Predicting the great transformation of lifeChapter VI links to the Galactic brotherhood

Predicting the great transformation of life
Chapter VI links to the Galactic brotherhood

“One of the important things you have to do here is to understand your own emotional system. The first element in the four body system is the emotional body, not the body. Those of you who fight against your emotions, suppress your emotions or rely on your lack of emotions to spend your life are likely to waste a lifetime!
In your four body system, you are here to learn the emotional aspect of ID. once you learn to ignite the emotional center, the essence of love will become reality. If you can understand this, you can end the whole dialogue now. You are here to learn what love is and experience love. “,

Cheryl: in this chapter, I want to tell people that when I first wrote the first edition of this book, I put a lot of things about the Milky way in it. The first person, that is, the first editor to receive this information, took away a lot of information in this part. When I knew later, I knew that this would happen because we had to focus on you, the human race. So I added this chapter in the new edition. If you have the heart to read the data I left here, you will know why they removed some parts, because these messages may have been too noisy at that time.

However, let me make it very clear to you: I have so many friends writing about the Galactic world, and you know, they say, “Oh! People from the galaxy will come on the grass of the white house one day.” it makes everyone excited about such an event. Then, of course, it didn’t come to the grass of the White House, so they were quite disappointed, and everyone who had read their books was quite disappointed.

But this is what I want to tell you here: you are only one galaxy of the Milky way (not the universe), and you are one of 400 billion single solar galaxies. Now, if you think that the creator has nothing else to do, just focus everything he has on a small planet, you may be a little surprised, because many readers of this book will recall their lives in other worlds. Some may have been in Lemurian world on this planet about 50000 years ago, while others may have come here from other galaxies.

And I can bet you the following little statement: all those who read this book are at least aggregates of other life forms, because when the creator designed what you call human beings, he took the best part of everything to make you look like you now. Go and look in the mirror. What you will see is that the creator thinks the best thing in all the world, because, don’t you know, you are the late bloomers among us.

About your galactic friends, what I am going to tell you will not be widely publicized in the Galactic world, but I still want to say: the Galactic world seems to want to come to your planet now in order to give you everything they know. However, they have decided to let you find it by yourself, so they come into your world bit by bit.

Do you know what you call a computer? Want to guess where it came from? This is not from your earth, my friends, you are not ready at that time, but the people of the Milky Way smuggle it in. Therefore, they love you more than you can imagine. They’re just tired of the you shooting them down every time one of the their engines makes a little vibrato. So please stop shooting them.

Next time you see that in the sky, please listen to me now, especially in the xidona, which is called Arizona, where you human beings live

They will fly some incredible things in the sky there. But the next time you see one of them, don’t jump up and down, scream or shout happily. Do you remember the part where we mentioned putting small particles together in other chapters? Well, your light and energy are almost enough to do so. I put some wheat every month to let you know how much can be used every month.

So the next time you stand on stalactite, Diamond Head Mountain, Honolulu, Hawaii or Mount Fuji, and see a black shape in the sky that belongs to them, you don’t have to jump up and down. Bring your particles together and send love to it. It will feel great glory, maybe it will appear in the sky and say hello to you.

I think it’s time for us to fill the gap between that world and your world. You will be able to love to do so, because this is the only thing they know. People in the galaxy are living among you, and some still live next door to you.

But you know, they are all awake, and they like what they see, because humans are reading these books, especially this one.

Cheryl: for those who are still debating the possibility of other forms of life in the distant Milky way, this is a great time to quickly skim a few pages.

The purpose of this chapter is not to try to prove whether they exist, but to discuss how to interact with them at the right time. In this transformation, many individuals from different realities will have an active position, and nothing is greater than this. We will begin by exposing the facts that make all possibilities come true and end with these disguises as explanations for the real reasons that are no longer important.

Your sun is one of the 100 billion stars surrounded by planets in the Milky way. The Hubble Telescope shows that the Milky way is only one of those more than 200 billion galaxies. Imagine that possibility, do you still think that the earth is the only living and evolving being? For me, the idea that you are the only one is arrogant. Would you believe that the Creator would say, “yes, the space (universe) is so large, and I just want to make life on this small planet”? However, some people don’t want to believe it. They believe that mankind is the only one.

Your galactic brothers and sisters, collectively known as the Galactic brotherhood, are here to assist you in preparing for this transformation. For the most part, you haven’t been able to detect them yet, but they’re already here. Some first came from Sirius (Sirius is quite similar to your earth level gravity). You also have Pleiadians and Andromeda, and many more. However, the first three are particularly important to your earth level, because after this transformation, they will play an important role in stabilizing new energy.

Alien culture

We will mention what you call “aliens”, or e T. however, they don’t like the name so much. Does the so-called “outer” mean they are redundant? Anyway, I will use et when I mention them.

Usually when I speak to a group, there are really some ET in the audience. One night, when we were on the way to the radio, the psychic asked me to be more considerate in mentioning the topics related to our galactic neighbors, and I don’t want to feel hurt. But it’s very difficult to do so, because — these e ts are usually more advanced and have learned how to do it Deal with the disguise you call “self”. Even those individuals who are playing a third dimensional role seem to be able to master it well.

