Message of light: the role of women in the future world^_^

Message of light: the role of women in the future world

Angel of light angel growth diary today
Monique Mathieu conduction Angel of light

Q: Nowadays, women are more and more liberated and show greater sensitivity and openness to spirituality. Don’t women play an important role now and in the future?

The brothers of light replied, “contrary to what you see in books and in life, women have played an important role since their existence. Even if she does not always stand in front of the stage, she also plays a very important role. Don’t forget all your mothers.

We also want to tell you that men believe in their sense of superiority. In ancient times, women were greatly restricted and discriminated against, not because women were really weak and inferior, but because there was no position for women in the world and men’s consciousness at that time. This does not mean that women were really unimportant, but that the rules at that time were formulated by men, although women gave them Men have a great influence, but men want to dominate under the control of programming and mind.

Both men and women are complementary to each other, and there is essentially no duality between them. As long as there is duality between men and women, there will be no real progress.

Today’s women are sharper than men, because men are still locked in their old modes of operation, logic and analysis. Women do not need the same logic, the same analysis. She obtains knowledge from within. She understands it with human senses that have not yet been fully awakened.

In this era, women wake up faster than men, and women are the leaders.

Whether you are female or male, whether your gender is different, you should know that in the previous incarnation, the person who is female today may be male yesterday.

At the same time, women born in your time have done more spiritual work in past incarnations than men who have been immersed in the experience of oppression and violence against others.

In the past thousands of years, the status of men and women has been unbalanced. In fact, in the journey of the combination of a man and a woman, you can say hand in hand: “you are my supplement, I need your energy, I need your strength, I need your conscience, I need your intuition, I need your love.”

This is what should be done, not to create some “differences” quarrels. For us, the two sexes are not antagonistic, but the embodiment of differences. Each of you need to learn to respect each other’s energy manifestation carrier, rather than dominate and belittle each other. You need to learn to work hand in hand with each other, whether it’s companions, brothers or friends.

Q: there is a beautiful lyrics in a song that says: women are the future of men. Can you tell me the role of women in the future world? Thank you.

“The new world will see the re establishment of the balance between men and women, and between everyone’s male and female energy. Everything will be balanced.

Women’s high sensitivity will be better used. And it will be for peace, not confrontation and war. Women are born to give life rather than take life. Tomorrow’s women will play the role of mediation and disclosure.

There is absolutely no need for male and female duality in your society! We must be united! Both sexes play an important role in energy and other aspects.

Men will not accept and give energy as keenly and delicately as women. Tomorrow, women will be able to solve some things that men can’t do or feel uneasy.

They showed me a picture. I saw a beautiful, pure and shining mother. She is the symbol of tomorrow’s women.
“Never forget that both men and women are necessary for the birth of new life! We are not talking about fertility. We are talking about the balance of life.

As long as there is duality, as long as women are materialized, belittled and disrespected as in some countries, there will be no complete peace. Women and men must find their real position.

There were wonderful civilizations in the world, where men and women were absolutely equal. Once one of them wanted to dominate, these civilizations collapsed.

The birth, prosperity and demise of civilization. In this three-dimensional world, there is always reincarnation, the reincarnation of life, experience, perfection, decline and death, until life can understand. This understanding will not happen in the third dimension, but in the fifth and sixth dimensions where life can regenerate, where the sacred part can nourish the body forever with inexhaustible energy. Once I am formed Another connection of our Trinity, life can be almost eternal.

You will learn a lot about yourself. These things may be incredible to you, but they are real.

Back to the role of women, we want to say this: women start from balancing themselves and begin to really return to your position, the real position, where a woman gives, comforts and exudes her love and strength.

In the current era, in fact, women are much stronger than men, not in physical strength, but in energy, consciousness and the real achievements she can achieve.

So grow, grow! Constantly show your most beautiful and powerful things and ensure that the balance between you and men will be achieved soon.

Try to start with a small thing in your heart. Bit by bit, you will integrate with yourself in love, that is, with your divine part, with everything around you, with the whole universe “.

