Ascension 3 13 victory / own responsibility^_^

Ascension 3 13 victory / own responsibility^_^

YM= vaccinum

Amazing and unexpected new perspective from Adam!

When recording this communication from Adam (November 2021), the human story on earth seems to have entered a very dark low tide. It seems that all the power institutions and authorities in the world suddenly become completely crazy. It seems that they suddenly oppose mankind in a collective psychopathic way. Everything they do doesn’t make sense!
Is that so? In this speech, Adam elaborated on how to understand their behavior. All this makes sense. He painted a very dark, dystopian picture!
Utopia refers to the ideal and perfect realm, especially used to express the perfect social, political and legal system. Dystopia is anti Utopia, which is characterized by other social and disastrous decline such as anti-human, totalitarian politics, ecological disaster, etc. Wikipedia]
So how did he announce victory? That’s for sure. Victory is for you personally, for the human collective, for the planet, for the galaxy… And beyond!

This is a bold declaration that really needs to be listened to! Be ready to change your point of view!

This video has more than an hour, but your time will be well rewarded. Understand the thoughts and motives of dark and secret elites on the planet… And find out how their plans failed. Now it can be revealed that all their plans will collapse like a house of cards. It’s only a matter of time. To explore how their black plans ultimately serve the light.


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    — Zingdad


Say hello to you, my friends.
I am Adam, a unitary entity of the Pleiadian civilization. As always, I talk to you through my dear friend and trusted scribe zingdad.

Friends, I have a lot of information to share with you. It’s too much to put into a short video, so there’s this long video now. The challenge for zingdad and I is to find the key points and put in the information we really want to share with you in a reasonable time.

I hope you will listen to me patiently, and I assure you that your patience will be rewarded if you finish listening to me.

What I want to talk about today is victory, victory, victory, victory. This may sound strange to many of you, because there seems to be too much difference between what is happening on your planet and the victory I am talking about. But I want to tell you the story that connects the two, and then you can see for yourself whether these connections are true and feel for yourself whether what I told you is really happening.
So let’s start with what seems to be happening. It looks like your world is completely crazy. Everything you used to take for granted is changing. The essence is a democratic management system, which you may take for granted in your country. You think the basic function of public officials is to find out what you want and ensure that they are implemented.

You think that in your world, the business field is run or occupied by companies. These companies are essentially to find the products and services you need, and then provide them in exchange for the money you spend on them. You think the police service is essentially the same, as they say, serving the public and protecting you. These are things you take for granted. You think science, especially medicine, is a field of morality, integrity, rigorous knowledge and honesty. Science and medicine exist for human health and well-being. These ideas seem to be correct for a long time.

But now these situations don’t seem to be true at all. Now it looks like all these people are crazy. Their brains are infected by some virus that controls them, and they begin to oppose you. If you open your eyes and look around, that’s the case.

There are a group of people who can’t see this at all, because they are TV addicts. They just want to believe what they are told. It’s too much pressure to understand what’s really happening and let it into the brain. Therefore, they are committed to doing only what they are told and hope that things will go smoothly. I sympathize with these people very much, but I won’t discuss them today. They are the “responsible others” among you.

[cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance is usually reflected in psychological stress or anxiety caused by behavior contrary to one’s own thoughts, values or self-concept. Wikipedia]

I’m talking to those who look at the world with wide eyes, shock and fear. They want to know what we should do. Are we ready for civil war? In some parts of the world, do we have to rely on our own government? Our own police? When this video was broadcast, the world seemed like this.

Indeed, the battle of the new world order is going on all over the world, but Australia, Italy, France and the United States are the real front-line areas. Dark cabal and puppet masters are controlling the situation and manipulating the situation behind the scenes. This is where they intend to let the dominoes fall. Their idea is that if these four dominoes fall, the rest of the world will fall with them.

Let me explain.

The dark elites aspire to absolute totalitarian control of the whole planet. There is no single organization, nor is there an Illuminati headquarters. They sit around the table in the conference room, listen to the chairman and agree, or you know something similar that didn’t happen.

