What is the premise of manifesting light and love into practical action^_^

What is the premise of manifesting light and love into practical action^_^

(including “what is truth in ascension 1: you need a little shock to start awakening, such as returning after death”)

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What is the premise of “manifesting light and love into practical action” mentioned by Guanyin

First there must be light and love

What is light and love

Light and love in each dimension need to be put down in the higher dimension

This is confusing to those immersed in the matrix. They cherish and work so hard, but they are ignored by a higher perspective

Because the higher perspective and higher field are not in the matrix, but outside the matrix

Therefore, the action of light and love with a higher field becomes what, put down, put down everything in the matrix

Through what? Picking up is a different goal from picking up immersed in the matrix. Immersion is to experience the matrix, while picking up in the drop is to restart the pain healing. Putting down the people and things causing pain still live in the matrix, but doing different homework from that in the matrix, one for entering the matrix and the other for going out of the matrix

This is why people who live a free life are idle and have no progress in the eyes of outsiders. They just send messages and talk about things every day. They live in peace and quiet for a long time, do not disturb the world and stay with nature

In the heart of heaven and earth, nature has different views on light and love, and practical actions are naturally different

Because people’s free space is different

The person in the matrix can get in and can’t get out, but the person who lives out of freedom can get in and out of the matrix, because his / her heart is no longer in the matrix, and it doesn’t matter whether he / she can get out of the matrix

Look at your light and love and take action for freedom if you have pressure, burden and strong will to live at ease
How to live

People in the third dimensional matrix should live because of saving people’s suffering and difficulties, and no longer regard saving people’s suffering and difficulties as their own responsibility, because they will give others light and love

People in the fourth dimension matrix should live because they love themselves. The higher level of loving themselves is to love others and all sentient beings. This is why Guanyin makes everyone take practical action, because you are already in the fourth dimension and have the foundation to love yourself. If you love others, you will not pull hatred because of spears, shields and conflicts, because empathy and empathy have been stable

The fifth dimension of light and love is to serve others, have a mission and take care of themselves. However, it is easy to regard man, God and Buddha as the creator and source, but it does not take the original heart and nature as God and Buddha, does not exist with “I am” as the source, and does not regard itself as a part of the source

Therefore, the higher realm of freedom in the fifth dimension is the unity and unity of Christ, Buddha consciousness and nirvana consciousness, and the higher sixth dimension consciousness that can unify serving oneself and serving others, which is also the highest consciousness of everyone in the body, material body and physical form

Because the next step is to live in the light and consciousness. Naturally, there is no human form, and you can change any form that consciousness wants. At this time, you are ready to move towards the real unified and unified consciousness

Where is it, the unity of all things in the heart, the field without time zero, and the superconducting field of the pineal gland

Therefore, light and love depend on which dimension you are in, and the actual action also depends on the larger picture of light and love, which can not be generalized

There is no right or wrong, only the expansion and practice of consciousness in non judgment

Practical action serves only consciousness, intuition and higher mind, not fear, worry, ambition, responsibility, obligation and mission

Because the truth is very simple. There are thoughts first and then actions. Only when you live in thoughts, thoughts and actions are synchronous and synchronic. At that time, you have returned to the unified energy and are with the god Buddha. You are the god Buddha

Not only that, you have more heart and nature, that is, your supreme existence as the source of open energy

Take practical action, no longer judge, focus on the sharing and putting down of light and love

Not only share and expand your thoughts, but also put them down, which will set you free

Once again, listen to the suggestions of Arcturus people similar to the previous article. When the time comes, the demand is your current homework. This is how I accept hundreds of suggestions for growth and expansion, one at a time

Crossing the third and fourth dimensions is the most difficult, because it is the heaviest, but it is also the space you deserve to enjoy and live freely, which will benefit your journey a lot

Don’t miss the freedom and openness of each matrix
Just Relax

Don’t judge yourself and others

Everything is fine


What do you need to do with your current energy

https://danielscranton.com/what-the-current-energies-require-of-you-%e2%88%9ethe -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are very picky about what we care about because we care too much about what we will become. Anything you focus on will begin to coordinate with it, even if you are resistant to what you focus on. Everyone must pay attention to how they vibrate, because the energy in you is shifting faster and faster. It will be more and more difficult for some people to maintain low-frequency vibration, because it is uncomfortable for them to have these high-frequency energy around.