Et usually has high intelligence, which does not mean that they are smarter, but that they are not blinded by the curtain like the earth people. The so-called “curtain” (vcils) That is, the many restrictions set by the ID enable you to fully enter the experience when you come to the earth level and learn different things as much as you can. Once you have tested all the possibilities, you don’t need to reincarnate.

A group of ET have lived underground on the west coast of the United States for several years and have not been detected by humans. When the mother earth begins this transformation, certain areas of some continents will change shape. The alien colony has sensed that the shelter is no longer safe and has sent a distress signal to its peers in the universe. This signal will be responded. These individuals cannot come to the surface because They have evolved to lose your resistance in your genes. In short, they can’t resist anything but love.

Please pray that the aid will appear in time and everything can be completed in the light. Although Hollywood’s fear based dramas will reduce the chances of safe and worry free rescue. There is too much focus on how to defeat et by the best means, but this particular situation may provide you with an opportunity to avoid disputes.
Believe it or not, et also has a self, but not a human self, but beyond what you think of as a self level. They also love joy. Sometimes they appear near passenger or military jets and fly with them, just for fun. Pilots can’t tell others, because if the pilot reports seeing UFOs, he will be recognized Because it is not reliable, it will be banned immediately. If you are the pilot who may lose his income, will you report it? This is one of the small tricks of your government, and et likes it very much. No one will expose them.

Recent development of ET
The recent situation is that a new Council has been appointed to oversee the security of the galaxy in your region. It is mainly composed of Andromeda. Their idea is to protect and resist, and ensure peace and tranquility around your galaxy. This responsibility has been shouldered by Sirians for many years until they enter a transformation similar to what is beginning here. They originally As an aggressive society, although the aggressive stories about them are not all hidden, this is a learning process, and like all learning, mistakes will occur. They have been the guardians of the earth for a long time, and recently handed over part of the responsibility to the Andromeda people. Their work has laid a foundation for the future group The smooth handover was completed in April 1997. The main reason for the handover is that the Andromeda people use the most advanced aircraft, their Asian development class aircraft (if the size is reduced) Even in color, its new technology has excellent ability to interact with the earth’s atmosphere. The Asian development class is one of the most advanced aircraft in the galaxy. Its most amazing part is the “space bending”. Its appearance is about 4000 to 6000 feet
Long (1.2-1.8 km), but its interior is many times larger than this. Yes, the interior looks much larger than the appearance, because, as you will learn after this transformation, they have learned the manipulation of time and space.

Another feature of the Asian development class aircraft is its control mode. Only one individual needs to focus on the energy for the operation of the entire aircraft. Moreover, the aircraft will not be replaced by heat, sound or energy during operation, so that it will not be destroyed. Even if Andromeda are very protective, they are also considered to be highly intelligent and particularly advanced brain systems . although the film industry is committed to describing et as a conqueror, you can be sure that this is not the case. They don’t want to be your enemy. In fact, they are really here to help. Most UFO activities are not detected by your technology. If you see a spacecraft in the atmosphere, it may be faulty Or choose to be seen. However, the number of times to be seen will gradually increase as the transition approaches.
The Galactic brotherhood will increase their visibility according to their own choices, so that when the moment of interaction with your masses comes, they can reduce the shock of their presence. Their arrival and assistance in healing mother earth will be most welcome.
One more thing, the US Air Force recently announced that the UFO that crashed in lazway in 1947 was actually: the government spent millions of dollars and put forward an official explanation of the most controversial and unexplained phenomenon in modern history. I’ll let you decide whether the money was properly used. What’s shared here is what really happened at that time One possibility is that an aircraft has been captured, and some of the information heard will change people on earth’s attitude towards things that will threaten the peace of the earth and the surface peace of life (such as oil and fear based messages) For those who think I intend to slander your current economic, political and social control system, please understand that my purpose is only to provide a different view, and then when this transformation is fully carried out, you will begin to know what to look at and how to read it.

ET and the earth’s magnetic grid

Long ago, magnetic grids were placed around planets in your solar system and satellites with hot-melt cores to facilitate manipulation for aircraft from other galaxies to visit.

You will soon find that after the last transformation, the outer side of the earth is still rotating, but the magnetic grid does not rotate. This explains why galactic visitors often encounter difficulties when approaching the earth, and why they stop far away from the planet’s gravity. In addition, they also find that some specific areas of the planet are not suitable for them to live, while others will let them live They feel better.
The government has made many guesses about the cover up of our brothers and sisters in the galaxy, but the most terrible thing is that most of the cover up work is true. Here you think carefully and remember that it is up to your heart to decide.

Every newly announced president of the United States will have a briefing to show him the secrets that are closely guarded and the general public will be too frightened if they know. As for the details of the briefing, only a few people really know, but it is said that the president will be given two choices. The first choice is to expose this data, which may weaken the government due to disastrous differences. The second is The choice is to continue to pay huge amounts of money to cover up, so that those who really pay do not know that there is a kind of information.
In the post transformation era, those responsible for exposing these messages will not hesitate, because they see that only truth can make the human heart resonate with what human beings must know.

At the end, please let me reiterate that ET is on your side, no matter how Hollywood describes them. They are here to help everyone and can have the best transformation when entering new energy. Consider all their technologies. If they really want to hurt you, you can’t resist. So please treat them well because of them Just want to invite you back to the league.


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