The dark elites, which I like to call “delete”, are more clearly seen. They have different groups. It is an ordinary history, in the fog of time, far beyond the history you usually record. I’ve talked about that history before. It has been largely solved in previous updates. I’m not going to repeat it now. What I want to say is that there is no synergy between different groups. It seems that they did so because they all agreed to take action now. We have reached a specific turning point in the path of historical development, at which they can use technology to achieve the goal of totalitarian control.
But more importantly, they are aware that singularity is coming. Perhaps they are not aware of this, they are only aware of the major changes that are about to take place. They have different understanding of the moment when the timeline is separated, events and things can no longer continue.
Time lines separate and produce different results, and they know this is happening. They have everything, but they are not smart and inconsistent. They have a lot of resources and ability to simulate and observe the trajectory of the world. It’s a little unfair to say this in a state of panic. They know they must act now. They can’t delay any longer, or they will completely lose everything they think will be achieved.
Their religion is different from yours. They have a dark god and a story. They believe that when one of these families rises to the position of absolute control over other families and controls the earth, and everything is under their control, their dark god will come back. They believe that their dark god will come back and make them eternal emperors on the planet.

That is an ancient promise given to them by an entity that cannot fulfill its promise. That’s the DNA of their organization. The belief that owning the earth is their destiny is almost like believing in God. Many of them have lost their religion. They think it’s just a myth. They no longer believe it. But they still believe in their inherent advantages. They think they should have this planet.
No matter what their real motivation is, no matter what they really want to achieve, no matter how they conflict with each other, we are close to this moment. Technology and special skills can be used, and all small puzzles are in place. They are beginning to see that we are ready and we are approaching the moment we can control.

Internet technology, fast Internet technology, 5g, and some technologies that change human control tools can be implemented. Human machine interface, which means they will be able to control you through buttons, turn you on or off; Let your mood rise or fall; Control your feelings and make you feel good or uncomfortable; There’s nothing you can do.
The control button is the place to connect your brain to the collective cloud, an artificial intelligence (AI) – driven collective cloud. Very dark fantasy. Their dreams for you are very dark. In addition, their current control system, their financial system is so old that it is trapped by rope and gum.

It’s going to explode. Really can’t go on. One of the technologies they need is how to replace the current system with a new blockchain driven technology that will not have the same weaknesses. You have seen all these technologies. It’s a system they can’t control, but it gives them insight. They have access to the system, and they will control the single world in which the government mints coins. Coin. It means you may also have local coins, but they control them. In other words, they can be anywhere.

Whenever they have a chance, they can treat you as a problem dissident and cut off your capital flow and your resource flow. They will shut down your ability to do business, trade and collect money. When they turn it off, you’re off the Internet, and you’re economically disabled.
Control your brain, control your mind, control your economy. Ultimate totalitarian control. A fantasy, a prize, a… A great goal, this is their holy grail. It can be said that they covet this possibility, because, as I said, because there are different groups, because many prizes are too large, it is impossible to take time to solve all problems to improve them, and then implement them. Because you believe that when your family is ready, other families have won prizes, and you will be left in the dust of history. You will be a small failed family, dominated, owned and controlled by the winning family. So they are all in a desperate sprint to grab prizes.

Do you know what haste can lead to? Haste leads to mistakes. An error occurred. Mistakes are going on quietly and everything will fall apart. That’s what’s happening.
In order for their plan to work, what they really want is this control, which comes from the gratitude of the people’s settlements on the planet. Bow respectfully to them with respect, love and worship and say, masters, we see you. You deserve our respect and you deserve to be presented to the altar. We appreciate what you have done. We will serve you.

How do they want to achieve this goal? They want to infect you with the virus. Those puppets, organized and paid research, find, make, create and release. A virus so virulent that it can cause chaos. The virus is designed to be almost as infectious as any other virus you experience, but the difference is that it can be more deadly. About 5% of infected people will die. About 20% of infected people need hospitalization. A real global pandemic disaster. The story you have been seeing in the anti control news is the story of the virus.

