Predicting the great transformation of life: Photon Energy^_^

Cheryl: predicting the great transformation of life

Chapter 4 photon energy

Cheryl: photon energy, this is an exciting and emotional chapter. When you look at it with enthusiasm, it’s really exciting. I’ll explain why. This explains some of the things you live with, but, oh, they’re not the most appropriate. You have to know what that is. However, this whole article tells you from beginning to end: you, or the so-called us humans, can make change.
Photon energy, my friend, once you collect it, once you understand it, you know that they can’t be forced into the pipe. You know they can’t follow the pipeline. It is there, and it will be able to do anything you can do with fossil fuels today.

Oh, yes, you can use it as a power of communication. Do you understand?

If I had the time and needed for this book, I would teach you how to put a small light spot on your forehead, that is, in the so-called third eye position.

Then I will ask you to push another one out and stick it behind the previous one, and then add another one and another one until it looks like a laser beam is emitted from your third eye.

Then I will ask you to connect the beam into the photon energy and watch it receive and go to the exact place you want it to go.

If you want, you can also want it to flip vertically like a flight show. Let it go straight up to the sky and down to the root of the tree.

Or turn it around the earth and talk to a friend on the other side of the earth. Because all you have to do is think about it, it will flow through the photon energy, and like today’s bullet train, it can’t be stopped.

What I want to tell you is about your own photon energy: one day, you can hold it in your palm and shape it into a beautiful ball, and you will feel it.

You won’t see it, my friend. You don’t need to see it.
However, if you shape it into a ball, hold it to your lips and kiss it with love. Then you send it into the air, float in front of you, look at it and say, “find the one I love most.” it will disappear. No matter where the person you love most is, it will appear in front of him, touch his lips and disappear. This is photon energy, this is.

So in this photon energy, you will understand everything about the photonic band and the form it unfolds. Then you will do something I hope you won’t do: you will want to stop all this and wait for photon energy. You must complete this journey, and you must clear all the topics on your way. But isn’t this to encourage people? I believe that’s true. That’s why I wrote this book as an encouragement, not a fear.

Let me say a little more about photon energy here. If human consciousness has clearly known that it already has something, it can power the computer and any vehicle you choose to own. If you already have something that can take you through time and space, and it is completely free to you, how can people bid up the price to you?

What’s more, please imagine with me when reading this sentence: if you don’t have petroleum products to fight with each other, maybe you will stop fighting in everything.

Cheryl: a long time ago, when time had not been measured and recorded, there was an energy core in what you call “deep space” known as “photon energy L”. It began its orbit of meeting the earth.

The outer edge of photon energy is called, and it is now outside the earth’s atmosphere. This band will not really move to the earth, but the earth will pass through this energy at a certain time.
Here, I will describe the concept of photon energy, its main parts, its use after the great transformation, and its effect on human beings and mother earth. Please come with me, let me introduce this great process to you, and reveal that it is a path of beauty, not a path of fear.

For thousands of years, although photon energy has been observed by the Galactic brotherhood and supervised by the angel level, the size and essence of this energy force field cannot be measured in human vocabulary. Forces from higher levels will adjust this energy to be compatible with the energy of the earth. This energy adjustment is applicable to major changes to bring energy into a certain place Today’s energy cannot work in systems.

This new energy has the power to prolong life because its molecular structure realigns the human body with the so-called “light body”. Photon energy will allow humans to devote themselves to their new tasks and achieve long forgotten growth.

The arrival date of photon energy has changed again and again, at least four times. You must wonder why such a major event has such an uncertain time course. The reason is very simple. The arrival of photon energy is directly affected by the spiritual awakening rate of the earth’s population. Although this event is planned to happen soon after the century transition, the exact date depends on being able to assist This is the case with the awakened human individuals, such as those who came to help write this book.

The awakening of the masses to the plight of mother earth must affect this time course. The dense green leaves of the earth have been removed, a large amount of dirt has been poured into her waterways, and millions of tons of foreign matter have been discharged into her atmosphere. When mother earth rotates and pulses (i.e. her heartbeat) When healed, she has a reason to slow down the journey, so that we can prepare more people for the most exciting events in history.

Photon energy is light
Let’s introduce the coming phenomenon, called “dark three days” . does the term evoke some fear? Well, my friend, this should be, because this is the beginning of practical action. Although we refer to darkness, we should understand that photon energy, in fact, is light. Yes, real light, the essence of all light beings. Such darkness is due to the time when the earth is about to enter photon energy.

The outer edge of the photonic energy band is quite thick and shaped into the shape of this unique energy mode. Therefore, it takes the earth about three days to pass through the photonic band and enter the light of photonic energy.

