1111: you will never deviate too far from your path, because returning to this path is as simple as closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and focusing on your heart^_^

1111: you will never deviate too far from your path, because returning to this path is as simple as closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and focusing on your heart^_^

The energy of November 11 is already on you… What now

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Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

Welcome to the time of 11.11 portal. You should use 11.11 to jump to the next stage of life on earth. The energy is on you, the door is very wide, and you have a lot to look forward to now, because you are creating with these energy, with your higher self, the universe, the source, and all life.

So when we tell you the way you want to go, we tell you that these energies are for you
On the path you’re going to take,

Help you get back on your path,

After making you walk more steadily,

I hope you can understand that the road we are referring to is,

You should first pay attention to your path of conscious evolution,

It will inevitably lead to your ascension. On this road, you will have more roads to choose from.

Your path does not necessarily mean what you do in the world.

In fact, it is not necessarily related to action.

Walking on your own path, you will be more self-conscious, more in line with your emotions and vibrations, more open to the influx of energy, more creative and more able to create together with these energy,

I don’t care much about what I’m obsessed with,

And don’t care about what low vibration hearts and beliefs think is important,

Or something that needs attention for some reason.

These are not the roads you want to take, so you should occasionally look at your life and ask yourself,

“Where have I focused recently? Is it good for me to focus there?”

Now, you still have a physical body, a physical life, bank accounts, bills and things to deal with, but you must also prioritize your concerns and be aware of your problems
Vibration and consciousness evolution

It’s important to you because everything comes from both.
Your behavior in this world is changing from today to tomorrow, from this year to next year, but you are still on your way.

In the third dimension, you will choose a career, such as carpentry. You will become an expert in architecture. You will spend decades honing your skills, and then you will retire. You can say, “this is one of the ways I help others. I help them build homes and other daily necessities.”

That kind of life will make you feel full. Now the focus is that you have a different version of yourself. You are creating a new reality, a new earth, a new system, a new galaxy and a new universe. You don’t have to pay too much attention to your career. You don’t have to regard your goal or path as an achievement.

It’s that you really want to grow up and become the one you’re destined to be. You want to do it consciously and feel as happy and relaxed as possible in the process.

It’s easy to start focusing on your feelings and vibrations on your life path.

Living in the present is not only good for you, but always the way of your life. We hope to clarify something for you at this important juncture of conscious evolution.


Sit quietly, relax and open yourself to the energy of November 11

https://danielscranton.com/what-the-awakened-collective-can-do-now-%e2%88%9ethe -9d-arcturian-council/

We know that you are now in the best receiving state. You expect more energy to flow to you. As a collective, you ask more than at any time in history, because there are so many people on this planet. But you are not in a state of overpopulation. You need so many people to participate in the transformation of collective consciousness and the ongoing transformation of consciousness in the frequency range of the third to fifth dimensions.

You need a lot of people to root high-frequency energy on earth, and now you have done it. You need a lot of people to stay awake all the time, and that’s done.

You also need patience, because some people have awakened for decades and have been waiting for great changes for too long. Even those who have just awakened will now encounter one prediction after another about events, changes, dark days, mass arrests, full disclosure, as well as those on personal blogs, websites and videos.

People do want change on earth, but it will be a slow process, which requires people to be more introspective, rather than knowing what will happen next, when and who will arrange it. We have seen too many such things in the spiritual community. We believe that by now, people should give up the idea that what happens in their external world will change everything.

We will take you back to the basics, including meditation, down-to-earth, contact with nature, replenishment of water, etc. you will really get help in these aspects. You will indeed be helped at the right time and at the right level.

There are many reasons why you don’t want all these changes to happen at the same time. The big factor is that most people are not ready. As an awakening group, you must be patient with your human compatriots, enjoy this journey as much as possible, and develop your own fifth dimensional life, which can be done. Many of you have received this information, and they are doing the same.

You are now living your own fifth dimensional life. You are using your talents and abilities more and more. You are manifesting and connecting to higher dimensional groups and beings.

