[five dimensional ascension] a tool for prosperity and abundance^_^

[five dimensional ascension] a tool for prosperity and abundance^_^

A Li new earth 1 week ago

Our beloved planet is under the impact of great changes. This is the first time such rapid evolution has occurred. When this happens, we must all live our nature.

    The change process is very simple. In order for this transformation to take place, we must relax and believe that the universe will provide all the needs of our secular life, so the key word is [put down the old and welcome into the divinity]. But at the same time, we must take responsibility and improve our energy.

    Money and abundance include everything we yearn for in our hearts. They are a big topic for many people on earth now. The frequency is changing, and the energy flow representing abundance (including finance and happiness) is also changing.

    In the fifth dimension, we are all masters. The frequency we send should enable the universe to give us a pure feedback. This means that we must provide what we need in life. This is very important in the fifth dimension. Before our frequencies become pure, the information we send to the universe may be mixed.

    This example can illustrate the way things work. You have been living in a hut (third dimension) and have completed the capping (fourth dimension). And now you want to build a building on it. But you still live in this old house until you completely tear it down and build the big one.

    Manifestation is our natural power, which is included in our five dimensional blueprint, and it is time to take it. In this process, the archangels gave us two very effective tools to help us: Huna prayer and the prosperous template meditation of Archangel Raphael and Merlin.

Huna prayer

    When building new things, we can use Huna prayer to call for the assistance of experts. It is a very effective manifestation tool to express our wishes directly to the source in positive words, so that we can get the prosperity and abundance we want. If our motivation is pure when using this tool, the result will be incredible. It was Archangel Raphael who supervised the process.

    Huna prayer has a history of thousands of years. It was designed by the cahuna Indians when they moved to Hawaii after the collapse of Atlantis. They wanted to introduce purer light flow and bring them the abundance they needed to build a new life, and the high priest Hermis [remembered] this method – manipulating energy and bringing it to a higher form.

    Because the powerful power of Huna’s prayer will form the flow of the universe, the state of mind when using it must be very honest and sincere.

Pray for a rich Huna

    This is an example of a rich Huna prayer. As long as your statement is positive, you can modify it as you like. You must speak out loud and do this prayer with pure intention for 30 days. At the end of each prayer, sit with your palm up and receive the divine blessing you strive to get.

Dear Archangel Raphael and divine origin,

I, (name), son of light, pray from my luminous heart chakra to provide divine abundance immediately.
I completely abolish my past limitations, and open myself to receive gifts from my source.
I am completely open to the infinite power of manifestation and use it to find my source.
In the name of my beloved origin, I fully accept and gratefully accept everything now given to me.

As you wish.

    Repeat three times and then say once:

My dear higher self,

I now ask you from my luminous heart chakra to inform the source of this request, together with my fully activated manifestation.

As you wish.

    Use all the power of intention to whisper this prayer to Archangel Raphael and Ben yuan. Sit, open your palms up and say loudly: [I now order blessings to rain.]

    Because the energy has accelerated, you may find that you have received blessings in less than 30 days. If you haven’t received it when you finish Huna prayer, stop. Give the universe some time to process your instructions. If you still can’t attract what you want, you can meditate on this problem and find out the internal possible reasons. Or maybe the universe has something better waiting for you!

    Magic master Merlin and Archangel Raphael have offered to help and create the needed changes with you. You can do this meditation:

Archangel Raphael and Merlin’s prosperity mode meditation

  1. Call Archangel Metatron to light up your galactic portal chakras. It is bright gold.
  2. Call Archangel Mary to light up your soul star. It is a brilliant purple red.
  3. Call the archangel Christian to light up your karmic wheel and see it emit a bright white moonlight.
  4. Call Archangel joffel to sprinkle the golden light into your top chakra.
  5. Call Archangel Raphael to touch your emerald third eye and start it.
  6. Call Archangel Michael to illuminate your throat chakra in electric blue or iron blue.
  7. Call Archangel Shamir to start your pure white five dimensional heart chakra.
  8. Call Archangel Uriel to illuminate your golden solar plexus.
  9. Call Archangel Gabriel to touch your bright orange navel wheel, light pink reproductive wheel, and bright white gold undersea wheel and start it.
  10. Finally, I pray Archangel St. Stephen to light up your rotating dark gray Earth Star.
  11. Next, pray for the pillar of ascension from the core of Helios (central day) to see it go down through the chakras you have opened and activated.
  12. In its progress, pray that the ascension energy of the Aquarius century and the higher Mahama energy will be integrated with it.
  13. When you reach the reproductive wheel and the undersea wheel, pray to ascended master Merlin and Archangel Raphael.
  14. Ask them to eliminate the poverty awareness pattern in these chakras and turn it into better light.
  15. Feel this energy dissipate in your chakras, so they become pure and clear.
  16. Make three loud statements: [I, (name), declare that I no longer have the agreement, pattern or reality of poverty consciousness, whether it comes from this life or previous life. I solemnly swear in the name of light to attract pure abundance to me and my earth.]
  17. Imagine yourself and Merlin holding hands with Archangel Raphael and praying for Lemuria’s golden fire dragon.
  18. Rotate the energy of the old model in the collective consciousness clockwise around the earth to speed up the speed.
  19. Watch the fire dragon and convert this energy into better light.
  20. After that, repeat the process counterclockwise, still connected with Merlin and Raphael.
  21. Finally, see this energy ascended in the reproductive and undersea chakras of everyone on earth.
  22. See their twelve chakras emit light of their ascending color.
  23. With Merlin and Archangel Raphael, put a new golden aura of five-dimensional prosperity around the earth. This is an energy pool. Everyone has full permission to use it. All people are one.
  24. Thank Merlin, Archangel Raphael, fire dragon and yourself.


[five dimensional ascension] cosmic Archangel Mary and Virgin Mary
A Li new earth 1 week ago
Cosmic Archangel Maria
    Maria is a great cosmic angel. She travels through the universe to spread compassion, love, wisdom and healing. She commands millions of angels who, together with her, envelop her callers in the characteristics of the divine feminine.
    [Maria] comes from Latin mare, which means sea or ocean, and the vibration of Archangel Maria is a very soft green beam – Aqua means [water], and marine means [about water]. The element of water spreads love throughout the universe. Water is not only in rivers and oceans, but also in the atmosphere, in the cells of your body, and Maria’s love is in the water everywhere.
    In the golden age of Atlantis, Archangel Maria appeared in a pure and transparent green light. But when the energy decays, in order to contact with human beings at a lower frequency, she makes her light denser and appears in a darker blue. She now appears again in a lighter blue light.
    Archangel Maria always travels with unicorns. These powerful beings form a beautiful team to illuminate and purify her path wherever she goes.
Virgin Mary
    The Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus as a virgin, is a highly evolved and very pure founder and master. She was born with a special purpose – to bring the light of Christ to the earth. Her heart chakra is wide open, so the archangel Maria who guarded her in that life can shine through it.
    Because of this, many people think that the Virgin Mary is an angel.
    The name of the Virgin Mary in Lemurian period is Ma RA, which is the first founder of Lemurian. In Atlantis, her name was Isis, and she gave birth to Horus as a child. People always see her with a beautiful unicorn with pure white light.
Etheric energy center

     The cosmic Archangel Mary and the Virgin Mary both have their etheric energy centers in Lourdes, France. The energy center of Archangel Maria is in a nine dimensional to twelve dimensional light ball, and its light is from green to pure white. Here our cells are bathed in the love of divine Yin.
    The energy center of the Virgin Mary is nine dimensional, like a castle, and its walls emit green light. Millions of her angels chanted “ah” inside, helping everyone open their heart chakras and touch them with love.
    No matter which one you visit, you will be shrouded in pure love.
    The Virgin Mary and the cosmic Archangel Mary comfort people everywhere. They help the lonely, sad and lonely, and help them open up and embrace life again. They put the blue light in the aura of pregnant women, so that the baby can feel wrapped in love when it is born. Their blue energy also protects the upcoming soul. This special energy will follow the soul for about two years, giving them hope and encouragement.
    Both Mary will send their angels and unicorns to help children in need of love and support, and they will respond to mothers who pray for their children (even if they are adults).
    If a soul needs assistance when it is about to enter the light, you can call the Virgin Mary or Archangel Mary, because they and their angels will take the spirit and guide them to another world in a loving way.
The cloak of cosmic Archangel Maria
    When your heart chakra opens and becomes five dimensional, it can be connected to the heart of the universe. Then, if you ask, the cosmic Archangel will put her transparent light Turquoise cloak into your aura, which is full of energy of love, compassion, compassion, wisdom and healing.
    In order to achieve this, you must ensure that you use this energy to touch others and envelop them in this energy. When you wear Maria’s cloak, you can work with her and help her perform her tasks, because you will grow huge wings of etheric light, so that you can spread the blessing of divine negative energy on earth.
    Therefore, if you are ready and want to get Maria’s cloak, you can ask the unicorn to touch you, open your heart, and then ask the archangel Maria to put her green cloak into your aura.
Accept the cloak of the cosmic Archangel Maria