You are in a very interesting period in human history. It is very important to choose what you focus on and what you vibrate for your own benefit. Now, when you focus on what you think is right, you will see more and more such things in the human collective on earth. When you focus on these things, no matter what mistakes there are in human nature, they will be magnified and shown on your face.

We are here to guide you and let you feel the beautiful things in your heart. Now, we can also give you some general suggestions, such as turning off electronic devices and connecting with nature and mother earth outdoors, because these things are useful to most people. You go out, get bitten by bees and mosquitoes, and then tell yourself that it’s a bad idea to turn off the TV and go out of the house. But if you attune to the vibration of nature and mother earth, you will feel better and better involuntarily.

There are many beautiful things worth paying attention to in your world. You do have these ideas, but your mind always wants to solve a problem, a problem that can be solved. We suggest that you relax your mind and take the burden of the world off your shoulders, because you have no responsibility to solve all this. We hope you can feel the support of beings like us, your spiritual guides, and others who want to help you. We want to help you with those heavy tasks. We can help each other.

Create with us, we will even let you get all the credit, but first, you must start to focus on what you focus and feel. You need to make some efforts to turn off your thoughts and your devices so that you can listen to the real thing. The real thing is that truth and power exist in you. When you become yourself, you are the beautiful channel of these high-frequency energy.

When you let yourself into the high-frequency energy flow around you, seek help and co creation, you can do many things with little action without thinking. This is our promise to you. This is Arcturus’s commitment, which is supported by many other high-dimensional beings of light and love.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


What is truth in ascension 1 (understanding death)

