Mrs. crystal: I’ve been looking for your place^_^

Mrs. crystal: I’ve been looking for your place

Heart’s departure light and love’s paradise today

Dear souls, it’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you tonight. I am Lady crystal, an existence you would call the Milky way.

Like you, I heard the word of Shiva. I salute this mythical existence, I salute his grace, strength, strength and faith, because he has always wanted to create new.

You will hear in your speech that this is some kind of desire. With Shiva, there is always the side of “I created a new world, go”. I think this side is so sweet. At the same time, I know your life, your existence, your difficulties in finding your way, trying to find a place on this road, and even believe that a place is your natural position. What I want to say is: you will find it, or it will find you. The world will find you. This is undoubtedly the good news I hope to bring you. This new world will find you.

If you’ve been looking for your location, you won’t let that location find you. This is the message I want to send to you. This means the position of existence – I don’t know what term to use in your word, especially in French. There is a word “yield” in English, and you translate it very badly. Sometimes by giving in or even putting it down completely, but the word is bigger than this – let yourself be absorbed by a new energy, a new possibility, completely enter this new possibility, this new road, and let the road open to you. Through you, not your way out. You still need to be sure of your direction.

So I heard, I repeat, I understand Shiva’s desire to make your feet move in this new world, but I want to tell you that the world will not forget anyone, it will come to you to look for it. If your heart is open to the world, it will even come to you soon.

It’s interesting to tell you that a world will come for you and a future may come for you faster, but it’s true, exactly. If you are open to this new world, to your energy, it will call you.

Don’t ask for a completely different world. Those who think the world is completely different from today are wrong and deceive themselves and others.

The world won’t be completely different. It will be recycled and reused in different ways.

You know, you can build a house or prison with a stone. The stone of the new world is the stone that already exists in your world, but it has different uses and different designs.

Don’t try to go back to the middle ages and think that this is a beautiful era full of famine, war and disease.
Visit and share your best, the best in the world. The key is sharing. The real key lies only in the word “share”. Moreover, for those who don’t know how to share values or goals, if possible, you can share your emotions and happiness, because it is also an indicator and direction for you to move forward or not.

In a world where everything makes you sad, sometimes it’s hard to stay happy. However, “the person who believes in the kingdom is happy because the Kingdom has joined him”, “the person who knows the Lord around him is happy because he will not have pain” is like this.
You know, you’re accompanied. I really know that I have confidence in the reality I want to say. Although the word “reality” is not spoken or read out of what you are experiencing, it is more a simulation for us, but in any case, this reality. You feel it. Have confidence in the new reality.

Although the old environment is being destroyed, we can find it a shame, but we should understand that the new environment has been built, has been built, I repeat, maybe like Shiva, it has been built, so it is not in the process of being built. Built, but built, ready.

In your first shock, the moment you call planetary captivity – how has it begun? Confinement, that’s it, that’s the word.

That moment is the moment of transformation of your planet. The transformation of energy, the major transformation on earth, is preparing for the present space. Everything is all set. Each of you will find your place and your home. If he can’t find it, the house will find him.

Position yourself – I know it’s hard – but put yourself in this state. There are people walking on the road, and there are people walking on the road. I know it’s not an easy mental exercise for you. I invite you to do it with faith, courage, patience and tenacity. These different shocks will make you have all these values: faith, courage, patience, tenacity, keep happy rather than fear, or guilt. Fear will soon keep you in what you know. When it disappears, it is useless here.

When it says to you that we or others advise you not to be afraid, it first comes from the advice of big brothers and sisters, because we have gone this way. What you’re going through, we’ve already gone through. It’s a little complicated for you to understand. We heard it.

This is not the first cycle of change, the first cycle of evolution, the first cycle of this earthly story. Other cycles already exist. This time is not the most painful, but it is the time when we have been exposed to many highly evolved life at the same time.

There are many masters in creating, creating the contact priests of wisdom, light, love and the future. They are ready to help you on this earth through information, work, sharing and once again.
May the owner of the land share his land. Let people who have food share their food. May the person with a bright smile share his smile. None of you have anything. This is what we want you to believe. It plunges you into permanent fear.

Each of you is rich, rich in his own existence, which can be shared.

Smile is shared, happiness is shared. It is contagious. This happiness will eventually become a very real sharing. As long as you like it, it will become very tangible.

My friends, Shiva urges you to move towards the future. My message is: don’t worry, you can be easily contacted in the future.

Even if it is complex, we should maintain faith, confidence, consciousness and courage to show the new world from the ruins of the old world.

Therefore, we need you to prove it, verify it and accelerate it.

Divine justice exists. It’s moving, it’s working, and this justice is preparing a world for you. You don’t have to create good and bad. These words will have value in the future.

Be blessed whenever and wherever. Be ready, because we have been together for a long time.

Conduction: Sylvain didelot


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