Q: how do we work with our guides^_^

Q: how do we work with our guides^_^

Cheryl: the first and most important thing about working with the guides is to remember that they are not so-called “executors”, they are so-called “guides”.

It’s not their purpose to help you. However, if you learn to call them and, more importantly, listen to the messages coming back, the journey will become a wonderful experience.

So open your hearts, my friends, greatly open your hearts. There are all the answers you seek in your heart. You will grow. Your abundance, your happiness, your dreams, and all the things you try hard to get, can all be yours. If you look inward, you will see that such acquisition has been achieved. So listen to your heart, my friend. Open your heart and you will see that you already have the answers to all your questions. Society has conditioned or programmed you to seek truth beyond yourself. In fact, the truth is hidden in you.

Enjoy what you are doing, love what you are doing, it is your creation. You must realize that everything around you is your own creative understanding. If you don’t like what you’re doing, learn the subject and change. It’s that simple. This is the time to look at your reality, if you look inside. You’ll see the light. You can also help your brothers and sisters move forward, heal with you, and guide you in the future.
This third dimension of what we call “self” is only one aspect of your own whole, a small part of the whole. You are a multi-dimensional being. Learn to experience all your own dimensions in this life, and your soul will evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

Let me share a prayer that has helped many people achieve their desires on their own journey: allow yourself to relax in a deep breath and begin to feel a beautiful light around your body. Call on the creator to listen to your words.

At such times, we usually don’t recognize the beauty that surrounds us. So take a moment to thank all your guides for everything that has happened in your life.

After that, ask the road signs placed in front of you every day to be clear, because in this way, you will try your best to carry out the highest level of possibilities in each day’s adventure.


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