Q & A

Q & A

Q: How did individuals in the Galactic brotherhood become members?

Cheryl: first and foremost, through choice. After thousands of years (if measured by earth time), they have a collective understanding that life can live through love relative to fear. You see, fear makes evolutionary individuals unable to reconcile.

Q: at present, at the earth level, are there carbon based (i.e. human) galactic brotherhood members?

Cheryl: Yes, there are many. Many individuals have chosen the human form so that they can help the planet prepare for this transformation. They have interrupted their current plans in order to be accepted by your reality. Some have curtains over them and don’t even remember who they are. It could be you!

Q: are the members of the Galactic brotherhood and galactic Council the Lemurians of long ago?

Cheryl: some individuals working in Parliament do have residual energy that can be traced back to Lemuria and other lost civilizations. They are some of the most advanced sources of guidance on this journey.

Q: is the Galactic brotherhood the Galactic Council?

Cheryl: the Galactic brotherhood is a comprehensive name for all galactic energies, and the Galactic Council has a “leadership role”. When I mention leadership, you will automatically see the level of command. In fact, there is no so-called higher role. As you know, without all, there is no one that can evolve.

Q: can you explain more about the magnetic grid? Why is the discovery of magnetic grids so important?

Zerill: the magnetic grid keeps your galaxy in its orbit and maintains correct rotation, and the magnetic grid can make the earth smoother when it transfers photon energy. When the earth enters Harmonic Convergence, this theme begins to float to the table. The small movement of the earth’s axis was not accompanied by the movement of the magnetic grid. In the absence of complete alignment, the landing calculations used by ET for thousands of years must be changed. This situation hinders et’s ability to assist your consciousness in the pre transformation period. The magnetic grid must be repaired so that ET can use this valuable tool again. Don’t lose heart, everyone is dealing with it.

Your sky will have these activities at this specific time, and et reveal themselves because they feel they can be seen more. They are learning how to assist as many people as possible who are willing to go through this transformation.

Q: how do I know if I’m in a magnetic grid area? What should I do when I find these areas? What can I do to straighten the magnetic grid line?

Cheryl: straightening the magnetic grid lines is not the point, but to confirm how far they are off. When you do this, there may be something et can do. The method I found from a slightly higher source is that you can trigger a frequency by chanting the simple action of “buzzing”, which is helpful to all the power and responsibility units who are carrying out this task. Even if you can’t fully integrate the magnetic grid at that time, you will still have follow-up assistance.

With reality, you can confirm how far they are off., Then by chanting “hum”, you can pass this data to et to know, so they may be able to adjust their frequency to match it. However, the problem is that the earth is already in this transformation. Every time we think we are about to understand the magnetic grid, it seems to move again. However, we know that this movement can be corrected.

Q: Comet Baiwu passed near the earth not long ago. What scientists are passing by is an ice hockey mixed with ice and dust. They have not been able to put forward a good explanation. Is it emitting X-rays? If so, what is its importance?

Cheryl: what this comet emits is not X-rays, but “free rays”. A galaxy it passes through places a transmitter on it, and it transmits knowledge in its operation. The message is called “free ray” because everyone can access it. It has skipped you and your Earth Society. Scientists have collected data, but haven’t figured out how to decode it.

Q: is the free ray of comet Baiwu related to the alien Council?

Zerill: the alien Council or galactic Council can connect to it and add information to it. In the mid-1700s, a fraternity member injected wrong information into free rays, which impacted the earth and set some of your scientists on a terrible road. The Sirians worked hard to sweep away this information in the free rays. However, most alien parliaments are detached and have nothing to do with free rays.

Q: did you mention that Andromeda play a security role or provide security services for our planet. If Andromeda, Pleiadians, Sirians, and all other galactic individuals are so advanced, why are many of them still fighting? What I don’t understand is why such evolved individuals let themselves fall into a confrontation that may completely destroy each other.

Cheryl: three or four blocks from here, there is a gang of young people wearing printed headscarves. They will not regret murdering their members, but they are as advanced as you in this society. So will you stab a knife into someone else’s body? Probably not. Over time, you will have these traitors, and traitors will accumulate force, and the weak will feed on the weak.
Remember, et, like you, must evolve, and there was a lot of room for mistakes in the past. Now, those individuals who can cross the dimensions and galaxies have an understanding of love and must first reach the level of purity, truth, trust and enthusiasm.

Andromeda will choose to play the role of protector because Andromeda will travel to perfection when all ethnic groups are committed to perfection in many evolutionary forms. Their level of evolution is almost the highest for you

Q: if there is a galactic connection in everyone here, then we are all or part of the individual, existence or energy aspect of the galaxy. What can we do to strengthen our memory of these aspects?

