Predicting the great transformation of lifeChapter VII origin of the earth’s loss^_^

Predicting the great transformation of life
Chapter VII origin of the earth’s loss

KIRAEL: in this chapter, I mention some of the many differences in your world, but I only remind you that your world used to have several times the population you know. When I hear your scientific discovery that some people lived 18000 years ago and had tools, I can’t help saying that I know that some people lived 50000 years ago and have tools you haven’t invented. Those people are called Lemurians.

For those who must find their own existence from the history written by the winner, this is part of the so-called unknown world. You can’t allow non winners to write history, so you have to take the winner’s point of view. Winners have the most power, usually because they have the most money.

You can imagine what I’m going to say. The origin of loss really exists, as long as you have the courage to listen to what we say to find them. So who is “we”? We are many kryons, many cherels, many Gaias, and even many Michael, and

Beautiful Ronna Herman (psychic medium of Archangel Michael)
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Lee Carroll (psychic medium of Kryon’s message)
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Piper Pepper Lewis (psychic medium of Gaia’s message)
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Wait, they’ll all tell you the origins. And don’t you know that they sometimes look at it a little differently from others. You know what? This is beautiful because you have the choice to feel it with your heart.

You said, “master Cheryl, why can’t they look at it the same way?” Because we all came to see it at different times. We all look at it at different frequencies. You probably don’t think I’ll spend 20000 or 30000 years on a planet? It will never be as much as I will stay on earth for 20000 or 30000 years. We go, we watch, we return what we see. Our hearts tell us what kind of message we want to tell you, because you see, it is all related to those societies and those lost societies. They are here for a purpose. That’s their purpose. For example, Lemurian, the creator needs to know whether he can successfully use his highest frequency on a third dimensional planet. Although they have tried as much as possible, they are too advanced. So the creator came to the people of Lemuria and said, “some of you, I want you to go to other parts of the world. And those who have not chosen to go to other places, please celebrate! Because we will take you home in our light.”
Oh, what you don’t know is that the Lemurians celebrate it. However, those sent out can be said to be explorers of new understanding and new generations. The creator also developed a new being of light. Oh, by the way, even from then on, when you just can’t prepare for the journey arranged by the creator, the creator will call you home.

There is also a period called Atlantis, and what the creator wants to see is what you will do with the highest technology. As for how much it will cost or how to deal with it later, it is not the focus. This is Atlantis. However, don’t you know that you are still looking for Achilles? You are still looking for the lost Lemurian continent. Don’t look for it, please look for it in your heart. You’ll know when you find it.
Oh, you may travel to the Hawaiian Islands one day. You may set foot on the peaks of Lemuria. Or you will go to the place called Mt. Shasa (California, USA) and feel the love on the edge of Lemuria. Or, you know? You may hope that one day, please imagine with me, you may one day rise from your body and let your body continue to rest and sleep, and you will go to the place you want to go and watch the lost society and know that they have never disappeared. They are evolving all the time, just like us today.

KIRAEL: the origin of loss, history is based on the fact that it is passed from generation to generation. What will be presented in this chapter is based on facts, and the sources of revealing these facts are not widely accepted by historians. In order to recognize the existence of places such as Lemuria and Atlantis, individuals must be willing to recognize that the curtain that they voluntarily accepted and thought people should be has a history that is much older than written records. Your archaeologists today are excavating artifacts hundreds of thousands of years ago, showing that it is an ancient civilization, but the technology is advanced.

The purpose of this work is to show that human beings have evolved from the so-called “caveman” to modern people with very high intellectual level many, many times. This may allow you to extend your thinking process, but it is obvious that the earth has undergone many changes as powerful as this one in front of you.

There are two main differences between now and the past.

First, this transformation will not completely eliminate the whole society.

