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Answers of an Alien from Andromeda – video hundred and sixty six – November, 2021.

  • Hello my friends! Our team has just returned from a long period of work, in which as we always learned much in the context of social integration. The base of Mars is going inside the planned, and we were happy to be here again. Now I can find myself deeper into what is happening on your planet.
  • It has been very interesting to keep up with everything that is discussed by you. We have been all the last period allocated in a small galaxy where two societies somewhat problematic negotiated the passage to level 1 and a slow and complicated social equalization. But although a lot of work is already all being implemented in the two. In this process of social concientization in which your planet is, the social demonstration of resistance against your elites plans, is being very well received in the Annals of the CG.

Unfortunately, much of your society prefers to give in than face; By social, economic pressure and even taken to a sense of collective suicide, for the weak is easier to face collective death, if it happens, than to cry for all who accepted to go in the same wave.All who have accepted to participate spontaneously in this plan of the elites, they have left in this incarnation of being the same unique human beings, but this will not influence in the next incarnations because the original essence of quantum energy will not be changed.

  • In case you die, your iris will be located where your reincarnation will be more likely. In fact, all the companions who volunteered and were scanned and recorded in the list of Volunteers had their iris cataloged. Everyone will be accompanied in their forthcoming incarnations by the regional CG, which will be the “godmother” of these colleagues. From an early age, you will realize the presence of mentors helping them in their future careers. This was one of the questions I was expecting, for it explains one of the reasons why we are monitoring the development of awareness of this specific group, which prime in trying to understand more and more the meaning of the ideal socialization context for levels 1 that will be the candidates level 2 in their upcoming incarnations.
  • Understand that Credulity or obedience to the system known to be corrupt, neglect to be informed, this does not categorize genocide, it characterizes a suicide of those who are not prepared to continue on the planet for the next stage. This is a natural separation, and will be beneficial for the formation of a more aware society for the planet Earth. In those voluntary cases of giving permission to use your body as they please, no one can prevent it (even CG) because each one owns his own destiny.
  • The pandemic was actually staged to give way to vaccines with direct insemination of DNA sequence changing agents, which is the final intention of your controlling elite at these current moments. Virus framed as Covid 19 There is no physically, it is not even a virus. The real “pandemic” is the vaccination in itself. The more people are vaccinated greater will be the spread of other pathologies that will become mainly in “super bacteria”, impossible to be fought with your antibiotics, which will be much deader than the “super virus” that will take advantage of the lack of immunity from its vaccinated hosts, which will no longer count on the operating immune system. Vaccinates can transmit to the non-vaccinated proteins already activated by the vaccine that will actively mix and replicate in the immune system of non-vaccinated also by altering your DNA, so that vaccinated will be replicating from the final protein compound reached by active vaccines. The result in a near future will be an exponential increase in diseases and sterilization that will generate the desired population reduction numbers by manipulators. The final intention is that all the weakest (body and mind) are eliminated, and those not vaccinated that they can survive with the strong reaction of their original immune systems, can keep different populations for societies that are left on the planet. A totally mistaken interpretation of your elites of what would be a “separation of the jay and wheat” to the “good” of the planet, that is, they decided to take control of nature and the natural sequence of things to cause a population reduction controlled exclusively by the Parameters of them. 5G physical and orbit networks are prepared for systematically activating nanocomponents that will release proteins to cause changes in human genome regionally and by specific ethinies. I affirm that Covid variants do not exist, what exists are proteins processed to act against the information stored in the immune database of the human being. The structure of these proteins may be altered as a result of the commands sent to the nanocomponents that create them. These more specific commands are sent by electro-magnetic waves of the 5G coverage system to which nanocomponents respond.

The Spike Protein can manipulate various structures, electro- physically constructing the elements for a hundred number of consequences, according to adequate programming and the aggregate material in vaccines.

  • The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction, to push us all into mandatory vaccines, covid concentration camps and gunpoint medicine. No isolated omicron viral samples exist anywhere in your world according to Arthur from Taus.
  • I am very happy for the progress presented by this group of friends gathered. During this time of absence, I was following their conversations, opinions and doubts closely. In addition, I can communicate that the index of concientization increased to 43 percent throughout the planet, forced by false pandemic the time of insight and the search for information had at least that positive. This increases the vulnerability of your elites doing that they lose ground in the control. By those who are letting themselves be vaccinated by their own arbitrary or by ignorance or compulsory misinformation, nothing can be done except that they have a prosperous future reincarnation. They keep in mind that those who observe only will fill what is prepared to see.
  • Many has asked for exoplanets and planets compatible with human settlement, I can guarantee that thousands exist in a ray of a dozen light years, but what happens is that only societies living on their original planets and keeps it ideal for Society that lives there may get the right to colonize a new planet to start an expansion. Improvements from a planet with better conditions for that race will be undoubtedly authorized by the regional CG. This is not the case of yours …

Your planet has all the structure to maintain a humanoid colony with all the necessary points for a great development, so long time will pass until this concern should be taken into account.

  • Many on your planet do not really bind to warnings … They will always be in the illusion of being able to live in your ” wonderland space” without bothering with the detriment of others, and they will believe everything that is shown by your rulers as truths to continue to cooperate always, and will be the vaccinates that will be the bricks of this elitist construction of the desired and infamous Wonderland.
  • See, I cannot deny that CG scientists may provide a palliative … so, the genome data and the immune system of some healthy elements chosen from each ethinies were collected. The problem that can be generated is that all generations of these ethinies come to have the same physical characteristics, which could generate otherwise other behavioral development problems that are still under intense studies with the course of problems ..
  • I believe you have enough information like Guidelines, and I appreciate how some themes develop from them … It’s these things that leave a proud old friend.
  • I’ll be closer until more missions, but I believe we’re going to have a deserved slack.” Keep all right!


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