Cheryl: there’s nothing you can do in the third dimension. Your arrival is just a journey you decide to go there. When you enter the third dimension, your curtain is usually so complete that you decide to separate from all other realities, including the reality of the Milky way. Only when you begin to recognize these possibilities will the connection deep within you resonate.

Another society that is not so separated is the dolphin community. They exist in this dimension, but they do not limit their reality to the blinding experience that humans have. Dolphins use their brains 100 percent, while humans on earth use only 8 to 10 percent. In this way, dolphins should feel much better than us. But this is not the case. In fact, they spend a lot of time showing this situation with love.

Human beings should not be limited by the five senses. I suggest that those who can get in touch with these beautiful creatures try to communicate with them. It won’t be as difficult as you think, just start from the transmission of mind. You will find that if the object uses 100% brain power, the mental transmission will be much easier than other objects. Try it!

After this transformation, the real interaction will begin, so I leave it to them to explain why they will allow themselves to be captured and confined. You will be quite surprised, but for now, just remember that they are in harmony with this transformation and will make a great contribution to the connection between humans and et individuals.

Q: will there be other races that are spiritually similar to us?

Cheryl: there are many. Although the levels are very different, all civilized worlds understand that evolution at the spiritual level is really true. The search for the source is not limited to the evolution of the third dimension or carbon based organisms. Any individual who is driven by the soul and is willing to understand the so-called “I am” has this pursuit. Each civilization is committed to the whole four body system in its own form. Therefore, in terms of evolution, how to judge the spiritual level of a civilization

Q: can you tell us which system did the author of the Star Wars L (STP. Wars) series come from

Zerill: they are Sirians, but they are not real authors. They are invited to assist in this specific project. Their participation is obvious, because the aircraft you see are completely copied from Sirian delta class ships. These authors have an excellent grasp of the operation methods. Not only that, many roles are also true images. The whole The first “Star Wars” film is actually based on a real story that takes place in a reality very similar to yours. Like many of your superstars performing the role of the third dimension, the individual who directed the film will win a humanitarian award one day. Until the end, everyone will find that he is not even human.

As mentioned earlier, many of you really don’t come from this planet. For example, if a basketball player can fly in the air and do things that don’t seem like human beings, there will be a day to admit his true origin. Many people will begin to realize whether someone is different, perhaps because they are et. Oh, the period of transformation will be quite different Interesting, then they will begin to reveal their true identity.

  Q: I dreamed that UFO was coming for two consecutive days.

Cheryl: Yes, indeed, you are not the only one who dreams. For many people, the frequency of these dreams will become more and more dense and clear. This is the beginning of the harmony between the Galactic brotherhood and their individuals here on earth. They are trying to get you used to their appearance and behavior so that people will not fall asleep when they begin to appear Into panic.

Q: when or which nights would be better to find them?  
Cheryl: it’s easy to see the sky. Their reasonable time should be at night, especially in the early morning, because there is less electrostatic interference at that time. The strong light of the sun will affect the magnetic grid, so they are rarely seen during the day.

Unusually frequent volcanic activity indicates that the earth is vibrating with higher intensity, causing energy transformation. This kind of earth transformation will raise energy and sometimes destroy the energy module of concealed flying ships. Bright objects can also help hide
Hide the spacecraft. The full moon will lead to the strongest essence of the magnetic grid module, and the spacecraft will not be seen at that time. Sometimes they use the appearance of the cloud pile as a cover. However, this is not their best trick, because they often have to break up the cloud pile, which will be seen at that time.

Andromeda’s fleet once flew into your atmosphere one day. In fact, they are on a training mission. This type of mission is common, and they like to train more. The general laughing point between them is that they are not here to protect you, but to protect themselves from you. Anyway, when he When you flew over Hawaii, your radar system found them, so the whole military system immediately entered the situation called “situation”. When you saw the fighter jet take-off and the missile launch door open, it was a good time for them to disappear.

Q: I have seen what I call a “ship” in the sky of the South and East When I look at it with my naked eye, it sometimes moves. When I look at it, it vibrates in green, red, blue and white. When I look at it with binoculars, it’s like a worm crawling in the sky. I’ve been observing it for hours. In these hours, the constellations move in the sky, but this specific object doesn’t move. Every time it’s there, it’s calling me . can you explain what that is?

Zerill: of course. That’s an “unmanned observation facility” set up by the Andromeda two thousand years ago. Although they will gradually be seen by people, some people standing next to you will still not be able to see them. It all depends on how often you resonate with them.