Second, through the information mentioned in this book, people have time to prepare for this event. The so-called preparation is to escape from this great transformation, but to go in with the enthusiasm for change and allow the inner self to embark on the journey of the new millennium.
In the distant past, there was a very high-level community on earth. In limuli, the Asian and Pacific land beings have evolved to the extent that they have little experience. Through their own choice, this degree of evolutionary society makes the sacrifice of subtracting its own DNA structure, so that human evolution can have the opportunity to master the experience that still makes people work hard today. Because evolution in Lemuria is more advanced than the rest of the earth, it is obvious that some adjustments are needed to enable different sets of experiences to unfold.

The following is not recorded in history books, but will be confirmed by future archaeological discoveries. When people dig up the ancient relics hidden on the earth, they will find a lot of history we are going to talk about.

Atlantis will have more evidence because it is a more recent culture than Lemurian. I understand that in late 1998, divers may have found gold cans containing Lemurian / Atlantis records near an island in the Atlantic Ocean. At present, archaeologists and the government have logged in many encrypted languages they do not know, which are given by the Galactic brotherhood. When the record is found, the encrypted language can be interpreted immediately.

There are many data about Atlantis, but we will focus on the period when people left Lemurian. When we began to reveal what happened at that time, we also left room for many people to question the purpose behind the event. Many people have to think about the reality of evolution at the earth level. What we will see is that the initial change in consciousness may be truly connected with the frequencies scattered on the earth today. This will help to show its connection with what must happen now.

Lemuria: Heaven on earth
If you overlay the map of Lemuria in what is now called the Pacific Ocean, you will see that the Hawaiian Islands are actually some of Lemuria’s peaks.

Lemurians have reached the fifth dimension and belong to the level of pure love. They know the purity of the essence of love. For example, they have no formal government system, but a civilization that allows everyone to learn their highest potential. Those councils are set up to collect information about evolution, and their first priority is to spread all the information to the whole population.

The whole society is based on sharing. No individual possesses information in order to be superior to other individuals. They believe that if any individual is abandoned outside the path of evolution, it is not conducive to the growth of all individuals. Therefore, helping each to reach the same level becomes an effort of love.

They never forget that their spiritual goal is to bring all individuals into the same frequency as the creator. No individual’s learning is left alone without the support of the whole. Again, such a goal is accomplished by those councils, which collect knowledge of the universe and disseminate it by the appropriate members.

Each council is composed of twelve members, and each member has a Sub Council composed of twelve interactive members Xin. In this 144 member parliament, each member has an eight member parliament, which is responsible for collecting all available information from established organizations.

Any member of any parliament may be replaced upon request. They consider it glorious to be replaced by any evolving soul, because it proves that the system is complete. They will have arrangements to ensure that each individual has enough knowledge to hold any position, that is, no one is in an authoritative position. Those who leave the so-called Parliamentary Office will receive a reward that allows them to start working on their own ascension.
Let’s mention the Lemurians. First, their brain use is usually 90-94%, which allows them to understand how mass is converted into energy, and travel and communicate in ways that are not recognized at today’s level. They breathe “Qi” with their top chakras, and their mouths are always used to eat. They only eat when they want to celebrate, and their celebration can be almost every day. They celebrate all the time, so they eat only in response to the needs of the ceremony.
They have no overweight or underweight individuals. In fact, they choose what they want and create it.

Lemurians live as long as they want, even though they think their life is very different from yours. You experience life after life in order to carry out many kinds of experiences, which they will stuff into a single reincarnation. Lemurians usually live six to seven hundred years, sometimes longer, and this reincarnation probably never chooses more than two to four times.

Are they carbon based life? I don’t think you can call it “complete carbon based body” because they have fifth dimensional energy. For example, they can disappear and reappear on their own, just increasing or decreasing their frequency. They can reduce their frequency in order to re experience a certain aspect of evolution and increase their frequency again afterwards. Therefore, the nature of lower frequencies is rare in Lemurian.

The intervention of the Creator

In a sense, the Lemurians have evolved into a perfect society and are too advanced for what the original design of the earth can support. In order for the soul to evolve from the beginning of human nature, a structure must be created. The creator’s evolutionary plan is to enable new souls to acquire knowledge by learning the full picture of each experience,

Every aspect of the whole experience is actually the way of evolution.