We know that everything on earth will be fine, not only because we can see the timeline, but also because you are willing to wait and believe that you are on the right path. Again, this is also the most important part of the energy of November 11.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


Solar beings: we are all involved in the ascension process

The departure of the heart, the heaven of light and love


Dear souls of the blue planet! I’m a space brother!

My name doesn’t matter. I am the energy of the central sun. As we all know, solar brothers. I ask to be here today so that I can send some important messages to the residents of this planet. We have been planning for the evolution of your planet for a long time. We know exactly when and how the ascension of the planet will occur.

Father / Mother God always plans well. Now you are going through the beginning of a great process. The ascension of a planet will not occur in days, months or years. Everything must start before this process can develop naturally. But we always arrange everything to go according to plan. That’s what happens on your planet.

The process of ascension did not begin a few years ago. At the beginning, the basic point has been given for some time, and today you are living in the results of the reactions that have taken place during this time. Imagine a triangle; I can say that you are almost at the top of this triangle. When the peak time comes, a big reaction will occur.
Without the preparation of the people living there, the ascension of a race and a planet will not happen. Everyone can. Everyone has this right; This right is given by the divine spark that exists in everyone’s heart. There is no hurry, there is a plan. The great climax will be the moment of awakening of all mankind. I don’t know whether the lower side of the triangle will fall, bad or painful. I just want to say that the reactions begin to stabilize, and when they reach the bottom of the triangle again, the final ascension will occur.
So realize that you still have a long way to go. Don’t worry. Without a lot of love, nothing can be done. It is this kind of love that makes everything happen slowly in your vision. Just believe that tomorrow will be different from today. When you are still moving up that line, tomorrow will be more intense than today, and this intensity will increase every day, so that a big reaction will occur; The great culmination of human awakening.
You know, you realize that all the beings around you are coordinating and guiding the whole process. But I inform you that all parliaments, all groups, all the great wise men in the universe are gathered to lead this process at this time. This is not an easy or simple process. It requires a lot of energy. All these life are doing their part to bring energy to the exact location of the planet.

You are the focus of today’s universe. Please rest assured that we will shine because of the results obtained. Don’t be afraid of anything, because no matter how coordinated and driven the whole process, it is a single feeling: the love of father / Mother God. If many of you still don’t understand suffering, pain, why this happened, you will soon understand. But in this life, don’t just see yourself as an incarnate soul; Looking back, you will see the long journey of your soul.

As I said, this process began a long time ago. Now the reaction is happening. You also began to live on this planet a long time ago. Now you are reaping the reaction. This whole process is necessary. It’s painful, it’s harmful, but it’s necessary for the evolution of your soul.
The word evolution means growth, improvement, looking at everything from another perspective, and living at a stage far better than my previous life. So realize that this is not an easy process. impossible. If not, it cannot be called evolution; It’s just alive. Every day, we are emitting more light from where we are in the central sun. All the beings I mentioned put more intensity into the light and energy sent to the planet every day.
The vertex is close. get ready. Nothing will change now, but after the great awakening, then yes, when all masks fall and everyone really sees themselves, the stage of your evolution will begin; Everyone has a chance to evolve. Moving forward or standing still will depend on everyone’s decision. According to everyone’s decision, the path of the soul is defined by itself.
So if you think your world is intense, be ready for the boiling that will happen in your world. This is a necessary boiling, so that the toxic gas will be discharged from the earth’s surface, leaving only the great soul, the soul of love, the condensed soul, the shining soul, feeling and living the spark of the father / Mother God.

Don’t feel lonely. I would say, there is a light around you. Even if you don’t know who you are, ask for help and you’ll get it right away. Therefore, it is enough for you to believe and believe everything we have said so far.

