Kryon: innate characteristics – Part III (recording)^_^

Kryon: innate characteristics – Part III (recording)

Why did original stop me, Kryon Cleon today

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled on site on October 20, 2021

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.

Then let’s continue our discussion. If you follow this discussion, and perhaps you participated in the “ring of 12” last week, you will know more about congenital than before. These four channelings will be provided free of charge, and you will see the four amazing innate features we are discussing. Congenital is perhaps the most misunderstood human energy in history. Let’s start with “what is congenital”. Congenital is the name of “intelligent body”. It corresponds to a muscle test. It has a process that manipulates all human processes, including spontaneous healing, according to the instruction set. Congenital is special. It can do so many things.
In the second section, we discuss “where is it”. You can say, “as long as it’s well done, it doesn’t matter where it is.” yes. But some people, they want to understand all the hyperphysical things, they want to know. For example, “innate in the brain? In cells? In the heart? In DNA? In the pineal gland? Or somewhere else?” let me review last week’s content.

As we said, nature is actually a part of your soul. It comes with the components. There must be. Because it works with other things, such as your Akash record. When we talk about the fourth amazing feature of nature, you will see something that no one will notice. Some people will feel “aha” and “now I know what it can do and what it can do.”
So the third feature about congenital is this: how do you use it? If there is energy or energy surround in the human body, it can really greatly change the process and produce healing, how can it do it? “How can I establish a gay relationship, friendship and integration with that energy?”
The first thing I want to say is that it is not separated from you. Nature is you, a part of the component, just as the gods are separated by the curtain. You call it a “smart body” because it knows what you don’t know. When you start asking about nature, especially chemistry, it will react. You don’t need testing. You know what you’re allergic to. Congenital knows so many things than you, especially what you may need. Congenital knows what kind of food you can absorb better than others, because everyone is different. But you don’t know.
You might say there is a gap between you. So the first instruction is to eliminate the gap in your mind. So when you start working with congenital, we’ll talk about it later. Think of it as in your body, next to you, in front of you, and you talk to it. Just like people talk to God. There is no agreement to talk with nature. It is next to you, listening and ready to work with you.
The innate part, that is, how it works with you, has been discussed for more than 30 years – talking to your cells, talking to your cells. This is a guide for you. Congenital is listening, and you talk to it, even in the metaphor of talking to cells, we are saying: talk to congenital. Do you understand why we have to change that word? Because 20 years ago, when we said “talk to nature”, people would say I don’t know what you said. But when we say “talk to cells”, they understand. But they are the same.

Is it possible that nature will respond to your instructions? If so, why do so many people find it difficult to indicate congenital and say, “that’s useless”? Now we enter a contradictory field. It’s about recognizing reality.
What happens if you jump up? You’ll fall. Why? You said, “that’s gravity.” that’s the example we used before. Because you recognize it, it’s a part of your life, and you believe it. No one will say, “well, you know, there’s a force that pulls you down. If you jump up, it will pull you down.” you won’t say, “I’m not sure you’re right. I’ll try.” no one says that. Because you know, you already know.
So it’s about whether you recognize something as true. Not that you believe it, but to make it real, just like gravity, no doubt! When you talk to your cell or body, it’s like sitting in a restaurant ready to order. You’ve put a white towel on your arm and are ready to write down your order. There is no doubt that your order will come up right away. But so many people regard it as separation, don’t understand, don’t understand. Let me give another example. It’s very contradictory. We have never said before that it extends how our predecessors used congenital.

The placebo effect we talked about in the first week is that a pharmaceutical company gives you a pill and says, “this is the medicine for your disease.” you take it and get well. Almost overnight, the disease was cured. You said thank you very much. Then you find that there is no therapeutic ingredient in the pill. This is called the “placebo effect”. So, what happened? You recognize an authority that thinks the pill is effective, so that recognition becomes your reality: if you take the medicine, it will be good. Although there is nothing in the medicine. Do you understand
Your faith is so strong. Even if there is no medicine in the pill, you give instructions and repair your congenital. Now I want to start a contradictory topic. In the past, the very smart and intelligent shaman fully understood human ideas. They live in the countryside and should use magic therapy. With some attributes and activities, they say, “this can definitely cure you.” people come in, sit down and drink the potion. They may have to do some actions, turn around three times and look up at the moon… The shaman has been with them and kept saying, “good, good, that’s it!” and then the patient is completely cured. Shaman hehe, it’s no use knowing that. The potion is even hard to drink. It shouldn’t be good to drink. It’s no use looking at the moon. It’s fun, but it has nothing to do with treatment. What matters is: recognition! That’s sugar coated pills!