You need a little shock to start awakening.
Because that’s what we’re doing. Wake you up completely. Everyone who is ready to hear the alarm clock ring instead of turning over and going to sleep is called:
How do you do!
I’m 8!
Don’t waste! We have a date!
It’s time to pursue! (he smiles)
But it is. I know you are all like trees in spring. You can feel the sap rising. You can feel it accelerating in your bones and soul. You’re charging. Time is up. I know you feel it. There are people like me who are contacting you and teaching you to do what you have to do. Because if I step in and do it for you, what I teach you is the opposite of what you must learn. Because I teach you that I am your master and you need me to create for you. That won’t work!
If you want to awaken your true glory, you must wake up from your deep sleep, make new choices, set a new course for yourself, and then… Create!
That’s what we’re going to do. You are with me and your readers. Because, you know, I’m not alone. There are many beings around me that you will call spiritual beings and light beings. Many beings here are closely related to some people on earth today: your readers, those who want to join us in reality creation, those who feel the deepest resonance with the book of ascension. These people’s soul families are with me. Inner self and spiritual mentor, etc. They are all planning and co creating all this with me and divine joy. This is why readers will know whether the book of ascension is suitable for them. Their own inner self and soul family have been involved in their creation from the beginning. So when they read these words, they will feel that they are expressing a feeling of “right” in the depths of their existence.
But let’s go back to the essence. I say the first part of this process is to show you your strength.
The first thing to do is to deal with all the wrong beliefs about yourself and your life, which lead you to believe that you have no power.
After we strip these nonsense from your beliefs, we can provide evidence that you are powerful. This is the theme of Volume I of the book of ascension.
Z: Volume one? Will there be more books?
8: Yes. The first volume is the journey from fear to love. It is also your awakening from victim consciousness to creator consciousness. Let you remove the most dense blockage in your heart and let you see the light within yourself. So far, most of the book has been participated by divine joy, but I will also make my contribution.
Once we deal with the darkness and peel off the blockage, we can really start playing. Volume two will be my playground. Once we discover the reason and operation of this reality, we will follow our charm and joy. Time, space, density and dimension, and so on. These topics and more
Things will be our toys.
When we have finished all this, it will be a time for you to talk to your beloved Adamu again. The third volume will cover the Pleiadian point of view. I’m not sure what Adamu will share with you, but I think you should be able to find out how life in this galaxy develops and evolves, what kind of story leads to the emergence of human beings on earth, how things happen as they are, and what lessons we can learn from an entity that has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations.
This is the book of ascension trilogy. When all this is done, it’s your turn to shine. You will bring great gifts to the world. At that time, you will have enough guidance and guidance to express yourself with your own strength. You will! When this is done, we will do everything we need to express to the world. When we are ready, we can move on.
In fact, you will create your whole reality.
When you start to think it’s true, show it in action, and feel it’s true, you’ll start to know it’s true. When this happens, you won’t have any obstacles to understand how you should create a new reality that fully suits your preferences. You will understand that this is a co creation, and you just focus your intention in a special way. This is not a grand thing. This is not seeking self stimulation. It’s just to choose what’s right for you. But choose when you know how to make your choice viable. You will realize that you are not making your own choice. You are part of a grand structure in which you just play your perfect role. Then you will really understand that your readers are not what you think, but are passively “absorbing” the content of the book. You will understand that they are actively writing this book with you.
Z: Well, 8, I’ve heard you say that several times. I take a wait-and-see attitude. But now I want to know. How can those readers who haven’t read these words become part of the creator of the content I haven’t written yet?
8: Hum! You think you’re stuck in time? Well, it does look like that. But you and your readers are each part of a greater being, and that being is not trapped. Time, order, dimension, causality, CO creation, and many such topics need to be discussed and solved with you. When you understand all this, you will be ready to remove all obstacles – obstacles that others place on your “ability to correctly imagine your world”. All this – and more – awaits you in future conversations. That’s why, when you understand all this correctly, you will be ready to create!
Z: What is your nature?
8: I am the being of truth.
Z: What is “truth”?
8: Truth is a way of being. It’s organized. It’s simplification. Yes. It is not only the structural basis for establishing identity, but also the structural basis for establishing the whole reality.
Truth is my essence and nature. I express it with my personality.
Z: So what is truth?
8: You asked an interesting question. From a given point of view, there are countless truths that are true and correct. But from other perspectives, they are all wrong in the end. This means that there are many temporary truths.
Z: The “temporary” truth? How can something be true, but only temporary?
8: It’s simple. Do you remember the first olive you ate as a child?
Z: Vivid! I’m about three or four years old. My mother is preparing dinner for my father’s colleagues. I was told not to go to the restaurant, and because of this, I slipped in and had a look. Suddenly, I saw a bowl of lovely black grapes on the table. I like grapes. So I decided to steal one. When I put it in my mouth, it was one of the greatest shocks of my childhood. It’s horrible. I began to vomit in disgust and rushed out to vomit. I was so traumatized that it took me some time to accept grapes again!
8: A lovely story. So you say you don’t like olives when you’re three?
Z: Absolutely!
8: Is this true, or are you lying, or may it be wrong?
Z: No, that’s absolutely right!
8: Don’t you like olives now?
Z: No! I later fell in love with olives.
Z: Oh, okay. I got it! So I don’t like olives used to be 100% real. But I changed. Then, I now love olives become 100% real.
8: A temporary truth.
Z: OK. Many truths are temporary?
8: Except one. Only one absolute truth is not temporary.
Z: What’s that?
8: The absolute truth is:
“ The ONE is.”
Z: That’s it? It’s really not a long winded truth (laughter).
8: Yes. We can also add text if you want. But it makes it less real. We should reduce the truth as little as possible in this conversation.
Let’s take a look at this sentence,