Conduction: Anjos e Luz terapias


Live in an elegant state

Original Angel 2021

What is grace and how to define it? The adjective “elegance” describes a person or an action. It reminds people of tranquility, peace and harmlessness. Elegant people move harmoniously in their environment without causing any interference or harm. They are often admired by others and attract others’ attention just because of their existence.
Living in grace and within the law of grace is living day after day with an attitude of respect and sovereignty, treating each day as a gift and one’s body as a sacred temple. This means that this person is committed to and makes time for people, things, things and practices that enrich, enhance and give meaning to his life. When he does so, he will not fall into drama, ego and trivial concerns that reduce his personal vibration.

When a person lives in an elegant state, he can treat everyone as an independent individual, respect their journey, and allow them to be themselves without judgment or condemnation. There is no need to like everyone, but those who live in elegance will be easier to treat everyone with respect and justice, which will make one love centered and rewarded in the same way.
I’m Mrs. grace, the archetype of Archangel Uriel. I’m here to help you bring more grace into your life and your hearts. To do this, you must first learn to forgive the past, forgive yourself, and forgive all those who may hurt, betray or wronged you in some way. This may be a difficult task, but once completed, you will reap a lot of rewards.

The second thing you have to do is look at your inner sanctuary and find peace in your Sanctuary – with yourself and your true self. Put aside any disguise and regard yourself as a being of light in the journey of self discovery and learning. Although it may be full of wrong and painful deviant behaviors, it guides the hope for the future and the authorized reality at this moment to change, transform or release anything that no longer serves you in this life.
The third thing you must learn is to believe in yourself and your path, be grateful for what you have, and see the world as a temple of honor where you are lucky to live.

You may be the most clumsy person you know, but you can still live in an elegant state! All it needs is self-awareness, connection with everything and an open heart to everything.

I’m Mrs. grace!


Heavenly Father: Galactic collaboration

The departure of the heart, the heaven of light and love
Message from beloved heavenly Father!


Greetings, my dear children!

In order to summarize the problem of the new epoch system on the fifth dimensional earth, I would like to focus on one aspect of it.
We will discuss your cooperation with the galaxy family.

Just as the earth boundary between different countries will begin to disappear, so will the invisible boundary between different generations of your Milky Way galaxy.
However, since most people’s consciousness is not ready for this, it will happen carefully step by step.
It takes a lot of time for people to accept and realize what has happened on your planet for thousands of years.
The disclosure of the truth is indeed a complex process, especially when the truth has become so terrible and unexpected for the vast majority of the inhabitants of your planet.
Only after the end of the inevitable energy chaos caused by the severe impact, it is possible to enter the next stage of information disclosure and tell people the fact of the existence of aliens. So far, this fact has been regarded by many people as just fiction.

It should also be considered that many members of your galactic family look quite different from you, which requires a lot of wisdom and love, as well as the development of energy sensing skills to feel kinship with alien creatures.
In other words, humans need time to adapt to a new energy space and arrange their lives there. Only after that can they begin to meet their neighbors in the galaxy.
But this does not mean that there will be no contact between you during this period.

Of course, there will be some, because highly developed civilizations will continue to support you, as before, but this will be achieved through reliable and credible people.
Therefore, in the initial stage, you will get help. As the most cutting-edge technology, these technologies will be introduced into your life, thanks to their specially trained experts.
In the later stage, when the consciousness of the fifth dimensional life is deeply rooted in human beings, that is, unipolar consciousness will not divide anyone into inside and outside, and the earth people will come into contact with the extraterrestrial civilization with personal and interplanetary characteristics.
Personal meetings will help you get your star family and learn your real family tree.
The interstellar conference will make mankind the Plenipotentiary of intergalactic organizations and committees, aiming at mutual assistance and coordinated action in case of danger.

Just as you will choose the best representatives for your fruit family’s Council of elders, the Council of planetary elders will send its best representatives to the meetings of the Galactic governing body.
Dear ones, in terms of earth time, all this will happen soon – just a few decades.
But for now, try to live in the “here and now” moment and do your best to promote the victory of the power of light on earth, so as to bring you closer to your galactic family.
I bless you and love you very much!
From the beloved heavenly father.

