You have just experienced a peak, and you will continue to experience this peak in November.^_^

You have just experienced a peak, and you will continue to experience this peak in November.^_^

You can open more channels to acquire talents and abilities that you are bound to come into contact with at this stage of your life.

You need more talents and abilities, especially when you help those who have just awakened and don’t know what happened.

As a collective, these peaks of your frequency will affect those who are still sleeping, and even have a greater impact on you than them. During this period, their days may be more sad, because when the collective consciousness reaches a higher level, they must release some low vibration feelings, thoughts, ideas and beliefs in order to stay in your collective. They are detoxifying and gaining more awakening experiences that will confuse them and disrupt their normal activities.

Most people do not agree with their spirituality and soul, because these are immaterial consciousness in essence. Therefore, they will experience this challenge to their daily consciousness. They need support and treatment. The answers most people need will not be obtained from the Bible, the Pentateuch, the Koran or any religious scripture. You will guide them, comfort them and help them through this very serious release period, but you can just help them, because you are kind, compassionate and loving people, but at the same time, you will also gain a lot, especially your self-confidence as a real leader.

Many of you in this awakening group want to know what you should do, and your preparation, enthusiasm and willingness to help have not been ignored. You will help many, many people as long as you wait patiently for the unfolding of people’s awakening experience. Now, you just need to take care of yourself and pay attention to the recent changes in the overall frequency of human collective consciousness and how these changes affect you. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Get spiritual gifts for the newly awakened∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We can detect the smallest changes in human collective consciousness and feel that you have been evolving. We will tell you when your overall vibration frequency has a greater peak. You have just experienced a peak, and you will continue to experience this peak in November. If you focus on your body, mind and emotions now, remember that you are being called to these higher vibrational states, and if you tune, you can feel the call.

You can feel yourself summoned to the light, you can feel your heart opening. You can feel that your consciousness is improving and rooted in your body. You can open more channels to obtain talents and abilities that you will inevitably contact at this stage of your life.


thank you

Usually, the most powerful healing tool is also the simplest, which is what we want to discuss today, that is, using “thank you”

Thank you. You are a power station. It indicates that a transaction is accepted and ended. It supports release and is in flow. It provides powerful feedback to the universe

You are at a stage where many things enter your consciousness to be released. We highly encourage you to thank the universe, your guidance, soul and journey for guiding you into this consciousness. Thank you for coming to the next point where the fragments can be released. Recognize what you are remembering or feeling and recognize it. Thank it for coming to the surface to be examined. Then thank it for serving you, say goodbye to it, and go with it

If you experience discomfort in your physical body, thank it! Thank you for your hard work. Thank it for showing that it needs your attention. Ask what it needs you to do. Thank it for never giving up on you, even if it has been struggling. If you have a beloved being, human or animal, struggling physically, thank their bodies for their hard work

Thank your body for serving you from your birth and providing an instrument for your soul to experience the embodiment process. Thank you for your physical body, your fine body, your light body, which makes you experience incredible changes. Thank yourself for your service to yourself and the whole, as you continue to grow and evolve

Thank you for agreeing to enter the body at this time! Thank your soul for believing in human beings. It wants to join the great transformation of human beings. Thank you for having experienced so many experiences in other lifetimes that you have come to this moment. Thanks to other wonderful souls on earth, doing the best they can, according to their level of consciousness

Do you understand Thank you. It’s a verbal statement that will take you away from resistance and change you to a more empowered position. It is a tool that you can use to help you move forward, and you may be surprised at how effective it will be~ Archangel Gabriel
Date: as above
From: Shelley young

As an awakened person, we suggest you care about your feelings, how open your heart is, how much goodwill you spread around, and how many people you smile to today. You can experience this expansion in many wonderful ways,
This conscious evolution has nothing to do with your physical world and what is happening. Nothing can stop your promotion. No negative person can stop you from doing anything, but you can prevent yourself from enjoying and fully experiencing this process. We hope you can fully enjoy it.

