2022 is a harmonious creative light^_^

2022 is a harmonious creative light.

Sing your song louder, dear love, let gravity disappear. For brave soldiers, this journey is happy. They don’t resist the tide.

The flow of life is you. Create new harmony within. Life is your rainbow. you are beautiful. You will shine.

Take care of your body and drink more water. The incoming energies will take you face to face, and they are transforming your body. This creates a lot of dust that can only be cleaned from your body with water. Fatigue, dizziness, nausea, heavy body, these are just the dust in the body. It’s like you’re dumping garbage. So to get rid of this rubbish, you must drink water. Not a little water, a lot of water. Only water can clean your body. What water? Whatever water, what energy it carries is not important. What matters is that it is water
So don’t let anything go and take care of your body now. Forget tomorrow. Tomorrow will be shaped according to what you sow. So live every moment, every day. 1212 is coming. I need you to be ready for the last portal this year. It will be a very important portal

Learning to live in the present moment, learning to live in the present moment. Most importantly, be grateful for every moment, every experience and every lesson

You are used to the patterns of fear, guilt, anger, shame and resentment in your personality, body, behavior, words and thoughts. It may take some time to get used to new patterns based on compassion, forgiveness, peace, love and joy

But this is what you are, and we will work tirelessly with you until you remember: Yes! I am perfect. I am forgiven because there is nothing to forgive. I am healed, because now I know my perfection

This is a moment full of joy. Many people may ask, what is happiness for? I answered: the joy and gratitude of living. Be happy and grateful to live on your planet at this moment. Such a special moment is so unique in the whole universe. So be grateful and happy. Don’t try to remind me of the problems you have, don’t try to remind me of the problems the world has, I know more than you do. But you need to stop seeing the world as a chaotic world, a painful world and a violent world created by the father / Mother God.

It was you who brought your world into today’s mode, not father / mother. So don’t blame us for the world you live in. You participate in the world, you feed the world, you help the world maintain its status quo. So, don’t think of yourself as a poor person, where we let go, where we don’t pay attention, where we don’t give love. I now send all my love to every resident on this planet. If you want to feel this love, close your eyes and put your hand on your heart, you will feel the beating of this heart. The beating of this heart is the living evidence and the living proof of the inner divine spark. My love reinforces this spark.

You’re alive. You’re aware of what happened. So be grateful and happy. This is not a time of sadness, but a time of joy. Because you have the ability to be aware of what is happening today, because you have the ability to choose, to learn, and to understand many truths that have been hidden from you for a long time. Be grateful and happy that you have come to this step. You, I won’t say you have privileges. I will say you are walking. In the process of walking, you have reached a key point, a point where you take a very important step. This is the choice.

Some people still ask, “what choice?” Choose to evolve or continue your life. For those who choose to evolve, the journey is not easy. The journey needs to pay very careful attention to every point on the road. It’s like you have to stop on the road and encounter something to analyze and deal with. Through the analysis and processing of each point, the road ahead becomes easier. But you can also choose not to do anything and move on through that point. But later, the same problem will reappear, become bigger and more difficult to solve. If you choose to correct it, the road will become easier. But you can choose to leave it there again and keep walking until you reach the point that blocks your way, and it will become big. Then you can’t let it pass. I promise you will spend a lot of time to solve this problem. Because it has become so huge that there is no choice but to deal with it, so it will disappear from your path.

This is the choice. What do you choose: stay happy, know that you are likely to enter the path of the fifth dimension and keep it? Or choose to continue your life until today? We can’t impose it on others. The choice is in everyone’s hands. You have free will and can use it at will. The energy I put into your heart now may bring you more happiness, and may bring you more strength, confidence and faith. It will make you lift the burden you still bear, but it will suddenly become lighter, and you get happiness from the burden. Because you know that if you go further, you will be completely free from it.
So accept my energy, which is full of unconditional love. Everyone is receiving it. Use this energy as much as you can. Ask for forgiveness, make plans, but don’t plan for tomorrow, plan for today. Do what you want to do but you never have the courage to do, as long as it is for the interests of yourself and the whole society. Use my energy as much as you can. I assure you that this energy is very powerful and will not dissipate easily. You receive it, if you vibrate high, if you keep your journey in unconditional love, it will stay there, it will dissipate very slowly, otherwise it will disappear soon.

So understand how to keep my energy in your heart. High vibration, vibration, unconditional love, vibration light, it will stay in your heart for a long time. Use this time to make yourself believe that you are a strong person. Declare laws that are good for you, use my energy, declare laws, and respect the non repetition of laws. But there is no limit to how many laws you can make, just don’t repeat them. Except travel. I didn’t break any rules. Each decree can only be repeated once. Use my energy and repeat it every time. With confidence and love, you will find that the results will come soon. You will begin to believe that you are a powerful existence, believe in your abilities, believe in your beliefs, and believe in everything you have learned.

I further enhance my energy in your heart. Your decree will be announced one at a time. Remember, don’t repeat, only one law at a time. But do as much as you can, do what you want, and put this energy in your heart. I assure you, the result will be wonderful.


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