The creator used the fact that the Lemurian continent gradually sank when it appeared to realign the orbit of the earth. Remember, this is not the only evolutionary planetary system. With the intervention of other galaxies, the earth’s orbit can be adjusted and become the school of evolution again. Most people would think it was a step back, but in fact it was very necessary at that time.

Evolution on earth will continue in a completely redesigned form, and individuals on Lemurian continent can consciously choose to evolve into non flesh individuals, or move to new places in time and have great degradation.

You may ask, “why do individuals who have reached this level of ascension voluntarily degenerate into the body of human existence?” More importantly, however, the creator wants humans to continue to use the same body, not to start all over again. Remember that the Lemurians only know love. If all this is in the creator’s plan, it must be the residents of Atlantis. The creator has instructed the Pleiadians and Sirians how to implement the degradation plan. This explains why e they are highly interested in the results of your transformation.

Lemurians are a relatively pure race created by God. Atlanteans are almost all from your galaxy, but they act on awareness of God’s energy. Therefore, the race of the Milky Way galaxy, like the earth existence and individuals from Lemuria, are God’s many children, and they are God’s creations. This means that the energy of the Milky way is already a part of your whole, and the other parts are directly from the power of the creator. This carbon based human composition is the human individual on the earth to this day.

At present, the energy of the Milky way and those directly from the creator have been mixed with each other to an indistinguishable degree.
Because of the evolution of the Atlanteans, their story is perhaps the most interesting of the two. In fact, they evolved from a more interesting form of mind – almost like a mechanical world – and actually used light energy modules to replace individuals in the Milky way so that they could start a new evolutionary journey. The society created by the mixing of these two rivers for thousands of years is so advanced in fact, so they really want to serve other evolving civilizations. Therefore, two different types of energy become one and begin their own ascension.
DNA subtraction

The first individuals to arrive at the land identified as Atlantis were transformed into a new human disease in evolution. Their initial experiment was to reduce their brain utilization to 8 ~ 10% and change the structure of DNA from 12 bundles to two bundles today. Remember, all this is voluntary. The reversal of evolution is the only way for the soul to experience development and growth.
When you complete this transformation, you will return to the lifestyle of Lemurian times and begin to follow the path of the fourth dimensional energy, and then transform yourself to a level that is more of the fifth dimension. The current transformation process marks the completion of the cycle, as you finally wake up to your origin on this earth level. The Lemurian and Atlantis period was an evolutionary spiral.

The echo of cellular memory
In the evolutionary background of great transformation, masters like Master Jesus have a very important part in the whole process. This great transformation should have happened around the time of Master Jesus’ birth and death. However, because it did not happen, Master Jesus has become one of the major focuses of mankind since then. To some extent, this is due to what happened to Jesus master and his teaching that ascension is possible. He urged the purity of love and healing, but the world was not ready to experience love completely. My friend, this is the so-called too much light, too much love, so this transformation has been delayed for two thousand years.

Why is there fear when we think of the Galactic ship coming to earth? Because the same scene earlier brought about a dramatic reversal of evolution. Although this is the creator’s main plan, the individual earth’s own cells still have the knowledge of “feeling that the reversal is not appropriate”. Therefore, until today, seeing UFO will trigger deep fear of cellular memory and will continue until the frequency of today’s body system is increased.

The reversal itself is also a major change. It may not be like anything we will see at all, but it is still part of the main plan.

Nowadays, the cellular memory of many earth residents still has the great disintegration in that large-scale change. This is why many people still refuse to accept the upcoming change of consciousness, because the memory is so terrible.

The difference between the two is that this time is not a reversal, but a return to the level that has been reached, so don’t be discouraged. Remember that most of this fear is hidden in the depths of cellular memory that can hardly be touched. Remember that your society is still based on fear, and when people enter clarity one by one, everyone will begin to awaken. My friend, love is the answer.