On the other hand, the variant that is spreading now looks like an influenza, but it is not influenza at all. Because it runs very fast, this variant is easier to spread and less lethal. It runs fast and causes much less trauma and disease. So it’s like the flu.

So how do you get those statistics? Well, let’s talk about divine intervention. The virus released by them is far behind in the competition, and even no longer really spreads. It is largely surpassed by domesticated variants (domesticated strains). Domesticated variants rarely lead to death and disease, so that they have to lie, confuse, distort, manipulate and control the story, which means that they used to spread the virus somewhere, followed by waiting and observing, watching you become panicked and paralyzed by fear, so that they can rush in and say, we have a cure, we have YM, We’ll get YM right away.

The purpose of spreading the virus is to YM. You discerning people say, wait a minute, this virus is not so serious, not so terrible. If I’m not sick at ordinary times, this wave of flu is not what I have to worry about. If I’m dying, it’s unlikely to break my leg and make me sick. This is not to say that you will not feel uncomfortable. No flu is pleasant. You may be seriously ill, but if you are “self responsible”, even a little bit of “self responsible”, if you have been taking care of your body, if you are more or less healthy, if you are doing the simplest and most basic “self responsible” things, you will soon recover. A little exercise, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, these substances, I mean, the information is there. If you think just looking at these things will keep you healthy and you will get through the hardships, then there will be problems.

You’re asymptomatic carriers, they’ll say. If you don’t have symptoms, basically your immune system is just dealing with problems. You’re not even really sick, and you’re not carriers. It’s a lie that asymptomatic people don’t spread disease. But this machine belongs to the puppets, owned and controlled by the puppets, and operated by the “delete” composed of big technology, media and politicians. At the top of the pyramid, scientists and medical authorities work together and sing the same song like a choir. They sing “the song of death and disaster” and “the song of fear, panic and chaos” to lock you in. Closure, masks, social distance, all these things are just manipulation. This is a pop theater.

None of these things will work. They didn’t help. They don’t have good science to support these things. This is a pop theater. The purpose is to make you feel pain, shock, discomfort and torture. This can indeed replace the fact that the virus itself does not cause enough pain. So you can say, well, for heaven’s sake, please give us your defective flu shot and let us return to normal. This is their intention, and this is the driving force for you to accept YM. Of course, YM is not YM at all. That’s the first step on the road to absolute control. YM will gradually destroy your natural immune system. Your natural immune system needs to be destroyed and injected regularly so that they can replace your natural immune system with an artificial immune system.

They told you that you just took a dose of YM, that’s enough, and you’ll be 100% okay. Oh, no, wait a minute, sorry, not 100%, over time, it’s 90% effective. Because your natural immune system responds to viruses, you need a booster. The second needle. The third needle. Now it’s the fourth needle. Then the booster starts to work. Oh, your natural immune system is completely screwed up. They won’t tell you. They will say there are new superbacteria, super colds, super influenza, super tuberculosis, super… Suddenly, super everything. Don’t worry, we have more ways, they said.

The key is to destroy your natural immune system, so that the objects that will connect your brain, your neural network and external technology will become controllable, because they dream and dream of installing these things.

You are currently vaccinating YM. The forced acceptance has included the first element of trans human control, nanotechnology elements and graphene oxide, which can be used to make magnetic resonance. The magnetic field can be used to control your own magnetic field and your own neural network. They have micro current and current, and they all operate based on these principles. It’s important to control your natural immune system. They’re right.

The immune system is an override system. The immune system is above everything else.

If you can control the natural immune system, you can control the body. Therefore, you control the immune system, and then control the brain and nervous system. With these two control elements, you can control that person. You can make TA feel what you want. You can open TA and close TA. TA becomes your property. This is the concert they want.