The source is with all. Send you eternal light, love and blessings.
I hope you can realize how far you have gone. All of you here have started your life with a backpack full of ancient wisdom and experience. You are here to heal the old wounds, but you are also here to bring the light of heaven and spread it to people like seeds. In this way, the vibration of the earth’s atmosphere will increase and become more peaceful and gentle, just like the flowers in that heaven It’s the same in the garden. So you have a dual mission to complete here. I use the word “mission” in a relaxed sense, not as a sacred “should”, or a duty, or a responsibility required for you, but as a gentle desire in your soul and a love for returning to the earth in your heart, because you love the earth.
You can see the beauty of the earth in the garden of heaven. The nature on the earth moves you because you are a part of the earth. You want to help and assist her, you want to heal yourself, and experience what it is like on the earth as a complete person. Doing so can bring deep satisfaction to your soul. Becoming a man or woman on the earth, becoming a child and Growing up, building friendships with others, sometimes falling into conflict and being infected by your soul as a complete person, so that you can fully guide your soul to the earth, which is your highest goal. This cannot be achieved on the other side; your goal is here. I ask you to remember this.
Before you truly incarnate, see yourself symbolically placed on the ladder. Feel the energy of the heavenly atmosphere, your own wisdom, and the support and encouragement of the loving guides around you. They look at you; they respect your choices, so they encourage you.
Go ahead, climb the ladder, and your descent is about to begin. Step by step, you feel that you must let go of your guide’s hand, because they can’t reach further. While doing so, feel the light of your soul burning in your heart. See the image of a torch or candle, focus on the light and happy memories, and the atmosphere of harmony and peace It’s your home, and then go down further. If you feel oppressed by the heavy earthly atmosphere that comes to you, or if you feel doubt or anxiety, focus on the light again – raise the light. Take the symbolic torch from the heart of your right hand and illuminate your path to the earth.
What I ask you to do here is not only to remember what it is like to descend to the earth, but also to go back and bring the light to the place where you were born in a difficult period, where you doubted whether you had the ability to truly appear on the earth with the fullness of your light and consciousness.
Give yourself confidence, surround yourself with tenderness and make yourself popular on earth. Maybe you can see how your consciousness slowly slides into the small body still resting in your mother’s womb. Around the embryo, you have a soft light with the color it needs. You can imagine you singing to that child, because you are an angel of light, and you will find words And voice to appease the child. That’s how you create a channel for yourself from heaven to earth.
Feel that you were once as fragile as a child, and its body is still so fragile. However, this child has accumulated great courage and strength. Praise the child; praise it, praise the strength, confidence and light living in this baby. Imagine you accompanying this child as an angel of light and guiding his journey on earth. Now you are your higher self , your most important task is to love and comfort the child, tell him that whatever he does is beautiful and brave, and his home is in an infinite gentle and beautiful heaven atmosphere. Stand on the side of the child and watch him grow up.
Look at yourself from a higher self perspective. Look at how difficult this child is sometimes on earth, lack of understanding, not even special, but universal. The density and ruthless nature of energy on earth is a blow to the soul. This allergy is actually developed by each of you in your life, and it is also the many trips your soul has made in the whole universe OK, so that the child sees and perceives many things that he can’t understand at first. Sympathize with the child who has experienced all this but can’t understand.
Look at how powerful you are to risk jumping into the abyss. In fact, you are here out of a desire to connect with your true self, your soul, your higher self, and live this connection in a person’s body. You have not forgotten your goal, and memory lurks deep in your heart, although you are taught to make yourself smaller and doubt yourself, especially It is to see things that are not as expected. But I tell you, reverse this view and see yourself from your greatness. Make yourself great and broad, spread the wings of angels and look at yourself with appreciation.
When a new life begins on earth and a new personality is born, the soul regards this event as the birth of a child. Therefore, even if you are an adult, you are still a child in the eyes of the soul, a child who bravely walks on the road of adventure. As a soul, you love the child, you want to support him, and as a soul, you see the beauty of the child Outside, I saw the dark clouds shrouded by the children.
I invite you to connect the perspective of your soul. See how your soul helps you by illuminating the dark clouds in your life. Take something that feels heavy, a recurring problem, or something new that you are struggling with. Rather than asking you to find an answer or solution, I ask you to feel the energy you pass to yourself from your soul. Be the soul, be the bright angel you used to be. Let your light shine on the dark cloud and see what feeling it evokes. For the person below who can’t see beyond the cloud, what is the feeling of the soul? How does the soul feel about you? Let that feeling penetrate into your heart.
Your soul wants you to know that she appreciates you. She has a deep connection with you. No matter what you do, she will stand by you, hug and love you. This is what your soul wants to say to you most. When you are open to this view, you begin to experience yourself in different ways. You don’t make mistakes or mistakes, you just try to live your life, and your soul gives you You are free.
This is not the question you hear from your soul: “should I do this or that, should I choose a or B, am I doing well or wrong?” That’s not what the soul wants to tell you. The soul wants you to be deeply aware of your true beauty, as well as the power and wisdom in your life. The soul wants to give you a great sense of relief and joy. It’s good to be yourself; you are gorgeous. You have some brave things in the process of growing and learning.
You have entered the dance with life on earth. This arouses our greatest respect and respect. We kneel before you – that’s it – we don’t want anything better than saying “amen” to your greatness, and then the answer will appear.
