Love is everywhere, but it only appears when you live in peace with yourself. Let go and be free 😊

Love is everywhere, but it only appears when you live in peace with yourself. Let go and be free 😊

Go back to your heart and ask what you really want

This is the real purpose for others to refuse or leave you:

“Difficult times, crises and great challenges are key events that invite you to test your relationship with God, strengthen your bond with God, and complete your love for God.”

It doesn’t matter whether you leave or not, whether you refuse or not. What matters is the openness of your relationship with yourself

Take a trip to express your feelings of truth adventure, truth adventure and real experience. In fact, this is also the way for the focus group to maintain high vibration. It is also the driving force for many people, including me, to return and stay: non judgment, humanity and nature

Don’t be bound by the law of attraction. If you only look inside and don’t look at what attracts you, there will no longer be the law of attraction. It’s just an external cosmic law, just like the law of attraction that people jump up and fall down, but not all situations will fall. When you get out of the earth matrix, you won’t fall into space, just like the five-dimensional space where astronauts live, Is the five dimensions far away? No, it’s just outside the earth’s matrix atmosphere. What can really stay there is not the space capsule, space suit and oxygen supply device, but your naked and clean body, which can withstand dilute oxygen / anaerobic / high oxygen, high cold, high heat and high radiation. That’s what we call carbon and silicon complex and all silicon body

Therefore, the law of attraction should vary from person to person, from environment to environment, and from matrix to matrix. You can choose what you are determined to be attracted to

Human attraction
Natural attraction
Inner attraction
Love attracts

No extortion, no Plundering
You can have more choices. When others leave, let you leave and refuse you, choose to jump higher and decide what to do and say

A god stood there, giving orders

A god stood there, driven by emotion

This is your relationship with people, your relationship with God, your relationship with the inside, and your relationship with the source

Speak your feelings and pain, express your anger and emotions, and this is the wall that prevents you from communicating with your inner and higher mind

Laugh, scold and joke. Life is not good for you. Open up

Close your heart, ignore the feeling that it is useless for you, return to the child of nature and humanity, and open your heart

Communicate with yourself in silence

Open up and communicate with others

You will have a greater return because of your communication

Speak out first, then try bravely, constantly learn and be proficient in the communication mode consistent with the higher self

Love is everywhere, but it only appears when you live in peace with yourself. Let go and be free


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