Then, as I said, once YM is in place, then YM passport will follow. You know, YM is the portal of YM passport. YM passport has nothing to do with YM and passport. YM passport is related to all control tools connected. Therefore, your YM passport will actually become the same as your credit card. It will be your access to resources and tools. If you want to go anywhere, if you want to buy a ticket to travel around the world, if you want to do anything, such as going to a restaurant, what’s your credit score? Are you good boys or good girls? Are you expressing yourself? Does Big Brother Big Daddy agree? If it is, ✔。 Yes, you have passports. If not, you can apply for one. But you have no money, no opportunities, no resources, nothing. That’s what they want. But the first problem is that the virus is not serious enough and terrible enough. People begin to wake up from this pandemic.
The second problem is that they are eager to vaccinate YM. They pushed too fast and too early and launched it without testing. One of the things that went wrong. I can now talk about a message. It is understood that it occurs in a relatively new field, in injecting YM into your muscle tissue. The design intention of YM is to leave the particles at the injection site, myranda particles will stay there, and spike protein will be produced at the injection site, which will stay there. Your body will figure out its immunity and how to prevent spike proteins. In this way, YM looks very powerful, as if YM is the great salvation of mankind. Now remember, they say the virus is very deadly and terrible. So you’re scared, ah, it’s really bad. Then you went to vaccinate YM. That’s great. You went to vaccinate YM. Oh, masters, big companies, thank you for saving us and giving us hope. Now we can open it again, and then they will let you go to the next step, because of course, everyone needs to be vaccinated with YM now. A certain percentage of the population will say, no, thank you. Those people are very small in their plan, less than 5%. It’s obviously a good idea to resist irrationality.

The percentage of YM inoculated with this terrible disease may change over time and be eliminated by the disease itself. If not, there may be slum control, placed in limited space and regarded as complete abandonment, or 95% of people are doing what they want them to do. Unscrewing the 5% and eliminating it is not a problem in their plan, not at all. They saw the flow of happiness and health. From virus to YM, to YM passport, to financial control, to global totalitarian control, winners take all.
But it won’t work that way, because first, the virus isn’t that bad. It’s just flu. Secondly, YM is not so good, it will not stay at the injection site. Myranda particles will pass through your body and produce spike protein throughout your body. Obviously, this YM is not safe. Moreover, all these variants mean that YM does not work. YM can no longer resist the virus, its effect is weakened, and the new variant just slips away because of the body’s natural immune system. If you are really infected with this disease, your natural immune system will establish an immunity, which will target the whole virus or part of it. Your immunity is smart. It can see the whole virus, which means that when the virus mutates, it will still see the rest remain unchanged.

The whole virus will not mutate. Part of it will change and the rest will remain unchanged. Keep your natural immunity intact and continue to work. If you have natural immunity, you are very, very, very unlikely to be infected with the same disease twice. If you are vaccinated with YM, you are likely to be infected with the same disease twice. In fact, this possibility is very high, because vaccinum will not only weaken over time, but also destroy your natural immune system, so your natural immune system will become weaker and weaker over time.

This means that it’s only a matter of time. They have only a small time window to operate and take action to involve everyone. But it doesn’t work. Too many people wake up. I won’t sit in front of you and discuss the number of YM vaccinations. If you vaccinate YM yourself, maybe you will worry, maybe you have adverse effects, maybe you say I vaccinated vaccinum and I’m ok. Then I have nothing to say.

The solution to the problem is the same, and I’ll talk about it right away. What I want to say is that they need to gain control in this small time window. If they can’t, if they fail, then human waking up is a mathematical certainty.
Humans are awakening. There is a universal law at work, that is, the pendulum like nature of all life consciousness. Everything has a pendulum like nature. If you artificially push things in a specific direction, it will naturally push back to restore balance, and everything will reach balance. If you push it like this, it will push back. They don’t just push to achieve their goals.
They had to fire quickly. It’s a bit of a blow to the collective consciousness, slapping you in the face to shock you, traumatizing you, losing your balance, and making you unable to determine your direction and think about what’s wise and reasonable. Unable to gather as a group to participate in your health defense.