When I mentioned “darkness” It doesn’t mean the darkness at night. It’s not like anything human has ever experienced. It’s so thick that people can feel it. You can’t see the hand stretched out in front of you inches away. What follows this darkness is unimaginable cold and global emptiness, because when the earth enters the photon belt, it almost blocks the energy of the sun.

As soon as you pass through the photon belt, instead of darkness, there will be dazzling light. The light of photon energy will illuminate the earth 24 hours a day, although the time measurement method at that time is different from today. Once you enter the new light, most people will fight it, because everything must change, including the earth’s surface that has experienced the initial stage of renewal.
Those who have prepared themselves for this event, those who return to the center by learning simple concepts such as meditation and higher vision mental clarity, will become the light that others can follow. In the first few days, everyone will understand what happened. It may be a little difficult to understand at first because the earth is there Believe it or not, just reading this book and understanding its concepts will allow you to establish a new way of life to transform the earth.

Backdoor syndrome
Let me put what I call “back door syndrome” Generally speaking, when the pressure begins to rise, many people will choose to escape through the back door. If they choose to complete or avoid a certain experience, many people will decide to get rid of it and run away. The reason is simple: the fear of change and growth and the sense of security of sticking to what they already know prevent people from seizing opportunities.

If this topic annoys you, actually explore the reasons. Security is likely to be the main factor for most people to repeat painful experiences over and over again in a specific time. How many people you know leave after their intimate relationship deteriorates and start another similar relationship? The situation is the same, but their faces change. How can anyone want to repeat it over and over again What about this kind of thing? Just like all other subjects. When the truth is understood, it will appear boring and stupid over and over again.

It is a tendency to observe one’s own life and see if one can use this way to face one’s own major issues. You will never be a minority, because in fact, the vast majority of people spend many lives just to learn the smallest issues, while the remaining few seem to learn many issues in one life. No matter what you do, remember that this is the “journey” , that’s what they really have to experience.

The information provided in this chapter may generate fear. Some people even use it as an excuse to escape their current situation. I can guarantee that this will be your most destructive act. I use words like “absolute” and “destructive” The words are intended to emphasize. The truth shared here represents the difference between success and excellence. This new energy brings evolutionary potential. In the early stage of the fourth dimension, you will want to continue those who have the ability to obtain higher real experience.

Of course, it is important to learn everything as much as possible while here, so that when you awaken in this new energy, you will have the highest possibility of achieving perfection. At that time, whether you will do it or not is not a problem, because there is no doubt that no one will choose to miss such experience. The only question is how many current plans will be brought into this new integration by you. In Pure reality will set the stage for many new possibilities of awakening. The repeated experience in the third dimension must be completed before the mother earth really ascends.

As far as human nature is concerned, they are evolving beings and are on a broad journey related to the experience of all possibilities. My friend, I would like to emphasize the “two possibilities”. Every being will confirm with the ID that every subject is fully learned, because incomplete understanding is not helpful to the soul who wants to fully understand. Therefore, in order for all possibilities to be experienced, the pursuit of complete understanding must include many different levels at the same time. If you try to copy shortcuts without completing the experience, the result is that you will carry redundant burdens in the new reality.

There is beauty to experience in this new energy. Of course, you don’t want to carry the old experience. Learn with brand-new enthusiasm, so as not to waste time in the fourth dimension.

Ready to show the present
The frequency of photon energy is higher than many people can get used to. It makes things such as immediately having ideas in the third dimension possible. When human nature moves to the great transformation of reality, many people will experience light and energy like waves or multiple brief touches. Such stimulation may increase awareness, pleasure and clarity, but there will be a sense of disappointment after the energy phase leaves earth reality. Therefore, it is very basic to maintain the clarity and purity of thoughts through meditation and being in the present.

I will mention preparation because it does let you understand the word “in the present”. People usually live in the past because they don’t know how to feel safe, or pretend to live in the false sense of security of the so-called unformed future.

The way to show the future is to focus on the present.
For example, when you want something in your life, you usually see it as a place in the future.

Usually this is wrong, because the so-called future will never really become reality until it really becomes the present. In such an example, it is not more reasonable to create all desires in the present moment.

The last thing to note is: if you call yourself energy based on the fact that the great transformation will happen at a certain time, but it doesn’t happen at that time, what will you do? What if it doesn’t come until next year or the year after? What happens to what you were supposed to accomplish? You will have plenty of time to complete the experiences set up by your higher consciousness so that you don’t have to carry them forward. This leaves the evolving soul with only the cosmic truth to ascend to a new and exciting level of awareness. Live your life now, continue to experience your current journey, and explore. When you understand that life is about continuing to complete your current experience, the timeline is not so important.