Therefore, we encourage you to believe in yourself that you are your real nonphysical essence, just record how you feel at the moment compared with the previous moment, and whether your current feeling and vibration are better or worse. Focus on the important things, and we guarantee that everything you want to achieve in your world will follow.

What is most important for ascending people
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We can always feel that we are getting closer and closer to our true self. We have always felt expansion and growth, and we can achieve this goal without going through trauma, tragedy and challenges. However, we do share the feelings of those who have experienced unpleasant, uncomfortable and terrible environments, so that when you face the traumatic experience in life, we feel we are right beside you.

No body, no personal identity, does have its benefits. We won’t be bothered by unimportant things. We understand the impermanence of matter, such as your body, what you have and money. In this way, we will not fall into dramatic events like human beings on earth, which is very good for us. We can focus on the feeling of expansion, evolution, growth and progress.

We invite you to discover more things that are growing, expanding, evolving and rising. Even if you have a body, personality and sense of identity in the fifth dimension, these things are not really things to improve. Your soul is ascending to your true self. It is your eternal and infinite part, and so are we. It needs to expand and pursue the feeling of expansion, rather than falling into what temporarily exists in your world.

Your soul doesn’t care who is in power in politics. Your soul doesn’t care how much money you have in the bank. Your soul doesn’t care what kind of home you live in. Your soul is on the journey. What really matters is this journey. The journey may not be quantifiable in material terms, but you can always feel it.
So, don’t score. Don’t measure your soul and how well you do as an ascending being by what you can manifest or how much spiritual talent you show.∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

Galactic Federation crystal command Mothership: Nova Jerusalem prophecy

Original sdbetty earth new life today

In the prophecy,
They call it new Jerusalem.
This is the largest ship ever built in the universe. It is about five times larger than the earth.

