This is something we have to do^_^

This is something we have to do^_^

Whirlwind in one about 2021-11-27 09:48

Being a public account comes from my inner impulse these days. I feel that there are many things inside me eager to express. If I don’t write anything, it will overflow. If I don’t flow out, I can’t get new information. So write something about practice, about the source, about the master’s teaching… This is a journey of unity. Whirlwind is willing to accompany you to slowly improve.

The opportunity for whirlwind to contact practice lies in anxiety, anxiety about time, anxiety about work, and of course… Anxiety about feelings, you know. When I was so anxious that my body couldn’t move and looked at the sky in a daze, I knew that my life had reached the bottom and that I should go up no matter how I went, great help came.

Because of my desire to come out, I am exposed to a large number of high-dimensional information. I watch and practice crazily every day. It may be exaggerated to use craziness, but I can’t control so much. I know I must come out and can’t stay at the bottom of the valley for a minute. Now, slowly, slowly, I’m fine. There should be a smile here.

Practice is so simple that it’s incredible: put down your critical eyes, pull your eyes back from the outside to your inside, keep relaxed, keep aware, and release bad feelings. It’s easy to get happiness by doing this most of the day. Do this all the time and you are a master.
I decided to start with a book, the book of ascension. This is an article I have read recently. Of course, at the beginning of each article, whirlwind will express his understanding, otherwise it will be suffocated (laughter).


No one in the world doesn’t love you
Whirlwind in one about 2021-11-30 07:56

Photo: sun melcaba flash flame


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