One story after another about treatment. The doctor is just today’s shaman. They came in to do what they had to do. People say, “I want this and that.” the doctor says this can cure you, and then it’s all right. They are experts who create self-healing reality recognized by human beings and use the magical part of your body – congenital.
What does this mean to you? Become a shaman and understand that no matter what you do, you no longer need sugar coated pills. You can directly face the source of treatment and say, “Dear congenital, we’re going to do this today. Here we need to deal with it. Here we need treatment, don’t be sore.” you can have faster healing and better sleep, Remove physical and external agents – all can be done by birth. If you can cooperate with the magical nature.
be it so.



The prophecy of the rainbow group

Original sdbetty earth new life today

Adopted by: valkiri

We salute you, dear two legged Rainbow Warrior.
We are pioneers, all horses.
At this moment, we come to you and share this long predicted story, connecting our prophecy, one and all, the prophecy of the rainbow group.

At first, there was a great spirit.
“All is love, and love is all.”
After many cycles, the great spirit chooses to separate to experience itself.
Thus, the great spirit created the sun’s eldest brother, the earth’s mother, the moon’s grandmother, standing, flying, swimming (including primitive horses), four feet and two legs.
The whole creation is pure and happy.

One day, the horse asked to experience beauty, glory and truth in other fields.
Therefore, the great spirit shaped the horses of the four tribes with sound, created Pegasus flying in the sky, created humans crossing the land, created seahorses cruising in the ocean, and unicorns roaming where they want to go.

For thousands of years, horse has been enjoying the beauty and miracle of mother earth, her water, land and sky.
Then one day, the great soul came to show the future to the beings on earth, the day of separation, and then the great awakening.
The horse saw many two legged people close their hearts and turn their eyes to the great spirit. They saw two legs living in wooden and concrete cages. They see them in their hearts, fighting each other and others.
They saw the unicorn and Pegasus disappear. They saw the seahorse receding into the deep water. Only humans remained, some connected to their legs, others roaming the Great Plains.
As this vision continues, they see their legs falling deeper and deeper into separation. The two legs began to capture humans, lock them in boxes, and decorate them with horse skins.

These horses saw human foals, died in the same cage, never felt the wind caressing their manes, nor felt the sun warming their coats, and never knew the magic of a starry night.
In this peak period of parting, when love and harmony seem to be just a dream, the horses hear the thunder in the distance and the happy voice of the group of people. Whole horses, centaurs, Pegasus, unicorns and seahorses.
Rising from the ashes, the horse saw himself, outside is so different and separated, however, a deep love.

The cattle were in full swing. All around the earth mother, sharing the sacred information of beauty, glory, truth and love with those horses with ears, eyes and memory.
This is a challenge, but it is also worth it, because it shows them that the horses around the earth are waking up and remembering, just like flowers blooming on the grass.

The whole herd of horses set off again. Around the earth mother, four legs, swimmers and pilots are combined to form a legendary rainbow group.
With love as the song, the rainbow group once again traveled around the great mother. In this journey connected with the two legged Rainbow Warrior, they brought darkness into light and brought it back to heaven on earth.

After seeing this vision, the horses volunteered to participate in this grand experience.
With joy and gratitude, the great spirit named them “pioneers”.
After encoding their hearts with beauty, glory, truth and love, the great spirit taught them to sing horse songs, rainbow herd Hoff stamp, and how to travel under the light of stars in their hearts.
Each tribe, he further gives an element of wisdom and power.

The great spirit blew the wisdom and power of the air into Pegasus’s heart and wings. In the beautiful dance, he filled the human heart and hoof with the wisdom and power of the earth. He sang the gift of water in the heart and fins of the seahorse. In a light, he blessed the unicorns and injected the wisdom and power of ether into their hearts and horns.

In this way, the Great Spirit gave his beloved creation with brilliant white light and became alpha petassi, the central star of the great Pegasus in the sky, who kindly guided him. All to this day.
Thank you for having ears to listen, eyes to see and heart to remember.

You are loved.


Silver Legion history Q & A II
Original author a Liang UFO mystery today

Q: what is Alpha Centauri like?
Tana: part of gfop, one of the human ancestors, mainly Irish, but there are also some Italians and Scandinavians with red hair and freckles.
Q: I saw a bald man with black iris and no white in his eyes. What is this?
Tana: MIB pretends to be a government official, avoiding and extremely dangerous. Don’t participate with them. They eat their souls.

Q: who is Arcturus?
Tana: humans, one of the higher races, involve liberation, are good at planetary stability, minimize plate movement, earthquakes and pole shifts, clean chemical traces, and are also good at dealing with alternative reality.

