In 2022, the ascension path prepared by collective consciousness and mother earth for mankind^_^Part I I I

Excerpt from Princess Elisabeth: death wants to dance with me

Open to more energy to create the earth dream^_^

One of the ways you can open up to more energy is to cherish what you already have. Another way to open up to more energy is to feel the energy around you. If you can feel higher frequencies of energy around you, all you have to do is be willing to let them in, and they will become a part of your life on earth.
Now, if you really want to experience more of what we offer, you need these energies and do something with them. Then you share something, or you create something, even if these creations are only for your future experience and belong to future works. This still counts. You don’t need to start building right away. You can start by drawing a blueprint for the object you want to create. For example, if you want to have your own healing center, people can come here to experience different treatments, and others can also come here to speak or communicate.
Maybe you would like holy water gushing from the spring in this healing center. You want to grow your own fruits and vegetables here. Use your imagination. Allow yourself to have big dreams, because the energy we want to share is huge. They are prepared for those who want to create great dreams. We are not alone.

Ya, there are many beings in the higher realm who want to help. We all want you to experience life on earth. You have just begun to explore the beauty, power and majesty of your world, but so many people are eager to leave before experiencing these experiences brought to you by the earth.

We want you to stay and take root in the energy provided by us and other beings. We hope to see the earth and mankind give full play to your potential. We know that those dreamers and those with lofty dreams are ready for more cooperation, more co creation, and more energy to participate in your daydream large-scale projects. They have begun to seriously think about the possibility of how to realize it, Most of the time you don’t know how your big dreams come true in your reality, but you don’t have to figure them out. You may consider some real possibilities, which may be interesting, as if you were saying to us, “please increase your energy!”, When you say that, we will provide it.
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We pay attention to strategies and methods in helping who. If anyone focuses on his own concerns, it means that he is ready to receive help, and we will notice it. This makes us very efficient in reaching out to people who are capable of dealing with what we give you. This is an issue of great concern to us. So we have never stopped paying attention to you individually and collectively. When we review the collective consciousness of human beings, we can always see how you have made progress and how you have made great progress in the overall spiritual evolution.

We celebrate every small step you have taken personally, because our job is to help you, and we know that you are ready to receive more help. We are glad to provide you with more services.

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