[five dimensional ascension] the gateway of Christ Consciousness^_^

[five dimensional ascension] the gateway of Christ Consciousness

A Li new earth today

    When our planet ascends, a very clear energy change also occurs at the same time. It takes a lot of energy, structure and alchemy to move from the three-dimensional reality to the five-dimensional reality in such a short time. Most of this work is done to build a blueprint for a new reality in a higher field and then apply it to the energy of our current planet, resulting in inevitable changes.

    According to the Star Council, the initial construction work has been completed. Archangel Metatron and his dedicated team have brought the earth into the fourth dimension, so the three-dimensional world is disintegrating and shrouded in a higher frequency.

    As this process accelerates, so will the awakening of souls on earth. Every living creature on earth now lives in a higher frequency optical flow. When Jesus ascended, he opened a golden portal of Christian consciousness, allowing this new higher frequency structure to begin to integrate with the denser energy on earth.

    Over the past two thousand years, many ascended masters have been mentally committed to keeping this energy flowing. Together with Archangel Metatron and the ascension team, they have been injecting the energy of Christ consciousness into some specific points in the global three-dimensional earth vein grid. These are the thirty-three sacred cosmic energy portals. They all start to open at the cosmic moment in 2012 and will continue to shed more and more brilliant light of Christ on the earth until 2032.

Use digital password

    Archangel Metatron has provided information to further assist in this process. The digital code used to launch the smaller Christ consciousness portal has been made public in order to enable light workers to create their own high-frequency Christ Light Portal. This is a powerful gift that can only be given after discussion with the Star Council.

    By using these ancient digital codes, a person with a high vibration of love and integrity can use these portals.

    There is a first-time password. It can activate everyone’s inner Christ consciousness melcaba, that is 13-20-33. When you say this number with intention, the number will appropriately adjust the light of Christ and let it directly enter the four body system (body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body). It will strengthen this system with the pure light of Christ and illuminate the aura and dimensionless melcaba.

    The second password is 12-22-33. When you say this number with the intention of love, it will launch a portal of the light of Christ at the place designated by the user of the number. This is a beautiful, gentle and effective method, because it will immediately increase the frequency of everything around.

    Be sure to ask permission from the Star Council before making a second prayer. No matter where it is used, this energy will have an immediate effect. 

Meditation on creating the portal of Christ Consciousness

  1. Prepare for meditation. What you are going to do for yourself and the earth is a high-frequency work.
  2. Pray to Master Jesus of the interstellar Council and tell him that you will use the portal of Christ consciousness with the most integrity. From now on, he will take care of you when you work.
  3. Do it quietly, close your eyes and say: [13-20-33, melcaba of Christ consciousness, start.]
  4. Your body and field will immediately be filled with pure gold. You are directly connected to the golden pool of Christ. Breathe this energy into your whole being.
  5. Visualize the expansion of the fifth dimension melcaba around you and light up everything it touches.
  6. Imagine a place where you want to put the light of Christ, which can be your home, near you or far away. The energy will begin to work immediately.
  7. Say: [12-22-33, the energy portal of Christ consciousness, start.]
  8. See a strong pure gold light illuminating the place of your choice.
  9. The powerful Archangel Christian and Master Jesus extended this light and slowly added it to the original vibration.
  10. Everything it touches shines because of unconditional love.
  11. Please let your door become a fully open entrance for the energy of Christ consciousness.
  12. Pray for the golden Lemurian fire dragon to guard it and keep it perfect forever.
  13. Thank Master Jesus, Archangel christier, and the Golden Dragon.
  14. Open your eyes and smile. You and God are co creators, using the Christ consciousness portal to assist our earth’s heart chakra.
    Meditation – spreading light from the heart chakra of the earth

    Glastonbury in England is the heart wheel of the earth. The higher planes drive the strongest frequency from here into the matrix of earth. The work of ensuring that this energy flow can maintain high frequency, purity and clarity has been completed. The more people keep an eye on it, the faster the energy flows.