In the final transition to the fifth dimension, is there a prophecy to reach the earth?
Human collective.
The ship has hundreds of different cabins,
Galactic Angel race.
It is also the habitat of millions of animals and plants from all over the world. The continent it contains is full of all kinds of nature.
Many Crystal Castles where our beloved family lives.
The floors are made of pure monatomic gold, platinum, silver, copper, palladium, iridium, rhodium and many others.
These walls are made of crystal, so they are very pure,
They radiate light colors you’ve never seen before and are carved with jadeite, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, etc.
The vibration is too big and the time is suspended.
Everything is made of sacred geometry,
So it creates a powerful treatment,
Regenerate the body.
Once the final quantum transition occurs,
Most of the 144000 co creators were born in,
The earth will be occupied by the photosphere melcaba,
It was brought into smaller ships and then transferred to the Mothership for three Earth days. As time slows down,
Three days will be considered three years,
During this period, 144000 will upgrade their physical ships with Christ beyond themselves. They will be taught, so when they return, they will ascend completely.
Therefore, they will lead the earth to realize the evolution of the whole social memory complex.
We are prophets!!
I’ll wait for you there!
Information from the mahabians, from the Meea inside the earth: mankind needs to unite for common interests
Original sdbetty earth new life today
During your last pole shift, we were a race of beings that entered a large number of caves. We are a combination of Atlantis and Lemurians. There are already several races within you, some very advanced and more energetic than the body. Thanks to these creatures, we have the ability to survive and continue to evolve.
We are human beings. There is no apparent difference between our people and human beings. We are genetically better, with advanced energy, transportation and treatment technologies. We are the builders of a very ancient civilization, giant buildings and stone temples. All along, we hope to return to the surface, unite with other humans on earth, and use our wisdom and technology to help face many challenges facing mankind. Although our needs are simple, we have gone beyond war, disease, poverty and nothing. We are part of an alliance of stars with the ability to travel faster than light and across dimensions. We are not profit driven. We prefer quality rather than quantity, nature rather than synthesis. This leaves much less footprints in our environment, which is balanced and prosperous.
Before considering the apparent unity with mankind, the surface must find unity. There are many kinds of life forms in our world, some are very evolved, others are evolved by lessors. Our civilization consists of very tall creatures, medium height creatures and very small creatures, just as there are only more kinds of creatures on the surface. There are more races, cultures and colors inside. We found that the road of unity is to communicate, listen attentively, listen without judgment, release the accumulated grievances of the past and seek common ties and goals. As everything that serves the whole community, its diversity is the first and most important. Those who have rich, higher knowledge and the ability to heal and provide effortlessly help those less fortunate. Our civilization is committed to the laws of the universe and creates opportunities for everyone to realize their highest potential. Because of this, we have experienced a quantum leap in evolution, live in harmony with each other and the environment, and live a rich and happy life full of love. People on the surface can do the same if they like.
There is a prerequisite before this process can begin. Mankind needs to unite for the common good. This means transcending all religious, cultural and ethnic boundaries. Although there are many races, religions and cultures, everyone has a soul. That soul comes from God / creator / great spirit, unified consciousness and energy field, no matter what name or description you want to give it. We are all a family at the soul level, all connected. The source of our most infinite understanding from it is pure unconditional love, joy and happiness. The ultimate love, the eternal power, serves in the multiverse. When everyone has their own connections, war, disease and poverty are over. It’s that simple.
It transcends the complexity of intelligence, competition, fear and survival, and overcomes the ignorance of social design on the false narration of division, which needs to be overcome. Almost all wars are internal wars, caused by trauma, wrong conclusions in past experience and limited spiritual concepts. There has never been a jihad. Only one king or leader wants another king or leader to use fear, religion and division to launch an army. This has happened in human history. The greatest tyrants are the most wounded and abandoned children, seeking love, respect, self-worth and power over others. No one has ever taught them. All these come from the inside, while the outside is a short, always changing, never satisfied endless desire. Love, happiness, happiness and recognition are not external, but in the soul. This is your connection with the source. There, you are loved, accepted and recognized beyond imagination, and no language can encapsulate the creator’s love. Understanding the difference between intelligence and intelligence is also a quality of self-control. Changes in intelligence and self have freed you from all this. Cause of failure.
A very old word with two translations. One is to greet me, the other is me, and the other is my God. Pay tribute to your God. In some cultures, they don’t even have a word for me or me.
This is the foundation of our civilization. This and similar understanding used to be the basis of the earth’s surface. Over time, they were hijacked by the negative forces of the lessor. It’s time to come back. Due to the natural cosmic cycle, earth’s evolution and ascension did not return to the universe.
Some call it unity consciousness – no longer optional. We and other advanced civilizations from the stars, many of whom are your ancient ancestors, have come here only to enhance and assist in this transformation. The earth has a long history of aggression and manipulation of other forces and other agendas. There is an intergalactic war under heaven and your earth. This is to eliminate these visible and invisible negative effects. These wars are hierarchical and temporary. Internal benevolent beings, external forces, galactic and inter dimensional existence have successfully eliminated most of these effects. This is a step towards ending tyranny, evil law and moving towards universal law. These invisible negative effects of hierarchical networks still exist. They are woven into all aspects of government, religion, institutions and systems. They are known for their unrestrained greed and desire for power. They do not serve greater interests, nor do they give them power above power. These leaders and their kingdoms are not the frequency at which Earth has evolved to a higher state of consciousness or consciousness. Actions / reactions or what some call karma will be amplified and accelerated. All things that cannot adapt, transform or conform to the laws of the universe will completely disappear or collapse.
This is a process that cannot be stopped by any technology without men or women. We must follow the mother’s path, which is phasing out one dimension, entering another dimension, entering higher consciousness and energy, a new way of life. Those who choose this path have our full support. That doesn’t mean we’ll do everything for you. Everyone must do his best, take his own position and do the right thing for mankind and the earth. Tyranny can only survive by agreement and ignorance. It’s time to wake up, stand up, unite and join the rest of the universe peacefully. An incredible world is waiting for you.
From the interior of the earth.
James Gillan.


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