Q: I read somewhere that a group of ET tried to enter the earth so that they could devour people to get the element of love in human DNA.

Cheryl: I can’t think of any aliens without love. Anyway, they will contact you in the form of individuals in order to achieve love. Ironically, most of you don’t really know what love is. Sorry, but it’s true. People here don’t really understand love, so I can’t imagine any reason for aliens to try to learn from you here Our DNA sucks love.

One of the great things you have to do here is to understand your own emotional system. The first element in the four body system is the emotional body, not the body. Those of you who fight your emotions, suppress your emotions, or rely on the lack of emotions to spend your life are likely to waste a lifetime!

In your four body system, you are here to learn the emotional aspect of ID. once you learn to ignite the emotional center, the essence of love will become reality. If you can understand this, you can end the whole dialogue now. You are here to learn what love is and experience love.

The topic of kidnapping will bring fear to many people. In fact, it can not be said that this kind of interaction has never happened. In the past, it was obvious that there were many visitors to your planet, and not all of them were as fully evolved as the individuals who are helping you now. In the past, the energy to visit the earth was highly evolved at the level of mastering the mind, but it did not They lost balance in other systems, such as emotions. They even spread the belief that they could use genes collected from Earth individuals who were more emotional than them to copy shortcuts in the process of evolution. However, they soon found that ascension was a complete journey without shortcuts.

Q: what was the alien civilization that lived on earth during Lemurian times?

Zerill: Lemurian civilization is mainly based on the knowledge of the Pleiades galaxy, while Atlantis belongs to the frequency of the Sirius galaxy. In the next chapter, the connection between these two frequencies will show why human beings start with fear. However, when things are made so clear, it will cause many problems and challenge many belief systems, so please be prepared.

Q: you mentioned that comet Hale BOPP sends signals to whales. If whales are the guardian of data, why do they receive signals?

Zerill: the whales are told that this is the time to release data. Comet Hale BOPP has many instructions, and one of them is that it is the alarm clock of the whales. Like all other big comets, each has the meaning of how history will shape. They are the coordination points used to reconcile the planetary level events and make them consistent. Et will use these events to cover up their activities However, due to the technology you already have, their existence is often detected, so there will be a lot of controversy and thorough research on comet Hale BOPP.

Q: what is the relationship between comet Hale BOPP and Christian consciousness and alien consciousness?

Cheryl: Christ was in contact with the Galactic brotherhood at that time. Christ consciousness knew that the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx belonged to the Milky way. People in Egypt were told to write down things and omit the part of the flying man. However, you can still see some remnants on those walls.

Christ energy will come here at the same time as aliens, which is the truth of your Creator Energy. You will not only have aliens, but also Christ energy. When the time for this transformation comes, many masters will join you, because they know that you will receive all the necessary guidance of yourself.

The connection between comet Hale BOPP and ET is not related to its body, but to the energy behind it. In the “container” of comet Hale BOPP, there are hundreds of spaceships. When hundreds of ships (that is a huge size you have never seen) come to earth, it is the bell that wakes you up.

Q: what is the real meaning of the crop circle?

Zirrell: they are communication modules with multiple messages. In addition to the earth, they also include many other life forms observing this transformation. The early manifestation is to confirm the evolutionary orbit of the earth. The latest complex pattern is to depict the reconstruction of molecules to develop many modules (such as DNA modules).

Q; (a photo shows Cheryl) what does this circle mean?  

Cheryl: this has many meanings, but what is more special is that it is mentioned that “ten years after the dark period of this planet”, which is related to the time yet to come. This process is referred to as “erudite”, and the possible combination of that society will be related to the ancient Mu continent civilization “MC” Similar. This period is recorded in detail in the hall of the great pyramid on earth and Mars.

The pattern in this photo points out that this great transformation will come soon after the exhibition of the new millennium. The symbols in the pattern provide specific scientists with the opportunity to start a dialogue with energy that does not belong to this dimension. I will discuss the transition of dimension in subsequent books. Due to negligence, the great opportunity for mankind to understand the crop circle phenomenon is losing.

Q: since human beings have no natural enemies, why did mother nature create viruses to reduce population?

Cheryl: let’s not point the finger at mother nature. Many of your viruses come from space, and unfortunately, many are created by humans to repair other things.

The vast majority of vaccines are actually specific pathogens of the disease, and those created can be said to be out of control. It is said that the government secretly withholds antidotes such as syphilis so that they can observe the results of untreated treatment. However, there is no reason for people to suffer like this. After this change, there will be no need for tricks and disguises.

Q: how do e TS prepare for this major transformation?