  1. During meditation, take a moment to visualize the grotto in Glastonbury.
  2. See the pure gold light pouring down from the heart of the universe, passing through the rock and entering the earth.
  3. Notice that the golden light enters a beautiful hexagonal star around the rock from this point.
  4. See that this light continues to expand into the earth’s veins and into a bright golden light network around the earth.
  5. In order to stabilize this energy flow in the heart chakra of the earth, please say: [12-22-33, Christ consciousness energy portal, start.]
  6. Pray that the powerful fire dragon and Archangel Michael’s team, as well as the wolf God anubis, will always maintain a higher degree of perfection for Glastonbury.
  7. Thank them and open your eyes. You know you have made a contribution to the divine plan of the earth.
  8. Strengthen this idea with positive, happy and beautiful ideas.


[five dimensional ascension] start the spiritual law of alchemy and magic

A Li new earth 3 days ago

    In the golden age of Atlantis, high-ranking priests and priests transmitted information from the interstellar Council to magicians. They are called magicians because they can perform magic. In other words, because they understand spiritual and material laws, they can make good use of the characteristics of the universe.

    They are highly evolved shamans / psychics. The message that the high priests and priests wanted to convey was downloaded from the large crystals in the temple of Poseidon to the crystals in individual temples. The magicians in each temple will enter a state of deep trance, extract the information from the crystal, and then pass the appropriate part to people.

    The magician’s training is related to the control of the mind, which will enable them to show magic by levitation, telekinesis, instantaneous shift and manifestation. They learn to use the frequencies of sound and light for healing. Finally, they learned to fly and communicate with other galaxies. This involves extremely difficult spiritual laws and the control of ideas and emotions.

    They use all their strength to serve people, and what enables them to maintain their strength is their pure and selfless dedication. It was not until a magician used the light pool of great Atlantis for personal use that the great civilization began to collapse. Pure intention is the most important factor in true alchemy and magic.

    Magic and miracles begin in the spiritual and higher mental fields, and then energy slowly infiltrates the material world, where it causes the transformation effect of alchemy. For example, whenever we follow our intuition and take appropriate actions, we are in harmony with the divine truth, and how can miracles occur.

    The greatest alchemist of all time was Saint Germain. He once incarnated as Merlin. He understands the eternal spiritual code and uses it to perform magic. He knows very well that all energy will double back to the energy giver. On the contrary, for those who pay pure love, a lot of blessings will spread all over his body.

    We can ask Saint Germain and Archangel sakir to help keep the situation of us, others or things in the transformative cosmic diamond purple flame. After melting the old things, it will make us reach a higher level in order to produce magic and miracles.

    Archangel Gabriel is a pure white light angel with purity and clarity. It is in charge of the umbilical wheel with higher creativity. When our intentions are legitimate, he will teach us how to open the door to higher creativity, which is also the key to magic and alchemy. Our creative horizons will respond to the universe and produce material manifestation.

Open the door to miracles

    Whenever we can give up our ego and do things that bring the greatest happiness to others, we are opening the door to miracles. If we can see the divine perfection of another person, our pure vision will help update the situation.

    If a healer sees his client as a sacred and complete individual, a beautiful healing will occur. When we have pure empathy for depressed people, our love creates wonderful chemistry within them, bringing about physical and emotional transformation. This is the operation of spiritual law.

    When we send out real positive and loving thoughts to others, we are lighting them up with five dimensional energy. This will increase their frequency so that they can feel safe, so they can relax at a deeper cellular level, and then this will make an incredible change in their attitude. These also apply to other situations, whether talking to others, massaging others, or healing others.

    Each seed contains a sacred blueprint for the flowers that will bloom. In order to achieve this perfection, it needs some big material conditions, such as water, light and nutrition, but it’s not just that. If we have the best image of the greatest glory of this plant in our hearts, our pure energy will create an alchemical transformation reaction within it, so that it can give full play to its potential. Element sprites will join to help accomplish this. Plants, trees and other living beings respond to pure love.