Conduction: Marta

Telos Adama: love and wisdom

The departure of the heart, the heaven of light and love

Hello, dear people.
Today, we are very happy to contact you here. We extend our greatest love to you from the heart of Tyrus.
Dear ones, in telos and all higher dimensions, we have a perfect balance of love, wisdom and power.
Any decision or action at the individual or collective level is based on the principles of unified love, wisdom and power.
Without the other two components, each component is incomplete.
Love without wisdom and power is unbalanced.
Wisdom without love and power is unbalanced.
The power without love and wisdom is unbalanced.
The unity of the three is the way of heaven.
This is the only way for mankind to move through these times into higher dimensions.
The order of the three is also important.
First love, then wisdom and power.
Each of these components is represented by divine light.
Love = the pink light of divine love
Wisdom = yellow light of divine wisdom
Power = blue light of divine power
So whenever we consider a decision, we first inject it with the pink light of divine love, then the yellow light of divine wisdom, and then, before we take action, we inject it with the blue light of divine power.
Can you see how our decisions, reactions and actions reach divine perfection?
We suggest you try to make small and big decisions and see how you will find the perfect solution for anything in your life.
Imagine your situation being infused with the pink light of divine love, then the yellow light of divine wisdom, and then the blue light of divine power.
Then, wait a moment and ask your “my God is here” to show you the solution.
This will allow you to quickly move your lifestyle to a higher dimension.
This is ascension, beloved.
We support your victory in the light!
Welcome home!
We send so much love to all of you
You are carried by angel wings to create a new earth.
Know in your heart that you are always surrounded by your angels, ascended masters, guides, the galactic family of light, and yes, by your family and friends in telos – and always.
Dear friends, we walk with you on this journey. You are always loved infinitely.
I’m your brother, Adama of Tyrus.
Conduction: Asara
11: 11 enter the light room of Christ
Original sdbetty earth new life today
https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iVfboMgMDSHWzCFI5XiP_ Q
Passed by: Gillian Macbeth louthan
In 1997, when we were still wild and Maori, I took a group of very powerful people to Egypt. It was a trip that broke all the preconceived rules that Egypt believed. As a culture and spirit. 24 years later, the 26 people are still scratching their baldness and the heads of their solvers, trying to figure out what happened in the 17 days they lost in Egypt.
After dengdala, Egypt, was detained by the Egyptian government, we almost missed the plane to return to Cairo and arrived at the Great Pyramid at 11:11 p.m. for the ceremony. As a group of 26 people, our mission of light is to go to the Great Pyramid and bring “our omniscient light” to the light of the great oz pyramid. This requires us to be just the essence of mortals and save the world before 2000 (or we think so). This is a turning point.
It is powerful beyond time into the great pulsation of life, the light of eternal existence. It’s huge beyond my understanding, because it seems to extend from the sky to the stars that night. When I stood at the entrance of the Great Pyramid and thanked him for his arrival, I learned more in that minute, through the entrance of the great pyramid, and then I accumulated a lot in my life. Everything was shown to me in a moment, like a life review, and then the slate was cleared, empty, waiting to be filled again. I walked into the great pyramid, as pure as a virgin, and stripped everything she once knew. At that moment, my empty Holy Grail, in the eternal moment, was ready to fill the gifts of the great pyramid, which I could not fully consume.
As the red granite continues to change us, the cursor marks in the Great Pyramid appear, allowing the seemingly silent and invisible doors to open. When she lifted the veil of mystery, we saw many lives in the great pyramid. We all saw a huge hidden room in the great pyramid, hidden in the plain sight. This room is called the “Christ room” and is escorted there by energy. Many years later, I found the real Christ room, but I didn’t enter it. It is this place, this invisible place, sealed in our respective pyramids of light, that awakens when the vibration of 11:11 begins the divine healing matrix.
That night, everything changed in Cairo. It rained and the Sphinx cried for the first time in years. The locals knew it was a harbinger of the future. As soon as we left Egypt, the Great Pyramid was closed for more than a year. They drove the camel police out of the Giza Plateau, and the separated boys had to find new tourists to attract them. The Egyptian government has its own reasons to close everything, but no one speaks or speaks. The reason why I now raise this question in this 11:11 channel is that from November 11, the activation of a great planetary light will appear in the great pyramid, in the invisible chamber of Christ’s light. This healing light of the inner planet from the heart of mother earth moves upward and outward through the Christ chamber in the Great Pyramid and activates the highest heart of mankind.
Michael: about 11 / 11 portal
Original holy love RA holy love 777 new earth yesterday
dear! I’m Archangel Michael!
I am here today with great joy to remind you of tomorrow’s meditation, 11 / 11 portal. It’s not hard to remember again, what is a portal? As the name itself says, this is an open place where many openings receive very high vibrational energy on the earth’s energy grid. Around Gaia, there is a network of light, which is now completely open and liberated, and can freely receive everything from the universe. Every open portal, the network will be fed; Receive all energy from very high dimensions. In today’s situation, you are receiving direct energy from the central sun with great intensity.
Therefore, every time the door opens, the grid will receive all this energy, feed on it, and transfer this energy to everyone on the D ball. When we talk about a portal, it is not only opened on the day when it is cited, it began to open a few days ago; Open at vertex on the above date; After that, it does the reverse path and it starts to close. No, this portal does not transmit low vibration energy. It is an all light portal. But we will never forget that you have not been freed from all these timelines that have been on your planet, and many people are still on the surface.