Let’s now look at the pyramids in Egypt and the differences between historical records and reality. The pyramids are older than the Egyptian pharaohs 6000 years ago. The water level sign found on the Sphinx can prove this. The process is slow, but scientists are measuring the real age of the pyramid, and they will find something really interesting.
The three main pyramids have been built long ago. They are consistent with the pyramids of Mars and

Aligned with the three stars of the Orion galaxy. Pyramids are not only built on earth and Mars, but also on Pluto and other planets, each built by advanced civilizations.
Researchers believe that pyramids are placed one stone after another. This is not the case. They are built with tones. In a sense, they enter existence because of vibration.

The ancient Egyptians did not have the ability to do so. Imagine a culture that wants slaves buried with ships. How can it have the technology to build pyramids? However, the Egyptians learned to imitate the technique of small pyramids. The handwriting on the pyramid shows the pattern of a spaceship and a man with an abnormal proportion of his head. The patterns were there, but the researchers did not show them.

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is still one of the focuses of your earth level to this day. These great pyramids, as well as the pyramid positions of Mars and Pluto, reveal that there is a galactic connection between the focus of the three planets.
At any time, if the creator cooperates with the Galactic individuals and the angel level, he will leave a Jinyu tower as an indication of the beginning of special events. This is what it marks, and it should remain there all the time. As they expand, the individuals of the galaxy need to land, and the Great Pyramid is the focus. That’s why the major planets that support life have at least one, if different, similar focus.
A new pyramid was recently discovered not far from the southern tip of Hawaii’s big island. It is almost as big as the Great Pyramid and is almost made of crystal. The submarine eruption near the big island is an attempt by ET to remove volcanic debris out of the need for the signal sent by the pyramid. Remember, this is also a part of Lemuria. The importance of Lemurian reality will not be known until later.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids not far from the big island of Hawaii are on the latitude of 19.5 degrees. If you will draw a triangle between the slightly deviated Great Pyramid and the new pyramid at the southern end of the big island of Hawaii, you will find something very interesting, and I will expose it in future books.

Whales and dolphins

One of the last pieces about the origin of the lost earth is the record keeper, that is, whales and dolphins. For thousands of years, whales have been collecting and storing information about the history of the earth. Most of their data comes from what we call the “magnetic resonance field”, that is, what is absorbed by the crystalline cornerstone of the earth. Mother earth absorbs every thought and stores it for future needs. She put the information into her crystal cornerstone so that it can be played out to individuals willing to receive (such as whales mentioned here because they have the necessary brain capacity). Because crystals cannot keep records forever, most of the history recorded in earth crystals has been “downloaded” to the whale mind.

Generally speaking. Crystals can only retain information for hundreds of years, and when they are worn in the process of transformation, there is a risk of data loss. Therefore, all information is transmitted to whales and passed on from generation to generation. Will they add or delete information for their own future purposes like humans? No, because their purpose is nothing else, that is, to be one with the creator.

All the information that whales have can be accessed based on the need to know. You may think we have all the needs to know now. However, if you, as a general three-dimensional carbon based human, can see the fourth dimensional life mode through the whale’s eyes, you will lose all the desire to continue your current trip. That beauty is overwhelming. We must pay attention, and that’s why I’m slowly revealing information. If I give you all the information, you will have no reason to continue to evolve, but you will miss all the experience and all the fun you have now.
Whales have the best resonance with the energy of the Milky way, while dolphins resonate with the essence of Lemuria. When whales take care of this dimensional information at the high mental level, dolphins are responsible for interacting with human evolution and trying to show people that the bottomless greed of overusing all things will only push them away from the state of harmony.
Many dolphins teach you with their own death and lead you to an understanding that everyone can share the planet. However, due to your misuse of marine resources, a large number of them died in the fishing nets, which shows that they have not achieved much in this regard. I say this not to make anyone sad, but to make everyone aware of the suffering of this species who loves you so deeply.

Q & A

Q: are those who are studying genetic and replication engineering the reincarnation of Atlantis? Also, were they responsible for DNA subtraction?

KIRAEL: they are, but it’s important to know why. Although they operate in the light of the creator, they still believe that the experience has not been completed because they still do not understand the truth of the plan. However, this topic continues, and many individuals are still trying to understand their own positioning. Patience, my friend, be patient.