    We treat ourselves the same way. Experiments have shown that DNA responds to the positive energy we give ourselves. It stretches out, relaxes and connects the genetic code, so that we can access divine talents and talents. When we become experts in performing miracles and holy magic, the whole chemistry of our bodies will change, and even deep-rooted karma and genetic patterns will transform.

    No matter how difficult the form is, as long as people have a common vision of the best possible result, there will be an alchemical response, and then produce good results. So, with the concerted efforts of all the people, an incredible thing happened, and they experienced the sense of unity. This is one of the secrets of golden Atlantis.

    There are several qualities that can lead to Miracles: truth, firm faith, unconditional love, integrity, honesty, glory, and some other five dimensional characteristics, which will transform the energy of the universe.

Alchemy and human relations

Part I

  1. Take time to relax, let yourself be rooted in the earth, and put a protective cloak around your aura.
  2. Think of someone who is not very popular, such as a neighbor, a colleague, a friend in the club, a parent in your child’s school, a relative, or even a stranger.
  3. Pray Archangel Gabriel to shine pure white light all over your body, and Archangel sakir to surround you with purple flame.
  4. State your highest intentions and imagine their divine perfection.
  5. Imagine them glowing, healthy and happy.


Part II

  1. In the next 21 days, when we get along with them, we treat them as welcome, loved, valued and respected people.
  2. Greet them with a smile, as if you really value them.
  3. Pay attention to your own and their attitude change.
  4. After 21 days, continue to do this exercise for others.
    Status of healing events
  5. Relax calmly, let yourself be rooted in the earth, and cover your aura with a protective cloak.
  6. Think about a situation that needs to be changed.
  7. Pray Archangel Gabriel to pour pure white light into this situation, and ask Archangel sakir to surround it with purple flame.
  8. State your highest intentions and imagine the situation transformed into divine perfection.
  9. Use your creative imagination to imagine that all relevant people are in a harmonious relationship.


[five dimensional ascension] Pleiadian Heart Chakra Healing

A Li new earth 6 days ago

The Pleiades is a seven dimensional group of ascended stars considered to be healing stars. Like other ascending planets, stars and the Milky way, it is closely connected with the earth, and twelve Masters (highly evolved organisms) are in charge of the energy here.

    The great Archangel Maria brings the pink light of love, compassion, empathy and divine Yin through Venus, and touches people with her green and blue heart chakra healing energy through the Pleiades. She guides and guards the Virgin Mary. If you call the archangel Mary or the Virgin Mary, they will give you all the energy suitable for you.

Blue Pleiadian rose

    The Pleiadian masters direct the blue heart chakra healing energy from the source into the huge blue etheric rose, which is a converter that can reduce the energy to their seventh dimensional level. After acquiring this energy, they use it wisely and prudently, distribute it where they think it is necessary, and give it to those who need it. They do this service with love.

    Like the human heart, the blue rose has 33 petals, which is the number of Christian consciousness. Its center is the pure white source light.

    Those who come from or reduce energy through the Pleiades retain healing energy in their chi field. Animals and insects that came to earth from the Pleiades also retain part of this blue healing light in their field so that they can spread it after the birth.

    The Pleiadian beings of light use spiritual technology that is beyond anything we can currently understand on earth. Blue rose is a sacred geometric tool. It has many uses, such as healing. Another is that it allows us to clean our chakras and accelerate their rotation.

Medical assistance

    As we move towards the frequency of the fifth dimension, the Pleiadians are currently taking care of the blueprint to promote medical knowledge on earth. In 2032, the evolution of the whole system will exceed our current cognition. All healing will be spiritual, just as it was in Atlantis. Vibrational healing will be used on the imperfect soul, which will also affect the body.

    The Pleiadians can descend to the third dimension through the current we use, and then they can manipulate its flow. At present, if someone asks, they are operating through medical equipment. For example, if someone is washing their kidneys, and they also pray for healing for the best interests, in order to help them improve their frequency, the Pleiadians can contact them through electricity.