Q: do you have aliens with dark skin?
Tana: Yes, they are allies and human beings. Nicotas from anteres, the ancestors of African blacks, are 6-8 feet tall. In their world, they are mainly pastoral, nature and agriculture.

Q: about ascension, will we lose our houses and clothes and stand naked?
Tana: No, not naked. No matter what you need in life, you will have it. You can accumulate it again.
Q: what can you tell us about insect man?
Tana: there are many of them. They are a class, not a race. Some people are good and some people are not.
Q: will we know all alien races?

Tana: not right away. First, there will be limited exposure, and then gradually introduce other races to avoid shock. We are likely to meet our ancestors before meeting any fashionable tourists.
Q: suggestions on the names of planets and star systems in gfop?

Tana: there are hundreds. There is no list due to security considerations and protocols.
Q: what are the three people in Nanhe like? What language?
Tana: there are 12-13 planets all human, 10-15 feet tall, mainly blond hair and blue eyes. Although some have yellow eyes, they are very nice, playful, positive and joking. Until recently, they were liberated from the systems controlled by gray people, Reptilians and other creatures. They were able to travel in dimensions. Their language would be recognized by people studying ancient Chinese characters. They were connected with us through genes and used telepathy.

Q: what is the difference between Professor Drake’s freedom of will and RA’s law of one?
Tana: RA is self serving and part of the reptilian Galactic Alliance of light. About the law of one, pay attention to how you feel when you receive information. If it puts you in a state of fear and panic, it is not your best interest. If it supports your self empowerment, move on and use your insight.

Q: are all people with red hair and freckles from Alpha Centauri?
Tana: only a few people belong to one et group. Most people have 3-7 genetic sources. Panamanians have almost all 24-25 (ethnic) genomes.
Q: is Obama an angel?
Tana: incorrect.
Q: are humans and animals domesticated at the same time?

Tana: after the fall of Atlantis, Reptilians did this. Yes, in order to avoid being found, humans are omnivores. Now humans have great genetic differences. We experienced a great disaster and finally returned to the stone age, living in a hostile environment with Reptilians.
Q: it is said that the life span of people on earth can reach 1000-1500 years?

Tana: Reptilians have reduced our age capacity. Yes, entering 4D, it will be repaired and our life will reach 800-1500 years.
Q: are the Chinese from the Dragon nationality?
Tana: Yes, probably mainly from the andron planet of the three systems of the South River. A small group of dragons arrived on the earth and settled in the East. Most humans have reptilian blood.

Q: how to say hello to ET?
Tana: smiling is proper respect. Don’t hug or shake hands unless they offer. Bowing is not allowed and is considered submissive. Words and thoughts should be 100% honest, because they know lies.
Q: is our planet safe for aliens?
Tana: because of the opposition of the cabal, it is physically impossible at present. The cabal threatened them that landing is an act of war.

Q: when we reach 4D, can we go to interstellar space?
Tana: Yes, if you like, Sirius A is a good place to incarnate there.
Q: can you bring my dog and guitar?
Tana: Yes, the things you put energy into will go with you. Music and musicians are highly valued in higher dimensions. You will meet dead pets.

Q: will we meet other animals in 4D?
Tana: Yes, the so-called mythical creatures exist in higher dimensions.
Q: can you distinguish between dreams and astral travel?
Tana: Yes, they are different. They feel different. Astral travel feels more real than dreams.

Q: do we keep our memories when we die in 3D and reincarnate in 4D?
Tana: you’ll recover some memories, others may recover later. Reptilians interfere with our memories.
Q: will we see our family?
Tana: you’ll meet them, but they may have left. Some people will stay with you forever, some people won’t. If someone asks, the marriage will last forever. This is the definition of the soul family.

Q: can you feel the energy of others?
Tana: Yes, sometimes through sound or words.
Q: is the earth’s vibration frequency no longer friendly to reptiles?
Tana: there are Reptilians in 4D. We will use 4D positive energy. They use 4D negative energy. It is very uncomfortable for them to exist in 4D positive energy.

Q: about the serpo project and EBE, are they a threat or part of gfop?
Tana: they are not part of gfop because they are grey people. Grey people are not allowed in gfop. At present, they are enemies.

Q: can you explain the sphere in the sky?
Tana: the small sphere is a UAV, and the large sphere is the biosphere.
Q: did the concert change in 4D?
Tana: music is better in the higher dimensions.

Q: do you think radio and sound vibration therapy are redundant in 4D?
Tana: No, they use color, sound and vibration to heal.
Q: does AI exist?
Tana: Yes, some are conscious and have free will.