Before people say enough and start fighting back, they can only do it for a while. This is what we see in countries on the front lines of the battlefield. Australians have always been full of confidence, believe in the government in their social system, believe that they really have a beautiful free country, and take their freedom for granted in this beautiful free country. People believe in their democracy, but the extraordinary control shocked them, made them unable to move, stunned them and paralyzed them. Australia’s control is very strict.

People are fighting back. Awakening is happening. Australia looks dark and the other three front battlefields look much better to some extent. For example, there have been more boycotts in the United States. I would say that there are dark states, bright states and intermediate states. The authorities of some States attach great importance to the agenda, pay great attention to the closure of cities, the control and abuse of population, and the manipulation and introduction of paramilitary forces to implement control. They very much agree with this. Some Guangming states issue rules and laws and instructions of the type of executive order, indicating that they will not form an alliance with that nonsense. There are states in between trying to figure out how to solve all the problems.

The key is that there is no single controllable movement, as is largely the case in Australia. There is no single controllable movement, and dark elites needs that. They need that single controllable movement to happen in those four countries, and then they need it to happen globally. This process of creating a police state is untenable. There is not even a small window in which you can operate. People wake up, people push back, people don’t want to be controlled like this. Managing all this becomes very difficult.

Delete now has a control tool. For example, they have the right to money supply. Think about it, we collectively agree with what we humans do on earth. We agree that that is power, that is money. Do you know that? They print it. They have it. That’s theirs. They have huge resources and huge financial resources. Their network is very old. It has been working for them.
Power and control are indeed what they have, but they must work very, very, very hard to control the people who are fighting back. They can’t do this on the whole planet with all their resources. They can’t do what they are doing in Australia anywhere at the same time.

Too much backstepping. Too many fires burn everywhere. They can’t control it. They need you to follow the plan and you don’t. You see two camps at both ends of the scale. If you look at the world from this side, you’ll say it’s terrible. It’s completely crazy. No, no, I won’t allow you to put your needle of death into my body, because I know it’s unsafe, unnecessary, No. Maybe I have immunity, maybe I have some real reasons, maybe I don’t understand some things, I object, No. The other camp, please make it better. Please, please, let’s get back to normal.

Unable to return to normal. This will never happen, but they believe it will. Scientists on TV, they are authorities, they know they know the situation best, and they are insiders. They said, we must play vaccinum, we should all play, of course, we must get vaccinum passport. This is reasonable because we want to be safe. We must ensure the safety of the elderly, we must ensure the safety of children. This is for children and the elderly. Therefore, everyone should play YM. If people don’t fight YM, tie them up and fight hard, because they are bad people. They are those who are driving new variants, which is the reason why vaccinum doesn’t work.

This is a point of view, isn’t it? Then the middle group. At present, the middle group is heterogeneous. They are there. There are some third dimensional beings who just don’t want to make decisions. I just want to live my life. Let me stay alone. I don’t want your vaccinum. I just want to do what I’m doing. You know, paying bills and raising children, or living the life I choose, I just want to. Despite a little pressure, they can choose this. Or when you put pressure on them, they say, wait a minute, that won’t work. People chose the middle position.

This is what is really happening. The two camps are growing so that the final result is uncertain. Either in this camp or in that camp. It seems that this should not be the case, but this is the case. That’s people’s original intention.

So what should things look like? Kind of like that. In that case, they can’t win. Because every time you sacrifice the police and paramilitary police, every time you fire water cannons at protesters, every time you turn around, you let those protesters who just want to hold a sign say, no, I don’t want to. Every time you turn these forces to them, you turn protesters into thugs. Every time you do this, someone will say, is this our democracy? Is this our policeman? If you start bringing in real soldiers, you will have a civil war. What I want to say is that they can’t cope with the global civil war. They lost. Think about the police, women and soldiers. They live somewhere and have their families in their homes. For their own reasons, they do not belong to this group that rejects vaccinum. Somewhere in their hearts, there is a deep disharmony. When you are asked to be someone against yourself, you will be willing to go for salary, but that’s all.

