Through conscious breathing, absorb the high vibration energy of nature, drink a lot of water and eat the high vibration food you want^_^

Through conscious breathing, absorb the high vibration energy of nature, drink a lot of water and eat the high vibration food you want^_^

Because you have a higher self, you have more confidence to meet the challenge

“Mr. Sasa, there is a small problem. I frequently call the higher self to go online today. I want to give all my problems, especially my feelings, to the higher self. I’m too lazy to think. Is it a little irresponsible? I’m a little tired. My brain often keeps turning for 24 hours. I feel that God has told me the answer to dizziness, that is, my brain is too active.”

It’s right to sleep when you’re tired and deliver completely. That’s the part of the higher self task to help complete your feelings and walk on the soul plan. Therefore, smoothness is a plan, and challenges are also a plan. In any situation, you return to balance and relax, even after conflicts, disputes and surging emotions. Therefore, this is a process to build your confidence in the higher self, No matter what you encounter in the future, you are confident. Because the higher self is energetic and unwilling to let go, there will be greater challenges. Because you have the higher self, you will have more challenging tasks before you really stabilize in the higher self vibration and live from inside to outside. However, you will enhance your confidence and courage to go on, Because you live without others /: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks]

“Is it that the higher self is a planner and a worry? I’ll take a look, play and experience, and don’t miss anything”

Of course not. You are the higher self. Everything comes from you. Everything happens from you, including the higher self. This is the root. The higher self just represents one aspect of you and can’t work for you. You should take full responsibility. However, this full responsibility is different in the eyes of high vibrators. You can experience it or not. Continue to devote yourself to being connected with the higher self all the time, Then take the excitement and impulse of the higher self to meet the challenge. Meeting the challenge is the plan to connect the higher self. Flying away is not^_^

“It’s not running away to meet the challenge with the excitement and impulse of the higher self. Running away is separation, linking the higher self is unity, forcing yourself to be happy is separation, and meeting the challenge with excitement is unity. Is it an impulse after calming down with excitement?”

There will be peace only when you relax first. There will be happiness only when you have a long time of peace. There will be joy only after you are not attached to happiness. Joy and excitement are accompanied. Of course, you will also be excited when you focus on your interests, but you will not be continuously connected with the higher self to last and live more in life and life

“I see. I’m still not relaxed enough. I can’t be calm for a long time. Naturally, it’s not real joy. It’s powerful, Mr. Sasa. It’s a profound and subtle method. You speak so clearly. I’ll continue to practice it [twirl] [twirl] [twirl]”

Well, there is only one truth. Live your own truth /: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks]


Feel the power flowing in your body. This is the best experience you have prepared for yourself on earth.

I don’t like challenges, because I just want to know that everything will be better, safe, comfortable, taken care of and so on. But the soul longs for these challenges because the soul knows that its journey is to grow and evolve, expand on an empirical level and become more source energy. You may know that you are a source energy being, but it is completely different to experience this cognition through what you think, do, or even better feelings.

When you realize that helping others is helping yourself, this is an experience of source energy. When you love someone, although the other person has not done anything worthy of your love, this is also a source energy experience. When you listen to others, although you know they are complaining and repeating the same thing, and then say some friendly words and support to them, this is also a source energy experience. When you feel that you are one with everyone, when you are in the state of unity consciousness, it is an experience of source energy. When everything and everyone around you suddenly change because someone or a group suddenly broke in and changed all these things instead of you, you won’t have the above experience. There are many, many more experiences.

You want those experiences. You’re here for those experiences. You’re here for exercise, but not from point a to point B. It is the movement of your soul from one level of consciousness to another, from the ego centered to the higher ego centered. This is what you want and what you want to experience. This is what you get and will continue to get. If you have experienced the experiences we are talking about here, you will know how beautiful these experiences are, and you won’t want all the changes to happen outside you first. Because these changes will make you relax temporarily, but they will also create new challenges, new problems and new obstacles.

So bless your world today and thank you for every experience you have, because they give you the opportunity to feel what you have never felt before. You don’t have to be grateful because God likes grateful people. God is not a king, and you are not farmers. You have created all this together with the source. It is because of you that the source can grow with you. Thank you for your willingness to come to the edge of creation.

When you ask questions, you are actually creating what you want, so everything is fine. We want you to remember that you are very powerful. Feel the power flowing in your body. This is the best experience you have prepared for yourself on earth.
What if the world really changed completely?

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We constantly invite you to join us at a higher frequency, because we know that this is what you ultimately want, although you also want something else. You think you want change on earth, but what if it does? What if everything has changed, but no one wants to change himself? You will eventually encounter such problems.
This is why the real change in your heart is the only way to change the external reality and make these changes lasting. It is also the reason why you really want to change as a soul.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
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Original address:∞the -9d-arcturian-council/
The creator’s plan for human rejuvenation
Heart’s departure light and love’s paradise today
Message from the mother of the universe!
Greetings, my dear children!
Today, I want to talk to you about your attitude towards the events taking place on earth – these events are controversial and sometimes tragic.

I see, dear, many of you are losing patience. In your opinion, everything has reached its extreme “boiling point”.
Now I will try my best to explain to you what the real creator’s human regeneration plan is in the scope of all seeking.
Most importantly, you should know that as long as you are consistent with your soul and follow your intuition in everything, rather than the absurd instructions of the authorities or the continuous advice of your close people, there will be no mistakes, especially in terms of accepting the “easy meow” which is very important to your soul.
It is your spiritual strength and firm belief in your successful entry into the fifth dimension that ensure that you are protected by the power of light.
Now I will explain why.
As you already know, your planet is a unique “experimental area” for life experience in the third dimensional world.
Many souls on earth have come here hundreds or even thousands of times. Now they will take the “final exam” of spiritual maturity.
But in this case, what is evaluated is not your erudition, extensive reading or knowledge, but the power of spirit and the ability to listen to your soul.