Q: can you explain more about my desire to travel to Latin America?

KIRAEL: one of the reasons you will be attracted to that place is the connection of previous lives. In that period, it was another “exodus” Dynasty, that is, from Lemuria to Atlantis in Latin, South and Central America,

There is a society that you now call the red man (Indian). Although they have not received much praise, they are famous for building healing temples and performing so-called “hand touch healing”. These temples are huge in size, some as large as acres. In fact, a temple is as large as more than 40 acres.

Your archaeologists are digging to support a road system that is one of the most volatile trade path systems known to mankind. All this information can be found in your more recent scientific journals.

Now the reason you are attracted to that place and go is your healing ability. You will find that there are many things that need to be healed, not just the place where your fingers go. Healing is not the same, and it is even common to see that many different forms are needed to heal the same individual. When therapists can use their understanding of the whole four body system, they will have new and excellent skills. Not only do you have the ability to touch, but you are also ready for psychic surgery, that is, to enter the body only with the energy of consciousness.

Q: can you mention the information stored in the great pyramid?

KIRAEL: you know the researchers have opened a secret room in the great pyramid? Some people think that most important information has been stolen long ago. Maybe thieves will take away the less important articles, but they still can’t resonate with the magnetic data that stores the real secret, the so-called “mystery of life”. I believe that once the time is ripe, the appropriate individual will unlock this pile of data that no one can resonate with today. This information will become the basis for understanding the plan to bring the third dimensional energy back to the fourth and fifth dimensions, and the new plan will take you into the new millennium and the future. This is why not everyone can resonate with it. After awakening, the general public will be able to understand the content of the data and the way of application.

Q: how long ago can the Akasha record go back? How old are those records?

KIRAEL: any energy module that exudes pure love and intends to find data that will not detract from or destroy the life journey of any evolving soul can access these records. Simply put, most of these records are sufficient for those who are closing their state of existence to move to another level of evolved individuals.

Usually the guide spirit will be asked to obtain the module from this information source. Once the module is found, the guide must determine whether this particular information will destroy an experience. Not many linear thoughts can pass this level.

There will still be a lot of clearing waiting to pass through, so the next time you ask the guide to interpret a part of your experience by linking Akasha records, don’t be disappointed if you receive less than expected.

It is said that the Akasha record exists at the time of all ideas that have appeared and will appear in the future. To measure its essence in a linear form will be equivalent to establishing the time when God’s energy itself appears, which is certainly impossible, because only in this reality can time exist.

Q: there is an article I read that the earth will enter a catastrophe that will sweep the entire population of the earth immediately after the pyramid is built.

KIRAEL: Yes, this era is a little far away, but yes, there is a great disaster, that is, a great flood. The problem is that history tells this event as if it were someone’s story. That’s one of the reasons why so many of you are in fear.
In this chapter, “the origin of the earth’s loss”, I have tried to point out the simple fact that all people on the earth level will experience this transformation.

How much fear you will experience depends on how much you are blinded by the curtain.

The curtain will only weaken when you are willing to move from fear to love and begin to understand the vast situation. Please understand that the opportunity to choose whether to experience this transformation has emerged and disappeared in the era of Jesus master. This time, the mother of the earth will participate with great weight, and she can’t be rejected. She will no longer tolerate the destruction placed on it. Your origin, in fact, has not been lost. If anything, they are beginning to shine in this era recalled at all levels of consciousness. All that seems lost will quickly come forward, and those who are ready to move with this process will have all the necessary tools.
In the future, some future souls will learn from the ancient past and will read that they are experiencing a great transformation of consciousness in this period on a distant planet called the earth. About 6 billion beings will enter this transformation, and when all aspects merge with each other, about 2 billion energy modules will be formed.

Now, before you start counting, about four billion people will have to leave the planet. However, before fear enters, let’s explain the meaning of “facing”. Most of you are part of a soul group, and it is common that you usually have two or three aspects of ID, or reincarnation, on this earth at the same time. When this shift reaches its peak, the aspects that originally evolved here will merge into one essence (i.e. existence with the highest frequency) for new understanding.


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