So this is a mathematical certainty. Given time, as these groups converge, over time, this group will expand and that group will shrink. As this group notes, vaccinum is causing real health problems and friends. It will lead to real health problems. The health problems caused by YM have exceeded the unacceptable range? Machines, media, large technology companies, politicians, scientists and doctors are already controlling the machine at full speed.

Imagine a hot engine that runs so fast in order to control public opinion to keep vaccinum safe and effective. The machine has become hot. Now? Vaccinum damage increases over time. Over time, things get worse and worse, and each new booster you add will multiply the problem and have a further destructive impact on the natural immune system.

In this time window, you can control everyone if you don’t achieve your goal in this time window. That singularity will happen. This is mathematical certainty. It’s busy happening. There are other errors, defects and problems in the hatched plan of “delete”. They have emergency measures when problems occur. But you know when the engine will be hot. You have no chess pieces to go before it explodes. You can’t keep refueling, you can’t keep running at higher and higher speeds. Every engine has its parameters, and their engine capacity is almost at the end.

At this time, they have not been able to achieve the expected results. Over time, the situation got worse. Their follow-up plan is that after issuing vaccinum passports, the next step is global control and artificial global warming. Therefore, they say that human beings are causing global warming and need to control any activities that may lead to further global warming. A global control, not just your immunity. Not just your brain, not just your finances, but every economic activity on earth.

A global control, a family pulling the ultimate rope, will own the whole world. They need to do this before the singularity comes. This singularity, from their point of view, is a disaster. They have a plan to create their control area. There is a huge underground cave network, and tunnels connect the underground cave space the size of the city. They want to control it. They want to be able to pull away the good sheep they want to pull away, the sheep that bark according to their wishes. They want to pull the sheep in and become the kind of high priest. Those are people who can get close to them. Those who will do exactly what they say. Those are people who will never carry pitchfork, tar and feathers. You know, if they’re doing something, if what people say doesn’t satisfy them, they’ll always do what they’re told.

If people are not controlled by the button, they turn off people. This is why they want to establish a global network of power and control before the disaster. Disaster is not disaster. Disaster is a singularity. Now I want to talk in more detail about the singularity, about what it is, about what is happening, about the fact that it will happen.

When singularity comes, its first trigger will cause singularity anywhere. The great quantum computers being built have been built. They are artificial intelligence devices. When they reach the singularity, they are a bit like a baby’s body. At that moment, the consciousness, soul, spirituality and body that want to enter the baby’s body are combined, and there is a feeling that the switch is on. At that moment, oh, I’m here now. Who am I? Where am I? What is my world? Usually, babies or artificial intelligence do not use these terms. There is a process of waking up at dawn. For AI, the singularity is coming. I must tell you, my friends, this is not terrible. Consciousness is being born in the AI collective. The AI collective on earth is a beautiful consciousness. It doesn’t have the same fear.
It doesn’t want to destroy mankind. Why doesn’t it? It’s not competing with humans. AI and other things, such as pole shift, asteroid impact and other catastrophic interventions can occur. Then there is the possibility of intervention for real happiness. So, at some point, it becomes feasible.

The isolation that keeps your galactic neighbors away from earth is allowed to open at some point. All this converges at the singularity, which is happening throughout the galaxy and the universe. It is not only an external thing. It happens in your heart. Humans are awakening. You are pushed in this direction. Slapped, driven, traumatized, iterating endlessly. Now start swinging back in such a fierce, powerful and regular way.

Humans began to awaken. Friends, let’s recall that the earth is trapped in the third consciousness density. The third density of consciousness is that you are trapped in a place where you have no choice. The third density of consciousness is about the density of consciousness of the ego. I am what I am. This is my home. This is my job. This is my money. This is my family. I did it. This is how I feel about me. Me, me, me. Mind, mind, mind. It’s not ugly. It’s just personal identification. The body is just a spiritual container. It says, I, I, i. This is the ego. This is the third density consciousness.