When the photon energy really merges with the earth planet, all those who have completed their own experience are already ready, and all that is left is the surprise of this experience.

Stay centered

The following simple advice will reduce confusion and remove fear. Keeping to the center enables the body to raise or lower its frequency to adapt to what is happening around us. This is because, like some of our animal friends, humans also have built-in defense mechanisms to ensure the perfect frequency for survival in change. With the passage of time, people’s desire for many new levels of understanding has become loose, but this does not include the part of accumulating a lot of money.

If you don’t meditate, this may be a good time to start, because you will gain an understanding of the four body system in this exercise.
Meditation makes the conscious thinking process clear and allows you to contact your greater self according to your own wishes. It also allows you to touch the external reality that you cannot recognize in other ways, because the essence of third dimensional thinking is linear, which will make you unable to see through the curtain.

Meditation and prayer. So that you can begin to remove those curtains and clearly receive insights that are compatible with your own experience. The clear promotion of your own experience is proof that you can achieve something through meditation and prayer.

If you do not connect with your higher self, you will always look through the curtain and refuse your greater truth, trust and enthusiasm.

Meditation, my friend, meditation.

Time is accelerating
In the fourth dimension, photon energy will create many new and exciting journeys, one of which is the measurement of time. Even in this reality, most of you feel that time seems to be accelerating. You haven’t seen that time will be completely changed under the influence of photon energy.

For example, the average human life expectancy may exceed 100 years, and breathing will fall to the frequency of three to four times a minute.

How would you feel about such a drastic change?
When this change occurs, please understand that all third-dimensional experiences, such as intimacy, money and government, actually have to be closed, or major changes need to be made at many levels.

In fact, almost everything you recognize is moving at an accelerated frequency, and it is difficult for you to understand where life has disappeared. Well, Congratulations, now you know: it’s all part of photon energy.

Just love every day you are here!

Love this moment.

When you are out of love, you don’t expect tomorrow, you just look at the reality of the present. If you want to dream about tomorrow, dream and enjoy it, but live in the present.

If you don’t like to speed up your situation, slow yourself down. Just take an experience, play it, study it, and then end it so that you can continue to convert to the next experience.

Everything is a choice.

Alternative power source
The photonic energy you are about to enter is an unclassified source of power, independent of the fossil fuels and other sources of power necessary to sustain your current lifestyle. This situation is also one of the means used by the so-called “authorities” to reduce your growth. However, you will not need these power sources, because photonic energy will satisfy you that anyone can collect light and energy to provide a powerful power source throughout the planet. At present, only a few brave scientists are exploring photon energy, but they haven’t got any clue yet.
There is no money charge for using photon energy because it is completely abundant. No one can take it for themselves. Therefore. No individual or group can use it for control purposes, or once again use the people as hostages to claim astronomical amounts. Those who want to control it will have great surprise waiting for them.
In the process of converting from fossil fuels, you may feel frustrated because you don’t know how to use this energy. I want to say again, don’t be nervous! The following is for the film makers: please stop depicting the Galactic brotherhood as monsters, because they will be the answer for you to collect and guide this new energy. We will discuss them in detail in Chapter 6, so now just accept that they will help.

Atmospheric positive effect
Photon energy has cut into your galaxy and integrated into it. It is very clear that photon energy is not far away. The outer edge of the photonic belt has come into contact with the earth’s atmosphere, affecting not only your planetary system, but also many planetary systems around you.

Sirius galaxy is greatly affected by the photon energy band. This is good because Sirians will teach you what they know about photon energy on earth. In the past, Sirians were known to be aggressive, but the beauty of photon energy is fading their aggressiveness.

Photon energy will have a positive effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The air you breathe will inject photons, and breathing will become more and more important, because you will be able to direct photon energy to the body for cleansing through the crown wheel (overhead). Photon energy will become one of your staple foods and one of the sources of vitamins, almost like your current healthy foods and vitamins.

There are some specific new features that you don’t know at present. For example, you will adjust your light body energy module with the influence of this new energy.

You will adjust the vibration of your own frequency and become less heavy on the physical level. In addition, meditation will be different from what it is today. It will become a way of life.

At some point you will simply absorb photon energy to change the frequency of your body structure and distribute this new energy throughout your body.

You will periodically rejuvenate each organ to avoid disease, so you will focus on new and challenging experiences, such as a new form of travel that depends on the quality of the atmosphere.