First of all, through this statement, I show that there has always been only one. My partner and I, the divine joy, have made this clear in his way in his conversations. There are many, but many of them are short-lived.
They are inevitably one. The process of becoming a has produced a lot of experience. When you experience and feel something, it is “real” from that point of view. But eventually this view will yield to another view. Then new experiences will arise and different things will become true. So there will be many truths for many. But these truths are always inconsistent, inconsistent and unbalanced. This will show up as discomfort in your life. Will lead to fear, pain and disease. In order to achieve true healing, at some point in all journeys, the truth about separation and many will begin to be abandoned and replaced by the truth about unity and oneness. Then, the incredibly complex multiple truths will begin to condense and condense. The temporary separation illusion will begin to dissolve. Until the final illusion is released. Until oneness is understood again as truth.
Secondly, I point out that one is. According to your time limit, I can say, “one” has always been and will always be. “. But this is a distortion. You think there is a past and a future, I don’t think so. I know, only the present. So “one is” is more accurate. If you understand that this statement is true before the beginning of time and will be true at the end of time, you may be vaguely aware of what I mean. I mean, there is no case that one is not. Indeed, one is eternal.
Z: OK. “One is.” is this the only real thing?
8: In any case, from all angles, forever, this is the only absolute truth. Even in the reality in which you are now, the basic truth is hidden. One is. It’s true.
Z: Is there anything else that is true?
8: No. Z: So… Uh… What about “free will”? Isn’t that true?
8: No. Free will is always relative. In a sense, you have a freer will than me, because you can believe what I can’t believe. You can believe that you are completely separated from others, and I can’t. I know that I am one with everyone and everything. In the same way, you can hatch beliefs about yourself and your reality, and you can believe them very enthusiastically. I can’t.
But, on the other hand, I can create reality and manifest energy and matter – as an act of will – to look like God in your eyes. So we all have free will, but different and relative. None of us has absolute free will.
Then I must add that there are other realities elsewhere, where there are other models, not what you call free will. So free will is certainly not always true. It’s far from absolute truth.
If so, then everyone can achieve what they want everywhere at any time. But you can’t, can you?
Z: No, I mean, I can think about all kinds of things freely and believe all kinds of things freely. But now I can’t jump and fly away. I can’t turn the sky green. I can’t… Stop the rising sun tomorrow
8: Indeed.
Z: In this way, we don’t seem to have free will.
8: Oh, of course you do. It’s just not absolute. If you are willing to concentrate, you will notice that what I want to express is:
There is only one absolute truth. That is, “one is.”
As I said at the beginning, there are countless other “truths”. From one point of view or another, these truths are more or less true. Free will is such a subjective truth. But it’s not even more interesting
The truth. It’s just a function. How about we stop trying to exploit this first truth and do something constructive?
Z: Like?
8: For example, I can tell you the derived truth.
Z: What is “derived truth”?
8: Let’s look at it this way: do you exist?
Z: Of course!
8: Are you sure?
Z: Sure!
8: This is your truth, and you won’t immediately change your mind and suddenly decide that you no longer exist? And you’re sure you’re not what I imagined, right?
Z: Of course I exist! Isn’t there an “I” here that says “I exist!”? Enough to prove this fact? Are you kidding me?
8: A little. You’ll see in a minute. But let’s continue… So you now have two truths: your truth is the fact that you exist now, and the absolute truth is “one is”. Have you followed my train of thought?
Z: Yes. I can only keep two truths in my mind at the same time (smile).
8: Great. Then you should be able to realize the leap of understanding with me. If both of these things are true, then it means that you are part of a. is it?
Z: Yes. All that exists is part of the one. I exist. Therefore, I am part of the one.
8: Can that be destroyed?
Z: No, because that will become “one was”. Or, “one will be a period of time, and then it won’t be.”.
8: Indeed. So you agree that you are a part of this thing. Right?
Z: Yes.
8: OK. Now imagine a huge jigsaw puzzle. You can take it apart and put it back together. When they are together, they are the whole. This is an image. When splitting, there are many small images. Are you following me?
Z: Yes.
8: If you take it apart and destroy a small piece of it. Can you put it back
Go back?
Z: Uh… No. I mean, you can put all the other things back together, but the image will be incomplete.
8: That’s it.
So, you’re part of a. If you can be destroyed, then part of a will be destroyed. That would be incomplete. But this is impossible. Then he will no longer be one. It will be a part, it will be 0.9999… Or a little smaller. Do you understand?
Z: Yes, I see.
8: If you are more interested in mathematics, I can more convincingly put forward the same view that one is infinite and infinity cannot be divided.
However, the key point of all this is that we can draw a derived truth. You’re part of a. No part of the one can be removed, nor can it be destroyed without destroying the one. It’s impossible. One is. That means you too. That means you can’t be destroyed. No part of it will be destroyed.
This is our first derived truth.
“You are eternal and immortal.”
“You are eternal and immortal.”
This truth applies to all who you can convey this view. All who have perspective, have subjective experience, all who are “someone” in some way, all who can find the concept of “self”… Will never, never be destroyed.
This is always valid.
Of course, this also applies to you.
Z: But what if you want to destroy yourself?
8: You can’t. The relative truth of free will is far less than the absolute truth of “one is”. So your ability to decide extinction is impossible.
You see, you can’t stop being a part of. And as long as you are part of one, you can’t destroy yourself, because one is. Many souls yearn for self destruction at some time. I’m not saying it’s as simple as ending an avatar by suicide. I mean a desire to really destroy their own spiritual beings.
On the surface, this seems to be a desire that no longer exists, but it is actually a very profound help. You’ve experienced it yourself. Between this life and the previous life, you wanted to end your existence.
(zingdad’s note: see Chapter 1 of the book of ascension, “clouds roll, clouds relax, and life endures”)
You made up your mind and tried to achieve it with passion, I can tell you. Obviously you didn’t succeed. In all creation, no individual entity has ever successfully ended its own existence. Similarly, no entity has ever ended the existence of another entity. It’s impossible.
Understanding death
Z: So there’s no real murder?
8: No. If someone points a gun at your head and pulls the trigger, I promise you three things:

  1. Although your body will disappear and irreversibly damaged, you will survive. Your body will cease to function and die, but you will not cease to exist, not for a second. After the bullet tears your brain, you will no longer be able to use this organ to filter your views. You will immediately realize that you are a living being, looking down at the destroyed body you once thought of as “yourself”.
    At this point, you need to fine tune your perspective. This adjustment of self-identity must be internalized, but you still really “exist”. The important point is that the killer will think you are dead. However, this is only his cognitive error, because he will no longer think you are a living person. But you know you’re still alive. The same thing will happen in a finer reality. Just as it is possible to destroy a person’s body in the three-dimensional field where you live, it is also possible to disperse a four-dimensional body. You can do it even in the fifth dimension, although it is almost rare and difficult to complete. If you go to a higher dimension, you can’t succeed.
    But no matter where this happens and under what conditions, the “killed” people can always survive.
    You just lost the mobile device you used to use.
  2. If someone “kills you”, you will eventually understand that to some extent, this is the consensus between you two in the past. It may take a little time, a process, or even some consultation to understand, but you will certainly find that this event is the result of your decisions and choices. It may be your own choice, or your inner self.
    Z: Wait a minute, 8.
    What if I don’t agree with my inner self? What if I don’t agree with this choice? I mean, is it wrong for my inner self to hand over my life without my consent?
    8: As long as you don’t understand that you and your inner self are actually the same being, you may have this worry. In fact, “contradiction with the inner self” is the result you experience as a small, separated, cut off and deprived of power, which is also the characteristic of three-dimensional consciousness. But if you “die” in this situation
    If you die, you will get help. Members of your soul family will immediately appear before you to guide you and persuade you so that you can fully understand what is happening. Help you see the perfection of the moment.
    Z: If you don’t think it’s perfect… What if you don’t agree with the ending?
    8: Then you always have the choice to return.
    Z: You mean reincarnation?
    8: Yes, it’s just an option. But there is another option, which brings me to the third point.
  3. You always have the right to return to the life that has just been terminated, no matter what form that termination takes.
    Z: The one whose head was blown off? Definitely not! If my brain splashes on the ground, how can I revive my body?
    8: God, you do have a lot of imagination.
    You have learned from divine joy that time is not absolute. Only in three dimensions will you be bound by the illusion that time is linear and absolute. This constraint does not apply to beings of fine reality. So we can help you in some interesting ways. After you die, you will find that you have the ability to choose to accept death and move on, or you can consult senior members of the soul family. At this point, you either accept “death” or you may agree to a return agreement. If it is the latter, there will be further consultation to help you make better choices, so that you won’t repeat the same script over and over again. When all these problems are properly handled, you will return to your life at the right time. This “right moment” will vary greatly in different situations.
    In some cases, there will be a period of time before death, so a new path can be found to completely avoid death. In some cases, you will return to the event within a moment before the event and guide the event in different ways under enlightening guidance. There are also some very enlightening situations in which beings are allowed to experience “death”, remember the part of consultation, and remember the process of return. These are often referred to as near death experiences. But each case is different and unique, and each is treated with great love and sensitivity by the soul family.
    Z: That’s great, 8. This means that no one will die without consent.
    8: Dear zingdad. We have told you for some time in various ways that through this work, the book of ascension, we are reaffirming that you are the creator of your own reality. What does divine joy say?
    Z: You mean when he says,
    “You always get exactly what you create.”
    “You always get exactly what you create.”
    8: Yes, that’s what I mean. Once you die, if this sentence is no longer true, how can this statement be true? Definitely not.
    Z: You’re right. It should become “you always get exactly what you create… Until you die.”
    8: You’re right. So the point is: even death won’t make you a victim. Even if you are dead, you still have a choice. You still have the right to say, “Hey, I’m not finished yet.” if, after proper consultation, you decide that there are really unfinished things, or there is a better way to end this life, then… You can go back to the appropriate time before the “death event”, no matter when.