Despite comprehensive scientific research, there is no other way to recapture the planet, that is, they will not give up if they have lost consciousness; Will do everything they can, until the last minute, until the last minute, when everyone will be taken away from the planet. This will still take some time. It is worth reminding that everything they teach and everything they cultivate has gone to school.
So, just like today, you know a great teacher who is very educated and conscious. He has taught some courses and opened some schools. For some time, the teacher was still alive and continued to teach his courses and teachings. The school he built continues to operate, regardless of his class, because all knowledge and teaching methods have been mastered.

Then I explain to you: the great leaders of all these movements have left the D ball, but those who resonate with all their energy and learning still exist because they have become human beings who succumb to them. They are no longer the souls of these creatures, they are the souls of human beings, captured by them and continue to act on the earth. The schools that are created continue to operate, because there will always be a school that will resonate with the teaching there.

So don’t think it will all end overnight. This will end only when the new earth rises; Then we can be 100%, 100% sure that there will be no such school on D ball, and there will be no mind to resonate with all taught. However, although this has not happened yet, the school still recruits new students there and makes their arrangements to keep them away from trouble.
When the huge 11:11 portal opens, all the energy received by the planetary grid will be transmitted to each resident. What does this lead to? It will lead to the amount of energy you need to ascend and accelerate the process of ascension. Because if everyone receives this energy from the portal, you will take a big step in the timeline and everything will happen faster. “What should we do?” then they thought, “how can we stop this? We want to hinder, we want to delay, we want to complicate, we want to make the coming things difficult!”
So I repeat, “big head” is no longer here. But the followers continue, and everything will always make a commotion or decompose and destroy your energy. Therefore, they are always at the portal of these times, with a lot of actions and encounters: they should activate the portal and let you receive energy. Then, this is what I often say, “be careful!” Because in meditation that is not guided by beings of light, those who want to do so and treat themselves as good children will be in the middle and know exactly how to spread negative energy to all those who follow them. So, what will happen? Many people will be affected, many will lose energy, many will get sick, etc.

We are not opposed to collective meditation. If we don’t explain, we will be surprised. This is the explanation. Because meditation without the guidance of light has no guardian of meditation energy, then such meditation will open the way for the diffusion of all these negative energy. Unfortunately, when I say this, many people don’t understand. They attack and continue to attack and think I am It’s not the speaker. We just want you to Meditate: No, it’s a pity that there are no others. It’s a pity that I didn’t put down my self-esteem and understand the real motivation of my speech. It’s a pity.