Cheryl: Recently, a group of ET’s quickly and decisively intervened in a secret project called “speaker”. The project placed a receiver near the Hawaiian island, and the transmitter was off the west coast of the United States. The sound wave traveled about 2500 miles between the two, so that researchers could measure the temperature of the seabed.

Now imagine the power of sound waves that can do this. This high-intensity signal can kill fish within miles of the transmitter. If you think this sounds bad, what impact will it have on dolphins and whales with high sensory reception? Think of the situation when a strong sound wave hits them!

They sent a distress signal and received a response. A ship that did not originate from the earth sent three waves of energy into the earth’s atmosphere. The first wave of energy was designed to warn many life forms in the area where the ship carrying the equipment components was located. The second wave of energy cut off the cable that fixed the equipment to the deck and made it fall into the deepest part of the sea. The third wave was Disassemble specific parts of the device to the extent that they cannot be repaired.

This work will raise a lot of questions. When you want to examine who approved and injected funds into this project, you will know the real meaning of the so-called cover to the iron plate. Why do I tell you this? Because such projects really exist. This is when people begin to notice. Because the Galactic Alliance does not always intervene like this. This bold project Action is a very exception, and until the climax of this transformation, the Andromeda will ensure that such direct intervention does not occur again.

  So why would I tell you this, my friend, because I really care.

Q: after this transformation, what role will et participate in?
Zerill: make friends with them quickly, because after this transformation, fossil fuels are of no value to you, and they have information about alternative energy sources. In short, the Andromeda people who are currently serving as preservation will clean up the residue after this transformation. Their new ships have technology to remove many substances that are no longer useful to the earth. God The Sirians will use their technology to help people on earth survive, and the Pleiadians may come in after that to provide spiritual instruction and information on how to work in the interstellar Council. Please understand that the Galactic brotherhood can only come by invitation, and they can’t surpass it.

Q: can you elaborate on how we prepare ourselves and others for the upcoming galactic brotherhood?

Zirrell: first of all, don’t worry. When they come, it can be said that everyone is staring at such a huge scale. You will be deeply fascinated by the play, so everyone will be calm when the first wave appears. You won’t fight with their experience, because they don’t come here to hurt as depicted in the film They come to help you when you need it most.

Q: did you say that some Sirians will return to their ships after this transformation. Do you mean death or the real Sirian spacecraft?

Zerill: you Sirians who will return to their ships do so literally, but some people don’t want to return to the real earth level. The answer, my friend, is that most people directly related to et will decide whether they want to return to their ships.

Q: Andromeda said that all black holes began to emit a single frequency on March 23, 1994. Does this frequency provide a new carrier for the healing of the earth? Does it already provide the healing and change of galaxies when they enter the photon belt? Is there any way to contact this frequency string?

Cheryl: you’re on the right path, my friend. Although you haven’t used it yet, it’s designed for you to use, but now the mass consciousness hasn’t realized it. Once the mass consciousness awakens, it becomes usable.

Q: every time I was meditating recently, I heard a voice talking to me and answering questions. I can’t remember what it said. I don’t know what it is. After the Q & a phase stopped, my body began to vibrate. My friend said that this is a guiding spirit, maybe my higher self. Can you give me an explanation?

Zerill: what you hear is an elegy, a message from a dead planet a few light-years away. Your conscious mind stops working because you don’t understand the meaning of the message. This civilization tries to tell you how it destroyed its own planet (as you are doing on earth now) and how your planet can avoid repeating it.

I’m not saying that you have to shoulder the responsibility of listening to this information, but if you have the beauty and love to accept these answers, they won’t be a heavy burden for you. I suggest you try to write automatically. Some may be omitted in the translation process, but you can write it down in English. Listen carefully, record those words on paper and give the information to me Any member of the inner healing center organization. This message is not about the death of the planet, but about the life power of your planet.

At the end of this chapter, I hope what I have said is very clear. This is not easy, because most of the things related to ET are still wrapped in mystery and attract some attention.

It is said that it is several light-years away from the galaxy closest to us. When calculating how much traditional fuel to use in doing so, the number is really frightening, and many people may question the feasibility of space travel. But you can rest assured that our friends have not used this kind of fuel for thousands of years. In their reality, by adjusting with energy They found that they did not use this energy source in the propulsion part for a long time. By removing the constraint of linear mass, they are not limited to the speed of light. They have long shared a lot of technology with the world and have always believed that humans will not use it for destructive purposes as in the past.

When the earth finally comes to the most important part of this transformation, you will know that you all have to evolve together, and your brothers and sisters from distant realms will prove that they are your allies and are willing to share with you what you have known for generations. The beginning of the evolution towards one.


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