Only those of you who manage to achieve this “spiritual maturity” will be able to move to the fifth dimension as the earth stops its cycle in the third dimension and will advance to another spiral turn of their evolution.
As you can see, dear ones, the living standards of the third and fifth dimensions are completely different.
Although a person can reach the peak in the third dimensional world due to his education and keen mind, even without considering the spiritual quality, the fifth dimensional world cannot be reached without the spiritual component of “becoming a Solomon” – this is the huge gap between the vibration of mind and soul.
Unfortunately, in the dual world, the balance between mind and soul is so rare that it is an exception to the rules, not anything else.
On the contrary, in the fifth dimensional world, this balance is normal, because there, the mind follows the soul and develops in the direction and degree of happiness for people themselves and those around us – this is what we call “for the greater interests of all”.
The creator’s plan is to bring people who are fully aware of it to the new earth: the most valuable thing a person has is a pure and selfless soul, which is the only person who has got rid of all connections with the third dimensional world and all its standards of wealth and success.
However, the purity of this soul lies not in weakness or obedience, but in the power and ability to live according to the laws of the universe, not against themselves, nor let others do so.

The reason why the conditions of this “spiritual maturity test” are so challenging is only because this is the first time in the universe that its residents are given the opportunity to move to a higher dimension, maintain consciousness and stay in their bodies.
It is no accident that the earth was selected, because it is your planet and used to be the “school” of many alien civilizations. They came here to gain valuable experience in the evolution of their souls.
Therefore, at present, the great plan of the creator has almost been completed, and you are its direct participants. It only takes a little time to obtain the precious sacred “degree” – the pass to the new world.
I bless you and love you very much, dear!
Teaching from the mother of the universe!
Conduction: Marta
Morphogenetic field


Ingest high energy, high vibration food and plenty of water

Adama: with the advent of 2022, humans will have exciting discoveries in DNA and nutrition
High dimensional light message today

Lillian’s five-dimensional space
Welcome, in the land of tros, I am Adama the high priest. My message is to the sons of light, and these days you are feeling that what you experience comes from some ancient place deep in your soul.

Indeed, dear ones, your physical body is undergoing great changes these days. With the acceleration of time, the energy entering the planet earth is also changing. With the change of DNA, the awakening of cells, and the decoding in the energy body and emotional body, you move to a new dimension, a dimension that opens in front of you, a dimension that absorbs the vibration of light, where the dark vibration cannot survive.

Therefore, all these fears and ancient wounds from previous generations began to surface in order to be treated as Dharma and cured through meditation, meditation, conscious understanding, compassionate acceptance and release. You must understand that the actions of the sons of light come from a conscious place. The sons of light will connect with their higher self and enter their sacred heart. The sons of light will step into the portal of light and lead to the era of excellence that will appear on the surface of the earth.

In fact, many light beings are born with the ability to act from the land of light in their bodies. Due to the current awakening, you bring light to the surface. Without the cooperation of these light beings in the human body, the planet earth cannot reach the stage of this awakening you are witnessing.

In the city of light on earth, we continue to carry out our internal mission and our personal mission according to the fate of each city of light, so as to help the earth achieve the changes she is experiencing and experiencing.

Dear ones, we are responsible for taking care of the energy cleaning, which has continuously bombarded the surface of the earth in the past month. The cleaning you have experienced is an internal cleaning, and you, as people holding light, are more affected than those who have not yet awakened. You are experiencing a rapid cleaning, To purify your body.

Those humans who have not yet realized it will have to experience greater vibrations, some of which will have to leave their bodies due to the depth of the vibration and unexpected vibrations.

In fact, these are such precious moments that your body is destined to absorb these new energies entering the planet earth and use them for healing work within your body. You must experience this new reality through connection with the higher self and conscious introspection. You need to improve your balance by eating right and drinking plenty of water. In fact, this is very important.

Your body must be qualified to absorb these new life particles entering the earth. In fact, plant life is an element of the earth. It is known that air particles will change the shape of plants, and this change will soon be widely recognized by the scientific community. Scientists will understand that what they think they know is actually unknown and extremely complex. In fact, scientists are entering an era full of fun and excitement.

With the advent of 2022, humans will make exciting discoveries in DNA and nutrition. Human body and nutritionists will change the food fed to billions of people in order to support the change process of human physical body.

Children on earth have advanced with their “other” bodies into the upcoming system containing high-frequency energy. They are brave souls who volunteer to come here to lead human evolution. They will be the leaders of various organizations and countries in the future. Anchor the information transmitted to them from their alien brothers on the earth and on the earth’s surface. The planet Earth constitutes the microcosm of the universe and the super universe. It is the central center of enlightenment and learning in this era.

Therefore, all light systems direct their core light to the planet. Pay close attention to your own heart. When fear rises, know the existence of light and face the light.

With the development of science and technology and extragalactic communication, more and more evidence will emerge on the earth’s surface to prove that there is another life system on the earth. Science will also reveal that there is a communication system in the horizontal system.

Our cities of light will continue to support those beings of light who convey information, create and are willing to lead the way of transformation, and you, dear people breathing light, will breathe the flame that opens the door to the new dimension.

We invite you to come to the temple of the city of light tros, learn from other cities of light and prepare your body. We congratulate you on your awakening. We congratulate you on your heartfelt choice to wash the earth and mankind with light, love and harmony.

Welcome! Adama.

Author: Ayelet Segal
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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