Give yourself a chance to face the problem^_^

Give yourself a chance to face the problem^_^

“Good morning, master LAN min! I haven’t replied to you since I asked you a question last time. Since then, I’ve always been looking for a sense of balance in my life, and the sentence I feel most is
“Whether to no longer add burden to yourself”.

Taking this as a guide, I ask myself every day whether I truthfully followed my heart today and whether I said anything against my heart today.

It’s very difficult to try to tell the truth to everyone at the beginning, but I don’t mind learning to walk first, then I can run, and even finally fly. I’ve gained great strength from it. At the same time, many wonderful things have happened in my life. I’ve done a lot of things in the past, some at the expense of others and others, but I’ve learned from it Profit making, these things come to my mind at some time. They all have a characteristic that they are greedy.

Every time I experience this situation, I feel like I have made a decision internally. I want to return the money I obtained in the past to the world in some form. Every time I encounter it recently, I will follow my feelings and donate a sum of money to plant trees. Every time I make a decision in my heart, my heart and mind together, it seems that I will gain great strength.

In this process, there will always be some tangles, because there will always be one who will settle accounts there for the money to be donated. Is this amount too much? I know I am afraid and afraid, but naturally, I will eventually choose to respect my heart (this part will be excavated when the time is ripe).

We don’t know what repentance is, but it seems that our perception is linked to what we have done in the past, and then we decided to give ourselves a chance to face up to the problem. Thank you for your guidance and great encouragement and support. “

/: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks] [Party] relax and don’t overdraw. Whether it’s body or money, there’s always healing and recovery


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