te d’Ivoire), Algeria, Tunisia, Alicante (Spain), northwest England, southwest Scotland and Wales.

Floods and landslides occurred in Colombia. This week, there were heavy rains in Antioquia, meta and Putumayo provinces, where there were serious waterlogging and large-scale landslides.

A powerful tornado swept through eastern Texas. The vortex blew away everything on their way. The tornado uprooted trees, destroyed power lines and roofs, and threw everything along the way into the air.

This is how the earth can purify energy from all outdated and unnecessary things in the new 5D world. In the general cleaning on the subtle and physical level, lava eruption and heavy rainfall exceeding the normal daily precipitation are widely used.

Since the hot summer of 2021, the element of fire has formed the earth’s surface and cleaned up large areas of the United States, Europe and Turkey.

At the same time, in the whole earth, especially in areas where the active display of air elements is not strange, strong hurricanes, tornadoes and storms are launched, eliminating all negative effects in specific places.

All these processes are run by the Galactic Commission and involve friendly cosmic races when necessary.


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