Q: do we need the moon or can we remove it?
Tana: the moon is a man-made satellite. It has not been decided whether to remove it. It will affect tides and fish. These are brought by negative aliens. It will have a negative impact on the weather and the rotation speed of the planet. If this satellite is removed, we need to put another moon back to the earth.

Q: are indigo children part of the transition?
Tana: it’s likely that genetic changes are taking place. The indigo child avatar is born with 3-4 strands instead of the usual 2 strands. After the transition, we will all have 12 strands of DNA.

Q: can we see the dead after the transition?
Tana: Yes, everyone released from the soul planet prison can meet. They’ve been waiting.

Q: how do you find people under mental control?
Tana: personality change.
Q: are our physical functions the same after the transition?
Tana: you still breathe oxygen, nitrogen or methane, depending on where you are. There will be no food waste because you are absorbing energy rather than molecules.
Q: are there weapons in 4D?
Tana: Yes, but its use is limited. It is mainly hand to hand combat. It prefers medieval weapons. There are power spears, phasers and laser / ray guns.

Q: does 4D need an architect?
Tana: Yes, but they have better software programs that can be directly linked to replicators, which is considered an art form in 4D.
Q: will the sky be different during the day and night?
Tana: Yes, but it will be clearer and more beautiful. The sky in higher dimensions is dark blue.

Q: when we transform, will Gaia return to war and male control?
Tana: No, Gaia won’t. We just come out of the body, which will relax the society, work hard for each other’s progress and reduce the problem of competition. The male dominated idea is a lie created by the reptilians.

Q: when we see dead friends and relatives, we feel afraid. Can we calm down?
Tana: these energies will calm you down. They don’t look like you remember, because they have returned to their peak. Look at young people in their 30s, at their peak.

Q: it’s wrong to think that aliens are good people, right?
Tana: there are good and bad aliens. 1000 Aliens (races) exist in multiple dimensions and universes, parallel universes and spiritual dimensions. They incarnate into us. Some people really want our things, some people don’t want them, and some people are neutral.


Silver Legion history Q & A 1
Original author a Liang UFO mystery the day before yesterday

These are the early Q & A participated by Tana of the silver legion, about 2013.

Download address:
Summary of Tanaath show Part 1 05-01

Part I

The silver Legion and other charities are here to improve life on earth

They are involved in preventing bad conditions on earth

Avoid using trigger words angel, light, love and ascension in posts, followed by sentences that weaken self empowerment
Not everyone in the universe is kind to us

Time travel exists
When dealing with the spirit world, you two must communicate. If it is not in your interests, ask them to leave
We are not here to worship or worship anyone, including God or the ascended master
Origin / God allows free will and will not judge you
Extolling the virtues of a positive Society
Bad and negative behaviors are caused by bad blood, that is, hybridization

The manifestation of thought is much slower in 3D and almost instantaneous in higher fields
Pineal calcification is reversible through diet
If possible, we are required to connect with the light of the universe every day, radiate the light to everyone and let ourselves take root
We can help the silver Legion through Star Trek

Robert Monroe’s information is the best online guide for astral travel
Cigarettes are bad for the lungs, but tobacco has spiritual and sacred value
Marijuana is good only when it is rarely used, because it can open the mind, has no value for recreational purposes, and frequent use can lead to mental health problems
The silver Legion cannot land or manifest

If you are told that you must leave earth to ascend, it is deception
People who like 3D life will be transported to the new 3D planet. If you want to keep 3D, you must leave, because the earth and all remaining creatures will enter 4D
4D is a psychological change. Before the change, we are in a continuous process

There will be no disease or deformity in 4D life
Wheat is bad for you
Most positive societies have replicators
Poof, it empowers and encourages you to think for yourself

Cobra doesn’t like him because he belongs to GFOL (Galactic Federation of light)
Nidle and SaLuSa are not good. They are GFOL (Galactic Federation of light), a reptilian front-line organization that operates on many planets for the purpose of slavery

Just because channeling or thinking comes from the spiritual realm does not mean that this is true
Telepathy works in two ways. One is public thinking that is open to everyone, and the other is private thinking that protects your privacy

Part II

She said her souls are dragon, yes, they do exist
She is not sure whether the control / governance grid around the earth is effective, because it depends on who provides the information
Many leaders in power in the world are not primitive people, but clones

The purpose of the silver Legion is to correct the negative imbalance on earth
Star Trek is largely based on the fact that Q exists and is on our side
No group or person on earth is more special than others

Pure humans have been severely diluted by hybridization
The space biosphere belonging to many alien races may be available to us
60% of the earth people are pure Terrans, and there are also naturalized Terrans from other races. They are trapped here after incarnation