  1. Find a suitable place to root in the earth, and ask Archangel Michael to give you a blue protective cloak.
  2. Feel yourself in a beautiful valley and rest under the blue sky. There is a waterfall in the valley. The water flows down through stones and green ferns.
  3. Let yourself relax in this quiet place. Feel yourself walking barefoot on the grass and stretch your toes when your feet relax.
  4. Call the unicorn in your heart. Notice a beautiful pure white horse coming to you quietly and meekly, and his horn emits a spiral light.
  5. The unicorn looks down at you. The light from the corner touches your heart and feels it opening.
  6. Now pray to Archangel Mary: [dear Archangel Mary, I respectfully pray that you give me your green cloak full of love, wisdom, compassion and healing power. I promise I will spread its light to others and stabilize the “divine negative” energy on the earth.]
  7. Notice the great Archangel slowly approaching you, surrounded by hundreds of angels and unicorns. You may hear them singing as they move forward.
  8. This great Angel looks at you with infinite love and joy. Her bright blue eyes see your soul and she loves you unconditionally.
  9. She wraps you in her soft and beautiful wings. Let her shining green light completely fill your aura.
  10. She taps this light into your field and forms a soft and smooth cloak around you.
  11. Take some time to feel this beautiful cloak and breathe in the love and wisdom it gives you.
  12. Thank her.