Water molecules are purified and expanded

Photon energy will have a significant effect on your oceans and your waterways, as energy will be absorbed by water. Many unclean things in water will not coexist with photon energy and will be absorbed by this energy. This is part of Mother Earth’s own cleansing process. However, this process will be much slower than other changes that will take place, because in the past few hundred years, water pollution has become a very core part, and the healing of oceans and waterways cannot be completed overnight. Although this energy is so magical, some cleansing work also needs the help of others.

Photon energy will seem to expand water, so it seems that you will use more water. However, in fact, you will drink less water than you do now, because the way you really digest water is energy. In the process of conversion, photon energy will allow you to absorb the moisture your body needs by breathing.

Like other things, there must be a period of adjustment. However, the results will amaze even today’s most avant-garde thinkers.

Human body and consciousness transformation

The change in the human body will take place 15 years after this change. Age will be faster than it is now, although time has moved very fast.
Due to the composition of the light body, you will not care much about your waistline, because this will not be one of the experiences at that time. You will see the beauty of the whole body in a completely different way.

Finally, you will look like your galactic brothers and sisters (although your image is based on a slightly distorted reality). As for the real face of the person, some people may be disappointed at the beginning, but on the whole, you will love the new face.

As for spending money and time on finishing your hair, forget it. When the need arises, you will be able to choose your appearance, because it depends on how you vibrate.

Aging will be slower than you can imagine. Can’t wait?? Sorry, you have to wait.

Use more brain capacity
As the size of the brain increases, the skull must expand. The creator has planned in advance to make the bone composition of the top of the head look like stretching. Most people use only one tenth of their brain when they are awake, and a lot of brain capacity is not used. As people tune in with the nonphysical reality, those unused brain volumes will become more and more commonly used.

After this conversion, even those committed to low-frequency experience will use 60 to 65 percent of their brain capacity. But sooner or later, they will also increase the percentage of use. This difference is only based on individual evolutionary life forms. Because photon energy is a continuous evolutionary energy, it does not support species that no longer evolve, so many species will not survive. Any species that can no longer evolve will be stripped of their services to the earth level, because those species that have reached the top of their evolution have no reason to continue to exist. Because of their fixed density, they will not be able to breathe a sigh of relief for all dog lovers and cat lovers, because they stay in learning and evolution.

Plant energy is enhanced
Plant life is here voluntarily so that you can take them and clean and renew your physical body.

Plant life is an ideal source of food and an ideal object for dealing with the atmosphere to the extent that your earth level will evolve.

Those who have been trying to keep themselves exposed to sunlight and oxygen. At the same time, plants that can survive in the air will be strengthened as soon as the photon energy arrives, because its energy enhances the brightness of the earth’s atmosphere.

Therefore, the growth of plant life in photon energy will increase to 20%. More importantly, the management value of plants will also increase.

Your eating habits will also change dramatically, because most people will live by eating plants. Vegetarians will be happier, while meat eaters will struggle for a while.

Please remember that most of your own energy comes from the photon energy absorbed by the breath of Qi. For the need of food, the photon energy can only be used for the best purpose, so its long-term effect on the earth will be very beautiful. Photon energy is not like anything you have seen, heard or cooperated with, so it should be appropriate for energy like me to tell you this level first.
We come here with truth and try to bring you into trust. When enthusiasm is created, all people will find the way to unity.

