What do you do when you get energy^_^

What do you do when you get energy^_^

If you want to get energy directly from us and other beings, try to share your harvest. Try to express your harvest. Try to use the energy you get to help others and serve mankind, and you will gain more.

This is not to say that we are rewarding those who receive our energy and work with it. But when you use energy to do something, there will be more space for energy to flow to you and transfer through you. You are more mobile and more open, so it makes more sense to target those who use energy as a teaching and creative tool.

Having said that, we intend to transmit the current energy to all of you, especially those who will use them to obtain the energy given to you by mother earth. The energy we deliver will inspire people to connect with mother earth. They will inspire people to remember their relationship with nature, trees, oceans, mountains and wind. The energy we are about to transmit will help people open their root chakras and receive energy directly from mother earth. Just as you can receive energy from above, you can also receive energy from below.

These energies will make you feel more consistent, stronger, grounded and capable of doing what you came to earth to do. If you can be more consistent with the earth energy that guides and supports you, you will be just like the beings in the Milky way. Sometimes you need these small reminders, and you can also use this message as a small reminder. We are glad to see so many people open their hearts and accept the next batch of energy we have prepared for you.

Work with the coming new energy

Daniel Scranton

https://danielscranton.com/working-with-the-new-energies-about-to-come-in-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are studying how to better transmit the latest energy to humans on earth. We often transmit energy directly to your energy field, where your guide can choose the right time to let you have more access to these energies. We also send energy directly to those who can receive energy and use it to do something. We know who is the teacher, who is the channel, who is the leader, and who is ready to use this energy to do something creative. We know that artists, writers, poets and musicians can create works that many people like, which will also lead to the improvement of their consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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