    Z: Then people won’t choose to die? Even if there is no other reason, they will come back, at least to comfort the relatives left behind them?
    8: When humans on earth “die”, they are immediately in a gap reality, and they will get all kinds of help to understand what happened. Then they come to the best conclusion – should they move on or return. this is it. You will be surprised to find how many times almost all of you have “died” and then returned.
    Z: Really? It just never happened to me. I don’t remember at all.
    8: Of course you don’t remember. It didn’t happen in your time stream. It’s not behind you for you to remember. When you return to your life, you choose another time flow, that is, you have never died.
    But let me help you remember. Do you remember the motorcycle accident 15 years ago? The one who left the scene “miraculously” without any serious injury? Some time before that, you thought that your life was futile. You don’t have any strong desire for life. Things become a little colorless and monotonous for you. You’re a little disoriented. That night, you were chatting with a friend. He told you that he had experienced a terrible motorcycle accident. He almost died of his injuries. You have a little idea:
    Maybe, just maybe, that’s what you want. Just leave the world. Then you say goodbye to this friend, ride your motorcycle and drive home. On the road, when you were driving on the highway, the traffic in front suddenly blocked, and your driving speed was too fast to stop in time, so an accident occurred.
    The thing you don’t remember now is that you really “died” that night. Then you and I sat down and talked. We talked about where you are in your life and showed you some highlights of the future. You think that although there is a lot of work to do, it is worth it, because you see an exciting future waving to you in front of you. You agree with me, you need to go back; You need to move on. So we brought you back to the moment before the accident. This time you received professional assistance from some of my friends. They put their hands on your hands. It can be said that you manipulated your motorcycle like a Hollywood stuntman, flipped in the traffic flow, and prevented death in front of your eyes. Then, when you are separated from your motorcycle, another person assists you and protects your body to help you complete the most incredible acrobatics – tumbling to the ground without a lot of bruises and scars! You looked funny afterwards. It took you a second or two to be surprised, wake up, notice that you were OK, take off your helmet, and then burst out a few rude words at the driver who caused the accident that night.
    Then you go on with your life.
    You often think of the accident. You want to know where you learned these tricks. You also want to know how. Just after the accident, you found some new directions in your life. There are many things you want to know, but you never realize what happened that night.
    Z: You mean I could have died that night?
    8: I mean, you’re really dead. Then you didn’t die. Both are true. You’re going through a timeline where you didn’t die. That’s your choice. This is not the only time that it happened to you.
    Do you still remember? About twenty years ago, on the way to the resort, did you fly on the highway? (he laughs) once, you drove in the opposite direction on the highway at the speed of 100 kilometers, and then you calmly turned 180 degrees and continued to drive in the right direction. More amazing stunt driving, you completed it perfectly! What do you think of this achievement? There are other such occasions. Some of them are not so dramatic and charming. Some of them are quite sad and lonely, although not a little silly.
    The problem is that you have prepared several “exit points” for your life. But every time you don’t choose them. Every time you come back. So you’re still there. This is your choice. This is true of almost everyone on earth. It is very rare for an adult who has a self and has never experienced such an “exit point” several times. In fact, I would strongly recommend that every reader think it over. Review your life. Think about those strange and miraculous events that have brought you life-threatening or life-changing situations. Think about those times, maybe despair to a certain extent, or maybe life is too boring, which makes you seriously consider and plan your own death, but inexplicably failed to implement it. See if you think this event may be looking for an exit point for yourself. In particular, pay attention to whether you find more direction and desire for life in or near these events. This is a sign of success in finding an exit point. I strongly recommend that each of our readers think carefully. Take a moment to reflect and see if you learn about yourself, your life and your choices from the way life presents you with exit points and the way you look for them.
    https://zingdad.com/images/downloads/china_ tap1_ zingdad.pdf#page218


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