    In the golden age of Atlantis, they used electricity to transmit sunlight to copper tubes through pyramidal crystals. This work also needs the cooperation of the element spirit (who can cooperate with the crystal) to complete. The frequency of electricity generated in this way is very high, and the Pleiadians use it to maintain one’s first understanding of the blueprint of divine health.
Use computer

    If you ask them to use the vibrations generated by computers or telephones to help you balance your field, the Pleiadians will agree.

Use crystal

    Quartz crystal is the best conductor when the Pleiadians bring their energy back. You can use the Pleiadian rose to make the coding setting in the quartz crystal, put it on the body and start it when necessary. The crystal gods will record the frequency of the information so that the crystal holders can use it whenever they want.

    The blue rose in the Earth Star Chakra can extend the blue root down to form a permanent connection with the inner space of the earth. It gives you a combined blue healing beam that goes up from your chakra system, through Galaxy portals and monads, and then into the antakarana bridge. When it is fully operational, it will expand the connection between you and the Pleiades.

Visualize connecting with the Pleiadian rose

    Like any other spiritual gift, we must pray for the blue Pleiadian rose. Then the Pleiadian angels will put it in our chakras. Because this rose is a very effective healing tool, the Pleiadian angels suggest that you first ask for one to put in the heart chakra. It will spin here and bring the healing energy of the Pleiades to the extent you can bear.

    You may feel it flow down from the heart chakra to your hands so that you can touch any needed part of your body with it or transmit it to others. After your body has adapted to the rose in your heart, you can ask for another one and put it in your other chakras:

  1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and hope to connect with the blue Pleiadian rose.
  3. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Connect the Pleiadian masters and let them put you in the blue light ball.
  6. Pray for the Pleiadian rose and visualize it in front of you.
  7. Ask them to put it in your twelve five dimensional chakras and relax when they are finished.
  8. Visualize this blue light merging with the kumquat light of your galaxy portal, which will automatically begin to heal the connection between you and the divine and repair the sense of rupture in the energy channel between you and the source. That is, if the ladder of your antakarana bridge is damaged, the Pleiadian energy will repair it, so that you can touch the central sun up.
  9. Visualize this blue light merging with the purple and red light of your soul star, which will give healing to your spiritual relationships, including your relationships with your ancestors and those still alive.
  10. Imagine that this blue light merges with the white light of your karmic wheel, which will ease your relationship with the spiritual world and become a bright light to attract Angel energy.
  11. Imagine that this light merges with the transparent gold of your top chakra, and the blue healing light will flow through the petals of your thousand petaled lotus, starting from here to heal the relationship with the universe.
  12. Imagine that this light merges with the transparent green light in your third eye, and this rose will heal the energy that makes this chakra unable to fully start, so as to promote the ability of intuitive insight and enable you to communicate with beings in other planetary systems.
  13. Imagine that this blue light is integrated with the sapphire blue light of your throat chakra. It is here to promote more people to make real expression through the best verbal resonance. It also enables you to heal through words and then communicate with other species.
  14. Visualize this blue light merging with the pure white light of your heart chakra so that you can radiate healing at any time unless you deliberately turn it off.
  15. Visualize this blue light merging with the golden light of your solar plexus. It raises the frequency to the fifth dimension and maintains it at that level so that you can maintain your confidence and self-worth.
  16. Imagine that this blue light is fused with the orange light of your navel wheel, so that you can truly tolerate and accept all sentient beings. With this rose, when your navel blooms inclusive positive energy, it also emits a gentle light of negative healing.
  17. Visualize this blue light merging with the pink light of your reproductive wheel. The blue Pleiadian rose prepares this chakra so that it can bring supreme love. This will add beautiful healing energy to all your relationships.
  18. Imagine that this blue light merges with the platinum light of your undersea wheel, endows the undersea wheel with spiritual significance, and also stabilizes the frequency of five-dimensional incomparable happiness here.
  19. Imagine that this blue light merges with the black and white color of your Earth Star Chakra. Now you can see that it becomes a bright blue combined light column, which goes down into the inner space of the earth and down to the diamond core of the central sun.
  20. Thank the Pleiadian beings.


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