  13. Elijah’s cloak healed
  14. Focus on the back of your heart chakra and feel the green light flowing out to form wings. As your energies flow into the heart chakra, feel them grow up.
  15. Imagine that you now have a pair of huge Turquoise wings that expand and extend outward. Take some time to flap your wings.
  16. Wrap the people in trouble, comfort them and heal them. Maria’s light will reach these people through you.
  17. Make your wings bigger so that you can cross your towns, cities or regions. Cover everyone and animals in this area. Feel them more and more soft and relaxed, under your safe wings.
  18. Make your wings light and huge so that they can spread over your whole country. Let love and wisdom touch politicians, bankers, businessmen, hospitals, schools or any other group. Feel that all low-frequency energy is being dissipated and replaced by higher love.
  19. Now your wings extend outward, through the world, and become bigger and bigger. Let love and wisdom, compassion and healing touch the hearts of these people: world leaders, managing international trade or international organizers, or decision makers who make decisions that affect global policies.
  20. Send out the light of Mary, touch all animals and birds, bring them love, healing, comfort and hope, touch everyone’s heart, and let them respect and honor animals.
  21. Let Maria’s light flow through your heart, touch all aquatic animals in ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans, and bring them love, respect, healing, comfort and hope.
  22. Let Maria’s light flow through your heart, touch every tree and plant in the world, inspire them and fill them with love.
  23. Imagine a green light column formed in front of you. It extends from the earth to the sky and has an elevator at the bottom. Ask the archangel Maria’s angels to bring those trapped souls, human beings, animals and those who need assistance to go to another world.
  24. You may notice that many angels bring some souls to this light column and are entering the huge cosmic light lift. Surrounded by the angels of Archangel Maria, this lift is rising like a light ball, carrying many people and life bodies home in love.
  25. When you spread the light of Maria’s cloak, notice that the balance of the world has changed from masculine to feminine, love and peace, bringing new patterns from this change.
  26. You are now a special envoy for love and healing, a person who can change the world with energy.
    [five dimensional ascension] create the ascension light pool in the era of Aquarius
    A Li new earth 10 / 14
    The members of the interstellar Council are the founders of Atlantis. They complete their work through high-level priests and priests, who are the main builders. There are twelve priests and priests at all times. They are called Alta. When building land, they accept the instructions of Parliament in principle, and then make practical decisions on earth.
    Tut was one of the first high priests to be sent to Atlantis. He was also one of the last. The spiritual laws given to the earth by the interstellar Council made him remember, and these laws were finally concentrated in the law of [as above, as below] (or the reflection of heaven and earth, as if there were no two).
    The great high priest tut knew that our planet is very rich in metals and minerals. The metals in the earth form and flow, causing a magnetic field. While meditating in his ameni temple, he saw that the earth was a crystal ball. The crystal ball is surrounded by a geometric path of pure gold, representing the earth’s veins later. At countless intersections, each has a diamond, and the sphere will be ignited by concentrated laser light.
    After receiving this image, tut put it in his Amethyst skull and transmitted it from there to the crystal skull in the hands of other high-ranking priests and priests. They kept this image with him until the earth vein system was established in the etheric world. Then the interstellar Council branded these veins on the earth and formed an energy grid around the earth.
    Elta will regularly gather their spiritual abilities and show the great deeds caused by the extraordinary power of energy. Their services range from providing food to building incredible buildings by controlling gravity.
    After the collapse, this knowledge was brought to Egypt by the high priest RA and used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, a powerful historical relic of the golden age of Atlantis. The high-ranking priests and priests who brought the knowledge of Atlantis to the earth also established six cosmic pyramids on the earth in the same way.
    Aphrodite oversaw the construction of the Mayan cosmic pyramid in Guatemala, which still exists. The remaining four entities are still energetically active although they have been destroyed. Zeus supervised the construction of that one in Tibet. Poseidon supervised the Greek one, which is now under the Parthenon in Athens. The one tut supervised is now under Machu Picchu. Apollo supervised the Great Pyramid in Mesopotamia.
    In the golden age of Atlantis, many luminous beings contributed to the Mahama energy that we can still use today. Archangels Metatron and tut are now coordinating the construction of a new nine dimensional light pool.
    At the beginning, a group of very devoted souls, all high-ranking priests and priests in the golden age of Atlantis, formed a [full moon healing light pool]. Then each archangel, many aliens and masters added their light, resulting in a new energy polymer: the ascending light pool in the age of Aquarius.
    It is now maintained next to the ascended light of Archangel Metatron above the Great Pyramid of Giza, and is maintained and guarded by archangels Christian and Metatron. Archangel Christian sings above it, maintaining its purity and high frequency. It has evolved into the color of Archangel Christian: milky white, rainbow and Pearl of silver moon stone.
    Although the energies of Mahama and Aquarius were produced in the same way, their vibrational characteristics are different. Aquarius century light pool will retain the responsibility of the co creators of those light pools, and this light pool will exist forever.
    Using Aquarius century’s ascension light pool
    Aquarius century ascension light pool looks like a huge lake, emitting bright moon rainbow light. The archangel christier constantly casts his light on it and keeps it at the frequency of the ninth dimension, which enables it to maintain the structure of the liquid. It does look spectacular.
    The way to use it is very simple. You only need to ask, just like when you want to obtain any spiritual gifts and tools. You can use it to enhance your personal light, open your chakras, clean up spiritual remnants, help you deal with various topics on your spiritual path, and many other things. You can also send it to others and send it to other places. It will bring good results, and the situation of adding things needs to change. It will show an alternative method with higher vibration.
    You can use it and add your energy through the following meditation. The best time to do this meditation is when the moon is full.
    Pray to Aquarius century ascension light pool
    I, (name), the son of light, pray for the Aquarius century ascension light pool to pour sufficient energy into my crystal matrix and integrate it.
    I am willing to let the combined four bodies (physical body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body), energy field and melkaba receive this blessing and emit the divine light of self ascension when serving mankind, Gaia and all things.
    Imagine visiting Aquarius century light pool
  27. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  28. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to visiting the Aquarius century ascension light pool and adding your light to it.
  29. Visualize the root extending from your feet down to the earth and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  30. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  31. Pray for Archangel Christian to fully illuminate your karmic wheel and connect it with the angelic world.
  32. Imagine yourself sitting under the bright full moon, with the lake gently sliding over your toes at night.
  33. When water touches you, they quickly transmit the sparks of white light to your whole body.
  34. At the water’s edge, archangels and ascended masters begin to gather around you. As far as they could see, they were standing about an arm’s distance from each other.
  35. You all raise your hands, palms up, and countless karmic wheels shine at the same time, like thousands of moons. Energy begins to flow from your hands into the lake.
  36. When it is full of high-frequency energy, watch the lake gradually become brighter and brighter.
  37. After a short time, everyone stopped. The bright moonlight energy in the pool begins to surround you. It enters your heart chakra slowly and gently, and then all your chakras combine to form a column of light.
  38. This light extends from the Earth Star Chakra under your feet, up through the undersea chakra, reproductive chakra, umbilical chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye, top chakra, karmic chakra, soul star, and finally to the galaxy portal chakra. Watch it extend from above your head and out through the universe until it reaches the central sun.
  39. At your feet, your Earth Star sends out many light filaments to integrate you with the mother earth.
  40. Please ascend the energy in your inner Aquarius century, touch and light up all things you want it to vibrate at a higher frequency.
  41. Open your eyes and breathe deeply. You know you made a contribution to creating the most magical light.


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