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Everyone is a perfect existence

Original Ruohe Sirius princess today

In your world, there are many people who seem incomplete, which may be congenital or caused in later life.

These people are called disabled, or unsound people. Some people are incomplete physically, others are incomplete in mental system or sensory perception system.

This is the experience chosen by these souls. They decide to experience the world with seemingly incomplete physical vehicles. You know, behind any incomplete body is a complete soul. The lack of material level does not represent the lack of spiritual and energy level.

Many souls who choose incomplete vehicles also live their own wonderful life. Physical limitations can not prevent these great and beautiful souls from experiencing what they want.

In your world, many people feel that they are flawed and imperfect. They may feel that their hair is not the color they want, or there is a mole on their face, or their teeth are not good-looking. Few people see that behind these seemingly imperfect, it is actually your own perfect design.

You should see that everyone has their own characteristics, and everyone experiences the world in the best way they choose. When you have a mole on your face and others don’t, it doesn’t mean you’re not perfect, but that you’re unique. Maybe your reaction is slow, but maybe it’s because you want to feel the process more.

Therefore, there are no real disabled people, only people with characteristics. Imagine that you all come to this world to attend the masquerade ball. You will choose your own clothes, your own makeup and what you want to look like. I just hope to express myself in this way and experience the role I want to play most.

Each of you is a perfect existence, and those who look incomplete are also a perfect existence. This perfection is hard to feel at the physical level, but you can imagine that everyone is an existence of light, emitting their own light.

Every cell of everyone is emitting its own light, and every part of your body is emitting its own light. These are your essential existence. The light of all of you has gathered into a beautiful river of light, flowing in eternity.

Thank you for meeting, thank you for your support!


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