How did you break through the down three Chakras ? Can you share more? Thank you for your advice. 💗💗💗

How did you break through the down three Chakras ? Can you share more? Thank you for your advice. 💗💗💗

Down three Chakras of dominant survival, gender relations / sexual energy and ego control are closely related to life, work and study. Let yourself always be in a high vibration, non stagnation and non attachment state of mind. Several aspects of your life will change and make great leaps. What we call the journey of unconditional survival, the journey of unconditional gender, family, sex and desire creation, Unconditional journey of courage, refinement, control and self love

Therefore, it is very important to put down a little bit and accept unconditionally. In the process of keeping yourself open and accepting the essence of high vibration cleaning, purification, healing and consolidation, you are always positive, resting, adjusting and relaxing, communicating with the higher self, living in intuition and feeling, and constantly returning to relaxation, joy and balanced life

This is the way. Through continuous contact with the higher self, we have been living in high vibration, playing, joy without time concept, and no dependence on missing / worrying / expectation, and the ego has received enough rest, love and healing

We do not evade the challenges brought by life. We have always expanded unconditionally and do not rely on joy regardless of the world, money, lovers, family, children, relatives and friends, religion, country, laws / regulations and traditional ideas

This is the road. Naturally, you will walk on the road of clearing, purifying, expanding and consolidating the infinite essence in the down three Chakras. You only focus on the connection of higher self intuition and welcome all high vibration intuitive challenges. You will always be in rest and healing, letting go, acceptance and balance


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