But first you need to feel that greatness, your inner strength and wisdom. You don’t need to do anything anymore because you’re already “there” The firmness you experience in doing so will make you better get the answer to the life you want, or what you lack in your life, or what you lack, and you will find the answer from your greatness. You don’t need to go beyond yourself, or find a higher self that exists far away in heaven, or be “there” A guide to a certain place. It’s all here; you come here with all your wisdom and strength.
Similarly, your guide and soul are here, very close to you. We won’t abandon you, but this is your path on earth, and it’s up to you to turn the key. That’s what we can’t do for you. This is the way to remember ourselves: recognize who you are in an atmosphere that doesn’t directly reflect yourself like those beautiful and rich flower gardens, which do reflect your beauty Li and soul power. Here, you must experience your inner garden.
There is only happiness in creation. When you turn the key, open the door and say “yes” to yourself When, life on earth becomes rich and full of possibilities and opportunities. That’s your goal, that’s your own soul’s plan: be your soul here, remember her and live her. You can start by looking for your darkest emotion and regard it as a brave child who needs your support and encouragement. Therefore, realize your wings, hug the child, and then take it with you It goes to the atmosphere of Paradise like home, where everything is good and harmonious.
Virgin Mary: there is only happiness in creation
Heart’s departure light and love’s paradise today
Dear friends, beautiful brothers and sisters,
I salute you. I am Mary, and I represent the female aspect of the energy of Christ. I have stood in the light of that energy, but I have also experienced the dark side of human beings on earth. I come here with my deepest respect for all of you, because you have taken a step from the heaven atmosphere of love and good into this earth full of fear and negativity. It is infinite courage Yes. I hope you can see and experience your own courage and see it through my eyes. I see your light, the light of your soul. I am now connected with your heart and who you are. Feel me, we are equal.
Remember what is a simple, comfortable and happy life to please you. When you are here, from where I am speaking now, you do feel lighter and more free. You are not bound by the human body, the restrictions imposed by the body, and the collective thoughts and feelings living in human society. You can say that you are more like yourself. Feel that feeling.
Imagine you are in a beautiful garden with all kinds of plants and flowers. Take these as symbols of the heaven atmosphere you come from. Feel the vibration of life there: openness, delicacy and respect for each other’s lives. Feel the harmony in this big garden and your close connection with it. Stand there and recognize this garden, not only the plants and flowers you see around you Animals, feelings, atmosphere. Stay there for a while and feel the feeling of your body. You have a body, but it may look different. Feel how light it is, how easy you move, and how easy it is to connect with the life around you. You can feel the consciousness of flowers, trees and the sky. You feel the tranquility of this place and let this tranquility penetrate into your mind Heart. It is completely in this garden. Your feet are in contact with the soil, which embeds the energy of light and peace here and now. When we return to earth reality now, seize the bridge with this other world.
Deep in your soul, you are a bridge. You embody the power, warmth, peace and love of the paradise garden on earth. You are the bright angel on this earth. These are big words, but I mean them sincerely – if only you believe them. You are often in despair; you doubt your power and the light in your heart. The power of your soul is great, but You tend to focus on what goes wrong and what doesn’t do well. You set high standards for yourself, but doing so makes you unnecessarily small. Make yourself big; remember your brilliant essence.
When you go to earth incarnation, you fall, you can say, down a ladder. When you move forward on the way down, you lose some memory of your true identity. At the moment you begin to fall, you are surrounded by the light and peace of heaven and the guide of love supporting you – feel it.
But you don’t just start a new life on earth; there is a period before that. You first put down the old life you just had, go home and return to an atmosphere and environment suitable for you. There, you slowly put down the life you lived on earth and the emotions you experienced in that life. This is a time to rest and go home.
When you had a terrible and heavy experience in your last life, you need some time to recover and remember who you are. You really need recovery time, and on the other side you can get help to help you recover. When you gradually come back to yourself and the deepest wound is healed, you can look back on your earthly life and look at it from a broader perspective.
On the other side, that is, the side where I speak, the greatest relief you experience is the deep tenderness that you will be surrounded and encouraged to examine yourself, just like parents to children. Then, you look at what you think is wrong in your life with understanding and enthusiasm. You feel the depth of your pain, fear and pain, and you insert angels around yourself This tenderness helps you release and heal the deepest wounds. However, this is not the end of the story, because you will eventually feel – although it may take decades or even centuries – that you want to go back to the past. The earth is calling you.
There is a desire to grow in your body and want to try to incarnate again. In those environments, in their inherent limitations, and also in possibilities. There are some problems you can’t experience or change in the future. This process is only possible on earth. On earth, you have a body, you are a person, and you have emotions. It is all these environments and challenges you know here that will Make the vigorous growth of consciousness possible.
Finally, I ask all of you to bring the picture of the garden to your hearts again, in this place on earth. Bring the feeling of heaven to the earth and feel the happiness and comfort there. Your mind and body feel more relaxed and free; you have no trouble. We are here to summon the atmosphere, so we now bring this light to the earth and illuminate it with this light The field of the earth. I thank all of you for being a channel and for the light you bring. I respect you very much. Thank you.
Conduction: Pamela kribbe


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