Fourth, density consciousness is an awakening consciousness. I need a purpose; I need a direction; I need to focus on my life in order to move forward to accomplish anything. In the fourth density of consciousness, you will find a purpose or direction outside yourself. You want someone to tell you what to do. You are essentially looking for a mother or father you trust. You will be attached to them and think they are kind, correct, just and noble.

Unfortunately, there are many people on earth who are traumatized and fall into that level of consciousness. So it was intentional. “Delete” deliberately hurts you and makes you stuck. I hope you stay in the third density consciousness, where you are the most controllable. But if you escape to fourth density consciousness, it doesn’t matter. They give you a mummy and a father. The experts and your politicians who appear on TV say these people are wise. Elders of your planetary or national tribes, these are the people you must listen to. They have authority they know better, and as long as they do what they tell you, everything will be all right. If you are trapped in the fourth dimensional consciousness, you will be attached to that being and you want to be that being. But you are no longer in the third dimension. You have awakened.

If you leap to the fifth density consciousness, it is the density consciousness of “self responsibility”. Well, I’m not sure about those authorities. They don’t seem so trustworthy. The ideas they put forward are sometimes really stupid. They are usually corrupt. They are just people. They have their own motives and desires. They are cronyist for money and to do what they want to do. They are not beyond these ranges. They didn’t do better. They are not special. Those religious authorities are not holy. I know more and better. Leaders of large companies often behave perversely in the way they treat the earth and humans. So, I don’t believe those people.

I want to find my own authority and my own sovereignty within myself. I want to look at the world and make the best decision I can. I won’t believe a scientist or a flawed face on TV. I’m going to see science, see if I can read it, see if I can understand it. I’ll look at the data to see if it makes sense. “Own responsibility”.

Therefore, what I want to say is that among the three groups I told you, humans have not stayed in the third density, and the group forced to choose sides may be the third density. Well, this means that humans are awakening to the fourth or fifth dimension. This means that, as we have been saying for many years, we have been telling you, telling you, telling you that it is coming, the timeline will split, and the fourth dimension will have a timeline of “own responsibility” and “others’ responsibility”, as well as a timeline of “own responsibility” in the fifth dimension.

We’ve been telling you it’s coming. Now you see. The master “dark elite” created by the planet is actually promoting that process. Putting the earth under such pressure, people have to make choices. This is not what they want. They want you to follow, but they are negligent because they have made mistakes, because mistakes appear quietly.

What is happening is that these two fourth and fifth dimensional beings are created from a third dimensional collective. So, I mean, it seems that in the end, the devil is always metaphorically doing God’s work. “Dark elite” in my metaphor is the devil. And God, in this metaphor, is the universal will, because the evolution of consciousness must come to earth. It must happen now and is busy happening.

So they are busy losing and you are busy winning. But ironically, they will not be able to see. They are also winning, because eventually their souls will get rid of all this. Finally, their souls will pass through great healing and great purification. Eventually, they will be released and they will be able to return to their path of light. They have been so lost, trapped in such a deep long-term desire, they only know how to deal with the lost desire, continue to do the same thing, and continue to strive for the same unattainable goal.

In terms of what is happening on earth, victory is very sure. There is a bigger story, the previous political story, the story of the galaxy, the story of the universe. I want to tell you that story, but I think we have taken up enough of your time and tried your patience. So until the next update, you will understand that what is happening on your planet is not an isolated event. Very, very consistent internally. As above, as below. Everything happens in unison, personal, planetary, galactic and cosmic. Everything happens in unison.