So, I repeat, many groups, many meetings and many meditations are planning tomorrow. I can tell you that this is a very important portal. So in advance, I want to leave some warning: your Internet is not controlled by us. It is no longer a long time ago. Therefore, anything can happen tomorrow. I hope it will not repeat last year The chaos, despair overwhelmed you and caused great harm.
So I warn you in advance: whoever can’t see it now, for whatever reason, will participate with the change of time in the future. So I don’t want to see anyone complain about tomorrow: “you didn’t get it, you didn’t get it, you didn’t get it.” Whatever the reason, you can’t participate at present, you will participate later; there is no prejudice, because it will have time displacement. I don’t want any complaints.

Learn to get through tense moments without despair or fuss. You see, we know exactly what we plan for tomorrow. I also want to say: be careful! Pay attention to where you focus your energy. Be careful! I only leave a warning. There is no light, there is no light, and anyone’s signature is needed. That’s what I want to say. I want to say one separately and tell you some interesting things. Through chemistry Body, you make up a name, which is given to you by those who want to give you a name. This name is recorded in the universe. I have explained this terrible habit here. When you sign contracts and agreements, you must change your name. (RA: this means that when you sign documents, you have changed your original energy structure.) Most of them are women. It is very planned to take power from the dynamic records created at the birth of the universe.

So, I want to say, for anything you want to do, no matter what you want to do, actively say, in terms of energy, use the name you received at birth. That’s your name. Some treatments need to have a current name, okay. So pay attention to what you ask: if it’s a current name, please give the current name; if you don’t say anything, please say the name at birth When they learn to write in documents, there is something called a signature. It enters your world to prove that you are you.
Therefore, this feature, even if it changes over time, is brought to the universe, where it contains the charge of energy, which is its performance in the universe and its world. Therefore, if someone asks you to sign something, it is not as simple and stupid as you think. In your world, signing a document is a guarantee that you agree to close your eyes I agree with the content there. I also want to say that from a positive point of view.

So everything you sign on it has value: “Oh, but it’s something in the universe.” It doesn’t matter. This is your energy signature. Everything you put on this signature is valid. So be careful. Anyone asks for your signature. Don’t contact anyone. You’ve been trying to get rid of the contracts signed by your soul over time. That’s why you think you’re doing the right thing. Today, you have to try to get rid of these contracts.

So at this point, when you are on your way to ascension, will you sign a contract? Whoever it is, then I tell you, there is no light, asking you to sign a contract. We have said here: we don’t require no commitment from anyone, let alone a contract. Your commitment to us is from the heart, not because we ask you to do so. You do it because You want to do this. If you think, you think, it’s because of our requirements, please listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. We want to say, follow whoever you want to follow.

So be careful, be very careful. Unfortunately, many light workers no longer represent light. Unfortunately, they pollute themselves. So I say again, be careful! Especially in these great portals, great actions will always happen. I’m not saying you just need to participate in my meditation. You can participate with anyone you want, just be careful, Look who will meditate. Because I know, and then thousands of people will come: “Archangel Michael helps me, I don’t know what happened to me. I…” I really have a lot of work to do.

In fact, I have a job. For me, it is a joy and joy. The problem is that you will be dazzled and your vibration will drop. So be careful. I say again: be careful! Don’t get used to labels and titles and be dazzled by them. Get a deep understanding of what you are doing.

Maybe I’ll fight one battle here and another! It doesn’t matter, because I’m Archangel Michael and I’m not afraid of anything. I’ll take care of everyone who says no to these energies. You’re my soldier, so I take care of you, but free will speaks louder. If you make a choice, I’ll watch. Then, if necessary, I’ll take care of you, No something the matter.
But avoid, avoid receiving any energy that is not suitable for tomorrow. Carefully observe where you will participate. There are countless meditations that will be done. I applaud for this. These are serious meditations, anchored by light beings and participating without fear. Now, those that are not anchored by light beings, I suggest you not to do so, because you will be exposed.

That’s what I want to say today. Tomorrow, on this great portal grid, I will take you into a new timeline. Moreover, more and more, you are getting closer and closer to the big day.

Adopted by: Vania Rodriguez
Compilation: source ra
The moon has been busy recently


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