Q & A
Q: how will photon energy affect the crystal of mother earth?
Cheryl: people are fascinated by crystals because each of them seems to have their own personality, special feelings and ways to enter your heart. Because photon energy itself is light, it will bring new and bright luster to all kinds of crystals. The crystalline vibrations will be strengthened, so even if you do not often interact with them, this life in the active nature of the creator will attract you.
Q: how does photon energy affect the fetus in the mother’s womb?
Cheryl: the impact will be quite far-reaching. Due to the accelerated development of the fetus, photon energy creates a more relaxed space for the pregnancy of the fetus. The average pregnancy time will be reduced to six months of earth time, and individuals will have the opportunity to communicate their life plans with their parents before entering the womb. This will reduce the current breakdown in communication, such as children’s bad posture towards their parents. Photon energy also enhances the transmission of the DNA code, so the perfect plan can be implemented even before birth.
When the fetus is still in the womb, the practice of inner starlight travel will be something that must be done without exception. Through light energy, parents and new children can get together in this type of travel, so that they can have a more complete combination after real birth. It is not only the mother who will change, because the father can also travel together to provide male energy in time for a more complete connection. Until this energy arrives, it should be clear that when parents, especially fathers, should try to participate in the essence of babies through meditation and sleep programming. Most of those who do so will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this process and want to continue the reality with the highest possibility. Well, enjoy this wonderful journey!
Q: does photon energy affect human behavior?
Cheryl: photon energy not only affects human behavior, but also fundamentally changes the way you use today’s body systems. In the beginning, you can change your face because of this lighter light. At present, what prevents you from doing so is material density and belief. Once fully involved in this new energy, a new awareness will take over, and you will have confidence in your new abilities. In the practice of meditation, you will breathe through the heavy frequency and begin to learn the teachings of the angel level that becomes your teacher to experience this new energy.
Q: how long will we stay in photon energy?
Cheryl: the answer to this question may shock some people.
It is estimated to be about two thousand years.
Do you feel familiar? So don’t worry, when the galaxy leaves the photon belt, none of you will have an avatar there now.
Q: how do angels and light beings use photon energy for their mission to the universe?
Cheryl: what a beautiful question, because the angel level is waiting to answer it. Angels have been scattered in all realities, but most can not be seen, but can only be felt. They can focus their essence with this new energy so that earth beings can interact with them. In most cases, they will continue to appear in the pattern of light, but they can appear as they wish. Because of the space injected with light, they will be very willing to appear in their original flying state. Please believe that they are ready to move forward with this experience, because interaction is the ultimate mission.
As for the existence of light, there is nothing to say, because this new energy comes from the source of light. So you can say so. Interaction is between you and yourself. Light is the essence of all life forms.
Q: what is the best preparation for the third dimensional carbon body to integrate photon energy into itself
Cheryl: the answer is simple! Meditation! Do this every time an opportunity arises to talk about meditation.
Some people may think that I keep repeating, but I can assure you that meditation is the best way for you to enjoy this new energy.
In a good state of meditation, you can begin to feel and learn how to interact with this energy in preparation for moving forward.
Please also remember that this new energy is most recognizable when you are meditating.
Q: when photon energy surrounds the earth, how will it affect that more evolved species such as dolphins and whales?
Cheryl: this new energy will bring humans to the level of communication to begin to understand these lovely species, and will also allow dolphins and whales to release the vast knowledge they carry for the millennium.
Because of their huge brain capacity, whales carry historical facts from generation to generation. They also understand that humans will no longer treat them as prey and begin to connect the treasures they carry. This energy brings truth and understanding of love. Once the treasures of these creatures are revealed, people will honor them for the value they bring.
As for our dolphin friends, they will become teachers to teach them the sonar kinetic energy they currently use. This alone should create a new and more perfect way of travel, and let everyone feel the power of self navigation. Today, they have long understood the vast majority of human speech, although they are not very interested in letting people know this. In fact, they have a lot to give, and what they provide alone has become a knowledge of their own.
Now, please understand that dolphins occupy a magical position in photon energy, which will be displayed at an appropriate time. Love and protect them as they are, and one day the reward of doing so will glorify human beings.
Q: can you talk about photon energy and its relationship with Christ energy?
Cheryl: to show how the energy patterns of the two are similar, we must understand that Master Jesus was surrounded by a vibrational essence that people can’t call at that time. This powerful vibration is different from other vibrations. It has the ability to penetrate even the heaviest mass patterns, just by being one of them.
If you understand that when you use certain energies, such as the power generated by love (which is the strongest power known to mankind), they can only affect those who are willing to accept them. For example, if you send love to an individual who is not receptive, be aware that this energy will not resonate with the person’s vibrational nature. The energy of love will be turned and continue along its own path until it finds a receptive material mass willing to let it integrate.
The energy brought in by Master Jesus can penetrate anything. Those who are experiencing lower frequencies such as anger, hatred and fear are unwilling to accept the love of “Xin”, and will find that “Xin’s presence makes them feel very uncomfortable. Usually, this will lead to a negative experience for the master, because when an individual operating at a lower frequency suddenly has to face the most powerful energy known to mankind, he will respond.
Light has the same high frequency as energy, but it does not need to have received material masses in its path to penetrate. You know, when the book is almost finished, this new energy has begun to spread all over the earth like waves. Those who are vibrating at a higher level and in the process of ascension will soon adapt to photon energy, and they will understand that this is the energy of the new millennium. Those who have been stuck to the lower frequency will have the need to resist photon energy, which will increase the conflict and destructive experience.
Simply put, this new vibration is flowing in for those who resonate with change. The change is to understand that new and exciting possibilities exist. It is in this knowing that the present is ascension to
“Love is the answer”
At the same time. When we begin the greatest journey known to mankind, those questions on the earth level are, in fact, the awakening of this transformation.


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