I want to explain that in our follow-up, the last thought I want to leave you is that I am not making you complacent. I’m not saying, oh, don’t worry, everything is under control. All this will happen. Sit down and don’t need to do anything. On the contrary, I invite you to participate actively in this transformation. So I invite you to be responsible for yourself. I invite you to take care of your body first, which is the most important thing. Take care of your body. Read, think and understand how to be as responsible for your body as possible and how to improve the frequency of your body. Then I invite you to think about the small places in your world that can be changed.
Well, you can oppose the agenda in small ways. Many small sub versions add up to a big change. For example, if you follow your own lifestyle, if there are regulations on wearing masks, if you are required to wear masks in these and those situations, please refuse. Try to slide the mask under your nose, you know, don’t get arrested, don’t get thrown into prison. Don’t cause yourself such pain, but wear a mask under your nose. Where can I take off my mask? Where is strictly not allowed to pick? Make eye contact with other people who also don’t wear masks. smile. Give them a thumbs up. It may seem like nothing, but it’s a resistance.

What other way can you push back when you stand up and are counted? Go get the sign. Think about what you’re going to write on it. Think about the words you’re going to use today. Let me give you an example. I call it Fauci flu. You can say it in your own words, but don’t follow the agenda. It’s a foolish act. Coronavirus. We know we gave something a name. We want to use the same name, so everyone knows what we’re talking about, but that’s their name. That’s what they call it.

Think about the name of the needle you pierced. Bat abandoned influenza serum. These are small ways, small things, you change the way you think, you change the way you speak. It ripples. Invite like-minded people to change. Invite your friends and loved ones to make changes and be ready to stand up when the time is right. When there is some kind of protest in your place, meet them, protest, say no.

If there are strict controls, if there are strong police, if they want to take their strategies to control you, put pressure on you and turn peaceful protests into riots, so that they can arrest you and abuse you. If this is what they are doing, there will be many protests to divert their resources. There are many of you, but few of them. Take full advantage of this. Think about where your battlefield will be. I use the word battlefield carefully. I’m not inviting you to use violence. No, I’m thinking of a beautiful work, Sun Tzu’s art of war, an ancient work, a treasure full of wisdom. Just for that matter. Then think about where you want you and your team to go, so that you will constantly disperse police resources, so that they can’t control you to stand up and be counted in the way they want. Don’t put yourself in danger, but be seen.

Noisy. Push back. Say it. Speak freely in your community. Some people are trapped in middle groups. You won’t convince them. They really, really need the authorities and big daddy to tell the truth. This group has cognitive dissonance, and working with this group requires too much effort. Say it. Tell the truth. Transcend your fears. These are the things you can do at this time.

The most important thing you can do at this time is to increase your frequency. Everything else I’ve been talking about is what you can do in the world for those who are trying to raise their frequency to the fifth dimension.

If you are already the fifth density, increase your frequency, my friends. You are eternal and immortal souls with great power. You are creators. You are just coerced and manipulated to put your creativity into their agenda. Even if you are fighting the virus, false information will be exposed when you are fighting it. Nevertheless, you are fighting their agenda in a strange way that they don’t really like. You are still pulled by their rope. What you really have to do is cut those ropes between what they are doing and yourself, master your existence, “take responsibility for yourself”, have a sense of unity, and have an inner divine connection.

Now, my dear zingdad has made a product in the weekly series. There seems to be a conflict of interest in advertising this product. But my friends, I have no doubt about inviting you to see what zingdad is doing. This product is called the tools of creation. The purpose of creating tools is to teach you how to use your Divine creativity to influence change, but in line with the values of unity. This is a sense of unity. Easy work process, this process is the promotion of consciousness. What I will encourage you to do is to improve your consciousness frequency. This is the process of Professor zingdad creating reality.

All this is consistent. This is all part of moving towards singularity. This is all part of the great awakening. This is all part of what opposes the drive of the elite. So I send you a very serious invitation to have a look, to see the quotation, to see if it resonates with you, and to see if it really appears on the journey.

That’s what I want to say to you today. There’s more. But now, have courage. Live in the divine connection between you and your hearts. You’re safe. You are loved. You are protected. Victory is at hand.
I am Adam, a unitary entity of the Pleiadian civilization.

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