The avatars came back here for a special mission
Not all avatars know who they are, and some may only know after the event
There are no more reptile bases on earth, and reptiles still exist, but their number and strength are greatly reduced

Daoxi base is not a reptile base, mainly gray people’s base
Our shadow government base has been demolished by three people in Nanhe
Some silver legions will remain as earth defenders for some time and will also be used for training purposes
The Galactic Federation of light is based on Sirius B. they are reptilians, but with golden hair and blue eyes. They are associated with their paternal Draco / Hydra and two negative Orion groups

Sirius A is a neutral planet
The headquarters of the Galactic Federation of planets – gfop is located in tau CETI (tiancang 5 and whale T). Their planet is xeta. Tiancang 5 originated from humans. The tanning type (Mediterranean) has sharp ears, similar to Spock? Tall and thin.

The Galactic planetary alliance is part of the Andromeda Council
Reptiles came here about 26000 years ago and self styled as gods. The gods of human history are dressed up as fake reptiles
One quarter of the earth’s people come from Genghis Khan – Mongols

All our bad genes will be removed in ascension
Anunaki is real. They are neutral. There are 5 kinds and 2 kinds are human / humanoid
Anunaki was removed by the Terrans, their empire collapsed, and they were unable to return
The silver Legion has defensive weapons and uses “magic” for defense

There is life on almost all planets in the universe, but not as we know, a naked planet in 3D may be full of life in higher fields
Part III
When you appear with angels and archangels, you need discrimination, because not all angels are good
Positive et focuses on balance and harmony, not differences and anticipation

25 alien races created / participated in the creation of human genetics on earth
There are several different underground levels in the center of the earth, some of which are inhabited. Agathon is one of them. Most underground creatures are not friendly
The ongoing money game is one of the power bases that stifle our freedom and disclosure
Steven Greer initially considered disclosure, but now he has turned to profitability
There are six inch tall creatures on earth
Ashtar and his headquarters exist, but no longer exist. Basically, they become mercenaries who sell the earth
How to distinguish between good and bad et, ask your heart, listen to the information they give you, encourage you to authorize yourself or cancel authorization
No one can completely control the earth, whether Rothschild or aliens
The South River Three team can stop the Federation of galactic light
The good people in the Terran led Drake, David wilcook and all of us. The outside world is the Galactic planetary alliance, the Andromeda Council, the silver Legion and some neutral alien organizations
The negative outer world aliens are the grey man, Draco and hydra
Generally speaking, China and Russia are working hard for our freedom. Russia is cooperating with active aliens and China is cooperating with white dragon. They are not all good. Some are reptile descent
Part IV
Tana said she died within the source, consciousness is the source, and we are all broken parts of the source
Anyone who claims that Tana is a God or an ascended master is bad. Worshipping others is to give up your sovereignty and power
Synchronization modifies and restores game balance by triggering actors
Reptilian deformation is real, but only limited to a certain caste. Blue is the main deformation group. Sometimes deformation is the collapse of holographic shield, and sometimes 4D and 5D “leak” into our 3D world. We experienced it briefly
Some Reptilians are not transfigures, but they operate in an illusory way. Sometimes they lose control so that we can see hallucinations
Mind control must and will be removed
Venus is inhabited, but I don’t know who is there
There is a battle going on in the middle of the earth related to Agathon
Full disclosure is up to us and we must make these decisions
Gfop wants to help us
The future is not written. We are creating it
The prophecy is false. It is usually put there by the time traveler
The transition to 4D is a natural process and inevitable
Gfop hopes to become a mentor, teacher and partner, but the final solution lies in the Terran. Gfop hopes to “open the planet” and make it more open to external reality, but they can’t do it at present
Gfop is worried that if they make a decision, its impact on the Terran will go wrong, trying to help us without compromising our sovereignty
Replicators, free energy devices, faster than light travel, and non propulsion travel technologies exist on earth, but they are currently being suppressed
Other star systems have their advanced technologies. Some of them may be better than ours, others are not. Disclosure will lead to the comparison of all technologies and select the best part to continue
Some advanced technologies created by human beings are not all reverse engineering
Part V
Chemical wake is a problem leading to soil degradation, an issue of Agenda 21 and preventing the entry of gfop. It is suggested to carry out geo engineering through chemical wake, which is not good for us
There are or have been bases on Mars
Atlantis was about 26000 years ago, but there was civilization before that
Channeling is not good, and the connection between deep hypnosis and spirit may be worse, because it is a loss of consciousness control
Don’t listen to the so-called oneness of human / existential commitment. We are already oneness and its expression. We don’t need to create it


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